Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - CHEST MONSTER 2.0


In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7 on the Hermitcraft server, Mumbo works on his new Hermitcraft base! After the HCBBS meaning was revealed to be Hermitcraft Big Base Swap, and Mumbo's base swapped with GoodTimesWithScar, he begun working on cleaning up the Scar Chest Monster by building a huge Minecraft bulk storage system, making use of Minecraft storage Silos and Minecraft automatic sorting systems.
shulker box unloader: nolocal.info/have/video/i6Jla9p92oV_pYg
Filming channel: nolocal.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui21 minutt siden

    Mumbo, you switched bases not identities 😆

  • MrCheese
    MrCheese55 minutter siden


  • Dastagir Saad
    Dastagir SaadTime siden

    New idea for hermit challenges Challenge a hermit to make a beautiful dirt base and use it for a certain number of episodes. Emphasis on beautiful dirt base

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    20 minutter siden

    Wait... Where did I hear that fast motion base before...

  • egel mans
    egel mans2 timer siden

    how can you reach the top chests tho?

  • Sporkle BlueMoon
    Sporkle BlueMoon2 timer siden

    i hear the first couple seconds of timelapse music n i just go "whot?" absolutely perfect,

  • Justin San Juan
    Justin San Juan3 timer siden

    In one I've seen alot of chest

  • Zaw Khant
    Zaw Khant3 timer siden

    Dream smp: *We don't do that here*

  • Stressed Potato
    Stressed Potato3 timer siden

    Lol Scar making Taj Mahal from Quartz.

  • Chomper
    Chomper5 timer siden

    “Scar is a ridiculous human bean.” Mumbo-2021

  • Pierrolalune i9
    Pierrolalune i96 timer siden

    when is pacific opening

  • Cayo-Kun
    Cayo-Kun6 timer siden

    can you make a sorting system for the storage silo i dont really understand

  • nice guy
    nice guy8 timer siden

    18:32 that's looks like a dam

  • Not_Nick
    Not_Nick9 timer siden

    Can’t believe it took mumbo 73 episodes to finally build a sorting system for his base

  • thijntinus Games
    thijntinus Games10 timer siden

    Pls do redstone vs building again pls

  • the gamers
    the gamers10 timer siden

    u should give updates on pacific

  • Krzysztof Dabrowski
    Krzysztof Dabrowski11 timer siden

    Superfastbuildmode music: plays Mumbo: DefoReSstatioon

  • ʝя я σ
    ʝя я σ11 timer siden

    Lol your base deed is lost🤣

  • Nathan Schreitl
    Nathan Schreitl11 timer siden

    Me (For scale[AGAIN])

  • Močnik Royale
    Močnik Royale12 timer siden

    Wait... Where did I hear that fast motion base before...

  • Zig Zaag
    Zig Zaag12 timer siden

    The best and most efficient way to build is the “off camera way,” but if that isn’t an option ur next best bet is to do the “time laps way.” ❤️

  • Alyssia Smith
    Alyssia Smith12 timer siden

    The use of Scar's time-lapse music broke my brain.

  • Shelby Jackson
    Shelby Jackson13 timer siden

    I like the whole base swap thing but honestly I wish it was back to normal because I just want to see them working on their actual bases lol

  • WildKolo
    WildKolo13 timer siden


  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo13 timer siden

    *That time lapse though O-O*

  • _ LaTrixsolix44 _
    _ LaTrixsolix44 _14 timer siden

    The item elevator input is nice and simply easily expandable in the future if need be if there are bottleneck issues. Just make the sorting system input 3 blocks wide with water overflowing overtop of a couple rows deep of 3 wide hoppers (basically gives 3x8 possible more hopper's worth of item sucking space)

  • Scritch
    Scritch14 timer siden


  • Jack Dunne
    Jack Dunne15 timer siden

    Scar's super-fast build mode music had me laughing aonhard the neighbors had to stop what they were doing. Nice touch.

  • Nathan Pfirman
    Nathan Pfirman16 timer siden

    I just realized the pacific lab is still in the old base scar has the blueprints!

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi16 timer siden

    scar's forging documents, i heard in by accident

  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace17 timer siden

    Honestly dude, that first time lapse was some funny shit :D

  • Musical Ian
    Musical Ian17 timer siden

    Hahahaa I love the nice touch of scar timelapse music

  • Levi Yeet
    Levi Yeet17 timer siden

    its Sypher Pk's music

  • TheBlocky Gamer1
    TheBlocky Gamer117 timer siden

    8:41 t o o m u c h g r i a n

  • Laurence Huang
    Laurence Huang17 timer siden


  • Erik Bozelie
    Erik Bozelie18 timer siden

    Or how about making an noon stackable item filter for the miscellaneous. And sorting those shulkerboxesl out from those aswell.

  • Mitchell weis
    Mitchell weis18 timer siden

    you should make the most random redstone contraption ever on the server and make it like a power ball type of thing. so for example you would pay a amount of diamond(s) and pick your numbers and at the end of every week you turn it on and each redstone lamp would have its own number and when you turn it on you get 5 random numbers and if anyone chose the same numbers as the randomizer did then they would win like 10 time what they payed for their ticket. so this is just a way you could make a lot of diamonds and rarely loose any.

  • Jayden Carlson
    Jayden Carlson18 timer siden

    Has anyone died recently?

  • Dru Andersen
    Dru Andersen18 timer siden

    I've got an idea for a hermit challenge: Pretend like you've never met any of the other hermits for one episode.

  • Khaos Kirito
    Khaos Kirito18 timer siden

    Is there a working video on how to make an auto sorter? Every time I try to make one it breaks 10000 shades from tomorrow!

  • GMANchampion
    GMANchampion19 timer siden

    1:12 never thought that tree leaves despawning would be so satisfying.

  • DoubleCheckTheSpelling
    DoubleCheckTheSpelling20 timer siden

    "Daft with a capital 'D!' ... And 'A' and 'F'..." I see you, Mumbo... ;)

  • Bobby Holsinger
    Bobby Holsinger20 timer siden

    Mumbo this base swap was NOlocal brilliance. I’m now following 3 more hermits because I want to see what they do with the bases they now own from other players I was already following. Those last 2 brain cells must be multiplying like rabbits.

  • The Rocksmasher
    The Rocksmasher20 timer siden


  • Haydn Bures
    Haydn Bures21 time siden

    Mumbo: *Uses Scars timelapse music Scar: “stole my whole flow, word for word, bar for bar

  • Nathan Schreitl
    Nathan Schreitl21 time siden

    C A P S P A M 0:12

  • Cole Storch
    Cole Storch21 time siden


  • Logan Ponder
    Logan Ponder22 timer siden

    I love the music in the background of the elytra course

  • Domancave
    Domancave22 timer siden

    What a cameo from Ethoslab... lol

  • Kaleb Choi
    Kaleb Choi22 timer siden

    Wow scar did something really cool to your old base

  • Keagan Cheo
    Keagan Cheo22 timer siden

    just realised this mad man is using a rtx 3090 to run Minecraft at 4k

  • Jens Evans
    Jens Evans22 timer siden

    I like the time laps music

  • Girliest Mammy
    Girliest Mammy23 timer siden


  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty23 timer siden

    Don’t worry about losing the deed mumbo, scar is technically homeless right now...

  • Jay Cruikshank
    Jay Cruikshank23 timer siden

    Scar made your base cool

  • xsnapjacket
    xsnapjacket23 timer siden

    If dream was on this server and someone got his house, it would just be a dirt shed.

  • Jacob Coffey
    Jacob CoffeyDag siden

    Wait wait is the pacific lab now scars?

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    23 timer siden

    Scar is now kind of forced to sit and talk to the audience during timelapses hahaha, would love it if he did. Nice detail Mumbo to include Scars music.

  • Wyatt Hawes
    Wyatt HawesDag siden

    Does this mean that scar owns the pacific vault??????

  • HammyGames07
    HammyGames07Dag siden

    Mumbo, scar found the pacific tech bunker

    DAGGLESDag siden

    He should have made the storage system surround the walls of a cube so it saved space and still be useful. (Wood could be on one side of the cube, you get the idea)

  • ChaoticLifemaker
    ChaoticLifemakerDag siden

    Etho slab ...

  • Webtangle 2.0
    Webtangle 2.0Dag siden

    i love the use of Scars time lapse music

  • 200 IQ Raff
    200 IQ RaffDag siden

    i9 10900k and 3090 for minecraft lol

  • Tera Byte
    Tera ByteDag siden

    Anyone else realize that Scar now owns Pacific's secret redstone lab?



    Dag siden

    Oh no...

  • Splat Bro
    Splat BroDag siden

    Mumbo remember how you said if the HCBBS clock didn’t mean Hermitcraft bumbo baggins squad and you bet your base on it and you someone could genuinely get your base you were wrong and someone did get your base lol 😂

  • Yaro
    YaroDag siden

    Jou are not jules mudo

  • minecraft delisi
    minecraft delisiDag siden

    Is this the newest video cus its for me i cant se more videos

  • SniderLider
    SniderLiderDag siden

    Ahhh yes the The timelapse music

  • Alexandre lerestif
    Alexandre lerestifDag siden

    Hello! Does anyone know what server hermitcraft is running? I see it runs very well and i'd quite like to put the same thing on my own server that has performance issues... I've already tried servers like spigot or paper but i've stopped using them because it changes too much things which makes some farms not working. Thanks! ; ) Sacapatata

  • TheHeroBrain
    TheHeroBrainDag siden

    Your background and filler music is so unique and good! 👌🏻

  • jurian0101
    jurian0101Dag siden

    idea: Mumbo's Fly-Around-My-Redstone Challenge also congrats for the Mega-Meka chestmonster-ificator 2.0

  • Charlie C
    Charlie CDag siden

    Scar is now kind of forced to sit and talk to the audience during timelapses hahaha, would love it if he did. Nice detail Mumbo to include Scars music.

  • laskin riubn

    laskin riubn

    Dag siden

    The etho slab looks like the work of a Sir Grain the Chicken Grain grain grain grain grian grain rain gain grain pain Grian

  • Patty Flaps
    Patty FlapsDag siden

    How do you bring up the co-ordinates and stuff like he does

  • laskin riubn

    laskin riubn

    Dag siden

    That’s a nice etho-slab

  • Green-black Skull
    Green-black SkullDag siden

    Since there's a miscallenous category, if you're searching for a specific item you'd have to be able to interact with any miscellanous chest, isn't it?

  • Skinny McGee
    Skinny McGeeDag siden

    Etho: build your Redstone user interface first Grian: place storage blocks like a boss

  • Papa_Bless
    Papa_BlessDag siden

    Okay so I’m lost is this base his now or just for a short period?

  • Rhonda VanDeventer
    Rhonda VanDeventerDag siden

    Grian feeds your base as well

  • Lima Bean
    Lima BeanDag siden

    "I'm a useless person on general." I really felt that

  • Jamall
    JamallDag siden


  • Judy J
    Judy JDag siden

    Is love to see what the sorting is and how it was built. I'm trying to sort but the hoppers don't lock. I'm frustrated and no videos by anyone show me what I'm doing wrong. Nsewbie here. And the redstone isn't working like you all show

  • OleMissGamer 32

    OleMissGamer 32

    Dag siden

    Bedrock is different then java if you play on bedrock.

  • Grupith
    GrupithDag siden

    Should make a waterfall Redstone contraption that comes down from the ceiling and allows you to climb up and reach chests

  • RedShark49
    RedShark49Dag siden

    so i know were i am 6:16

  • RedShark49
    RedShark49Dag siden

    12:33 is lmao

  • RedShark49
    RedShark49Dag siden

    4:50 lol

  • Finlay Hume
    Finlay HumeDag siden

    "your" new base is close to your villager trading farm

  • wowot
    wowotDag siden

    classic mumbo

  • Sbeve
    SbeveDag siden

    Make a music shop called Mumbo number 5?

  • Tay Carine
    Tay CarineDag siden

    Super fast build mode!!!

  • Seth Adling
    Seth AdlingDag siden

    That’s a nice etho-slab

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha WeberDag siden

    The etho slab looks like the work of a Sir Grain the Chicken Grain grain grain grain grian grain rain gain grain pain Grian

  • Boojie_Bear _
    Boojie_Bear _Dag siden

    Idea for season 8: BASE BUDDIES! two people working on 1 base. This would add a lot of new components to the episodes and allow for more shanagans! You could see how this could work based off of the HCBBS bc hermits are adding on to other people’s bases, and improving them with their own specific skills.

  • Ana Jaquez
    Ana JaquezDag siden

    dude you couldv'e mined the hole for a witch farm WHEN YOU SPENT 12 HOURS MINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blurrr
    BlurrrDag siden

    lol he did scars time laps music

  • Josh Davis
    Josh DavisDag siden

    🤣 that moment when you hear scar's time lapse soundtrack on mumbo's video. Nice touch 👍

  • Lanazebanana
    LanazebananaDag siden

    Wait, the etho slab...is that the ownership contract of his base for the HCBBS which mumbo defo didn't make...

  • Foxnail
    FoxnailDag siden

    Imagine if it was one block off

  • Chucho Avila
    Chucho AvilaDag siden

    Wait what about the secret room for pacific

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotooDag siden

    I couldn’t breathe when scar’s music started

  • Elaret
    ElaretDag siden

    This is a really cool build

  • BlλckMesa
    BlλckMesaDag siden

    After listening to the timelapse song i thought, will you ever be able to use your intro and outro songs again? also, has anyone ever told you that you sound like Weathley from Portal 2?

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    Dag siden

    I wish the storage silo was a real thing

  • knowbrainer233
    knowbrainer233Dag siden

    Scar's music! lol!