HOME VLOG: My Skincare Routine, Baking and More!

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NEW VLOG! I show you guys my full skincare routine and bake homemade vegan, gluten free cookies!
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  • andrea alcerro
    andrea alcerroDag siden

    No one Peach at 3:13 : imma take a little slumber. 😴

  • Zainab Marawan
    Zainab MarawanMåned siden

    10:48 so cute

  • Marissa Proctor
    Marissa Proctor2 måneder siden

    of course that wasn't ear wax lol

  • Sagar Jain
    Sagar Jain2 måneder siden

    4:02 jesus, the lady is getting red hot

  • L S
    L S3 måneder siden

    Claudia You beautiful sunshine! Actually it's better to go downward on your throat because of the lymphatic system, it does not make you age quicker but quite the opposite :) xo

  • Truly Beauty
    Truly Beauty3 måneder siden


  • DanicaAndVictoria
    DanicaAndVictoria3 måneder siden

    But where's the recipe, Claudia? haha

  • Jane McClurg
    Jane McClurg4 måneder siden

    Great video! Those cookies look amazing. I love your morning & bedtime routine.

  • eri dayrie
    eri dayrie4 måneder siden

    My dog does that too where she puts her butt in front of me because she wants me to pet her back

  • ccr
    ccr5 måneder siden

    watching this after your vlog in NYC from last year. I gotta say, I love your more natural hair and brow look currently!

  • Sandra Embuscado
    Sandra Embuscado5 måneder siden

    im starting my music in small room right now!and i am 11years old..

  • logi toad
    logi toad5 måneder siden

    the way she said good morning 🥰

  • L. M. Silveira
    L. M. Silveira5 måneder siden

    Eu gosto de seus vídeos. Este se canal é diversificado e você é uma jovem mulher muito criativa além de bonita. Aprendo também com você. Felicidades!

  • Sabrina Kemp
    Sabrina Kemp5 måneder siden

    J'adore comme elle fait la pub de l'étui protecteur de son iPhone et deux secondes plus tard, on se retrouve dans la cuisine avec un étui totalement différent... Pourtant elle clamait adorer celui qu'elle a présenté et pour lequel nous pouvons avoir une réduction. Rhalala

  • Brooklyn Rewers
    Brooklyn Rewers5 måneder siden

    i LITERALLY tell my mom all the time that those candles don’t work!! omg i’m showing her this rn😂😂

  • idwbya wwafawdwg
    idwbya wwafawdwg5 måneder siden

    The best youtuber

  • Colleen Patricia
    Colleen Patricia5 måneder siden

    Idk I feel you do so much sponsored content-tbh I wouldn’t trust anything you mention in a video.

    BILLIE AND FINNEAS5 måneder siden

    You poor human being

  • Lorena Angelina
    Lorena Angelina5 måneder siden

    Who else has a depop or etsy shop and sells art?👀 (lorenaxangelina)

  • Aldana Fungueiro
    Aldana Fungueiro5 måneder siden

    I love your bangs like this... longer than front bangs!

  • May
    May5 måneder siden

    I love Claudia's home vlogs soo much! I love the way she films and just how simply authentic she is.

  • Màry xox
    Màry xox5 måneder siden

    I remember the Biba products from Finneas's 10 essentials

  • Breanna Morris
    Breanna Morris5 måneder siden

    ily but why. why are you wearing a mask outside.

  • Naturelle
    Naturelle5 måneder siden

    She and Billie looks like twins...

  • Gracie McCrary
    Gracie McCrary5 måneder siden

    No one: Me: 7:12

  • ye77a
    ye77a5 måneder siden

    a dog in a cage? why?

  • Sofía V. Medina P.
    Sofía V. Medina P.5 måneder siden

    I love peaches, can I meet her?

  • SuperLunchable
    SuperLunchable5 måneder siden

    For the neat egg in baking, you can add it without the water directly into dry ingredients. It’s way easier to mix.

  • bgm 2710
    bgm 27105 måneder siden

    claudia: i dont really have acne prone ski- me: YEAH WE KNOW OK

  • pescadosospechoso
    pescadosospechoso5 måneder siden

    nooo! the bangs were such a glow up!!

  • Sovanny Pond-Tor
    Sovanny Pond-Tor5 måneder siden

    my favorite youtuber

  • Unicorn Awesome
    Unicorn Awesome5 måneder siden

    You are glowinggggg 💘

  • Avocado
    Avocado5 måneder siden

    What happened to this weeks podcast episode????!!!!!

  • Mia
    Mia5 måneder siden

    I just watched your "What I eat in a day during the Summer" video and quickly realized something... You said a few vlogs back that you have been dealing with a lot of gas (presumably from Gluten/Soy) but I noticed you use straws to drink most of your beverages!!!! I had the same issue and realized it was from using straws --- When using a straw you consume excess air which can lead to bloating/gas that is more excessive than normal! You should try a week without straws and see if you can tell a difference :) Might not be the case but I didn't know that for the longest time!

  • simp_4_ billie_eilish
    simp_4_ billie_eilish5 måneder siden

    am i the only one who hates when ppl do skincare routines but loves when claudia does it

  • Candice Sarah
    Candice Sarah5 måneder siden


  • nayala
    nayala5 måneder siden

    peaches all stretched out on the couch 😭🥺❤️

  • poly s
    poly s6 måneder siden

    I wanna see more vegan and gluten free recipes from you. It's awesome recipe! Thanks soo much!!!

  • Anna Colli
    Anna Colli6 måneder siden

    i literally love her so much omg🥺

  • Maca Tovar
    Maca Tovar6 måneder siden

    When she said “It’s so hot in this house” It reminded me of billie saying “It’s too hot in this car” with lil cute funny voice she does 😍🤣

  • Leona Balanca
    Leona Balanca6 måneder siden

    Her skincare is #hyramapproved

  • Sophia Gruber
    Sophia Gruber6 måneder siden

    DUDE I bought ear wax candles and did them with my boyfriend TWO DAYS AGO because of your video I can’t believe this I’m right there with you girl

  • Maria
    Maria6 måneder siden

    Your voice is so relaxing

  • Coxmicss
    Coxmicss6 måneder siden

    “It looks like a giant.......🌝🌚” 😭I’m dyinggg

  • Delaney
    Delaney6 måneder siden

    Hey! I know you are pretty environmentally conscious, so I have a suggestion :) Instead of single-use cotton rounds, check out reusable ones on Amazon! Just an idea, take it or leave it :)

  • Idkwhatnamelol
    Idkwhatnamelol6 måneder siden

    Claudia I think I have a video idea: Ignore Finneas for 24 hours THATS GONNA END UP HORRIBLY BAD ACTUALLY DONT DO IT-

  • jessie salameh
    jessie salameh6 måneder siden

    I love her so much. been watching her since way back when she used to live with her parents and always filmed Vlogmas! :) Is there anyone else here that's been for THAT LONG?

  • jessica
    jessica6 måneder siden

    Does anyone know where the stuff she wore when she was walking peaches is from?

  • 10k subscribers in 2021 challenge :]
    10k subscribers in 2021 challenge :]6 måneder siden

    Anyone else think Claudia should try the Chloe Ting 2 week shred? I’m sure she’d crush it 😂

  • Megan Loves
    Megan Loves6 måneder siden

    not one to ever comment on videos but yours always make me feel better. thank you 🥺🤍

  • harrisonpamela40
    harrisonpamela406 måneder siden

    I picked up a Casetify case from your last link and promptly dropped my phone on the cement sidewalk while walking my dog~ not only is my phone case beautiful, but it protected my phone while helping the environment 🥰 Your cookie baking is like a mad science experiment 😂

  • Mayra Lopez
    Mayra Lopez6 måneder siden

    im on my period too claudia 😿

  • Taylor Nelson
    Taylor Nelson6 måneder siden


  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez6 måneder siden

    Try on!

  • nada O
    nada O6 måneder siden

    guys what type of iPhone is this 6:39 . and is it good or not ?

  • Kweela


    6 måneder siden

    nad blue of course! No problem 🥰

  • nada O

    nada O

    6 måneder siden

    @Kweela k thank u ♥️

  • Kweela


    6 måneder siden

    I think it’s the iPhone xs

  • nada O
    nada O6 måneder siden

    I love this vlog 💘👌🏻

  • Kristina Toupin
    Kristina Toupin6 måneder siden

    Literally had those sunglasses as a kid!

  • Reyn Heart De Los Reyes
    Reyn Heart De Los Reyes6 måneder siden

    i did not stop watching your oldest videos

  • Kweela


    6 måneder siden

    🙌 true fans be like!!

  • Reyn Heart De Los Reyes
    Reyn Heart De Los Reyes6 måneder siden

    Your next video should be sponsored by BiBa

  • G
    G6 måneder siden


  • c a s s y
    c a s s y6 måneder siden

    * Claudia, dropping the dough * Claudia as well: We ArE gOoD!

  • Yogawithli
    Yogawithli6 måneder siden

    ooof gluten free is so hard. All the good stuff has gluten

  • Nannette Douglas
    Nannette Douglas6 måneder siden

    As an esthetics instructor, I just have to weigh in on the ear candling “hoax”....firstly, you left it burning which is the biggest no-no. It’s not a cure-all but I have several clients that benefit from the candling. As with anything health related (dietary as well!), consult a trained professional. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • zmiao yuan
    zmiao yuan6 måneder siden

    How nice your skin is!

  • Matt_vlogs2
    Matt_vlogs26 måneder siden

    Have you met Billie?🥺🥺

  • Cara M
    Cara M6 måneder siden

    Ok but you remind me of Violet from The Incredibles...

  • Sarah Connolly
    Sarah Connolly6 måneder siden

    plz do that haul yesss

  • Running and talking about life with Johnny Sea
    Running and talking about life with Johnny Sea6 måneder siden

    Lovely content! Keep up the great work. I think you'll get a kick out of my content too 😃👌

  • brooklyn
    brooklyn6 måneder siden

    i love these vlogs

  • Polished to Pieces
    Polished to Pieces6 måneder siden

    I don't know if I am the only one who noticed this but if you skip to about 5:09 she appears to have a lump near her thyroid. I have no idea if this is normal or not. However, I am definitely the type of person who would rather be safe than sorry.

  • suraww
    suraww6 måneder siden

    claudia i hear our skin starts renewing at 24, so for those watching dont lose hope ✨

  • Drew
    Drew6 måneder siden

    Yes! We need a haul!

  • mariangela c
    mariangela c6 måneder siden

    10:49 reminded me so much of billie

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    amy lee vlogs6 måneder siden

    Omg ur so pretty 💘 and ur skin is amazing! I love ur videos! I just recently started vlogging too ^__^

  • Bina Wilens
    Bina Wilens6 måneder siden

    Large Depop and Etsy haul plzzz !

  • Dee Conradie
    Dee Conradie6 måneder siden

    I get so excited when you post a new video! ;)

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -6 måneder siden

    you should try farmacy’s green melt away cleansing balm for at night if you like to double cleanse!! that stuff is golddddd especially if you have a full face of makeup it takes or right off!! i use it every time i wear makeup at night and then every other night if i don’t wear makeup 😊🌱

  • Shraddha Tiwari
    Shraddha Tiwari6 måneder siden

    Woah did I just have a claudia marathon all night what

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -6 måneder siden

    biba is how billie has such amazing skin too btw to anyone wondering how she keeps her skin so beautiful as well 🤗

  • Liss Gray
    Liss Gray6 måneder siden

    Claudias skin looks literally perfect

  • Amanda R
    Amanda R6 måneder siden

    Love her 🖤

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H6 måneder siden

    Claudia you'd love Desi Perkin's DEZI 2000's sunglasses! check them out, i think they'd look soooo good on you

  • Alessia Mel
    Alessia Mel6 måneder siden


  • Thảo Dược Phòng Trị Ung Thư
    Thảo Dược Phòng Trị Ung Thư6 måneder siden

    Sắc đẹp của phụ nữ được tô điểm bởi chăm sóc các bạn nhỉ

  • Amalia Mihaila
    Amalia Mihaila6 måneder siden

    Fashion haul!!!!😍😍😍

  • Astri Elise L'Estrange
    Astri Elise L'Estrange6 måneder siden

    Please start making the vlogs longer?

  • Reilly Cook
    Reilly Cook6 måneder siden


  • Vanessa Sandusky
    Vanessa Sandusky6 måneder siden

    You have such beautiful complexion.

  • Alexandria Delgado
    Alexandria Delgado6 måneder siden

    I could be wrong. But that looks like a pitbull. So i was going to say “who says pitbulls are evil” they’re honestly sweet hearts. Its the owners fault if they’re agressive. You need to teach them as babies how to control agression

  • monika15010
    monika150106 måneder siden

    Would love to see an etsy clothing hall particularly to see you highlight and give space for your fav black owned businesses!!

  • Kaleigh Lol
    Kaleigh Lol6 måneder siden

    Umm.. notice how biba also sounds like a person with a Boston accent saying “beiber” Wow kinda ironic cause of Billie’s love for Justin beiber lol

  • Sierra Moore
    Sierra Moore6 måneder siden

    bro how come I didn’t even know she was dating finneas til just now

  • Jessica Eusebio
    Jessica Eusebio6 måneder siden

    Can you get Billy to do her skincare routine & makeup. Plzzzzzzzz

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M6 måneder siden

    Omg I remember you love to eat the Smart Sweet brand candy and a lot of people have been saying that those upset their stomach/cause gas. If you’ve been eating those recently then maybe the natural sweeteners in them are causing your problems.

  • Cande Quelas
    Cande Quelas6 måneder siden


  • Carolina Albuquerque
    Carolina Albuquerque6 måneder siden

    i love the energy we created in this room ✨

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    Leila ponziani6 måneder siden

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    Lavina6 måneder siden

    Heyy you gluten free❤️.. actually I'm having celiac disease and I'm soo happy that I'm going to get new gluten free recipes..yeahhh🔥❤️ Love you❤️

  • Georgie Senior
    Georgie Senior6 måneder siden

    no one: not a single soul: me: OMFG ME N CLAUDIAS PERIODS R SYNCED!!!!

  • Olivia Frescura
    Olivia Frescura6 måneder siden

    casetify sponsoring eeeeveryone right now and the drop test always makes me nervous lol