I Bought The Nastiest And Cheapest Car On Facebook! Deep Cleaning Car Detailing Transformation


I Bought The Nastiest And Cheapest Car On Facebook! Deep Cleaning Car Detailing Transformation! I took the challenge of finding the nastiest and dirtiest car I could find on FB marketplace and picked up this beauty for a whooping $500... Needless to say I still had a ton of work ahead of me to restore the inside and outside to make this car useable again. I completely gutted the interior to begin cleaning and removing the moldy and spilled food all over the inside of this disaster of a car interior.Cleaning a car and detailing a car is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences. Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! #cardetailing #detailing #carcleaning
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    clent john

    2 måneder siden

    Where is the link for your vacuum cleaner

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    Typical Auto Guy

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    Legend has it, James still is smelling that awful smell from that car to this very day.

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    Ab Solute

    8 måneder siden

    Stauffer Garage Magic erasers are great and very useful. However, u can’t/shouldn’t stay in one area to long, especially on dark color panels, it will discolor it slightly. However, its great for removing scuff marks, makeup etc!

  • Brandon Lusala
    Brandon Lusala15 timer siden

    Whats he do with the cars after he cleans them?

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    Unbelievrable how dirty car owners can be. Pathetic!

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    David Kerner7 dager siden

    Aggravating the surface? Did u mean agitating ?

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    Great job on a really nasty car!

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    I wouldn’t come near that car without full on hazmat protection. Total, top to toes.

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    Dave Meagher25 dager siden

    The whole car was a pit of filth! Great job, you do very good detailing of vehicles!

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach27 dager siden

    Watched your whole video. I still see extraction lines in some of the rugs. I was delighted when you said you were going over it a second time but I think it needs a third. I am glad to see you detail fellows ard starting to use a much stronger initial concentration of cleaner at the very beginning. For us old boys who used cleaning products for floors fabrics metals concrete and painted surfaces back in the 60's and 70's, the books told us that when it came to some greases and stains that water was our enemy. In order to cut heavy grease and stains you have to get the right detergent in there dry, or at a high enough concentration that your product would actually cut the grease or lift the stain right off the bat. Not a high enough concentration and even with drill brushing your product doesn't cut the grease. There are 2 approaches to that. 1 is spray on a super concentrated squirt first and work it in almost dry. This is the way a lot of home carpet cleaners do it. But it only works right if all the loose dirt is removed first. That's why an extra thorough initial dry wacuum with agitation is important. None of you fellows are using rotating air brushes as the head attachments on your dry vacuums. I got one for my home stairs for the end of my extra long built-in system hose. 2. You could do that superficial job of dry vacuuming that you are already doing and do the initial dilute spray application and suck it as dry as you can, maybe let it dry a little, and then hit it with a highly concentrated spray an drill brush agitation. Let that sit for a while and lightly still brush it again. Then exract the daylights out of it with properly scented hot water. You could put in a tiny bit of baking soda in the hot rinsing water for odor control. The advantage of #2 is that you work with nature to remove all bad contaminants at the right time and in the proper order. I don't think enough of you guys had enough chemistry in school.you rely too much on water. The ordinary Chem courses don't teach enough. Working in high Purity industrial cleaning taught me a thing or two.

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach27 dager siden

    Do you ever use a pleasant aroma in your extractor rinse water? What is your favorite?

  • Fred Bach
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  • busnutta
    busnuttaMåned siden

    Wow! Just Wow!! That’s a mobile biohazard! #roachmotel $600 for the car $600 in cleaning materials! $2000 in labour!! I’d have to drive it for a while just to get some joy from all that cleaning! How much did you sell it for? Great job👍

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    Måned siden

    Or could of just bought a gas can and box of matches!! Would have been quicker!!

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  • grainne watts

    grainne watts

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    My god this car was definitely discussing just dont understand how people can drive a car in such a awful state yuck!!

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    This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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    Imagine getting in accident and the paramedics have to pull your broken body from a roach mobile...

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    Your definitely correct about taking the seats out. I always take mine out,I mean freeze it's only 4 bolts,well worth it.

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  • Paula Pierce
    Paula Pierce2 måneder siden

    Magic Eraser is perfect for scuff marks on the trim inside the car and on door handles... Just spray thr cleaner in the eraser.. And scuffs are gone

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  • Neriariel
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