Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Untold Chronicles From 100 Years Past - Nintendo Switch


Get a first look at a few of the allies critical to the fight against Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, including the Sheikah researchers Robbie and Purah, and the King of Hyrule himself!
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  • Samboi123
    Samboi12321 time siden

    0:29 Why is Purah Canadian?

  • hshavgzvsvhshshhzgzvzhz sg
    hshavgzvsvhshshhzgzvzhz sg4 dager siden


  • Bowen Orcutt
    Bowen Orcutt6 dager siden

    ...Yeah, they were DEFINITELY a thing back in the day!

  • Andrea C.
    Andrea C.7 dager siden

    One word: scam. Two words: false advertisement. Three words: not the selling point.

  • ultraminecraft 69
    ultraminecraft 698 dager siden

    This trailer looks like it was edited by a wedding video editor

  • Gucci368
    Gucci3689 dager siden

    0:24 Impa's face just shows dissapointment

  • MrNeedleMouse
    MrNeedleMouse11 dager siden

    0:22 Wait, technically wouldn’t this be old Purah? Because the Purah in BOTW is a young kid.

  • Derp 431

    Derp 431

    7 dager siden

    In terms of time this is young purah in terms of body this is older purah

  • Ortallica First
    Ortallica First11 dager siden

    I'm still trying to figure out which shiekah clapped Impa cheeks. 😭

  • Miniroller YT
    Miniroller YT12 dager siden

    Pleas add sonic generations or ask sega to add sonic generations for the switsh plz plz

  • Gabriel Krows
    Gabriel Krows17 dager siden

    After comparing the voices, purdah is def the one taking the pic in the champions ballad

  • Cloud McWaterVapor
    Cloud McWaterVapor18 dager siden

    20th century movie characters looking at important letters be like: 0:31

  • Snehit Kamat
    Snehit Kamat19 dager siden

    I can hear the rule34 artists getting to work on Purah

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي
    عبدالرحمن الحربي22 dager siden

    500 dislikes from 9 year olds annoyed that botw 2 didnt release in 1 year from development

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي
    عبدالرحمن الحربي24 dager siden

    nintendo you have my money stop making me crave this masterpiece more

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي
    عبدالرحمن الحربي24 dager siden

    i didnt even see this trailer and yesterday when i played the demo i was freaking out at the first sight of purah walking

  • Robert Travis Rivera
    Robert Travis Rivera24 dager siden

    im have Hyrule: Age of Calamiry demo vesiorn

  • The Ainur
    The Ainur25 dager siden

    I forgot Link was there

  • alldaykca
    alldaykca25 dager siden

    You see these side characters acting like herbs and you stop wondering why they lost ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago. Still getting the game tho.

  • Heber Sanchez
    Heber Sanchez26 dager siden

    I love Zelda games

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson27 dager siden

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  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes28 dager siden

    So that was teenager Robbie-

  • Marshall Campos
    Marshall Campos28 dager siden

    I also hope it wont and and wont be as easy as breath of the wild

  • Marshall Campos
    Marshall Campos28 dager siden

    Cant wait till the full version UwU

  • Marshall Campos
    Marshall Campos28 dager siden

    I played the demo there are few glitches but the fighting animations are great and the cutscene and story help me learn more about link and the champions

  • Slack
    Slack29 dager siden

    Nintendo switch pro?

  • Kamekaze Vikings
    Kamekaze Vikings29 dager siden

    Nintendo, are you reusing Paya and calling her Impa?

  • Emanuel Marcus
    Emanuel Marcus29 dager siden

    0:27 I think Purah is Canadian eh?

  • Respxct ツ
    Respxct ツ29 dager siden

    based off of the descri[tion maybe wecan play as them and the king

  • Void Wolf
    Void WolfMåned siden

    Stop and I'll Treat you! -Sweaty Medic

  • shoutoandsasukekilltheheroeswhobetraythem
    shoutoandsasukekilltheheroeswhobetraythemMåned siden

    Nope Kate Higgins voice doesn't exist and has died ages ago. Naruto doesnt exist.



  • WitherYT5
    WitherYT5Måned siden

    I really want to know what that guardian egg thing is suppose to be

  • Mooni
    MooniMåned siden

    Sakura's voice actor....also voices purah... Im so excited for this-

  • Ghostrider MM
    Ghostrider MMMåned siden

    Am I the only who is seeing this only for the music

  • Jerbois Inspo Page
    Jerbois Inspo PageMåned siden

    0:20 music goes well with steps and awe yeah

  • Lino 2
    Lino 2Måned siden

    nintendo switch jogos yoshi's woolly world

  • A G
    A GMåned siden

    Robbie and Purah!!!

  • The Gaming Thanos
    The Gaming ThanosMåned siden

    I always wondered what purah looks like before

  • Jakub Witkowski
    Jakub WitkowskiMåned siden

    damn robbie got style

  • Jewel Mines Gaming!
    Jewel Mines Gaming!Måned siden


  • SilverSkiver
    SilverSkiverMåned siden

    You know, they have an opportunity to cause another split in the timeline. One where Calamity Ganon controls the divine beasts and one where everything goes according to plan.

  • sharo player
    sharo playerMåned siden

    I can’t wait for this game to come out that means am gonna end up seeing hyrule fall when get This game and play it before the sequel comes out

  • Jayman493
    Jayman493Måned siden

    Is it me or do the graphics have an upgrade

  • Jacob Reynolds

    Jacob Reynolds

    Måned siden

    Not too surprising, BOTW was a Wii U game, this and BOTW 2 are being built for the Switch

  • Jenny Wu
    Jenny WuMåned siden

    whatever it takes

  • Westeford // GamerLink5
    Westeford // GamerLink5Måned siden

    Why does Robbie sound like Professor Layton? lol

  • ツZeldaGamerWolfieツ
    ツZeldaGamerWolfieツMåned siden

    Nintendo added Younger Purah and 80s Rockstar robbie... *everybody liked that* (sorry if I copied this I just thought about it and said lets add that to the comments!)

  • Randy19
    Randy19Måned siden

    I just realized, but does playing 100 years ago mean we'll get to meet Kass' teacher?

  • Black Mask
    Black MaskMåned siden

    Purah’s hair reminds me of one of her concept designs from botw

  • Shadow Waffle332
    Shadow Waffle332Måned siden

    Purah: aww yea check it Impa: 👁👄👁

  • Phillipinus UrAnus
    Phillipinus UrAnusMåned siden


  • UnknownLink 30
    UnknownLink 30Måned siden

    Anyone else know what Zelda is holding at 0:09?

  • XtremeN00b


    Måned siden

    my best guesses are a compass, a medallion, a peice of jewellery from her mother or the Dead Ringer from tf2

  • Amelia Lister
    Amelia ListerMåned siden

    Anyone who has Creating a Champion should be familiar with Purah’s design. It was actually based off of her concept art.

  • Juan Pablo RS
    Juan Pablo RSMåned siden

    So we’re basically getting a Zelda anime? AWESOME

  • justanonion
    justanonionMåned siden

    Ok but Robbie is a punk

  • MQ
    MQMåned siden

    This is actually epic

  • Chris TDH
    Chris TDHMåned siden

    Young Impa and Old Purah

  • ツZeldaGamerWolfieツ
    ツZeldaGamerWolfieツMåned siden

    0:17 anybody realise his lips aren't moving...??

  • ツZeldaGamerWolfieツ
    ツZeldaGamerWolfieツMåned siden

    Impa just standing there like wth is wrong with you how are we even related!? why are we related! JUST PLEASE DON'T BE WEIRD! Purah: AWW YEAH CHECK IT Impa: ...I hate you

  • ツZeldaGamerWolfieツ
    ツZeldaGamerWolfieツMåned siden


  • Jocelyn Jade
    Jocelyn JadeMåned siden

    I love Purah’s 1960s hair

  • Christian Macisaac
    Christian MacisaacMåned siden

    Yaaaaaaa (don’t delay the game)

  • Wookie Cookie
    Wookie CookieMåned siden

    I love the remix music of the labs

  • wither from minecraft
    wither from minecraftMåned siden

    Robbie 10000/10 nothing can change my mind COME AT ME

  • Crystal Gonzales
    Crystal GonzalesMåned siden

    I can’t get over Robbie’s voice🥵

  • Ëtre Galactike
    Ëtre GalactikeMåned siden

    as a oot and majora mask fan this is way too much anime in my zelda

  • Justin Yoo
    Justin YooMåned siden

    Oh no... purahs hot

  • Rosemary Brockman
    Rosemary BrockmanMåned siden

    What’s this lip syncing.

  • GeniusGT
    GeniusGTMåned siden


  • Ted Scheett
    Ted ScheettMåned siden

    Purah and Robbie as young adults are the best thing ever.

  • Nickan Khayyam
    Nickan KhayyamMåned siden

    purah's VA is the same as sakura from the naruto dub

  • Julian Zhang
    Julian ZhangMåned siden

    0:04 King Rhoam: I will remind you ..... Zelda: 🥺

  • Nintendo Boy
    Nintendo BoyMåned siden

    Purah: *Teenager who just found out about GreenDay* Robbie: *fusion between typical 1980s Rockstar and Dr. Emmet Brown*

  • Michelle Earhart
    Michelle EarhartMåned siden


  • Sam F.S
    Sam F.SMåned siden

    And I thought we were just gonna get the 4 OG champions as new playable characters from BOTW, but Nintendo is like: You get Impa! you get Purah! And you get Robbie!!👍😁 Nicely done, I love it!!

  • tori dean
    tori deanMåned siden

    not me simping for robbie

  • Rising stars
    Rising starsMåned siden

    I wonder how impa felt seeing her sister

  • James Risk
    James RiskMåned siden

    okeeee who’s best girl: impa, Purah or Robbie

  • Bede, Marnie, Hop Studios

    Bede, Marnie, Hop Studios

    Måned siden

    Robbie is best girl

  • クリスタルKrystal
    クリスタルKrystalMåned siden

    Execute Rul... oh wait, it's already done.

  • Daniel Kwon
    Daniel KwonMåned siden

    I love it so much🥰😍

  • Lucky Star558
    Lucky Star558Måned siden

    Yo those character designs are amazing and the voice actors!

  • unholynoli
    unholynoliMåned siden

    did they fix the voice acting ?

  • Esmanur Kaplan
    Esmanur KaplanMåned siden

    Omg they are thr young versionss

  • QittiKat Studios
    QittiKat StudiosMåned siden


  • darthyamos
    darthyamosMåned siden


  • NAVI_ TV
    NAVI_ TVMåned siden

    0:23 *Impa's reaction* >>>

  • Aesthetic Rug
    Aesthetic RugMåned siden

    The animation and poor lip sync really triggers my ptsd from jump force

  • TheBestShrek123
    TheBestShrek123Måned siden

    Omg I love impa more now

  • Weirdest Budday
    Weirdest BuddayMåned siden

    How is Piya an adult in this when this was 100 years ago? Shouldn't she not exist yet? Or is it not Piya?

  • Weirdest Budday

    Weirdest Budday

    Måned siden

    @RW Thunder I see.

  • RW Thunder

    RW Thunder

    Måned siden

    Its Impa, Paya's grandmother.

  • B. W
    B. WMåned siden

    0:24 Zelda : Impa, is she your....😮😞🤔 Impa : She's adopted !😐😒😑

  • Olive
    OliveMåned siden

    Jesus Christ Impa looks exactly like Paya so the only conclusion is... cloning.

  • meliodas
    meliodasMåned siden

    Robbies voice actors voice is like an angels

  • Túrin Mormegil77
    Túrin Mormegil77Måned siden

    Each time I watch this, Purah feels more and more alike Jessie from FF7 Remake

  • BlazingBlight
    BlazingBlightMåned siden

    If Zelda has taught me anything, it's that shiekahs shrink when they age.

  • Watch Dog
    Watch DogMåned siden

    0:24 I love how Impa is like "I can't believe we're related."

  • Jayden Heil
    Jayden HeilMåned siden

    Nobody: Litterally nobody: My cousins when i have my phone out at a family gathering: 0:30

  • G A
    G AMåned siden

    Jesus, I’m now a simp for Purah... :/

  • LadyMcBite
    LadyMcBiteMåned siden

    It could be fun with a game from the war from 10.000 years ago when they built the guardians and used them :D

  • Alec Fulford
    Alec FulfordMåned siden

    I am a Zelda fan and pls make more of these they are actually so good!

  • Chaaranath Badrinath
    Chaaranath BadrinathMåned siden

    The sheikah tribe before they were short

  • XMVP_RM2009 Pro
    XMVP_RM2009 ProMåned siden

    Ok so now we just need to know who tf is impa

  • RW Thunder

    RW Thunder

    Måned siden

    0:09, 0:13, 0:24