I Challenged 20,000 People to a game of Geoguessr.


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  • Kevin
    Kevin5 timer siden

    The turn where it was America, shouldn’t it have been chats turn?

  • Kevin
    Kevin5 timer siden

    Do this against Tommy or some UK streamer or something, anyone that isn’t a god at this like Wiz

  • Alexis P
    Alexis P9 timer siden

    Location for Lud: deadass middle of a city Location for chat: middle of buttfuck nowhere

  • Tushar Pathania_2002
    Tushar Pathania_200214 timer siden


  • Tushar Pathania_2002

    Tushar Pathania_2002

    14 timer siden

    Also anunanchal, ffs what is that ?

  • Colin James
    Colin James18 timer siden

    This was hard to watch

  • George McCarthy
    George McCarthy22 timer siden

    Hold on Ludwig know Stoke on Trent, what?!

  • TheEman
    TheEmanDag siden

    I think it's NA or Canada. - Ludwig 2021

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurusDag siden


  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurusDag siden


  • Daniel Mellor
    Daniel MellorDag siden

    Why did Ludwig think that Canada was Stoke-on-Trent. It's such an obscure guess. I also live there, that's why it was so confusing.

  • Hurline Rose
    Hurline RoseDag siden

    The cultured rice individually tug because daughter objectively work during a grouchy property. pale, jittery elephant

  • Alex Tompa
    Alex TompaDag siden

    Best way to recognize noway is if it has mountains and look scnadinavian 99% of the times its norway

  • PC Mike Bowers
    PC Mike BowersDag siden

    'Stoke on trent?' What?

  • TheFredster32
    TheFredster32Dag siden

    Hey Ludwig, I am a GeoGuessr player from Massachusetts and I would love if you could check my series out and possibly give me a shoutout!

  • Levi Wiebe
    Levi WiebeDag siden

    That first location is literally 5 minutes from my school. In my town. That’s fucked

  • MoistOxygen
    MoistOxygenDag siden

    Everyone always types hi yt but nobody ever says hi back.. Hi!

  • M
    MDag siden

    i would have guessed montenegro and beat the chat :(

  • Fiore Deste
    Fiore Deste2 dager siden

    what is it with the sticker on ghana thing

  • Hudd
    Hudd2 dager siden

    monte what?

  • big bad guy
    big bad guy2 dager siden

    15:32 mans was speaking in anime tags

  • SaltySalman
    SaltySalman2 dager siden

    Ludwig. That Bangladesh round.. the name of the country has the language " bangla" in it. The truck had bangla words written on it you pepega

  • Lumber_jack098 Naisbitt
    Lumber_jack098 Naisbitt2 dager siden

    In the uk the number plate on the back is yellow whilst the front is white

  • Lumber_jack098 Naisbitt
    Lumber_jack098 Naisbitt2 dager siden

    "We are driving on the right" Half of chat: "UK"

  • Connor Yasinski
    Connor Yasinski2 dager siden

    I live where the first location is XD

  • 0XBeneX0


    7 timer siden


  • Thomas Christensen
    Thomas Christensen2 dager siden

    lud has gotten a lot better at geogessr not gonna lie

  • Aashman
    Aashman2 dager siden

    India's border in this game is so wrong lmao.

  • Memes
    Memes2 dager siden

    15:40 bro what is that shadow wtf

  • Aciid
    Aciid2 dager siden

    0:50 thats in my city lol

  • João Costa
    João Costa2 dager siden

    old ludwig would’ve done double or nothing just sayin

  • Brainstormer 617
    Brainstormer 6172 dager siden

    Respect for the halo music toward the end

  • Jose Manuel
    Jose Manuel2 dager siden

    Is Ludwig always this uptight? Or is just the stress from his chat ?

  • Fainted
    Fainted2 dager siden

    Imagine getting banned for 8 days because you couldn't guess the right country without even looking

  • Griffin Vorhaus
    Griffin Vorhaus2 dager siden

    Nobody: the intro: BOYS YOU KNOW THE GAY

  • Sean
    Sean2 dager siden

    Shout out to PR in the thumbnail

  • Jabe
    Jabe2 dager siden

    “Dont ‘a goa” got me ngl

  • J Fischbach
    J Fischbach2 dager siden

    Man said Stoke-on-Trent when there is very clearly sun, and very clearly not raining smh

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade2 dager siden

    Did Ludwig legit say I feel like it might be NA or Canada, like bro Canada is in NA, NA means North American like bro that’s not just the US wtf?

  • Karlo Jurjević
    Karlo Jurjević2 dager siden

    I dont get one with a tape, Ghana. What tape means

  • haha yes
    haha yes2 dager siden

    ty twitch chat, forever unsubbed let’s goooo

  • Kelly P
    Kelly P2 dager siden

    Did he say STOKE ON TRENT????

  • Alfons Widden
    Alfons Widden3 dager siden

    damn that "svenska" 7:28 were quite on point tho

  • Anjushree Verma
    Anjushree Verma3 dager siden

    *India:* Fifth largest economy in the world *Ludwig:* "I thought India didn't have Google cams" *Me:* * surprised Pikachu face *

  • Varun Gupta
    Varun Gupta3 dager siden

    I long for the day that I can watch live as Ludwig says "BOIS"

  • Connor Howitt
    Connor Howitt3 dager siden

    how the fuck do you know about stoke-on-trent lol? that was a surprise aha

  • Christopher Spira
    Christopher Spira3 dager siden

    Is a New Jersey lisence plate just excluded from being yellow lol

  • Lonneke Oonk
    Lonneke Oonk3 dager siden

    Me a Dutch person: HALLO Ludwig on geoguessr: We could be in the Netherlands... me: Have you ever been to the Netherlands or seen a foto? ps. No hate, here are some tips if, the Netherlands is full on flat, there are no mountains, houses are most of the time made of bricks, the roads are very nice (best in Europe), we ride on the right and ofcourse we have yellow vehicle registration plates. :)

  • Earthlyterror
    Earthlyterror3 dager siden

    Wow ludwig really went substitute teacher on that guy lolol

  • Freakzie
    Freakzie3 dager siden

    wwhen the guy said germany and he revealed the picture i bursted into laugh

  • Thor H.
    Thor H.3 dager siden

    Accurate title: Ludwig vs a random subscriber in GeoGuesser

  • HotspurHD
    HotspurHD3 dager siden

    Ludwig literally got to my city in 8:30

  • HotspurHD
    HotspurHD3 dager siden

    8:32 הוא הגיע לחדרה!!!! אני גר שם!!

  • Drewby guitar
    Drewby guitar3 dager siden

    16:00 why does thet reflection look like siren head????

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone3 dager siden

    When NitoNovo Guessed Germany and the minute ludwig clicked on the Map you just knew dude got it wrong.😂😂

  • Acryte
    Acryte3 dager siden

    Wow Germany's really changed over the years huh?

  • Milkshake
    Milkshake3 dager siden

    Whoever guessed the Netherlands on that first one has never seen the Netherlands in their life

  • Camilla Isabella
    Camilla Isabella3 dager siden


  • doubble enchantment
    doubble enchantment3 dager siden

    play the video and press the numbers on your keyboard to remix

  • Conza
    Conza3 dager siden

    Oddly enough, very easy content to go to sleep to

  • Mohil Garg
    Mohil Garg3 dager siden


  • YNK 9
    YNK 93 dager siden


  • kendrick Belga
    kendrick Belga3 dager siden

    ludrigged to lul'dwig

  • Chris Leon
    Chris Leon3 dager siden

    india does not have google cams but you can view destinations. so i was most likely a tourist hotel.

  • Quantalis
    Quantalis3 dager siden

    1:37 hey thats me

  • Enrique Gonzalez
    Enrique Gonzalez3 dager siden

    19:10 that lake looks right around the shortest with of Norway right? So it could be the place Tom crossed😂

  • Theo Bayleaves
    Theo Bayleaves3 dager siden

    and girls

  • Inquisitor 128
    Inquisitor 1283 dager siden

    2:15 The American definition of equality. :)

  • SavouryLobster
    SavouryLobster3 dager siden


  • 935
    9353 dager siden

    7:51 "oh jesus" LOL the sykkuno influence

  • SH4RPY
    SH4RPY3 dager siden

    Did that guy ever get the timeout

  • Brodin Green
    Brodin Green3 dager siden

    The first one was in my city and I have been there that is cool

  • Ellie Guerrero
    Ellie Guerrero3 dager siden

    I love how on his rounds he zooms in beyond not being able to zoom in anymore but on chats round he does the 1% zoom and moves the mouse at the speed of light 😂... thank god we still won.

  • Alton Guyton
    Alton Guyton3 dager siden

    I've been there that looks like Goliad Texas almost around Victoria. I was off though on that guess.

  • Chloe
    Chloe3 dager siden

    the chat: “ITS UK” someone: *guesses uk and gets it wrong* the chat: “OMG WHAT AN IDIOT THROWINGG”

    ROLLE TURSE3 dager siden

    Most satisfying sound I’ve heard Is Ludwig Say BOIIIIIIIIS

  • Tijmen Hooning
    Tijmen Hooning3 dager siden

    I literally just watched the part where the guy guesses germany and for some reason i guessed Senegal before lud even showed us geoguessr

  • non ce
    non ce3 dager siden

    Ludwigs chat kinda sad

  • TheUselessInfoSquad
    TheUselessInfoSquad3 dager siden

    Haha I’m not subscribing to you now, go visit Switzerland

  • YadsXTriple
    YadsXTriple3 dager siden

    Isn't Canada in America...?

  • KingLegend76
    KingLegend763 dager siden

    How do u get UK if ur driving on the right...

  • Lucas Volken
    Lucas Volken3 dager siden

    Before watching the whole vid, if Ludwig loses i'm unsubscribing

  • BoV Johnson
    BoV Johnson3 dager siden

    Song at 23:54?

  • Gaburieru
    Gaburieru3 dager siden

    9:11 someone really said PogYou

  • Brugh K
    Brugh K3 dager siden

    Woah man 5:54 watch it

  • ryan zheng
    ryan zheng3 dager siden


  • SJ218P
    SJ218P3 dager siden


  • mestaren 104
    mestaren 1043 dager siden

    Sweden is .se från vad jag vet :)

  • Joe .P
    Joe .P3 dager siden

    Tf he knows about Stoke on Trent? Huh, I didn’t even think other people in England would know where that is

  • Arhey
    Arhey3 dager siden

    Chat is smart :) Some rounds were pretty easy anyway.

  • Leia H
    Leia H4 dager siden

    All swedes here be like: NO ITS NOT SWEDEN

  • Raanan Weiss
    Raanan Weiss4 dager siden

    Being from Israel I feel validation

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson4 dager siden

    yo stop saying its not the UK on geoguesser because of white reg plates. WE HAVE WHITE ON THE FRONT AND YELLOW ON THE BACK

  • Ryax
    Ryax4 dager siden

    My boy Gavin guessing Slovenia, love you mate

  • griffgroff
    griffgroff4 dager siden

    kind of takes the suspense out of it when you get gifted a sub by ludwig during a stream you weren’t there for and then hear the reward for chat winnning

  • Dominick Barrientoz
    Dominick Barrientoz4 dager siden

    Who else wondering why chat gets 1 try when they get it right but lud gets unlimited

  • Loc
    Loc4 dager siden

    GeoWizard : "I don't remember training you to be this weak"

  • Richy
    Richy4 dager siden


  • Tyler Harmon
    Tyler Harmon4 dager siden

    Hi twitch chat lol

  • tubemaster
    tubemaster4 dager siden

    How the fuck did u think that was singspore Ludwig

  • Nazym
    Nazym4 dager siden

    Wait didn't Matsas_ guessed right? Why it's still 1-0 before someone other guessed right?

  • K̶i̶n̶g̶Licht
    K̶i̶n̶g̶Licht4 dager siden

    1:52 not africa