How Tough is a Solid Block of Tungsten?!?!


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  • DemolitionRanch
    DemolitionRanchMåned siden

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  • Finawe


    3 dager siden




    10 dager siden

    get the 20mm and shoot the block

  • Sovietunion UDSSR

    Sovietunion UDSSR

    24 dager siden


  • Sovietunion UDSSR

    Sovietunion UDSSR

    24 dager siden

    Pls dont

  • Lisandro Chacin

    Lisandro Chacin

    28 dager siden

    A tank ammo with a diamond tip, diamond is harder than tungsten

  • Muslim abuMikail
    Muslim abuMikailTime siden

    Petition for Matt to shoot the cobe with a RPG

  • Muslim abuMikail
    Muslim abuMikailTime siden

    RPG would kill it

  • Caleb Belanger
    Caleb Belanger2 timer siden

    Shoot it with the tank

  • Ryder Tippins
    Ryder Tippins3 timer siden

    You should shoot it with a tank

  • Milky Joe
    Milky Joe3 timer siden

    matt: how strong is a block of tungsten? block of tungsten: Yes.

  • Lars Corneliussen
    Lars Corneliussen4 timer siden

    navy rail gun?

  • LolzForTheWin
    LolzForTheWin6 timer siden

    13:25 you have balls of steel Get it?

  • fortniteboy5
    fortniteboy58 timer siden

    try explposives or a tank

  • Brandon Gilbert
    Brandon Gilbert11 timer siden

    3:49 your welcome

  • jens son barlow
    jens son barlow11 timer siden


  • True Bias
    True Bias13 timer siden

    I know what would go through that tungsten block, an armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot round fired from the M1A2 Abrams. Honestly, any depleted uranium rounds would do.

  • Gianni Rodriguez
    Gianni Rodriguez13 timer siden

    The intro... why...

  • TTV-Kaden _haas
    TTV-Kaden _haas14 timer siden

    Bruh I stg he just put random ass skits bruh💀💀

  • Logan Murphy
    Logan Murphy15 timer siden

    Try the tank

  • Stone Cold Gaming
    Stone Cold Gaming15 timer siden

    The tesseract

  • Tyler Ervin
    Tyler Ervin17 timer siden

    What about one of those super magnets?

  • Landon Duhaime
    Landon Duhaime18 timer siden

    i suggest using a slap round

  • I’m Luca
    I’m Luca19 timer siden

    Dump an entire belt of 50 cal bullets for the mg42

  • Colton Justice
    Colton Justice19 timer siden

    the big machine gun thats as big as u it was in one of ur vids i think it was shot at the same play of the russin granade vid

  • HondaRider 97
    HondaRider 9719 timer siden

    Try a tank!😂

  • Naut Dommisse
    Naut Dommisse20 timer siden

    tungsten armour

    OJ GAMES22 timer siden

    #idea y dont da milatery make humbvys with tunkstenn

  • Greaser Gaming
    Greaser GamingDag siden

    Shoot it with a tank

  • che davies
    che daviesDag siden

    gatling gun

  • E҉V҉A҉N҉ T҉O҉O҉K҉E҉
    E҉V҉A҉N҉ T҉O҉O҉K҉E҉Dag siden


  • kourosh zakipour
    kourosh zakipourDag siden

    thermite would probably destroy it

  • The_Rice _Ball
    The_Rice _BallDag siden


  • YouEzzy
    YouEzzyDag siden

    Can u use a green tip?

  • Yaqin Sayed
    Yaqin SayedDag siden

    Use a tank

  • someone
    someoneDag siden

    30 or 40mm

  • cai elias Palin
    cai elias PalinDag siden

    use a tank or an rpg :)

  • Matthew Burns
    Matthew BurnsDag siden

    40mm anti aircraft gun

  • Dhamon Wilemon
    Dhamon WilemonDag siden

    A tank

  • Crazybros Mate
    Crazybros MateDag siden

    A missile

  • Alan Nemtsev
    Alan NemtsevDag siden

    I'm curious how much that black of W cost ?

  • lumin media

    lumin media

    12 timer siden

    A 4 inch cube is about $2500 so I'd imagine quite a bit.

  • Zachary Huzan-Aalen
    Zachary Huzan-AalenDag siden

    I was expecting that intro to go a complete different way 🤣

  • Land Evil
    Land EvilDag siden

    Why not try 20mm ? 🤔

  • Shannon Vieth
    Shannon ViethDag siden

    I am trying to find the M249 thicc shirt and I can’t find it anywhere. Please let me know where to purchase!

  • Avik Goswami
    Avik GoswamiDag siden

    this will look good in slow mo

  • Huntoo Hamling
    Huntoo HamlingDag siden

    I know I'm a month late but have you tried using Thor's hammer to get through it?

  • Kaø
    KaøDag siden

    All spark?????

  • Muddy Boat Calls
    Muddy Boat CallsDag siden

    243 win, 80g has strange penetration power.

  • Gracielle Daoust
    Gracielle DaoustDag siden

    Harder then titanium!?!

  • someone


    Dag siden


  • Shogun South
    Shogun SouthDag siden


  • Hackrik
    HackrikDag siden

    A lot of explosives anyone? or a 105 mm tank shell?

  • Daniel R.
    Daniel R.Dag siden

    Wow awsom video’s. Long time no see 😅 you getting gray bud

  • Brandon Sibert
    Brandon SibertDag siden

    I don’t like how he said Jotun 😂😂

  • mlg noscope
    mlg noscopeDag siden

    the suprised "uhh" 0:11

  • Tai Pearson
    Tai PearsonDag siden

    best intro for a long time, keep making great vids !!!!!

    JONEUL ALICEADag siden

    how much guns do you even have?!??!?

  • Benjamin Ramsoebhag
    Benjamin RamsoebhagDag siden

    Maybe its a good idea to sell things you shot or things you used for videos on your website i think people would love it!

  • Mr CAPS 257
    Mr CAPS 257Dag siden

    Use a tank! Or try to get in touch with Stark Industries. :p

  • 1 hand3r 1_FN
    1 hand3r 1_FNDag siden

    Shoot it with a tank

  • Froggy
    FroggyDag siden

    This block weighs about 41.6 pounds or 18 kg

  • Telekinesis Muzik
    Telekinesis MuzikDag siden

    shoot it with a tank bro.

    PORTANS CHAODag siden

    You need to find a weapon for the Soviet 14.5 × 114mm cartridge. For example PTRD-41, PTRS-41 or KPV.

  • Backyard Casting
    Backyard Casting2 dager siden

    Matt: This is way harder than anything we’ve ever had on this channel Me: tHatS wHAt sHe SAiD

  • Kevin FromTinder
    Kevin FromTinder2 dager siden

    3:09 "Free epic champion" clearly says rare

  • EmerseD
    EmerseD2 dager siden

    Dude the video was awesome. If you make a collab with smarter everyday or the slow mo guys that would be amazing. Everything looks cool in slow mo so imagine how fantastic would the tungsten look in slow mo....

  • Pedro Fernández Cueto Cortés
    Pedro Fernández Cueto Cortés2 dager siden

    This gay shooting the strongest metal in the world with a sniper rifle Me: liking my own comment

  • frozen soul
    frozen soul2 dager siden

    Bigger bullets, use .950 jdj

  • taran
    taran2 dager siden

    6:14 pay to win player be like

  • Henrik
    Henrik2 dager siden

    shoot it with a tank. It's the only way.

  • beasty basball
    beasty basball2 dager siden

    I love your content I think that this is my all time favorite video so in the next video can you please mention me

  • RockinMan
    RockinMan2 dager siden

    Am I only one wondering where the hell dude got 10x10x10 tungsten cube and how much it is worth?

  • Djtecko Entertainment
    Djtecko Entertainment2 dager siden

    So cool tungsten is on the Parker solar panal

  • Awesome Gamer 10
    Awesome Gamer 102 dager siden


  • Leo Anderson
    Leo Anderson2 dager siden

    I love how at 5:45 he’s casually showing off his beautiful switchblade lmao

  • Lucas Hernandez

    Lucas Hernandez

    2 dager siden

    I wonder what brand it is. Looks cool

  • thetourettesgmr
    thetourettesgmr2 dager siden


  • Zach Attack2016
    Zach Attack20162 dager siden

    Shoulda shot it with the 500 mag with a 700gr and that 28 inch barrel or sum

  • Anush Shahi
    Anush Shahi2 dager siden

    Shoot it with a rail gun

  • Hammemo
    Hammemo2 dager siden

    Try a Raufoss round.

  • Reid Williams
    Reid Williams2 dager siden

    You're going to need some APFSDS for that

  • Noah S.
    Noah S.2 dager siden

    I think a RPG

  • Gregor Avdaljan
    Gregor Avdaljan2 dager siden


    CLASSIC GAMING2 dager siden

    imagine walking around the forest and saw a man popping at a tree house

  • Shoaib
    Shoaib3 dager siden

    Use an anti aircraft

  • Hookhand McGee / dank
    Hookhand McGee / dank3 dager siden

    Its pronounced “yotun”

  • mason vogt
    mason vogt3 dager siden

    You should rent a tank

  • Suez Violenz 78
    Suez Violenz 783 dager siden

    they shouldove used this material for the Titanic sisters.

  • E5Charlie2531
    E5Charlie25313 dager siden

    Id suggest a nuke?

  • Jip deJager
    Jip deJager3 dager siden

    *Try the RPG next...👀🤡💯*

  • Ninja Ace 09
    Ninja Ace 093 dager siden

    a tank

  • Alex Albin
    Alex Albin3 dager siden

    A tank Sabot round hahahaha that shit is tough 🤙🏻

  • Error Overdose
    Error Overdose3 dager siden

    Good intro.

  • mariobro 1998
    mariobro 19983 dager siden

    Shoot it with a tank round duh

    SELLOUT GAMING3 dager siden

    Matt sue lifetime cus that table did not last a lifetime

  • Giorgio Khoury
    Giorgio Khoury3 dager siden

    use a tank

  • G4M3B07
    G4M3B073 dager siden

    Then lets make armour made of tungsten

  • Amir Gendya
    Amir Gendya3 dager siden


  • Nickiller
    Nickiller3 dager siden

    imagine being buried alive inside a tungsten coffin

  • Genetic King
    Genetic King3 dager siden

    Plasma cutter

  • Gabriel Chiriloiu
    Gabriel Chiriloiu3 dager siden


  • Charles Lindstrom
    Charles Lindstrom3 dager siden

    How come we aren't making armour out of this stuff?

  • TheDoc089
    TheDoc0893 dager siden

    Try the 50cal. SLAP round that would be nice

  • Hylemwieghs
    Hylemwieghs3 dager siden

    Shoot with tank

  • Nickolaz Ulyzzez
    Nickolaz Ulyzzez3 dager siden

    Is there any tungsten bullet in the market?

  • Mihail Sibur
    Mihail Sibur3 dager siden


  • Otaku Tea
    Otaku Tea3 dager siden

    nuke it