I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST and MOST EXPENSIVE Mini Bikes from Amazon


I went on Amazon and bought the cheapest and most expensive mini bikes they had for sale! We bought a 99cc Coleman Mini Bike that was the cheapest and a 200cc Massimo Mini Bike that was the most expensive. These Amazon mini bikes are great budget buys, but are they reliable enough for everyday riding and going aroung the yard?
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I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE street legal bike on Amazon
I BOUGHT The MOST EXPENSIVE street legal dirt bike on Amazon
I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST street legal bike on Amazon
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    Check out these pocket rockets we bought on Amazon! nolocal.info/have/video/d3Wgq7d7poynqqY

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    A paper cut WTF?? Have you cut your hand by accident with a Knife 🔪???

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    can i get the 99cc Coleman Mini Bike

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    "your pregnant"

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    Avertissement is french😂

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    Haha that makes sense why it hurts when I bend over

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    Save your money on the little Coleman mini bike, get a ct200u-ex

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    13:54 mans dipped

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    I like how you both made yours and childrens day good... Respect

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    That was neither clever, nor funny and certainly not helpful for anyone considering buying either bike.

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    Fix the frame if you can. Use lots of LiPo batteries to give it more power.

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    the kid at 13:54

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    damn for kids i can ride them

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    And i wanted MB 200 mini bike black

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    I wanted a MB200 mini bike dat my favorite dream bike , i wanted to get dat bike but idon't have de money 😞😞

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    hi guys i saw this surfing around and since i prefer you guys opinion wat do u guys think of this RION RE90 Electric Scooter Review | The World's Fastest Hyperscooter looks really let me know or maybe a review keep up the awesome vids guys

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    Hy brother i want to by but i don't have money to buy

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    I got a cheap bike took it apart all new stuff inside only original frame it gos about 30-35 mh

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    Tiny town also known as carbon monoxide poisoning

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    Only half of your ribs were broken? Those are rookie numbers, let's get those numbers up!

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    Great video mate!! Nice work. I got a 1980 Honda C70 here in London England, had it since cousin gave it to me when I was 15 was going to do the knowledge for Black Cabs on it but ended up doing different Job unfortunately it got left out in rain for 5 years few years back I didn't realise and it went from mint to rusted away all the spokes seat base the lot, bit I think the frame and back mudguard might still be solid, it wasn't siezed when I checked it about 3 years ago so I'm hoping to restore that back to its former glory or I might do a complete makeover renovation either like a trail or maybe a Café Racer style, not sure.. at moment it's the old light blue and white (step-through) leg Guard with double seat.. any suggestions what you guys would do keep it an original resto or do a Café Racer style or Trail style? Everything needs replacing including rims and spokes probably hubs and I'm guessing I'll need to rebuild the engine whether it's seized or not having not run for 30 years most probably, but I'm not totally sure. And open to ideas what route I should go to try n get it back on the road if frame is salvageable still? Also any suggestions on cheapest way possible to source the parts here in England as won't be buying Honda originals just haven't got the budget but down the line I may swap new parts back to honda if the budget allows in the future, just want to get it done kind of on a shoe string to get it running and on the road for sentimental reasons more than anything..

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    These videos are awesome 😂😂

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    This StupidMåned siden

    Those MB200s I got one when I was 15 and still ride it 8 years later. Simple engine that had never been winterized correctly, never been taken care of really any maintenance, leaks oil have a wire to bypass the governor kick out, wrecked countless times. Sample size of 1 but mine has been a beast

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    This is there best video so far bravo 👏👏

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    How did he mess his ribs and shoulders up

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    I own the big one the trick is to unscrew the bolts on the sides first

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    I am 6'5" 300lbs, and just bought the MB200 after watching this...having sold my 8 second Drag bike and street R1..will I be impressed by the Massimo ? Love your content man , beards for the win !!!

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    The Smaller bike would win in a long race because it takes time to start going fast but the bigger bike has more hp But not enough speed to win in a race

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    Hey the ct 100 has a screw break that screw by the throttle cable it limit the amount of play and itll go 33mph

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    If you pull the throttle restrictor out or bend it in the ct100u it can go up to 32mph on flat ground and the Baja bike has a plastic gear in the gear box that you can take out and it will help the speed but it depends on the cc of the motor!!

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