How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

Film og animasjon

A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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  • CircleToonsHD
    CircleToonsHD5 måneder siden

    Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!

  • memes Guy

    memes Guy

    11 dager siden

    They should make the Xbox E VISA 1 SX

  • hello sir

    hello sir

    28 dager siden


  • THEREAPER 8793

    THEREAPER 8793

    Måned siden

    Play station is so good at names until the second version of the play station portable the vita TF does vita even mean

  • Phoenix Corral

    Phoenix Corral

    Måned siden

    I got an Xbox 360 3

  • LotsA SpaGetI

    LotsA SpaGetI

    2 måneder siden


  • Groovie man
    Groovie man13 timer siden

    the Xbox they make in 10 years will be called the Xbox 2020 edition

  • Hydrochloric Acid
    Hydrochloric Acid16 timer siden

    Hey PC gamers what do you call your stuff? PERSONAL COMPUTER

  • Hydrochloric Acid
    Hydrochloric Acid16 timer siden

    Xbox: Name it something random that doesn't actually connect to the console at all Playstation: You ever heard of numbers?

  • Hat
    HatDag siden

    When Microsoft names the Xbox’s randomly and in a unordered fashion people complain When Sony names the PlayStations in an completely ordered fashion people also complain I’m confused what do people want

  • GrimmyReaper
    GrimmyReaperDag siden

    To be fair, Sony is the most straightforward with it. It is the 5th PlayStation console so they just call it PlayStation 5. Now Nintendo, i do not understand but Xbox is the worst. At the very least, Nintendo names can be attached to the system. Wii is for we. We play together. Switch is the switch between TV and portable. WiiU is the noise of the ambulance on account it died so fast.

  • This statement is false Nothing is true
    This statement is false Nothing is trueDag siden

    I’m getting a series s just because of that joke

  • skibidybob
    skibidybobDag siden

    at least xbox is somewhat creative

  • Xavier Caron
    Xavier Caron2 dager siden

    You should have thrown nintendo in there

    CHAN HAO YIN Moe3 dager siden

    what i heard: we'll name it the playstation 6 what my mom heard: we'll name it the playstation sex

  • Dragon Fire00117
    Dragon Fire001173 dager siden

    I actually grew up with a Xbox 360 E because my family couldn't afford a xbox one. It was pretty great ngl

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez4 dager siden

    Given the fact that the first PlayStation was sold for 200k The math of 7 costing 14.000 kinda adds up.

  • GamerBoy SP
    GamerBoy SP4 dager siden

    You know he's right....YOU ALL KNOW HE'S RIGHT!

  • Sombrero Flower
    Sombrero Flower5 dager siden

    More like 36E

  • PoopToxic888
    PoopToxic8885 dager siden

    You didn’t show how Nintendo names their consoles!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frederik Grosser
    Frederik Grosser6 dager siden

    How do you manage to speak that fast?

  • Spriter Inc.
    Spriter Inc.7 dager siden

  • ohflakes
    ohflakes7 dager siden

    You forget about Nintendo..

  • Kirbosmith
    Kirbosmith7 dager siden

    and then there's Nintendo who was probably drunk when they thought of their names.

  • Kenan Von Kaiser
    Kenan Von Kaiser7 dager siden

    Now For Nintendo!

  • Hashmi Saif
    Hashmi Saif8 dager siden

    I love this becase it has my xbox

  • so its time
    so its time8 dager siden

    make another video about the master LOL

  • This is content
    This is content8 dager siden

    The s and x means small and large

  • Wobbuffet
    Wobbuffet8 dager siden

    Xbox 360 S Xbox 360 E Xbox One X

  • Numpty Dumb dumb
    Numpty Dumb dumb9 dager siden

    Your videos are good but I wish they were longer

  • Ворон Каркарович
    Ворон Каркарович9 dager siden

    I thinked that after xbox 360 s and xbox 360 e will be xbox 360 x

  • Sam Jaramillo
    Sam Jaramillo9 dager siden

    I had to look up Xbox 360 E. Pretty sure that never existed haha. Mandela effect!

  • BlackNinja
    BlackNinja9 dager siden

    Quem veio pelo Dippertale :D

  • Annette Hallberg
    Annette Hallberg10 dager siden

    NINTENDO is the only ones with creative names

  • chad play 2 win broski
    chad play 2 win broski10 dager siden

    Is it bad that I have an Xbox 360 E

  • chad play 2 win broski

    chad play 2 win broski

    10 dager siden


  • W4s1m YT
    W4s1m YT11 dager siden

    Sony:Uhmmm let me think playstation 6 Me: 😱😱😱😱

  • pepsi boi24
    pepsi boi2411 dager siden

    I am tyler

  • among us animates
    among us animates11 dager siden

    What about Nintendo?

  • Gheorghe Blanaru
    Gheorghe Blanaru12 dager siden

    I mean, Microsoft fucked up on Xbox 360, they can't turn back anymore. If they start to count the consolles it would be super strange because the Xbox 2 would be the 5 consolle 😅, It would be even more cringe to call the next consolle "Xbox 6" because 1) What, now you count them? 2) "Wait, this year there is Ps6 and Xbox5, so Ps6 is better ;) In my opinion, that's why they created "Xbox series X" in this way, the next consolle can be "Xbox series X2" or something like that :)

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace12 dager siden

    Hi my name is yrbdjdbsjak and I like bread. I love your content just as much as I like bread

  • UnderControlSP
    UnderControlSP12 dager siden

    I had the Xbox 360 E then dismantled it cause I thought I could make my computer graphics card better. P.s It didnt.

  • Roberto Rotaris
    Roberto Rotaris13 dager siden

    Ehi i m Nintendo. I have various names for my consoles :D

  • Redster Bloodster
    Redster Bloodster13 dager siden

    Nintendo playstation, Pocketstation, PSP And PSVITA: *YOU SONOVABIT**#H*

  • Jayson Stretch
    Jayson Stretch13 dager siden

    So xbox changes numbers and letters and PlayStation just +1

  • Alcoop74
    Alcoop7414 dager siden

    PlayStation should call the PlayStation ten psx just to poke fun at Xbox

  • Itay Sharon
    Itay Sharon14 dager siden

    Basically all the xbox with S in their model name means they're smaller, and X means they are more powerful.

  • Xenocaliber
    Xenocaliber14 dager siden

    Why the XBOX hate? :(

  • Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The Skeleton

    13 dager siden

    There is no hate, its just fax

  • Allen Lee
    Allen Lee14 dager siden

    Play station 2021, does that gonna be made in the future

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare15 dager siden

    That one kid with Xbox e “Shame on you “

  • X wisdom
    X wisdom16 dager siden

    You forgot the one s. Then the series X then project scorpio Somewhere in there. Man what have I got myself into I am going to be torn apart by Sony's sheep and Microsoft's sheep. Might aswell throw nintendo in there for extra credit. I'll be able to see your hate comments with my non limited pc fps.

    LOW HELIUM BALLOON 216 dager siden

    1:07 Amogus is everywhere

  • The Confused Composer
    The Confused Composer16 dager siden

    This is so accurate it hurts.

  • Andres Rubio
    Andres Rubio16 dager siden

    the xbox one is the first Xbox game console to be released in China, specifically in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. Microsoft marketed the device as an "all-in-one entertainment system", hence the name 'Xbox One'.

  • Jason shupps gardea
    Jason shupps gardea17 dager siden

    S means slim

  • jZ
    jZ17 dager siden

    He forgot the xbox 360arcade which had 20 mb of memory lol

  • Mr.SupraYT
    Mr.SupraYT17 dager siden

    I have an Xbox 1 S but I had the 360

  • Sylvyon Slasher
    Sylvyon Slasher18 dager siden

    Actually it would probably be the ps 5 pro

  • xMason 856
    xMason 85618 dager siden

    You forgot the rest of the xbox 360 gang there is the original, kinect, E and S, the red ring of death ones, and finnaly the special blue edition

  • Ironic Hero
    Ironic Hero18 dager siden

    But no bias but ps names make more sense but b9th consle are cool, just xbox has better names that make no sense

  • Midoriya Blue
    Midoriya Blue18 dager siden

    im pretty sure it's called the xbox "one" because it's the "first era of the true xbox" or something ?

  • Alistair Prado
    Alistair Prado19 dager siden

    Xbox part, iwas hardly breathing

  • thatone ipodguy
    thatone ipodguy19 dager siden

    Easy I can explain all of these they named the OG one the way they did because it's the first one just title it the Xbox the 360 was because of the content was all around you or something corny like that s ment slim as it was smaller but all it really did was work better and the e was for somebody who wanted an Xbox One early but just the aesthetics the one was named the way it was because it may have been a back to basics in Microsoft's eyes x was for extra power and S was slim the same carries on with the series consoles

  • MinLou
    MinLou19 dager siden

    i got a ps5 ad at the beggining its weird

  • No No
    No No20 dager siden

    My cousin and step brother have an Xbox 1 S and I have Xbox 360 e

  • Ihatethis
    Ihatethis20 dager siden

    I had an xbox 360 E it was good

  • TheHappyKamper
    TheHappyKamper21 dag siden

    The XBOX360, because Microsoft did a complete 180, twice!

  • Ace Jetser
    Ace Jetser21 dag siden

    I had an Xbox 360 series E or whatever

  • LeaderBIood
    LeaderBIood21 dag siden

    I mean it's true

  • XCP- Shawdow
    XCP- Shawdow22 dager siden

    This sounds like inter dimensional cable

  • ogoliente
    ogoliente22 dager siden

    i wonder how long it took for tod to think of PlayStationPortable and PlayStationVita

  • MathFRature hi
    MathFRature hi23 dager siden

    I got the Xbox 1S

  • Tajudin Ali
    Tajudin Ali23 dager siden

    Where is NINTENDO

  • Faust Sin
    Faust Sin23 dager siden

    Honestly I dont know how to identfy the newest Xbox console is it the S or is it the X im not to sure

  • The Leapingnight
    The Leapingnight23 dager siden

    It wouldn’t be ps6 it would be ps5 pro or ps5 slim lol

  • papingos studios
    papingos studios23 dager siden

    How does Nintendo name their consoles?

  • Bigo 13579
    Bigo 1357925 dager siden

    Are we just gonna ignore the PS5 Pro

  • Lolo 44
    Lolo 4425 dager siden

    Hey one of my First Consoles where the Xbox 360 E...I had grat Minecraft Memory with that...des Nothilfen Else....only Minecraft

  • imkey
    imkey27 dager siden


    PVZKILLERZ27 dager siden

    I might have the E or S Xbox 360

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter27 dager siden

    Here at Nintendo we put Nintendo in everything

  • Smiley face Gaming
    Smiley face Gaming27 dager siden

    I have a xbox 360 e

    DOOM SLAYER27 dager siden

    Where is Nintendo

  • ZepetronYT
    ZepetronYT28 dager siden

    i have the xbox 360 e

  • Dodo king 1567
    Dodo king 156728 dager siden

    I feel insulted, I had a 350 E don’t you dare insult it

  • Gusthavo 15 years and
    Gusthavo 15 years and28 dager siden

    Xbox waz the funnier

  • The_unknow630
    The_unknow63028 dager siden

    Nintendo be like *random bull shit go*

  • EL MENTOS 3671
    EL MENTOS 367129 dager siden

    I prefere xbox :)

  • Cl1cKcraft


    22 dager siden

    I prefere ps4 pls dont be mean to me

  • The comedic bros
    The comedic bros29 dager siden

    And x box is worth 585 million dollars

  • The comedic bros
    The comedic bros29 dager siden

    I searched up the names for the new play station counsels and they go up to 10

  • Persona Plays
    Persona Plays29 dager siden


  • Jenna Proulx
    Jenna Proulx29 dager siden

    Nintendo:hahah nerds

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz29 dager siden

    People ask, "Why does Microsoft name their Xbox consoles so stupidly?" ... Ask... Apple.

  • Hisoka :3
    Hisoka :3Måned siden

    2:02 Am I the only one to think that he sounds like Vegeta?

  • Hashmi Saif
    Hashmi SaifMåned siden

    I have a xbox one and i had a ps2 but it boke

  • Ya Block
    Ya BlockMåned siden

    playstation? more like... paystation!

  • Matt M.
    Matt M.Måned siden

    I own a 360E. Still works and it never had any problems, unlike my 4 OG 360s red ringing or killing discs.

  • evilrobo 008
    evilrobo 008Måned siden

    I had to buy it off a scalper for $14,000 Relatable

  • Deathtrooper204
    Deathtrooper204Måned siden

    I mean nobody copyrighted xbox series x before it came out like the ps5

  • MathFRature hi
    MathFRature hiMåned siden

    I got the Xbox 1S

  • david johnson
    david johnsonMåned siden

    I have w xboc 360 e

  • DoStuffBanana
    DoStuffBananaMåned siden

    Hold the cluck up Xbox one S Xbox one E Xbox one x S e x

  • Aidan Fields
    Aidan FieldsMåned siden

    I love how this guy's characters' faces move across the body like they have no bones

  • thë bëåßt hsu
    thë bëåßt hsuMåned siden

    PlayStation 6

  • 林捷成Thomas Lam
    林捷成Thomas LamMåned siden

    The thing is that *Every thing is right*

  • Cheetah Sqaud
    Cheetah SqaudMåned siden

    It's funny because only a month or 2 ago I came up with this idea (It was a joke) of how ps1 was named... -Dear, government Hello, I have invented a gaming console thing. Anyways all the games will have terrible graphics because when this letter is written those horrific graphics are actually the pest graphics ever! I haven't come up with a name yet, but maybe you can send a letter back to me saying what the name should be. That's my invention and I hope you like it! -Company who made the ps1 Ps: 1 will be sold 2 days later... -Dear, company who made the ps1 I think you should name is PS1 (Short for PlayStation 1) Why? Well because in your letter you said "PS1" so then I just needed to make something long for that, and it was PlayStation 1 -Government