I Bought My First Hypercar!


I love manufacturers who aren’t afraid to go all out and create something this bad ass. This S1 by @ARES DESIGN MODENA looks like a concept car, but it isn’t. It is going in to production now and will be delivered within the year. I am stoked to be the very first person to receive their S1. Only 24 will be made. Let me show you around the car and tell you why I decided to buy it. xo Alex
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  • Supercar Blondie
    Supercar Blondie24 dager siden

    What colour should I order my S1 in??? Need your ideas Fam xx

  • Ric Ky

    Ric Ky

    2 timer siden

    With Dubai's heat white is the best colour then cream or silver, they reflect / don't absorb heat as much as black or other darker colours.

  • Harmony mampuru

    Harmony mampuru

    Dag siden


  • Olorunjumilo


    4 dager siden

    Black and white

  • Andy Jake

    Andy Jake

    16 dager siden

    Black with blue floral

  • Alpha FuRYツ

    Alpha FuRYツ

    18 dager siden

    a sky blueish carbon fiber colour with white interiors😀

  • GD DuckGangsta
    GD DuckGangsta34 minutter siden

    ur now hypercar blondie

  • Mayowa Peter
    Mayowa PeterTime siden

    HAPPY for you ....❤️❤️💯✌️

  • shahkjsn
    shahkjsn2 timer siden

    Wow this is a piece of priceless art, beautiful!

  • middlesbrough123
    middlesbrough1232 timer siden

    Wow well done , tease shmee with it 😎👍

  • madpilot01
    madpilot013 timer siden

    All a marketing gag. No videos about the car. And why can you sit side. Just like the Devel Sixteen.. All just consept fake mockery.. Why did you not start the car.. Sit inside.. Etc.. No single video about the car or company...

  • James 22
    James 223 timer siden

    You would get more excitement watching people eating after not having a meal for a long time

  • James 22
    James 223 timer siden

    Lucky for you how many people could you feed for the price of that

  • Lorraine Briggs
    Lorraine Briggs5 timer siden

    *ONLY 18+* ➡️ MEETME.BABY NOlocal: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" NOlocal: BE GONE

  • Vikram Hankare
    Vikram Hankare5 timer siden


  • Brayden goss
    Brayden goss6 timer siden

    Matt black everyday of the weak

    HASUNIRA KELVIN7 timer siden


  • kaled awad
    kaled awad7 timer siden

    Red with yellow striped tires

  • amr afifi
    amr afifi8 timer siden

    Most beutiful kiss to that special (CAR)😘👄🌷

  • Abdalla Elsheikh
    Abdalla Elsheikh8 timer siden

    Get it in blonde. Duh

  • Andrea A
    Andrea A8 timer siden

    I can't belive that she earns all that money, cause she talk about cars that other people make. What they deserve than?

    OXFORD GAMING9 timer siden

    Congratulations Alex mam

  • Moblie Gang
    Moblie Gang9 timer siden

    Ok thats jot a hyper car its a crazy car lol

  • Kevin Donis
    Kevin Donis9 timer siden


  • Giusepppe Vassallo
    Giusepppe Vassallo10 timer siden


  • fortyfukinseven
    fortyfukinseven11 timer siden

    paint: choose a color you like that goes well with bright green. paint every exterior body panel on the car that color. next (maybe first, I'm not a painter), paint every door jamb, under-hood, between bumper and body, etc. every single place where 2 panels meet, paint the interior gap with glow in the dark paint. also, install UV LED lights in those gaps. at the flip of a switch, your seams will glow, like some kind of scifi vehicle. the body lines are already insane, go big! carbon fiber everything else, like the vents, aero, etc.

  • isaiah roberts
    isaiah roberts12 timer siden

    teal blue would be insane

  • mkygod
    mkygod13 timer siden

    Lambo Diablo SE30 metallic purple

  • nội thất văn phòng Nguyên Quân
    nội thất văn phòng Nguyên Quân13 timer siden

    chị này làm video toàn siêu xe nhỉ 😍

  • tichjer691
    tichjer69114 timer siden

    Congrats.... 💯😎✌

  • fredy falcon
    fredy falcon15 timer siden

    Saludos desde Ucayali la selva del Perú

  • Julian Johnston Jr.
    Julian Johnston Jr.16 timer siden

    It looks like a $5 million dollar car, grats, well deserved!

  • Tran Luu
    Tran Luu16 timer siden

    Wow Very beautiful car🤟🤟🤟

  • Harroos
    Harroos16 timer siden

    Wow love that car such a beautiful design

  • Thisisnotmyrealname8
    Thisisnotmyrealname818 timer siden

    That really is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen.

  • ig- Evaid
    ig- Evaid19 timer siden

    It looks like a baby devel 16😂

  • Gee Williams
    Gee Williams19 timer siden

    Congratulations. Looks awesome and yes very reasonable price considering what it looks like. I do wonder what it might be worth in 1 or 5 or even 10 years?

  • Gregor Rezar
    Gregor Rezar20 timer siden

    Congrats Alex i would paint it like .... nolocal.info/have/video/f5WNl82I1aGJxZ4

  • Jachob Batterham
    Jachob Batterham20 timer siden

    Sunburnt orange would look amazing👌

  • delaney pippin
    delaney pippin21 time siden

    I say go with something bright that way you will stand out and have a one of one car people will definitely look at you a lot that way though

  • tapout954
    tapout95421 time siden

    Saddle brown interior and white or yellow exterior.

  • Aphun panmei
    Aphun panmei21 time siden

    Don't u have the key to get inside......!? Kidding...🤣🤣 Just wanna see you driving.

  • Hau Vu
    Hau Vu21 time siden

    Should have Logo BLONDIIE On Front .

  • Tajae Vernon
    Tajae Vernon22 timer siden

    Who else dancing to the song at the end of the video? 🤣

  • Tajae Vernon
    Tajae Vernon22 timer siden

    It looks beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Henrik Rognstadtangen
    Henrik Rognstadtangen23 timer siden

    It looks like a pegani and a Porsche had a baby it is sick

  • Betchoo Harshil
    Betchoo Harshil23 timer siden

    When u see the same car in gta

  • Gabriel Kiptoo
    Gabriel Kiptoo23 timer siden


  • Ramblings of a Disillusioned Hippie
    Ramblings of a Disillusioned HippieDag siden

    Iridescent green

  • Avi
    AviDag siden

    Red black might look better than white black

  • Themachine
    ThemachineDag siden

    Who makes this car? Brand?

  • Brian's Bricks
    Brian's BricksDag siden

    Black bc your first super car was black so your first hyper car should be black.

  • Nethupula Jayalath
    Nethupula JayalathDag siden

    Congratulations 👏

    RECEP DEMİRDag siden

    Slow down, slowshish, snymish

  • Max Fitzsimons
    Max FitzsimonsDag siden

    *sniff* *sniff* ya smell that people? This video reeks heavily of the fake devil sixteen people paid to say they were “taking delivery of” it’s a cool car don’t get me wrong but I’m calling bs.

  • gladys jeruto
    gladys jerutoDag siden

    Cool hyper car you've got

  • Peter van Brucken
    Peter van BruckenDag siden

    VERY nice! Does it use Corvette running gear too? It's a C8 with nicer clothes if so... Looks pretty good in white, but maybe add a purple pearl as I did on a project car ;)

  • shredx81
    shredx81Dag siden


  • Hercaliestudios
    HercaliestudiosDag siden

    It should be green

  • Emre Ulutaş
    Emre UlutaşDag siden


  • James Drury
    James DruryDag siden

    It looks amazing!!

  • Donitello Thomas
    Donitello ThomasDag siden

    Congratulations @Supercar Blondie I love it. I would get it Ultra-Blue

  • Aly Mahmoud
    Aly MahmoudDag siden

    Red will be damn good

  • SB super cars
    SB super carsDag siden

    The back needs a wing

  • shlok ukhande
    shlok ukhandeDag siden

    I think blue

  • jcriley76
    jcriley76Dag siden

    That is a deadly machine! It is incredible.

    RAZER BLADEDag siden

    The front of this car looks like Turismo R in GTA 5 .... By the way white looks awesome on ARES S1

  • liam smith
    liam smithDag siden

    Doesn’t Trojan condoms also have the same logo??😂

  • David Bruner
    David BrunerDag siden

    Deep candy apple red with black and red interior.

  • Dibi Vik
    Dibi VikDag siden

    exterior can have a black feeling and for the interior u can go with orange or yellow

  • Jeopardy Winner
    Jeopardy WinnerDag siden

    I’d get it in red. ❤️

  • Imelda Bernales
    Imelda BernalesDag siden

    Awesome car. Congrats Alex for owning this car

  • Rafaqat Hussain
    Rafaqat HussainDag siden

    How about blond color for blondie girl

  • Abelino Boekhoudt
    Abelino BoekhoudtDag siden

    Black and yellow.

  • Rajasimman rajasimman
    Rajasimman rajasimman2 dager siden

    red and black look so nice

  • Akmal-Hisyam
    Akmal-Hisyam2 dager siden

    i want it in red

  • m.d gaming
    m.d gaming2 dager siden

    What do you for living 🤔

  • Brian Banegas
    Brian Banegas2 dager siden

    Do you just review the cars?

  • Courtney Lopez
    Courtney Lopez2 dager siden

    So it’s a c8 corvette kit car? At least it’s not over 1M

  • Markus
    Markus2 dager siden

    How often you can say: "in the world" ? Supercar Blondie: YES! But cool car 👍🏻

  • Nico Hola
    Nico Hola2 dager siden

    hi :D i think the colour of the car can be blue with bronze rims like the subaru impreza , with that colour should look sick :O

  • Николай Шилов
    Николай Шилов2 dager siden

    Машина супер но ты как всегда лучше всех

    ZAGATO2 dager siden

    Aren't this car have controversy because it steals some university student designs? you can see it on Instagram

  • Keenan Joya
    Keenan Joya2 dager siden

    Love it,

  • V Review
    V Review2 dager siden

    dark blue plz

  • V Review

    V Review

    2 dager siden

    and vintage tan on the inside, or just black

  • SRTgold
    SRTgold2 dager siden

    light pink

  • FFSetto
    FFSetto2 dager siden

    Thank you for this episode! It is very good ! If I could, I would buy this car, I would order it with graphite gray or chameleon paint between dark black and palm green. 😍 Thank you for this episode ! It is very good ! :)

  • P H
    P H2 dager siden

    Looks like the Lexus in minority report

  • alesandar milosevski
    alesandar milosevski2 dager siden

    purpl galacsy

  • Solomon Robinson
    Solomon Robinson2 dager siden

    I want to buy the hat you have on

  • Abhay Singh
    Abhay Singh2 dager siden

    First of all congratulations u should buy a contrasting colour

  • Robin Hearn
    Robin Hearn2 dager siden

    Red would look good but I like it the way it is. Pete in New Zealand

  • nosaJ
    nosaJ2 dager siden

    Seafoam green

  • nosaJ


    2 dager siden

    Orange interior

  • Randy Sheetz
    Randy Sheetz2 dager siden

    Being a modified Corvette, go for the Carlisle Blue color with tan interior.

  • DOM
    DOM2 dager siden

    Fake car. She didn't open it!

  • DOM
    DOM2 dager siden

    Hyper super double hyper lol

  • Dylan Boydston
    Dylan Boydston2 dager siden

    You should do a neon green and grey! That would look amazing!

  • hdzlaprensa
    hdzlaprensa2 dager siden

    I would like to be as close of you as the fly in 2:03

  • Lars Lærkesen
    Lars Lærkesen2 dager siden

    Congratulations Alex mega nice car.

  • CHZ8959
    CHZ89592 dager siden

    Enough people watch this crap to keep this channel going? I have less respect for people as time goes on!

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed2 dager siden

    Man I think that's about the best value for the money on a super/hyper car personally. COLOR: Aura Blue

  • Shane Phiri
    Shane Phiri2 dager siden


  • Shane Phiri
    Shane Phiri2 dager siden

    No need to "show us why", you just wanted a new crazy supercar that barely anybody knows and owns, to satisfy your ego. 😁 I'm proud of you.

  • Gabriel Kragel
    Gabriel Kragel2 dager siden

    You did not by that!

  • Addict Collector
    Addict Collector2 dager siden

    Top !