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family friendly pg clean


  • Game Master
    Game MasterMåned siden

    Omg bro Omg bro Omg bro 13:58

  • Avani Downer
    Avani Downer9 måneder siden

    *Alex finds everywhere easy* Also Alex : This could have been a good spot 😂

  • Kitten Swirl
    Kitten SwirlÅr siden

    You lost 100 pounds in a couple days

  • thetwomanshowrf
    thetwomanshowrfÅr siden

    Okay so is it just me or basically the way to win these past videos I’ve seen is to just hide behind a sink, accurate asf lmao

  • Eduardo Caballero
    Eduardo CaballeroÅr siden

    OMG! When i see a good place to relax or anything i always say "That's a good spot" haha greetings from Mexico!

  • Iris Porter
    Iris PorterÅr siden

    You need to do a hide and seek vid with the sidemen❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ǝɥ• coke
    ǝɥ• cokeÅr siden

    Can u be a bit more family friendly if not will have to unsubscribe and report your channel

  • OrangeGorilla
    OrangeGorillaÅr siden

    The house to be honest is to big for just 4 people to hide in

  • tubbyy
    tubbyyÅr siden

    More hide and seek

  • Baka -Yaro
    Baka -YaroÅr siden

    I feel like Charlotte and fraiser teamed up and as soon as fraiser heard it was Nikon and Charlotte he went to look for Nikon so that Charlotte could win.

  • Jaxon Mackley
    Jaxon MackleyÅr siden

    Who came here from Fraser(Faze Kay’s) video of Jarvis and Charlotte 👇(Like if so)

  • Jaxon Mackley
    Jaxon MackleyÅr siden

    Who came here from Fraser(Faze Kay’s) video of Jarvis and Charlotte 👇(Like if so)

  • Edgardo Tio-ong
    Edgardo Tio-ongÅr siden

    faze adapt it again fuck i want him to hide dude please faze

  • Gooch Gang
    Gooch GangÅr siden

    Shorty won

  • Julian Bolanos
    Julian BolanosÅr siden

    Do a hide and seek with H1ghSky1 please

  • Braxton Petty
    Braxton PettyÅr siden

    I am 6 years old

  • FTW Tech
    FTW TechÅr siden

    Charlotte’s link in description is Nikan’s channel and Nikan’s link is Charlotte’s channel.

  • bye
    byeÅr siden

    Every spot Alex looks - “that could have been a good spot”

  • Jack Overgaard
    Jack OvergaardÅr siden

    I couldn’t even tell what was happening because the footage was so blurry

  • II-50_Shades_Of_ Swift-II
    II-50_Shades_Of_ Swift-IIÅr siden

    3:10 I Was Expecting Crying And Boogers watching This part like in that movie Hahaha

  • Chriz
    ChrizÅr siden

    How many times did he say fuck ?😂

  • Isaackr 123
    Isaackr 123År siden

    It still says family freindly pg clean in the bio

    OWEN YENNIEÅr siden


  • Elia Riley
    Elia RileyÅr siden

    Why is the pingpong table in the cinema with little room when as soon as you walked out the area was a lot bigger 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • omar enany
    omar enanyÅr siden

    charlottes lips are shining

  • Quinn
    QuinnÅr siden

    Your house is to big when u dont know parts of it

  • Life of Talise
    Life of TaliseÅr siden

    Did you see he mixed up the links he put Charlotte but then put Nikan’s channel and vice versa

  • Kaidan Forsyth
    Kaidan ForsythÅr siden

    Guys I heard once that adapts therapist diagnosed him with "pellow syndrome" a few years back

  • charles ellswood
    charles ellswoodÅr siden

    he says 180 seconds acting smart🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • MMm lemonz
    MMm lemonzÅr siden

    Wow I wish I could join the faze house, im only 11 and I cant even run fortnite well and I have 100 subs :(

  • Invisible Gaming
    Invisible GamingÅr siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to hide right behind the seeker

  • Charlze 33
    Charlze 33År siden


  • T Ryi
    T RyiÅr siden


  • Ben Johnson
    Ben JohnsonÅr siden

    It is a 4 million dollar house btwszz

  • Θεοφάνης Κωνστ
    Θεοφάνης ΚωνστÅr siden

    hows the internet connection in this house?

  • shady
    shadyÅr siden

    \|• - •|/🍪 / \ 1 biscuit cost 1 like

  • Vlad Gorbunovs
    Vlad GorbunovsÅr siden

    Do more hide and seek

  • JohnnyK
    JohnnyKÅr siden

    Imagine having to write the price of the house under every type of this video

  • Aden
    AdenÅr siden

    why does the price go up every video

  • ......12345678900987654321
    ......12345678900987654321År siden

    *Last hide and seek video It was 10 million dollar mansion and this video it’s 20 million dollar mansion , wow the real estate market is rising*

  • Zybbee
    ZybbeeÅr siden

    Have you ever wondered if God speaks to us in our everyday lives? I Just saw your Views/Likes/Dislikes/Subscribers/duration was 691,165/24k/345/5,141,966/15:15 and that reminds me of Acts 2:31-47 (Also When the apostles were filled with God’s Spirit Acts 2:1-9, why do I need His spirit? We have to be born again in order to see the Father John 3:1-9, let the same mind that is in Christ Jesus Be in you Philippians 2:1-9, your sins can be blotted out Acts 3:19, it’s time to worship the Lord Jesus Christ John 4:23-34, praise God and give thanks to Him in prayer continually Ephesians 2:15)(because it is the same numbers that are used to make up those bible verses and Acts 2:30-39 can show you how you can be saved by God :) also I saw your duration (15:15) which makes me think of Acts 15:1-5 God bless you bro

  • KingDukesy
    KingDukesyÅr siden

    Some Rome’s looking foreign to them 😂

  • sohail dopeman
    sohail dopemanÅr siden

    Who thinks faZe adapt sounds abit like drake😂✊👑

  • Pedro Tonche
    Pedro ToncheÅr siden

    Play tag next

  • emir
    emirÅr siden

    Hahaha when Nikan said "6'8" giant" it reminded me of DrDisrespect

  • emir
    emirÅr siden

    Just a tip for the guys hiding: buy a ghillie suit and hide as a Bush

  • Jay. Dee
    Jay. DeeÅr siden

    You know you rich when ur finding new rooms inside ur own house

  • Tatum Thibodo
    Tatum ThibodoÅr siden

    can you please stop cussing

  • Harjot Chatha
    Harjot ChathaÅr siden

    Lmao first 10 million dollar house now 20 million dollar house damn ......

  • Taylor-Jane Hancock
    Taylor-Jane HancockÅr siden

    You acting like you’ve never seen some of the hiding places, like the thing outside with the ladder.. when you’ve been there in previous videos?

  • robin birdie
    robin birdieÅr siden

    Have a great day

  • Emma Waddell
    Emma WaddellÅr siden

    Ayyyyy your friend from Canada there’s finally someone from Canada

  • Dev 91
    Dev 91År siden

    7:29 The Lit Papi party happened here

  • Taylor Phillips
    Taylor PhillipsÅr siden

    So is this house worth 10, 15 or 20 million??

  • RixReef 1
    RixReef 1År siden

    “If u rat out u suck” ha this is lit

  • B
    BÅr siden

    Part 2 to infinity please!!! 😍

  • egirl caroline
    egirl carolineÅr siden

    is this the clout house?

  • Ellie Melton
    Ellie MeltonÅr siden

    How does the price on this mansion increase every video?

  • Jonathan Salinas
    Jonathan SalinasÅr siden

    Holy shit that house is huge

  • Big PP
    Big PPÅr siden

    Wait so the house went from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000?

  • Michael Bresser
    Michael BresserÅr siden

    How does the value of the house go up every hide and seek video?

  • Maxim Macko
    Maxim MackoÅr siden

    Please play with olof and niko

  • C Montano
    C MontanoÅr siden

    Kay said he has never been in the creepy pool pipe area but he definitely hid in there in the faze clan hide and seek lol

  • Lena
    LenaÅr siden

    Play it like when you found sb you have to tag them first. That would bring even more action in these videos.

  • slawt kermit
    slawt kermitÅr siden

    Like for adapt hide

  • Redblock Jesus
    Redblock JesusÅr siden

    Isn't it a $10 mil tho :P

  • Mr. Yuri Inspector
    Mr. Yuri InspectorÅr siden

    Bro. This is so fucking set up can you do this realistically for once Like wtf.

  • sticity
    sticityÅr siden

    It goes from ten million to 20 million every video

  • nightstar84 Redcloud
    nightstar84 RedcloudÅr siden

    You know what would make this game more interesting get everyone who plays too put some molah up and who ever wins gets the money.....either the seeker or the last one standing.......because cash makes everything interesting...don't ya"ll think

  • Maul
    MaulÅr siden

    The blonde girl is hot Alex you should low key smash just for the feeling

  • Levi_TheKing
    Levi_TheKingÅr siden

    Yo focus yo damn camera

  • drxppy __d
    drxppy __dÅr siden

    I want to know whats in the tunnels

  • IdentidyHD
    IdentidyHDÅr siden

    i love how the price increases by 5 mil every video

  • Damien Huot
    Damien HuotÅr siden

    Didn’t they do a hide n seek a year ago when the house was 10 mill cheaper? Lol awkward acting as if everything he’s seeing is brand new

  • Remington Riordan
    Remington RiordanÅr siden

    Make a video where you hide

  • Looney 6ohh
    Looney 6ohhÅr siden

    You need to clean this place up

  • Beanstalk
    BeanstalkÅr siden

    Bro the house went up 10,000,000 dollars

  • sadie rabbit
    sadie rabbitÅr siden


  • Daniel P
    Daniel PÅr siden

    20 mill house, your other videos say 10. Faze is such a piece of shit now.

    SCARYMONKEY300År siden

    8:32 Kay says he has never been down there even tho he has won there before

  • AMN8
    AMN8År siden

    Wait what? I thought it’s a 10 million dollar mansion?

  • Tommy
    TommyÅr siden

    Adapt switched up the links

  • Kelan Borrelli
    Kelan BorrelliÅr siden

    This is like a house Tour

  • lipzip otzzi
    lipzip otzziÅr siden

    It's not fair at the end bro... Look kay started looking for Nikhan and not for sharlotte .he called adapt down to caught him . N at the first when kay get caught he said that he knows where sharlotte is n at the end when sharlotte came he said "OMG r u really hiding in here" ...WTF this couple troll all of them.. Shit Kay u played the game ... No word for sharlotte cauz she is hott af down there 💦🍆🍑

  • Flaquito
    FlaquitoÅr siden

    Clout house is not even worth 20,000,000 clickbait asf

  • Ryan Burkart.
    Ryan Burkart.År siden

    Does anyone know what they pay for rent each month.

  • iiSltn
    iiSltnÅr siden

    This is when they got cought... First.. 5:34 Second 8:50 Third 12:08 Last 13:50 WINNER 🥇👑 14:32

  • Aussie Asian
    Aussie AsianÅr siden

    Did nikan say he was 6 feet 8?!?!?!?!

  • Sourdaddy7814
    Sourdaddy7814År siden

    Please stop kussing! What 🙏

  • Lucas
    LucasÅr siden

    This is for adapt is the type of guy but *_adapt is the type of guy to break the front of his car because it’s called a windshield_*

  • Cassarolle
    CassarolleÅr siden

    So no one is living in your guest house huh 🤔🤔

  • Lewis Evans
    Lewis EvansÅr siden

    Like for mocking banks 5

  • Jasmineee
    JasmineeeÅr siden

    i dare you guys to explore that sketchy tunnel thingy

  • ninja
    ninjaÅr siden

    Pretty sure Alex has a crush on Charlotte..

  • Sean Sponheimer
    Sean SponheimerÅr siden

    I don’t even have a gest room u hav a gest hous

  • connor marshall
    connor marshallÅr siden

    Weird flex with the amount of money in the tile but ok

  • Casper Gronborg
    Casper GronborgÅr siden

    Is that NOT the 10 mil house

  • Bryce Poulin
    Bryce PoulinÅr siden

    Oh it's 200000000 now

  • Minute Maid
    Minute MaidÅr siden

    Why tf is nikan so surprised that Charlotte won like he’s legit 6’8 😂

  • Mufasa
    MufasaÅr siden

    Wait wait wait, so the house is 20mill but the other one says it’s 10mill, what’s up with that?