I Bought The New Beetle - GTA Online DLC


I Bought The New Beetle - GTA Online Cayo Perico DLC
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  • David Llewellyn
    David Llewellyn22 timer siden

    50% it's night time. Ever thought of going into politics?

  • Kieran Forsyth_
    Kieran Forsyth_Dag siden

    Intro: hey guys... it’s me

  • Landon Driggers
    Landon Driggers2 dager siden

    Hey everyone hot dog hat man here

  • OG’s LIFE
    OG’s LIFE3 dager siden


  • Ollie the farmer
    Ollie the farmer3 dager siden

    Hey guys spire bricks here who is making me do a rhyme and plays gta all the time

  • Aaron Castillo
    Aaron Castillo5 dager siden

    Intro: Hey guys the guy who can't speak English here

    ANDREW ASWEGAN5 dager siden

    Intro: "hey guys its speirs the spaztastic monkey here"

  • Ralfs Mugurevičs
    Ralfs Mugurevičs6 dager siden

    i had this for free

  • Goggle Hero Omega Maple
    Goggle Hero Omega Maple8 dager siden

    you had one job, make it either Herbie or Bumblebee!

  • Grilled_With_a_ Side_of_Rc
    Grilled_With_a_ Side_of_Rc8 dager siden

    Intro: hey guys, the person that only wears suits here

  • Melanie Carr
    Melanie Carr10 dager siden

    intro: talk to your wall more

  • Lucas Herr
    Lucas Herr10 dager siden

    Intro: hey guys the guy who would rather have money in gta then in real life

    RXTRO RNGX11 dager siden

    Intro hey guys Watha dudeskies

  • Dusko Best Guy DBG
    Dusko Best Guy DBG12 dager siden


  • Death Trooper
    Death Trooper12 dager siden

    The beetle is a drag drift and a street race

  • SBT_ Tricks
    SBT_ Tricks18 dager siden

    He denied free money

  • ᴀʏᴀᴍᴇ
    ᴀʏᴀᴍᴇ19 dager siden

    Hey guys the guy that actually rhymes unlike everyone else

  • Toilet Man-_
    Toilet Man-_20 dager siden

    intro: "hey guys the person that would buy an actual beetle" (as in the bug lol)

  • Moneyman Gaming
    Moneyman Gaming21 dag siden

    4:50 yea sure buddy

  • Gamerwag
    Gamerwag22 dager siden

    Intro: "hey guys its the guy who eats mayonnaise from the jar"

  • Ian Gifford
    Ian Gifford22 dager siden

    Intro: “hey Guys, the guy that can say unique New York but can’t say submarine here”

  • Lineal Watts
    Lineal Watts25 dager siden


  • Demokids1234
    Demokids123425 dager siden

    Hey guys the guy who loves modders and hackers here.

  • Benedicto Lauzonll
    Benedicto Lauzonll25 dager siden


  • Blit_Wizbok
    Blit_Wizbok25 dager siden

    can someone explain that license plate that shows MPH?

  • m̤̮a̤̮z̤̮m̤̮a̤̮ s̤̮h̤̮a̤̮r̤̮k̤̮シ
    m̤̮a̤̮z̤̮m̤̮a̤̮ s̤̮h̤̮a̤̮r̤̮k̤̮シ27 dager siden

    Intro:hey guys the guy who kept moding

  • Trey St. Peter
    Trey St. Peter27 dager siden

    What’s that song you played when you were battleing the oppressor

  • Brad Cowan
    Brad Cowan28 dager siden


  • Alejandro Fortes Roel
    Alejandro Fortes Roel28 dager siden

    Intro:”hey guys,the guy who bought another free car here”

  • ImNotGay


    26 dager siden

    Little late for that

  • Anderson Bell
    Anderson Bell29 dager siden

    This dude needs some friends

  • the mustang
    the mustangMåned siden

    it had a ls swap

  • Jacob Crazy stuff
    Jacob Crazy stuffMåned siden

    You can make herbie

  • Dan_VR
    Dan_VRMåned siden

    It reminds me of herbie the racing car

  • FAZE Trooper
    FAZE TrooperMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys the guy gets harassed by moders here

  • hollow hollow
    hollow hollowMåned siden

    He gotta be high

  • Drift
    DriftMåned siden

    intro: hey guys roses are red voilets are blue ive spent so much money on shark cards i could buy you

  • Ginny Peters
    Ginny PetersMåned siden

    Intro:hey guys the guy thats spent enough money to be Mr.beast

  • Travis Capanear
    Travis CapanearMåned siden

    Can someone help me grind my new account because the one I’m using has bad sport for 2 years

  • Justin Martin
    Justin MartinMåned siden

    Intro:hey guys the guy how has been playing gta 5 for 7 years but still cant get lime green here

  • Deklyn Keener
    Deklyn KeenerMåned siden

    i like pizza

  • lol Pro
    lol ProMåned siden

    He said his brain 15:00 the video is fifteen minutes

  • Finlay Galek
    Finlay GalekMåned siden

    Hippe car

  • Bryce Crosley
    Bryce CrosleyMåned siden


  • Bryce Crosley
    Bryce CrosleyMåned siden

    roses are red vilets are blue this is speirs the amazing welcome to the crew

  • Shayne Kearn
    Shayne KearnMåned siden


  • GRIZZLY gamer
    GRIZZLY gamerMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys i love you

  • Brody Warren
    Brody WarrenMåned siden

    Spears there’s a new car

  • Larry Mejia-Martinez
    Larry Mejia-MartinezMåned siden

    cause u are on two wheels

  • 栋
    Måned siden

    What is this garage, nvr seen this kind of garage before? Hope someone reply with the answer.

  • Jeremiah Suddreth
    Jeremiah SuddrethMåned siden

    Intro: “They hi’s, the flyest you’ve ever knownest here.”

  • The Amaze
    The AmazeMåned siden

    Speirs: Try saying unique New York Me: ok literally 2 seconds later Me: You need new yacht

  • Chromedroid007
    Chromedroid007Måned siden

    Anyone who has ptsd of the surfboard on this car in babysitter killer queen death

  • Dog Nipples
    Dog NipplesMåned siden

    Intro: hey spreirs dark corner here

  • Frank Gigliotti
    Frank GigliottiMåned siden

    Intro: Hey Guys, I’m here

  • Jacob Bullock
    Jacob BullockMåned siden

    11:10 gling ping Duuuuuuhhhhhh

  • Giggle123
    Giggle123Måned siden

    :intro hey guys...

  • William Douglas
    William DouglasMåned siden

    Hey guys the person who hasn't played beamng in a while here

  • Lilgret
    LilgretMåned siden

    hipi bugi

  • Nitro
    NitroMåned siden

    Hi speirs here i have ears i don't have peers I've played for years and paid my shares to rockstars income

  • Dawn Lewis
    Dawn LewisMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys it’s your normal guy who sold every car and bought every car

  • Ethan the dabking
    Ethan the dabkingMåned siden

    Intro: Hey guys, the guy who drives a beetle into a wall here

  • flat_nugget09
    flat_nugget09Måned siden

    Intro hey guy's the guy that gets happy berps

    CARLO FRANMåned siden

    I bought this because of u

  • Mr Speed
    Mr SpeedMåned siden

    PS4 players who can’t do wheelies with muscle cars only motorbikes 😢

  • Askendhr Nxhdhebd
    Askendhr NxhdhebdMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys speirs here

  • jacksonvill98TAT
    jacksonvill98TATMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys the guy that never wants to be poor

  • Cullen Dryden
    Cullen DrydenMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys your favourite money spender here

  • Kaan Bozbay
    Kaan BozbayMåned siden

    Hey guys, guy who has spent more money on the game, then in the game

  • Loyals FN
    Loyals FNMåned siden

    The inner transformer fan in me- make it yellow, make it yellow, pleeeease make it yellow Speirs- let’s make a hippie bettle

  • zach2901 zach2901
    zach2901 zach2901Måned siden

    Intro: Hey guys, the guy who drives out of his office to go to LSC when he could use his office mechanic here

  • ThePhantomGamer
    ThePhantomGamerMåned siden

    Intro: “Ovoovuevuevue oniet vuevue ugbemugbem osas”

  • Rashidah Brown
    Rashidah BrownMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys the person who has more phone calls from the bank than his mom here

  • K1NG Xotic
    K1NG XoticMåned siden

    Intro: hey rockstar here came out with a new vehicle gonna make speirs spend his money on shark cards

  • Mason Schlotterbeck
    Mason SchlotterbeckMåned siden

    Does anyone know what car the all black one with red and white hints on it was, it was at the beginning ?!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!¡

  • Alex Miller
    Alex MillerMåned siden

    Hey guy's. Cool man here

  • Liam Walters
    Liam WaltersMåned siden

    “Hey guys” how much wood can a wood-Chuck Chuck, if a wood-Chuck, could Chuck wood.

  • thomas ward ward
    thomas ward wardMåned siden

    Intro "hey guys they guy that gets lime on every vehicle he can here"

  • Hugo Hugose
    Hugo HugoseMåned siden

    intro: hey guys, the guy that spends money for fun here

  • Samantha Doe
    Samantha DoeMåned siden

    i have the car and i love it

  • FaZe kaleb
    FaZe kalebMåned siden

    Heeee haaaaa😂😂😂😂

  • felix sanchez
    felix sanchezMåned siden

    Hey guys speirs here

  • Louis Belleperche
    Louis BellepercheMåned siden

    this plays like a fever dream also you made the jump, and SO DID I

  • Maralize Van Rooyen
    Maralize Van RooyenMåned siden

    Intro: hi guys the guy that has subscribers here

  • Aiden & Ben Playz
    Aiden & Ben PlayzMåned siden

    Intro- hey guys it speirs here and And I can’t reach lime green in gta online

  • Hyper Car Tv
    Hyper Car TvMåned siden

    congrat's on 3 mil speirs

  • DarkXXSky XX
    DarkXXSky XXMåned siden

    intro:the guy who kidnapped kids with a clown car last video here

  • Dmin
    DminMåned siden

    intro: "hey guys the guy who plays gta online for dumb reasons, buys sharkcards for cars and then sells the cars for money for another card then buys anoother sharkcard." no offense my guy

  • J C
    J CMåned siden

    It is at least 50% night time Yes that would make sense

  • Kevin Santos
    Kevin SantosMåned siden

    I'm spers and I find pers

  • Kevin Santos

    Kevin Santos

    Måned siden


  • YAG
    YAGMåned siden

    Intro hey guys the guy who begs people for money to buy in game money

  • AtlanqR
    AtlanqRMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys the guy who could have bought a lambo with the amount of shark cards ive bought here

  • Jason West
    Jason WestMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys, the guy who hasn’t done a single heist in seven years here

  • Smith Templeton
    Smith TempletonMåned siden

    Intro: hey guys it’s the guy who wants yall to rhyme here

  • Monica Rivas
    Monica RivasMåned siden

    Intro intro here oh I mean Spirits here

  • TOMZ_BATES_ 2007
    TOMZ_BATES_ 2007Måned siden

    St is t the car that was free the car that was free left the game this car that u are upgrading on this vid is diffrent car

  • Cook with Max
    Cook with MaxMåned siden

    Intro: Hey guys, the guy that paid for our DLC hee

  • Agol wipp
    Agol wippMåned siden

    Intro: hello guys, the guy who paints a beetle red blue and yellow here.

  • Mae Hall
    Mae HallMåned siden

    14:04 that back flip tho

  • Nn1638 __
    Nn1638 __Måned siden

    You get the trade price by doing some missions for english Dave not from the heist

  • Mason Fred
    Mason FredMåned siden

    Intro: Hey guys, the guy who rhymes but does not do crimes here.