I Bought a House!


In this video I buy my very first house. Enjoy!
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  • Baylen Levine
    Baylen Levine25 dager siden

    Buying a house has always been a huge goal of mine. Since I was in high school I always talked about getting to the point where I could move all my friends in and live a fun life with them every day. Thank you guys for supporting me and being by my side at all times. None of this would be possible without you. I love you guys💚

  • Disaster


    14 dager siden

    Been here since 300k

  • Jalen Santiago

    Jalen Santiago

    14 dager siden

    I’ve been a ig fan and I have always enjoyed your content

  • mk


    15 dager siden


  • joseph flores

    joseph flores

    16 dager siden

    Great job baylen so proud of u

  • CloutyJuan Reacts

    CloutyJuan Reacts

    18 dager siden


  • Evan Liu
    Evan Liu16 timer siden

    “Down set hut” *throws a soccer ball* *hits it with a baseball bat*

  • Kilo Goodwin
    Kilo GoodwinDag siden


  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian SanchezDag siden


  • SuperMRC
    SuperMRC2 dager siden

    MLM “Microwave Lives Matter”

  • Will Ammerman
    Will Ammerman2 dager siden


  • Ultimate Geek
    Ultimate Geek2 dager siden

    lila is so cringe

  • Ry Sykes
    Ry Sykes2 dager siden

    In this generation white kids try to act black😂😂

  • Lyla Tronge
    Lyla Tronge2 dager siden

    Ï Ï Ï

  • Lyla Tronge

    Lyla Tronge

    2 dager siden


  • Poopy
    Poopy3 dager siden

    you have to give sebas his own bedroom

  • steve kay
    steve kay3 dager siden

    no one gonna talk about how his grandpa parked😂😂??

  • FuZe Flame
    FuZe Flame3 dager siden

    wait what part of Florida

  • Zane Chalcraft
    Zane Chalcraft3 dager siden

    I wish one day I can meet u but I live in Australia so yeah that won’t happen

    GARY SINGS4 dager siden


  • TemporaryDrip
    TemporaryDrip4 dager siden

    Hey, I really want to be a boxer when I'm older and not too many people think I can but I'm going to make it. You help me so much and I've been thinking about you all week, I hope I can meet you one day. ❤

  • chullydog man64
    chullydog man644 dager siden

    I have been here since day 1

  • TFF
    TFF4 dager siden

    Baylen it would be funny if you started a religion you only 3 people to start one btw plus you need to be 18 which I’m sure you follow all of those requirements it’s going to be funny please read this comment if you get the chance to even see it. It would really make my day thank you!

  • Cliptic JOLS
    Cliptic JOLS4 dager siden

    You keep the jokes going for awhile. I love that shit

  • Joshua Gapinski
    Joshua Gapinski5 dager siden

    2 weeks still no one knows the song damn getting upset lowkey 😢

  • Sam


    5 dager siden

    The 2nd song is chop in the trunk on sound cloud. I still can’t find the first song tho

  • Joseph Sorge
    Joseph Sorge6 dager siden

    Bayline I watch all your vids but I don’t know how to spell your name and u are funny like really funny and congratulations on your house

  • Skullranger 765
    Skullranger 7656 dager siden

    Dude even when he buys a house he gets the cops on him I mean like what is that!

  • will haskett
    will haskett6 dager siden

    watching in school rn

  • Paxton Miller
    Paxton Miller7 dager siden

    Have you heard lil boats new song with Kodak

  • StaxXy Clapz
    StaxXy Clapz7 dager siden

    Honestly Baylen I’m really proud of you and I hope you keep making great cintent

  • Anson Yu
    Anson Yu7 dager siden

    Your just Danny duncan

  • e
    e7 dager siden

    Do you guys remeber when the karens would always say do something productive as an insult?

  • Sally
    Sally7 dager siden

    I'm confused how does he make money?

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian Ramos8 dager siden

    Baylen i hope you see this 🙏. Baylen you have showed me how to respect ppl,help ppl and have manners. I never had a dad and myself so idk what it is to get complimented, inspired or nothing. But you have honestly showed me all of that since I started to watch you. It's been 2 years dawg I have been watching you I wasent there for your first video but I was there when you weren't nothing. And now look at you, you bought your own house and 20 and this honestly inspires me so much because I'm not in a very good situation. My mom and my older brother work there ass off to pay the rent and its really hard tbh. And I wanna become one of the best skaters. I have been skating for abt 8 months and I have progressed alot. And this video makes me wanna become like you. I wanna he successful and show everyone that I can take skating really far and I wanna say thank you because if it wasn't for you I would have probably let the bad things bring me down alot. So thank you baylen and congratulations on your new house and career

    HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE PX8 dager siden

    honestly dude... you are the most inspirational guy ever. And as i am only 13, in the future you could help me through the rough times. Thank you, Sincerely Baylen Levine

  • Gavin Plays
    Gavin Plays8 dager siden

    BALD GANG!!!!!!

  • Jackson Zeigler
    Jackson Zeigler8 dager siden

    F the people that disliked it

  • Mclovin
    Mclovin8 dager siden

    Hi Baylen, you are such an inspiration to me. I have been working my arse off for 3 years straight to get into a top class boarding school. Everyone said I couldn’t do it and I proved them wrong thanks to your spirit. I have learned so much from you and to never give up. I can’t thank you enough.

  • Bryce Bade
    Bryce Bade8 dager siden

    What is the Lil boat song at 6:22?

  • Erik Lee
    Erik Lee8 dager siden

    What yachty song is at 6:07 ?

  • Bunonion
    Bunonion8 dager siden

    are u related 2 zach levine👀

  • Bunonion
    Bunonion8 dager siden

    baylen I’m sorry bruh but ion like cobra Kai i hate it bruh 😞

  • Shelby Renee
    Shelby Renee8 dager siden

    His side profile looks like James charles

  • Queen Wednesday 45
    Queen Wednesday 459 dager siden

    College is shit, don't go to college, do what you love and make it grow. 😎😍

  • Flakey
    Flakey9 dager siden

    wait can some one please tell me has Baylen lost subscribers because his sub count seemed to go down

  • John Huber
    John Huber9 dager siden

    Bald gang

  • chris Bracamonte
    chris Bracamonte9 dager siden

    what’s up walky slush slat

  • Landon Wilson
    Landon Wilson9 dager siden

    You are my biggest inspiration.and make me feel confident in being myself.i thank you for all of your good content

  • Zayaan Ahmed
    Zayaan Ahmed10 dager siden

    I love this guy

  • Tim R
    Tim R10 dager siden

    Trash videos lol

  • Tim R
    Tim R10 dager siden

    They dint fuckin teach cursive anymore? Thats fucking wild dude

  • Josiah Rue
    Josiah Rue10 dager siden


  • Peter King
    Peter King10 dager siden

    congrats brother

  • JayJ
    JayJ10 dager siden

    Baylen’s Grandad Is A Great Dude, We Need Him More If He’s Up For It

  • Ulises Castaneda
    Ulises Castaneda10 dager siden

    Baylen have you seen the new yachty song with oliver tree I'm so happy that they both colabed

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young10 dager siden

    congrats bro this is badass

  • starwars IRL
    starwars IRL10 dager siden

    Now you look like anakin Not fucking kylo :DD

  • ttv Nerofy
    ttv Nerofy10 dager siden




    8 dager siden


  • fabi c
    fabi c10 dager siden

    you’ve been disrespectful sometimes but your funny and I’m proud of you

  • Nick Hatcher
    Nick Hatcher10 dager siden

    “My ear dude,” “Baylen” “yes”

  • Tim St.denis
    Tim St.denis11 dager siden

    Good investment my friend

  • Krampus
    Krampus11 dager siden

    Imagine that. You buy a house, make a video about it, and the video pays for the down payment LOL

  • Ryan Shomon
    Ryan Shomon11 dager siden

    Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment for one of the best influencers. I wish all of you the best. 💚 🏴‍☠️

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor11 dager siden

    Baylen 🤝 priorities

  • lil ike
    lil ike11 dager siden

    U didn't buy the castle 🤬

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew11 dager siden

    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment ❤️

  • ManMeatSlayer
    ManMeatSlayer11 dager siden

    I’ve been watching for like 2 years already it’s crazy bro nice bro

  • ManMeatSlayer
    ManMeatSlayer11 dager siden

    I’ve been here since begging nice shit bro

  • Jackson Wynn
    Jackson Wynn11 dager siden

    You have any jobs available?

  • It’s Vonte
    It’s Vonte11 dager siden


  • Hill B
    Hill B12 dager siden

    what is the song called at 6:20

  • Ania Gibson

    Ania Gibson

    16 timer siden

    I looked everywhere and couldn't find it but found something quite similar.. lookup: iLoveMakonnen - If You Down ft Lil Yachty. that's not exactly it though, maybe it's just unreleased.

  • Mason Cyrus
    Mason Cyrus12 dager siden


  • Erotica Cokewhore
    Erotica Cokewhore12 dager siden

    so fucking happy for him. Been watching him get told all that shit for years and just for him to make it! wow

  • temptsszn
    temptsszn12 dager siden

    Congratulations Bayley you are my idle and forever will be i am trying to be a pro gamer and no one believes in me thank you for all of the inspiration

  • jo nuts
    jo nuts12 dager siden

    congrats this is a riminder that u should always be motivated

  • Hank Rucker
    Hank Rucker12 dager siden

    Baylens sister goes to my middle school in Georgia I have seen her in car rider

  • spark ಠ_ಠ
    spark ಠ_ಠ12 dager siden

    love you baylen but why so many ads lol

  • Brody cadden
    Brody cadden12 dager siden

    He is going to be the next Florida man

  • Queen Mary I
    Queen Mary I12 dager siden

    I took a morning dump 🥔

  • Isaih F
    Isaih F12 dager siden

    Ngl kinda simpin for lilah

  • AwareGG
    AwareGG12 dager siden


  • Farooq A. Shah
    Farooq A. Shah13 dager siden

    Anyone can tell you, you can’t do it. As long as that voice isn’t yours. Always forward Baylen. Keep going brother.

    ARCANINE13 dager siden

    Another Stupid Ass Prank.

  • Braydon Nelson
    Braydon Nelson13 dager siden

    I know the songs unreleased, but what's the title??

  • Oscar Ordonez
    Oscar Ordonez13 dager siden

    you look like a young James Charles

  • HaCkEr BoY

    HaCkEr BoY

    12 dager siden


  • George Brown
    George Brown13 dager siden

    an inspiration to everyone🤟

  • Matthew Santos
    Matthew Santos13 dager siden

    what song is that by yachty?

  • Jon Wallace
    Jon Wallace13 dager siden

    dude my uncle just moved to georgia ima make it my mission to meet u

  • RLRidley
    RLRidley13 dager siden


  • Katelyn Dillo
    Katelyn Dillo13 dager siden

    Any askers?

    OGC_ CRAZY13 dager siden

    I like how fame didn’t change him

  • The CoopBOSS21
    The CoopBOSS2113 dager siden

    I’m 14 and I always wanted a house like that, I have inspiration that if you’re could get I definitely could

  • Jack Josten
    Jack Josten13 dager siden

    the ending was on point

  • Travis Machado
    Travis Machado13 dager siden

    Guys please don’t constantly camp at his house.

  • HaCkEr BoY

    HaCkEr BoY

    12 dager siden

    Bruh it's his best friends and he said it bunch of top bunks

  • Lift Up
    Lift Up13 dager siden

    His house looking like mini jake pauls house though

  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores14 dager siden

    Baylen your truly a huge inspiration to me, you’ve even inspired me to try youtube, i have no idea where to start or what to do and don’t even know if I’ll do it, but ill maybe give it a try, your amazing man i hope the best things in your life, you’ve been a huge inspiration to thousands, thank you bro🙏🏽

  • ava d
    ava d14 dager siden

    u need to make a video with Danny dunkin u look a lot like

  • Jerry Gomez
    Jerry Gomez14 dager siden

    Why did your tiktok got taken down doesn’t make any sence 😮🐴

  • Waylan Savage
    Waylan Savage14 dager siden

    1:05 voice crack

  • Liam Lyons
    Liam Lyons14 dager siden

    baylen posted this on my bday, awesome birthday present!!

  • Noah Monceaux
    Noah Monceaux14 dager siden

    He reminds me of Danny Duncan

  • Krish Chouhan
    Krish Chouhan14 dager siden

    so many adds ko keep it down ow

  • ciGaReTTe ThrEat
    ciGaReTTe ThrEat14 dager siden

    That dude killed someone so he dipping

  • Greyson Moroz
    Greyson Moroz14 dager siden

    Baylen should do a video with Danny Duncan or with TJ Breese

  • simon hill
    simon hill14 dager siden

    sounds like rip off danny duncan

  • Ellis Patel the ai
    Ellis Patel the ai14 dager siden