I bought a 400$ silicone face mask… wait why did I even do that

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Angela is cursed
But I am too so it's alright
And damn the subtitles for this took me forever hahahah
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angela loves you, broccolis


  • Naomi Jon
    Naomi JonMåned siden

    who do I remind you of with the mask on? 😂

  • Beary ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ice

    Beary ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ice

    3 dager siden

    6:03 rn the bald guy in goonies ;-;

  • hxlxndk


    11 dager siden

    Marvyn Macnificent

  • takumoto. ghl

    takumoto. ghl

    11 dager siden

    Marvyn mcnifecent

  • Rach Don

    Rach Don

    13 dager siden

    You kinda look like Amanda bynes if she shaved her head lmaooo

  • s a t a n s s w e e t h e a r t

    s a t a n s s w e e t h e a r t

    17 dager siden


  • romance3110
    romance31104 timer siden

    ok das verstört mich hart 😂😂😂

  • Leoni Buchner
    Leoni Buchner18 timer siden

    Irgendwie erinnert mich der fertige Look am Ende an Tamara von GNTM 😂

  • Estefany Cortes Gonzalez
    Estefany Cortes Gonzalez2 dager siden

    “What the h*ck am I watching” 😂😂😂 luv you Naomi, you’re so cool

  • Lisa Kriek
    Lisa Kriek2 dager siden

    You are so ridiculous and I’m totally here for it 🤣 thanks for the unprofessional video!!

  • Hannah
    Hannah4 dager siden

    Can you do a gollum make up with the mask

  • Hiba Ezzahir
    Hiba Ezzahir4 dager siden

    Look so reeeeallll

  • Nina Gabi
    Nina Gabi4 dager siden

    I can’t get over it looks like Kesha hahah

  • John Weedon
    John Weedon5 dager siden

    are you pissed ?

  • Emir M
    Emir M6 dager siden

    Alter am Ende ich sterbe wie lustig du bist

  • a girl
    a girl6 dager siden

    Kleb es mehr so an dein Gesicht idk das es nicht so ab steht

  • Ryan Christie
    Ryan Christie8 dager siden

    It's currently 1 A.M and I think I just woke up my entire family by laughing so hard.

  • Sad Grandma Betty
    Sad Grandma Betty8 dager siden

    *ehe~* ٩( ᐛ )و

  • Cecília Couto
    Cecília Couto8 dager siden

    veio da havan vibes

  • Melissa Carvalho
    Melissa Carvalho8 dager siden

    😂 you give life to this mask lol 😆

  • Annik_a
    Annik_a8 dager siden

    Also ein bissle sieht des ja schon aus wie naomi 🤔aber nur ein bisschen bei manchen bewegungen oder posen

  • Annik_a
    Annik_a8 dager siden

    Naomis english and ✨ausprache keine ahnung✨ idk I cant speak sorry, nevermind, her ✨ausprache✨: 🗑 😂💖i love her so much damn 😂💖

  • 유타라
    유타라9 dager siden


  • Gaby
    Gaby10 dager siden

    when she removed the mask 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Roni Harley
    Roni Harley11 dager siden

    this is michelle myers

  • Rouba Keyrouz
    Rouba Keyrouz11 dager siden


  • Analena Dahlmann
    Analena Dahlmann11 dager siden

    OMG!!! Du siehst mit der Maske aus wie Jennifer Lawrence .... ^^

  • Stoners Lounge
    Stoners Lounge13 dager siden

    This was Awesome Girl!! Happy New Year!! I Don't Know Why but I Was Hoping You'd Go Out in Public Dressed as Her lol

  • Yess.Ploration -
    Yess.Ploration -15 dager siden

    Ich würden sterben vor Lachen wenn ich das schneiden müsste 🤣

  • Security Twins
    Security Twins16 dager siden

    You NEED to make Broccoli Merch

  • Amir Vivian
    Amir Vivian18 dager siden

    She remind me of baraka from mortal kombat

  • Jessica Schefner
    Jessica Schefner18 dager siden

    Why does the finished look kinda reminds me of Gina linetti from brooklyn 99 😂

  • Princilia Ntsame
    Princilia Ntsame18 dager siden

    vincent is soooooo funny

  • ifthisisntlove
    ifthisisntlove18 dager siden

    Lmao did anyone get Jennifer Lawrence once the black and pink eyeshadow was on??

  • Meritxell Celena
    Meritxell Celena18 dager siden

    What am I watching right now😂😂😂😂

  • Meritxell Celena
    Meritxell Celena18 dager siden

    What am I watching right now😂😂😂😂

  • M I L K Y • B E R R Y
    M I L K Y • B E R R Y19 dager siden

    Tell me why she looked like my mom😭

  • Zoe ZR
    Zoe ZR20 dager siden

    Actually Dope2111 is Michelle Phan’s sister or half sister

  • leo
    leo20 dager siden

    this eyeshadow gave me deadpool vibes

  • Chel Bailey
    Chel Bailey23 dager siden

    11:31 killed me hahahahahahahhaa

  • Chel Bailey
    Chel Bailey23 dager siden

    7:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PoutinePrincess
    PoutinePrincess23 dager siden

    This video is cursed haha

  • Ems D
    Ems D25 dager siden

    You should make Angela in The Sims!

  • Shanna Daraiche
    Shanna Daraiche26 dager siden

    The ends😂😂😂

  • Nikki
    Nikki26 dager siden

    Ok I watch this on 4 am and it’s not enough because I’m alone home and I’m literally scared

  • Gigi T
    Gigi T27 dager siden

    ok it’s a spiderman makeup... spiderangela?

  • Eva
    Eva27 dager siden

    Angela Merkel watching the video : 👁👄👁

  • Kendra Bannister
    Kendra Bannister28 dager siden

    Me clicking on a Naomi Jon video is always like "idk wut this is but I don't care"

  • Kessy Schwabe
    Kessy Schwabe28 dager siden

    this is the best video i ever seen in my entire life

  • Alexandra Lösch
    Alexandra Lösch29 dager siden

    Immer knall isch mit dem selben Knie gegen den selben Disch 😂😂😂

  • mia _
    mia _Måned siden

    Everyone gangster still you can’t get the mask off😳

  • Izzy Hilsdon-peart
    Izzy Hilsdon-peartMåned siden

    She looks a bit like Meghan Trainor

  • Molly Behnke
    Molly BehnkeMåned siden

    2:30 “🤙🏼I cant talk right now I’m doing hot girl shit”

  • bianca Richwin
    bianca RichwinMåned siden

    verstörend xD

  • VagrantDancer
    VagrantDancerMåned siden

    Voldemort stepping up his makeup game.

  • Meg
    MegMåned siden

    She looked like an emo Kate Hudson pre-wig

    BK - INDSTRMåned siden

    Ich würde soooo gerne einen Hoodie holen. Ich finde den Preis und alles komplett akzeptabel, aber ich fühle die Aufschriften und alles nicht. To be honest, mir fällt auch nicht wirklich was ein, aber zB eine Zeichnung die ihr beide zusammen gestaltet mit einer Message. Also irgendwas, was euch (eure Persönlichkeiten) wiederspiegelt. Normalerweise würde ich echt niemals einen Kommentar schreiben, aber ich feier euch wirklich und würde euch echt sehr gerne unterstützen. 💚

  • Hind Ashkar 7129
    Hind Ashkar 7129Måned siden


  • Sydney Constant
    Sydney ConstantMåned siden

    Do you have merch ?

  • Sydney Constant

    Sydney Constant

    Måned siden

    Nevermind lol

  • Payton McDowell
    Payton McDowellMåned siden

    omg the calm raging is so fucking me dude.

  • traumatic bunny!
    traumatic bunny!Måned siden

    Leather face if he became a drag queen

  • Luzie Brandt
    Luzie BrandtMåned siden

    Und damit jetzt ein Banküberfall😂

  • Anastasia Trushkin Axelrod
    Anastasia Trushkin AxelrodMåned siden

    Haha 🤣 so funny!!

  • Billy Cooper
    Billy CooperMåned siden

    Enough Internet for today....

  • Selin C.
    Selin C.Måned siden

    Polizei : bitte ziehen sie ihre Maske an! Naomi : ... Ich hab sie doch schon an

  • Laukr
    LaukrMåned siden

    I love the way you laugh without smiling at 8:59

  • Susie Carlson
    Susie CarlsonMåned siden

    She do be lookin like my mass effect 2 character

  • clocker217
    clocker217Måned siden

    That. Was. Terrifying.

  • M. Offord
    M. OffordMåned siden

    Angela’s finished makeup look looks like jaclyn hill omg 💀

  • Lynn Lonely
    Lynn LonelyMåned siden

    This facemaske Is so creepy

  • Delfina C. Montoya
    Delfina C. MontoyaMåned siden

    It's very large or big this mask for your litle face 😂😂😂

  • Natasja Yvonne
    Natasja YvonneMåned siden

    Kesha ?

  • Harriet Theobald
    Harriet TheobaldMåned siden

    Shit like this has never made me feel scared. But this makes me feel hella uncomfortable 😂😂

  • Grazy MERRY
    Grazy MERRYMåned siden

    Ich liebe dich so sehr ahhaha its really really Grazy das mag ik!!!! 😂 🤣🤣🤣👌🏻✌️😜

  • PichDextro
    PichDextroMåned siden

    My girl bought a fucking transvestite mask for men xD Deswegen ist die auch zu groß, aber trotzdem 400 Piepen

  • Mayonase Waters
    Mayonase WatersMåned siden

    okay scary but the nose is really cute

  • ボイドの音。
    ボイドの音。Måned siden

    omg now you look like a robot XDDD best vid love you!!

  • Logan Dodson
    Logan DodsonMåned siden

    With the makeup on the mask, Naomi (Angela!?) looks like a bad deepfake lol

  • Frankie sucks
    Frankie sucksMåned siden

    11:55 is my favorite!! AAAAAAAAAA

  • Helena Sykes
    Helena SykesMåned siden

    This makes me feel so out of breath it's so weird I'm scared 😂

  • Lina El habachi
    Lina El habachiMåned siden

    Why does she sound like Jenna marbles kinda with the mask on

    TYLER ROSEMåned siden

    The montage is so scary lol

  • Laur
    LaurMåned siden

    My terror translated to hysterical laughter throughout the entire video and I'm not sure if I'm okay anymore 🤣

  • Rachel Hill
    Rachel HillMåned siden

    This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen I love you hahahahaha

  • Deborah Hull
    Deborah HullMåned siden

    I have never laughed so hard at a video. Lol I don't usually subscribe to people but I had to after this video! 🤍💜🖤

  • H.M Cross
    H.M CrossMåned siden

    “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.” -Bane *Which Naomi/Angela also sounds like Bane 🤣

  • janska
    janskaMåned siden

    girl this aint worth 400EUR what are you talking about anyways Angela looks exactlylikethat onke AI robot haha

  • wHo mEsSeD wItH mA dAUgHtEr
    wHo mEsSeD wItH mA dAUgHtErMåned siden

    Have anyone watched a kdrama named Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ?? There was serial kidnapper in the drama as the villain and he used to put on a mask and when naomi first put on the mask she exactly looked like that.

  • Sans._.Purple
    Sans._.PurpleMåned siden


  • Sans._.Purple
    Sans._.PurpleMåned siden

    I was kinda scared when she was modeling with the mask on.. its kinda creepy lol.

  • Lori Righteousness
    Lori RighteousnessMåned siden

    I want to know so bad what lip gloss you rocking in this video and the tictok food making video. The color is so nice and it looks so damn juicy !!❕ I need to know!!!

  • Kristine Kronhjort
    Kristine KronhjortMåned siden

  • Dewy Beam
    Dewy BeamMåned siden

    I liked her better bald

  • Frank Bingham
    Frank BinghamMåned siden

    I like that silicone female face mask you have got there.

  • Wayne Lucas
    Wayne LucasMåned siden

    I wanted to see Vincent wear the mask!! You could of done your make up same & been TWINS OMG! 🤣😭

  • Wayne Lucas
    Wayne LucasMåned siden

    You should go to your local Drive Thrus & order food & film their reaction 🤣 PLEASEEEEEEE!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Wayne Lucas
    Wayne LucasMåned siden

    This Is scary AF! Triggered 🤣

  • Elena Bo
    Elena BoMåned siden

    My trust issues are shaking

  • Jonizzle
    JonizzleMåned siden

    I was so confused watching those tiktoks. Now i understand 😅😂

  • amion
    amionMåned siden

    hi the NOlocalr, dope 2111 is actually called promise phan and is Michelle’s sister in law 🥺

  • Elleay
    ElleayMåned siden

    Whenever I’m feeling down I always just binge watch your videos and i feel instantly happier and can’t stop laughing. Thank you so much for being you 🥺💕

  • Millie Chiara
    Millie ChiaraMåned siden

    Iwie catfish xD

  • ayana
    ayanaMåned siden

    why does angela look like Marvyn though?

  • Cali Bagnall
    Cali BagnallMåned siden

    Nothing about this was okay

  • kittylou
    kittylouMåned siden

    You’ve turned yourself into a sex- bot! So funny Naomi 😂