Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts


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  • Jax Lamorie
    Jax LamorieTime siden

    What iq do you have LSU the glue dry

  • jaydenVLOGS
    jaydenVLOGSTime siden

    Use a plunger

  • Garr_tt 99
    Garr_tt 993 timer siden

    let it dry

  • Kompfejs
    Kompfejs3 timer siden

    Use a plunger

  • b1gg3r sp1nn3r
    b1gg3r sp1nn3r3 timer siden

    You gotta let it harden first

  • SelinaBxrry
    SelinaBxrry3 timer siden

    Of the comments 99% Hes the type of guy 1% Absolutely random stuff

  • I'm a fan Bro
    I'm a fan Bro3 timer siden

    This is the that looks up and down when he is crossing the streets

    BIG_BACKDAVID3 timer siden

    Bro u need to let it froze

  • Amitabha Sharma
    Amitabha Sharma3 timer siden

    Pathetic video

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet8 timer siden

    Don't trust 5 minute crafts 😂

  • Georgi Vatev
    Georgi Vatev9 timer siden

    What did this guy do to y'all, he was just wondering if it's real or cap

  • Okay
    Okay9 timer siden

    That means your car is high quality 🤣

  • Kafi Wafa
    Kafi Wafa12 timer siden

    Kuranggareng cengoh

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson12 timer siden


  • Carson Stanley
    Carson Stanley13 timer siden

    Wait longer

  • Sam Galaxy
    Sam Galaxy13 timer siden

    Wait untill it sticks.

  • Kaona Shala
    Kaona Shala14 timer siden

    I think u should wait till glue dry and may be it will work

  • Julio Torres
    Julio Torres14 timer siden

    You should try bolt water and a plunder

  • Pauline Layacan
    Pauline Layacan15 timer siden

    Maybe it didnt work because u didnt make the hot glue dry enough

  • vBlackoutMC
    vBlackoutMC15 timer siden

    Dont trust 5 minute craft

    PUTRA IS16 timer siden


  • Faith Goble
    Faith Goble17 timer siden

    I think you were supposed to let the glue sticks dry and glue on to the car, then pull away I might be wrong tho

  • stop cursing on my christian minecraft server
    stop cursing on my christian minecraft server17 timer siden

    guys it was requested so stop making fun of him you warm toilet seats

  • Idk What to write
    Idk What to write19 timer siden

    Stop the 🧢 No way that happen bro ima watch tho 👁👅👁

  • Jimmy Jet
    Jimmy Jet19 timer siden

    That wus a fel

  • Gachagirl Robloxlife
    Gachagirl Robloxlife22 timer siden

    Try the plunger hack

  • Ashley Milam
    Ashley MilamDag siden

    Ok doke

  • ScottLynn Torres
    ScottLynn TorresDag siden

    You have to let it sit for a bit and then pull it

  • maino
    mainoDag siden

    5 minutes craft is fake

  • Ken
    KenDag siden

    This is the type of guy to sleep with a ruler to see how long he slept.

  • Carmi Harkleroad
    Carmi HarkleroadDag siden

    Your suppose to let it dry

  • Hayla Parker-Fields
    Hayla Parker-FieldsDag siden

    Use a Bathroom plunger

  • Miguel Gramillo
    Miguel GramilloDag siden

    just get a plunger

  • supergamergirlYT playz
    supergamergirlYT playzDag siden

    Comment section rn: 50% this/he is the type of guy... 40% he is the reason why... 10% other...

  • Voidzy
    VoidzyDag siden

    if you really want to fix dents 1. don’t let them happen and be careful with your care 2. if you got a dent while being careful ( accidents happen ) use hot/boiling water and a plunger

  • John Ferreras
    John FerrerasDag siden

    Just let it dry

  • Rochelle Emerson
    Rochelle EmersonDag siden

    don't trust 5 minute crafts!!!

  • cayden
    caydenDag siden

    Wouldnt a plunger make more sense

  • Tim Schilder
    Tim Schilder2 dager siden

    Next time u have to wait when it is hard try it than

  • Marcin Ozimek
    Marcin Ozimek2 dager siden

    Let the glue dry

  • Ethan Spagnola
    Ethan Spagnola2 dager siden

    Should try the pluger and hot water thing

  • gopnik in MINECRAFT
    gopnik in MINECRAFT2 dager siden

    I'm telling ya those 5 minute craft are in to something

  • ahmed alnaqbi
    ahmed alnaqbi2 dager siden

    The glue type isn't too strong

  • Glass Glass
    Glass Glass2 dager siden

    Dry it on the dent for 30mins and boom

  • JuJo Rosado
    JuJo Rosado2 dager siden

    That's your first mistake actually thinking that something from 5 minute crafts would actually work

  • Sebass Lucas
    Sebass Lucas2 dager siden

    Let the glue dry!!! Omfg

  • Denisse Escalante
    Denisse Escalante2 dager siden

    I think you have to let it dry?

  • TheKizilg1
    TheKizilg13 dager siden

    Maybe let it fully dry. Idk, just a thought based around common sense.

  • El escuadron de amigos
    El escuadron de amigos3 dager siden

    U broke the car for nothing : 😶😐🙂☺️😊😃😆😂🤣

  • Drew Aquino
    Drew Aquino3 dager siden


  • Chin
    Chin3 dager siden

    did you try leaving it for a 5-10 mins until it dry and then pull it

  • George berry
    George berry3 dager siden

    Wait for it to fully dry then do it

  • Hafni Yasmin
    Hafni Yasmin3 dager siden

    I think you need to let it dry???

  • unknown person
    unknown person3 dager siden

    4 stick glue 5 inch dent no worky worky

    P.H.R GAMER -FRIENDS3 dager siden

    You want keep it for some time

  • Tommy B
    Tommy B3 dager siden

    You dummy you had to leave it dry🤣

  • Juliene & Jl
    Juliene & Jl3 dager siden

    5 minutes crap in a nutshell

  • Hellsjelly hendrickson
    Hellsjelly hendrickson3 dager siden

    Well it actually works cuz I've done it before

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones4 dager siden

    You have to hold the glue sticks on their

  • Fen Pheonix
    Fen Pheonix4 dager siden

    U have to let it dry bruh

  • eli clark
    eli clark4 dager siden

    these comments😭

  • tano
    tano4 dager siden

    Much (5-minute craft) hacks aren't work

  • Drew Allan
    Drew Allan4 dager siden

    Idk maybe try waiting longer than 5 fuckin seconds before trying to pull it

  • Ahmet Berke
    Ahmet Berke4 dager siden

    why tf comments bullying him?!??

  • Peachy &co
    Peachy &co4 dager siden

    Let it sit

  • Said Benbaya
    Said Benbaya4 dager siden

    Use the brand that they used

  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee5 dager siden

    That poor Truck it was in such a good condition and then came this guy

  • mel dahl
    mel dahl5 dager siden

    Heat the vehicles dents up first

  • J MO
    J MO5 dager siden

    Hmmm. What about the dust difference? Clean the surface like the blue car. 🤔

  • e .,.
    e .,.5 dager siden

    weit like one mit bruh

  • Poonam Shetkar
    Poonam Shetkar5 dager siden

    He didn't let the glue dry

  • Mohammed Bidar
    Mohammed Bidar5 dager siden

    This is the type of guy who will take a screenshot to show u the cracks on his phone

  • reggie Techur
    reggie Techur5 dager siden

    I think yur supost to let it dry a little

  • Zync EEE
    Zync EEE5 dager siden

    You didnt insta pull that why it didnt work

  • Aaron Vogt
    Aaron Vogt5 dager siden

    This the type of guy to work out once and think he in shape

  • Letrix2Hype
    Letrix2Hype5 dager siden


  • Jade Jeffrey
    Jade Jeffrey5 dager siden

    This is the type of guy that wore a helmet to school but never owned a bike!

  • Tryneann Arcangel
    Tryneann Arcangel5 dager siden

    Let it dry then pull

  • James Lawson
    James Lawson5 dager siden

    You are the best loser

  • Kole Been Done It
    Kole Been Done It5 dager siden

    Lol 😂 I’m sure if let it sit longer in different environment it will work so don’t be deceived

  • CherryWoof
    CherryWoof5 dager siden

    Why is everybody so rude now a days I remember when youtube was a peaceful place Oh wait that never existed because of rude commenters :/

  • Madisyn Bostow
    Madisyn Bostow5 dager siden

    You have to let the glue dry

  • Bryan Tiano
    Bryan Tiano6 dager siden


  • Otb Yanc
    Otb Yanc6 dager siden

    You have to leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes

  • Chasity Voorhies
    Chasity Voorhies6 dager siden

    Try waiting for the glue to dry first and then pull

  • Victoria123 Bike life
    Victoria123 Bike life6 dager siden

    Stop saying one day my mum is just like getting mad and I’m grounded

  • Consciousness
    Consciousness6 dager siden


  • Amira laguerta
    Amira laguerta6 dager siden

    You need to wait longer for it to be hard enough so you can pull it you need to wait have some patience

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty6 dager siden

    This is the type of guy who gets a chicken and expects it to lay an egg a day later

  • Andreas Doyan Geber
    Andreas Doyan Geber6 dager siden


  • LaDene Fletcher
    LaDene Fletcher6 dager siden

    Fight like the big kind and add it to the ball I'm talking about the rubber band ball not that tin foil ball

  • LaDene Fletcher
    LaDene Fletcher6 dager siden

    Somebody in the comment said you didn't leave the glue cool down

  • LaDene Fletcher
    LaDene Fletcher6 dager siden

    Buy more rubber bands and make it bigger your rubber band ball you

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    6 dager siden

    Five minute crafts: put a glue stick in a car dent and pull it out

  • LaDene Fletcher
    LaDene Fletcher6 dager siden

    Rubber bands and make your rubber band ball bigger

  • basl Abo asllm
    basl Abo asllm6 dager siden

  • Siiphix
    Siiphix6 dager siden

    Brother u need to wait for it to dry

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook7 dager siden

    This the type dude to ride a horse with both legs on one side.

  • jsspidermonkey
    jsspidermonkey7 dager siden

    Plungers work better

  • love you xxxtentacion miss you xxxtentacion
    love you xxxtentacion miss you xxxtentacion7 dager siden

    Wait for it to dry then do it

  • vaporrBH
    vaporrBH7 dager siden

    This is a guy who streams on youtube just to advertise his twitch