I am Not dead, I am 56 Today


Video shot in Sandefjord, Norway, November 20-22, 2020.
Shot with Canon Legria HF G50, external microphone (Canon DM-100) and a tripod + Gopro Hero2. Edited in iMovie.


  • Dash Aarniokoski
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    filmmaking at its finest

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    @ً 한국인 겨우 찾았넹

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    Jonn's Life

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    If he's is a howtobasic, then he throws eggs in every video.



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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    Aaron Michael Mudd

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    Your an amazing person. We should all be like this.

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    Jack Star8 timer siden

    Oh my god he on x games mode

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    peter pekny17 timer siden

    :D tatra tea .. and Malinovica :D .. I like that .. :D :D :D

  • c Alec
    c Alec23 timer siden

    NOlocal recommended a few old videos, see what this guy has done, I was wondering if he is still alive...Now here he is, safe and sound and looks healthier than everybody.

  • Karel Piet
    Karel PietDag siden

    Happiest man of the world ih-ih


    Lol also on 2:09 hes GONE MAD CRAZYYY


    lol has he gone mad crazy on 1:16 and 1:18

  • Ten Ktoś
    Ten KtośDag siden

    szczekaj sb tam psie

  • Ten Ktoś
    Ten KtośDag siden

    powiedz mi dlaczego

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    2:00 Slovakia

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    Happy birthday 🎊

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    Vortex vortex vortex

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    Looks like Siberia so much.

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    Michał Gomółka4 dager siden

    polska górą!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leanne nawason
    leanne nawason4 dager siden

    This man is a blessing and a legend. Love how he just has fun. Happy 56th birthday.

  • apetor


    4 dager siden

    Thank you.

  • STAR - ИНА!
    STAR - ИНА!4 dager siden

    Апетор уже не тот, не позвал гостей с предыдущих днюх.....

  • Edde
    Edde4 dager siden

    why don't you drive your volvo XC40?

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    Amadeus Bozzard4 dager siden

    best video I've ever seen. Happy birthday mr. Apetor

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    Thank you!

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    polish vodka daamn

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    Polisch vodka Bocian

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    Gratulerer Apetor🇳🇴

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    2:00 tatratea, where do you always buy all this slovak liquers?

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    skoczny jacuś 30006 dager siden

    Pozdrowienia z polski

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    Samuel Jurčo7 dager siden

    This should have been in youtube rewind!

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    GD steven7 dager siden

    2:27 same sound effect with 0:29

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    EPloar Div7 dager siden

    You kicked cancer's ass. Fuck yea you are still alive.

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    You a Stupid!

  • E N
    E N7 dager siden

    I think this might be art.

  • Łukasz Majtka
    Łukasz Majtka10 dager siden

    I am not dead, I am 24 today. Greetings from Poland 😅😁

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    Łukasz Majtka

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    @apetor Dziękuję 😊

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    Sto lat😃🍷😃

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    Puras estupideces y borracho

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    Damian Kutyba13 dager siden

    Bocian Wódka i Szczeciński Klub Morsa. Brawo.

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    Love you apetor

  • Hans Werner Joseph Martin
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    Ahhhhhhhhh.... 👍CHEERS! 🍻

  • Kęstutis Višmantas
    Kęstutis Višmantas14 dager siden

    people: Don't mix beer and liquor apetor: Uaahhh

  • goodjob guys
    goodjob guys14 dager siden

    the shortest films on NOlocal but the wittiest and wisest ones

  • Uncle Ham
    Uncle Ham14 dager siden

    What does not kill you, makes you stronger.

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    Bocian vodka Bielsko-biała poland

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    where are you from ?

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    Ban alkogol

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    this mans will never be forgotten, not even in a whole century

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    My friend sent this to me without context, now I like him more.

    Ω SHAZAM Ω17 dager siden

    I wonder what happened to this man in his childhood.

  • Ɗen!333
    Ɗen!33317 dager siden

    ты бессмертный?

  • Max Krupa
    Max Krupa18 dager siden

    Hey Tor! I have a question. I know that your from Norway, but in this video I saw a T Shirt with an Polish Words at 1:01, and also at 1:13 under your numberplate on volvo, there also things about Poland, so are you associated with Poland? I'm curious because i live there.

  • Max Krupa

    Max Krupa

    18 dager siden

    @apetor Oh, I see now. Well, thanks for answer and have a nice day :D

  • apetor


    18 dager siden

    Polish things yoy see in this and other videos are gifts from Polish viewers I have met in Norway or Poland:)

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    Paroni18 dager siden

    Best video ever

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    Good Polish vodka!

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    naprawa volvo kropka pl

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    His mental strength is on top

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    mister, sometimes you behave strange and terrifying but i very like your vids

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    Happy birthday!

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    Health !! Greetings from Poland !! You're the best !!!! Zdrowia !! Pozdrowienia z Polski !! Jesteś Najlepszy !!!!

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    Pheasant Plucker19 dager siden

    A drinking legend, artistic and film skills, lives life as you should, what a man

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    What is the problem of this man XD

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    Raffin20 dager siden

    56 i thought your 63

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    Happy Birthday!! may you have many more! I'll be having a drink in your honor!!

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    Thanks, cheers!

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    You are russiian?

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    سكران 🥴

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    how taste our polish vodka named bovian ?

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    WTF ?

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    Major Travis Scott fanboy21 dag siden

    Autism at its finest

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    С мохом я чуть не усрался )))!!!

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    i am gojira21 dag siden

    How are you even alive if you drink alcohol that much? Or then you drink some water in a vodka bottle.

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    polskaaaaaaa pozdro

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    Peoples living in warm countires gets hypothermia just by watching this video

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    Что вообще происходит на его канале 😂

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    0:47 Is his leg bleeding?

  • 1960's Clint Eastwood

    1960's Clint Eastwood

    6 dager siden

    99% sure the sharp thing ice he stepped on it cut his knee. I've cut by ice before the same way.

  • Pork Chop

    Pork Chop

    19 dager siden

    It is. HIS right leg. Starting just under, and left, the knee cap

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    Jack Horseman21 dag siden

    wtf is going on here

  • Jack Horseman

    Jack Horseman

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    and why do i keep watching his videos

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    Happy birthday - thanks for the laughs! You're a daredevil!

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    настоящих буйных мало, вот и нету вожаков. С днем рождения!

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    @game world лучше поздно, чем никогда!

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    А ты сейчас поздравляешь)

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    Видосу месяц

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    Норм чо

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    1:50 you have a fan laughing in the background. It is so cute.

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    jeg har sett på deg siden 2011

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    me on quarantine

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    0:47 pause why is he bleading :O

  • Этим человеком был Альберт Эйнштейн
    Этим человеком был Альберт Эйнштейн22 dager siden

    Maybe you will admit that you are immortal? Everybody knows that you are ancient scandinavian god of vodka and cold!

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    Happy birthday!! You are te best

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    Мдаа, совсем один, ни жены ни детей походу нету... вот и кукушка слетела

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    2:08 (YOU PRO)

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    Cool!!! Я такой же!!! Молодец мужик!!!!

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    White Tshirt from Poland

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    Happy birthday

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    George Petrakis23 dager siden

    Mr apetor, after all this time that i watch your videos, they make me laugh but, bro for real have you checked your liver? Sooooo much alcohol ❣️ be safe, greetings from Greece

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    Wszystkiego najlepszego eeep

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