How Lewis Hamilton can go from ‘tyres gone’ to fastest laps


Ever wondered how Lewis Hamilton can say to his engineers that his tyres are finished to then being the fastest car out on track? Well wonder no more...
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  • VOMV
    VOMV2 dager siden

  • Self Made
    Self Made2 dager siden

    Short answer : misleading info

  • DMD
    DMD4 dager siden

    Is it just me or is he much better on his tires now? If so how?

  • Gary Henderson II
    Gary Henderson II5 dager siden

    Fake people

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura7 dager siden

    There was that one time where he drove for 65 laps on completely dead tires and they were really gone. And he is one of the most skilled drivers in history at making the best out of even horrible setups. I mean check out his drive at Turkey last week, no one could get both that kind of sheer pace and longevity out of one set of inters. He even used the fact that they were worn down to slicks to his advantage as the track dried out.

  • chris hall
    chris hall8 dager siden

    you mean tires?

  • 11RossLeronX
    11RossLeronX9 dager siden

    I have learned a lot by you, THANKS FOR THE CONTENT

  • Paulo Monteiro
    Paulo Monteiro10 dager siden

    Simple answer: lying!

  • Nemesis Zar
    Nemesis Zar11 dager siden

    Name of the background track?

  • HJN
    HJN12 dager siden

    well he is just lowering the expectations, safe to do so

  • TheDarthvader123
    TheDarthvader12313 dager siden

    He’s one big Pinocchio 🤥

  • Jtucker18Videos
    Jtucker18Videos13 dager siden

    It makes sense because his tyres are actually gone but his TIRES are still there

  • Z Aviation
    Z Aviation14 dager siden

    Now this gots me thinking...........𝗪𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 𝗶𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝘄𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝗮 𝗱𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴.

  • Abhishek Agrawal
    Abhishek Agrawal14 dager siden

    Chant HARE KRISHNA Why waste time in all this temporary things? Focus on Eternal

  • Samuel Sam
    Samuel Sam15 dager siden

    Because lewis is the best ever

  • Paul Haines
    Paul Haines15 dager siden

    Got board , back to fluffy kittens

  • P2K
    P2K15 dager siden

    I'm a Hamilton fan but this type of comment from him makes me think Lewis just likes to have his ego massaged. A perfect example was Monaco 2019 when Mercedes put him on the wrong tyre. He moaned all the way through the rest of the race yet won as it's nigh on impossible to overtake. James Vowels: Lewis it's James, incredible drive, well done, there is no ones else who could have done that Remember the year before when Ricciardo on lap 28 with almost 50 laps left, lost 25% power after his MGU-K failed and still won the race!

  • Bradley perry
    Bradley perry16 dager siden

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nothing that we didn't already know

  • Ankit Jain
    Ankit Jain18 dager siden

    Can’t trust anything he says..Currently he is riding his luck, surely it will run out.

  • Reapov
    Reapov18 dager siden

    its called mind games, haters and jackass dont understand that simple concept.

  • Sic Lusifer
    Sic Lusifer19 dager siden

    He bluffs .. Duh!!

  • Dulanjala007
    Dulanjala00719 dager siden

    title always about the Driver, when everyone knows its the car... maybe these videos are for the people who don't care about F1, they're not missing much, how it looks like when corrupt racing organization run things....

  • Rasu
    Rasu19 dager siden

    I think that's his way of asking if he should push or keep pace

  • Angry Panda
    Angry Panda19 dager siden

    Maybe its just that Lewis have a more sensitiv feeling what is going on with his tires then others. Like Schumacher had the „popometer“, not something you can really measure but its like the gut feeling. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Dino Kadunic
    Dino Kadunic19 dager siden

    He lies

  • Vi Tang
    Vi Tang20 dager siden

    When your friend tell you he is poor, you know he isn’t.

  • wabi sabi
    wabi sabi20 dager siden

    Could be a Mercedes' code. 'Tires are gone' may mean the the tires are in it's optimum state or condition before grip falls off.

  • A Bains
    A Bains20 dager siden

    It’s game like any other sport to fool others

  • onkouth
    onkouth20 dager siden

    Simple, he is Lewis Hamilton he was lying 🙄

  • Bruce Ali
    Bruce Ali20 dager siden

    I miss team radio "Ok Lewis, it's Hammertime"🔨🔨🔨🔨🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Bradley David
    Bradley David20 dager siden

    It's called lies

  • Anshul Joshi
    Anshul Joshi21 dag siden

    yeah i got that answer earlier from someone there is a phase where graining is more but after some time it reduces and the tyre behaves same again

  • shogrran
    shogrran21 dag siden

    One of these days his mechanics wont even attach his tires at a pitstop... and hell still go fastest lap after saying "tires are g... err... are not there?"

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens21 dag siden

    If it was graining you would see him working the tyre differently, breaking harder and losing lap time for a few laps to clean them up. This is simply "I want my teammate and rival teams to pit for slower tyres" while I drive into the distance.

  • Kushanth Reddy
    Kushanth Reddy21 dag siden

    Oh my.. Gary 🤣

  • Nuno Pinto
    Nuno Pinto22 dager siden

    Pure lies to mess with Bottas. Don't know how everybody still fall for this.. I say Bottas because it's only who he's really racing against..

  • Squashed8Ball
    Squashed8Ball22 dager siden

    It could be a strategy to feed misinformation to the other teams who may then pitstop at the wrong time based on the falsehood.

  • Niccl
    Niccl22 dager siden

    Nah. He's just Blessed

  • willo294
    willo29422 dager siden

    Tyres gone is Hamilton's code for Hammer time

  • Kev Mk
    Kev Mk22 dager siden

    The man doesn't just fight for points, he fights for championships, he can complain all he wants

  • Patrick Lappert
    Patrick Lappert22 dager siden

    "My tyres are dead" can be translated: "Another boring race with Mercedes miles ahead. The only thing worth watching is the mid-fielders slugging it out. No one is watching me (Lewis), and I am a bit of an attention whore. I'll transmit a message of potential interesting developments at the lead. Voila! The cameras are on me, and I get to harvest adoration for my driving skills, which is all I have to show for my shallow little life".

  • cattycats4
    cattycats422 dager siden

    Tyres are gone is code for pit Bottas now and ruin his race so I can have a clear track ahead and be able to pull a 25 second gap

  • Felix Hinze
    Felix Hinze22 dager siden

    "My Tires are gone" is nothing but tactics.

  • El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloO22 dager siden

    mercedes use all this to confuse the other team and makes them think harders of what mercedes is actually doing. i dont believe anymore when lewis complaint on the radio they always win anyway.

  • Razors Edge
    Razors Edge22 dager siden

    It's called being a tactical sportsman. He isn't going to give his strategic advantages away, nor would you.

  • Mattias
    Mattias23 dager siden


  • Mboara Raz
    Mboara Raz23 dager siden

    This channel is so underrated

  • john wycherley
    john wycherley23 dager siden

    A psychological game he plays with himself? saying it over and over to keep himself on point. seemed that way at monaco last season anyway.

    HENKSTARR23 dager siden

    The numbers speak for itself but he is only qualifying the whole time, racing he doesn’t do. When is the last time he did something on track and passing that you were like, damn! I can’t recall and of course the safety car past weekend....

  • Abel Ooi
    Abel Ooi23 dager siden

    I believe Mercedes explained this in one of their race debriefs as well

  • Unknown
    Unknown23 dager siden

    Worn tyres actually give more grip on corners, is in the exit that they are tend to drift when u give gas. Be careful with the pedal and youll be fine. Plus he has that technology to adjust wheels toe angle to manage temperatures.

  • gmax876
    gmax87623 dager siden

    The Hammer plays games with the radio so Mercedes get a laugh watching people squirm around in the pits.

  • Keisuke Takahasi
    Keisuke Takahasi23 dager siden

    wait what 3mm profile only?

  • bu kwok
    bu kwok23 dager siden

    I think he said that it make looks harder and struggle ,at the end win the race by 35 sec fast than VB77, HAM44 will said : gees!! that was hardest race i ever had.I thought my tyres gone,at that moment i thinking of ALI he how boxing how to move ,it help me through this hardest race,tyres just gone no grip,so i keep counting how many lap to finish,and manage the type corner by corner,somehow going fast and faster,keep banging faster lap,totally in other level,I even dont realize i cross the line and finish, i guess because my fans cheer me up.that give me few second fast ,so this win is for my fans,how are you guys, gees you guys just amazing men. just something like that haha. HAM44 really unbeatable unstoppable.he will keep winning if he want to keep racing.

  • Péter Blaho
    Péter Blaho23 dager siden

    I might have missed something, how can he still go fast with 'gone' tyres?

  • John Black
    John Black23 dager siden

    It’s mind games he be playing

  • Joao Paulo Pavesi
    Joao Paulo Pavesi23 dager siden

    Easy, tyres aren’t gone

  • DashOfOliveOil
    DashOfOliveOil23 dager siden

    When lewis says his tyres are gone, thats when bottas starts to sweat.

  • vinitha ravi
    vinitha ravi24 dager siden

    It could also because people are thinking he is having an easy time at Mercedes winning all the race. So he wants to show that he is having a hard time in each race.

  • j cue
    j cue24 dager siden

    No.... his tires actually disappear and the car floats along the track

  • Lesten D'souza
    Lesten D'souza24 dager siden

    My tyres are gone is the secret Merc code for Guys its time, M going for fastest lap.

  • Mark Shueard
    Mark Shueard24 dager siden

    it happens too often, it's a game

  • SyndiCate Gaming
    SyndiCate Gaming24 dager siden

    Simple answer: he lying

  • Lea Artistry
    Lea Artistry24 dager siden

    It’s code

  • So Min
    So Min24 dager siden

    He is talking straight and utter rubbish. I dont know why, but that is the most logical explanation.

  • Alex Skourlis
    Alex Skourlis24 dager siden

    Same at Imola today...lap 15~ Ham told and then hot laps till 30 lap that he did his pit stop.hahaha

  • RazzeK
    RazzeK24 dager siden

    He is a snake. he always does that.

  • Razors Edge

    Razors Edge

    22 dager siden

    Lying to whom? It's a team sport, with hundreds working live on strategies at Brackley and the pit. You think they're going to let everyone know on public radio? it's called tactical sport not lying . All world champions did & do this. It's also a psychological tactic used against oppositions and team mates. Jensen button and Rosberg have admitted studying and learning, to use against teammate, Senna and Shuehi aswell. An example like saying their staying long or pitting early or tyres are over heating, is used to throw off rivals, how is it lying. You think teams are going to let the rivals know the truth... If for example you made more profits in your business then rivals. Are you going to let them know your secrets or strategies? I think you're issue is with Lewis and not his race and team methods. His a snake for winning races? He won the last two race by overtaking, tyre management and better strategies. Everyone has rights to their opinions, I just don't see why you think that.

  • RazzeK


    22 dager siden

    @Razors Edge So lying is his strategy. I see

  • Razors Edge

    Razors Edge

    22 dager siden

    It's called being a tactical sportsman. He isn't going to give his strategic advantages away, nor would you.

  • A or Ta
    A or Ta24 dager siden

    Lewis, nahhh. -congratz Mercedes...

  • the Sun
    the Sun24 dager siden

    First Comment 👍

  • Gigibigio
    Gigibigio24 dager siden

    A fake champion that can not make the difference between cold tyres and gone tyres....

  • Stanley Narendra
    Stanley Narendra24 dager siden

    and he did it again

  • Giao To
    Giao To24 dager siden

    I think anyone who drives a car knows that when you have fewer fuels, you will be faster. Does F1 car count as a car?

  • Phum Khmer TV
    Phum Khmer TV24 dager siden

    Can you compare Gasly and Albon at Redbull

  • kK'S CHanneL
    kK'S CHanneL24 dager siden

    Actual solution is that his tyres are never gone

  • mindugi ;)
    mindugi ;)24 dager siden

    He just did it today again... What a shame...

  • Floydy Boy
    Floydy Boy24 dager siden

    It's all Me Me Me, please look at Me, my tyres are gone and next lap I go purple, how great am I, horrible little boy...

  • jakodox
    jakodox25 dager siden

    Do F1 drivers have drive assist? Like in the game?

  • Jarrod Kent
    Jarrod Kent25 dager siden

    Can't stand him, every time he speaks I roll my eyes, I cheer for Bottas as much as my driver these days!

  • Sergeant Supreme

    Sergeant Supreme

    23 dager siden


  • niuean3000


    23 dager siden

    just say you jealous instead of making excuses

  • Joleen Josephs
    Joleen Josephs25 dager siden

    I saw Bono’s explanation on IG

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett25 dager siden

    Well that’s easy- the tyres were and are fine, he is just a whinger who needs to be reminded by the team to shut up and drive the car.

  • harvey harvey
    harvey harvey25 dager siden


  • Tammycore
    Tammycore25 dager siden

    The only answer to this is that Lewis pisses and moans about everything possible. Why? So then when he does awesome laps people think he’s even more amazing...

  • Sean Alexander
    Sean Alexander25 dager siden

    Lewis Hamilton is the best at the mind games.

  • JDM Lover
    JDM Lover25 dager siden

    He's a liar... That's it...

  • TenzVallebu
    TenzVallebu25 dager siden

    This Is a secret code for next is fastest lap! 🤪

  • dekx räikkönen
    dekx räikkönen25 dager siden

    booo, No watch along.

  • Ryan Games 2817
    Ryan Games 281725 dager siden

    notification just came now (1 day later) #Youbug

  • Old Street Doc
    Old Street Doc25 dager siden

    It happens because his a dishonest POS. He puts out false info trying to get the competition to respond - which is in NO way exhibiting the level of sportsmanship he talks about.

  • Kevin Wacharapol
    Kevin Wacharapol25 dager siden

    He gets a power boost when he says it and he is only allowed to say it once

  • Ariff Hillman
    Ariff Hillman25 dager siden

    Can you guys please make motogp too?

  • Herman van Hunnik
    Herman van Hunnik25 dager siden

    All that talk and nothing about the AWS graphs???

  • EA Art Creator
    EA Art Creator25 dager siden

    Wowwwww, Like ,. I also make formula 1 car models out of cardboard, how to make formula 1 car used cardboard , my.. channel , in EA Art Creator.🙏❤️

  • Reed Vickers
    Reed Vickers25 dager siden

    At silverstone 2020 I think his tyres were actually gone

  • João Queiroz
    João Queiroz25 dager siden

    Hamilton: my tyres are gone Tyres: so I took it personal

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar25 dager siden

    Simple! Lewis is big cry baby, when he says tyres are dead means either he wants others to pit so that he can lead the race!!. I wish this time his tyres blows and retires from race. so that we all can enjoy good F1 race.

  • Hee Sing Sia
    Hee Sing Sia25 dager siden

    Well Hamilton did win with a punctured tyre so does it matter if his tyres are gone?

  • EA M
    EA M25 dager siden

    Being in the BEST CAR with a proper wingman on yr to yr contracts grants you many freedoms.

  • Snow Rabbit
    Snow Rabbit25 dager siden

    Lewis is a joke! 90% car... like the rest of the field are wankers 😂

  • Hochi
    Hochi25 dager siden

    in portimao lewis never said that the tyres are gone.... he just said that left front doesnt feel great, which of course was a little bit of graining that he had... so you should put more attention to the radio messages

  • Afiq Azhar
    Afiq Azhar25 dager siden

    and yet FIA didnt investigate while when Ferrari were fast in straights last season and got invesigated.