I created a terrible Ireland in Cities Skylines


I made a terrible version of Ireland in Cities Skylines, the bar was low but I pushed it lower.
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  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua GonzalezTime siden

    More this is good game

  • SBEVE 77
    SBEVE 775 timer siden

    Why no one is talking about the intro that the editors haven't see their parents for a week?

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules7 timer siden

    Let’s make sure Kevin doesn’t end up Ireland’s leader

  • ThirstyCartoon
    ThirstyCartoon8 timer siden

    def more

  • Jodene H
    Jodene H10 timer siden

    Poop town reminds me of Angory Tom's poo lagoon

  • Jan Bronson
    Jan Bronson11 timer siden


  • StannCat
    StannCat12 timer siden


  • BMoney8600
    BMoney860015 timer siden


  • AngryFloatingCow
    AngryFloatingCow15 timer siden

    Anyone know what hoodie Kevin wears in the start?

  • driphella
    driphella15 timer siden


  • Whats-My-Fandom
    Whats-My-Fandom16 timer siden

    Me seeing your sweater: UNUS ANNUS!!!

  • Kinky Slinky
    Kinky Slinky17 timer siden

    please make more I absolutely love watching you play this game.

  • MuffledSword
    MuffledSword17 timer siden

    Some say the Natural Disasters expansion is a waste of money, but the real waste of money is hospitals.

  • jepleure
    jepleure18 timer siden

    5:25 just like most of Texas last week! /Texan :P

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott19 timer siden

    * "In The Shadow Of The Spire" * Sounds like a dystopian YA novel

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott19 timer siden

    Loved this video, Kevin!!!! I would really like to see you take a whack at trying to at least get to making Cork (so maybe 2 more videos?)

  • Dianne Wright
    Dianne Wright19 timer siden

    D'Ireland doesn't need hospitals! D'Ireland only needs flat 7D'Up and D'dry toast!

  • Nick
    Nick19 timer siden

    Direland will thrive forever and always

  • mr I didn't
    mr I didn't21 time siden

    congrats kevin you are 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000001% as bad as lebanese politicians are in ruling a country

  • mr. smiley
    mr. smiley23 timer siden

    I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

  • ManMakerMan
    ManMakerMan23 timer siden

    That highway leads to greenland

  • devo076
    devo076Dag siden

    Creating a terrible Ireland is kinda redundant, isn't it?

  • MrLukePuke
    MrLukePukeDag siden

    M O R E

  • Koert 34
    Koert 34Dag siden

    Day 55 of telling kevin: "Entertain ragnarok"

  • vixengypsy
    vixengypsyDag siden

    What a cliffhanger! Of course I want to see more, sir.

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie AndersonDag siden

    Kevin designed the Texas power grid

  • Holy Khan
    Holy KhanDag siden

    +1 work. Actually try to learn how to use some of the more basic controls, and this could be a really interesting series. Daniel could probably give you some tips and tricks.

  • Dweiathecat
    DweiathecatDag siden

    Moar plz. XD

  • Kevin G
    Kevin GDag siden

    Liked and commented. More please.

  • 1Lomi
    1LomiDag siden

    When anyone asks anything from kevin, there's 4 possible outcome You don't get it You get it but it's 10 years too late You get it but it's booby-trapped and you'll regret asking You get so much of it you drown

  • Ahmed Ziad
    Ahmed ZiadDag siden

    I hope he does a series for this game

  • Dork Souls 3
    Dork Souls 3Dag siden

    15:10 That Spire looks so fecking evil.

  • Amy Donovan
    Amy DonovanDag siden

    We all know Laois is the true capital of ireland

  • Michael Boyle
    Michael BoyleDag siden

    So he just created Larne?

  • Abnormal Experience
    Abnormal ExperienceDag siden

    five stars

  • themagicalrainbowalpaca
    themagicalrainbowalpacaDag siden

    Please continue this!!

  • Liliana Hudler
    Liliana HudlerDag siden

    Kevin I love you so much but CONNECT THE DAMN HIGHWAYS

  • Lana Scully
    Lana ScullyDag siden

    I wonder if Rt or Kevin could actually make a nice city, even if they had to use infinite money.

  • Kel H
    Kel HDag siden

    Was I the only one who caught the game screw up at the end when they said "Astrologists" instead of "Astronomers"? Lol I had to play it again to be sure but it gave me a laugh.

  • PabloVP
    PabloVPDag siden

    If Cork is the capital of Ireland then Jim Pickens is a Pacifist

  • D àñ
    D àñDag siden

    Wait till Kevin finds out you can make potato farms as part of the industry.

  • CrazySneaker
    CrazySneakerDag siden

    Kevin's dirt pile looks like Burj Khalifa.

  • Gaebel Maples
    Gaebel MaplesDag siden

    21:36 - Kevin: King’s Dead Me: Ladeedadeeda

  • GlossyTadpole53
    GlossyTadpole53Dag siden


  • Paul R.
    Paul R.2 dager siden


  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero2 dager siden

    Jack ma is stupid

  • Mario Mackerelwain
    Mario Mackerelwain2 dager siden

    Alan Partridge: dere's d'more to d'Ireland dan diss

  • leonie hurtado
    leonie hurtado2 dager siden

    obviously please do more of this that was such a cliffhanger

  • Samara B.
    Samara B.2 dager siden

    When you only make on ramp to your power plant and it’s an ON-RAMP going OUT OF THE CITY. Loooooool

  • Jack Bogan
    Jack Bogan2 dager siden

    "I think dictator" LOL its true though

  • margonautxo
    margonautxo2 dager siden

    *this is literally ireland itself, its THAT bad lmao*

  • Aklos
    Aklos2 dager siden

    My 4 year old toddler asked me if we could move to the north pole and when i asked him why he showed me this video 0:50

  • Will Polland
    Will Polland2 dager siden

    Please fight for the North Kevin, save us 😔🇮🇪

  • Andre B
    Andre B2 dager siden

    Very good, would like more please.

  • Erik Overland
    Erik Overland2 dager siden


  • Maddor
    Maddor2 dager siden

    Ireland, built on Debt and Death. Sounds about right.... Oh, wait, D'Ireland. Yeah that makes sense too.

  • Lebendiges Gespenst
    Lebendiges Gespenst2 dager siden

    Ah reminds me into my cities skyline experience

  • Kevin Tenuta
    Kevin Tenuta2 dager siden

    weird cos England created a terrible Ireland using the game of real life... although Ireland is surprisingly good considering how much they fucked up Ireland over the past 1000 years... I read a book on Irish history recently... I had no idea so much bad shit happened, so consistently for such a long time... invaded by Saxons, Scots, Vikings, Normans, English and British, forced to change religions twice... I'm surprised Ireland is doing as well as it is...

  • DocIncredible
    DocIncredible2 dager siden

    Psh, big deal. The Irish have already created a terrible Ireland in Ireland. Two of them, in fact. Though they had help from the British on one of them.

  • Rorynator
    Rorynator2 dager siden

    this was a good video (you can't see it but i typed the keys really slowly and loudly on my keyboard (mechanical) to emphasise on it)

  • Gabriel Borges
    Gabriel Borges2 dager siden

    Combining sewege treatment with aeolic energy production was a remarkable idea.

  • the best of the beast
    the best of the beast2 dager siden

    Athlone is the real capital

  • Zeke Theboi
    Zeke Theboi2 dager siden

    make more

  • Please set me on fire
    Please set me on fire2 dager siden

    I almost don’t want him to make another video because I won’t want Dublin to get destroyed

  • Dey Dey Grey
    Dey Dey Grey2 dager siden

    Yes Ireland told in a parody version, I hope yo do more of this game . #Drerland is a place for Jim Pickens

  • Rachel Toner
    Rachel Toner2 dager siden

    Kevin triggering all us from Northern Ireland 😂😂

  • Timothy S.
    Timothy S.2 dager siden

    Kevin not even two minutes into being in charge of building a city: What do you mean you want basic human necessities??

  • LividNooblet
    LividNooblet2 dager siden


  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden

    How dyu get it in Ireland

  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden


  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden


  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden


  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden


  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden


  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones2 dager siden


  • austin daniel
    austin daniel2 dager siden


  • ForTheEmpire55
    ForTheEmpire552 dager siden

    Yes! I would love to see more of this game!

  • Daniel L.
    Daniel L.2 dager siden

    My grandpa is Irish as feck so it made me incredibly proud to see the motherland in this video. #CorkGang

  • James Davenport
    James Davenport2 dager siden

    Anyone else struggling with the two sides of d'Ireland not being connected? And that being the reason the coal plant had no coal, because there was no road from the highway to that side of town.

  • The Architect
    The Architect2 dager siden

    if the best part of your Dublin is the spire ... id be scared.

  • Yux2314 Olsen
    Yux2314 Olsen2 dager siden

    I would absolutely love to see more of this

  • Scott Bailey
    Scott Bailey2 dager siden

    Kevin talking about his Ireland... I meant island...

  • CerberusLives
    CerberusLives2 dager siden

    Next episode: Megatsunami Vs. The Spire.

  • Scott Bailey
    Scott Bailey2 dager siden

    should've just put it in H...

  • budaroddy
    budaroddy2 dager siden

    Ahahaha the tsunami Made my stomach ache from laughing

  • budaroddy
    budaroddy2 dager siden

    Play Sims city 2000 dear kevo

  • Mel Renee
    Mel Renee2 dager siden

    This town is just Texas Simulator

  • Kevin
    Kevin2 dager siden

    the sewage pipe into lough neagh is close to my house :D

  • EmeraldPhoenix1221
    EmeraldPhoenix12212 dager siden

    9:56 "This country's built on debt!" You sure you're not making the US, Kevin?

  • Anno Warrior
    Anno Warrior2 dager siden

    But how does he not realize that the highways are one way?

  • Star Nerd
    Star Nerd2 dager siden

    Breaking News: North Korea destroyed by nuclear airstrike

  • Karl Delaney
    Karl Delaney2 dager siden

    This is innacurate asf. Everyone knows we have no houses

  • Steven Lynch
    Steven Lynch2 dager siden

    Real capital bah

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ2 dager siden

    jesus is proud to support the #corkgang

  • andacondasqueeze
    andacondasqueeze2 dager siden

    Also, after seeing this, I just imagine america with its back turned to Ireland as ireland has a gun to it and says, "we've foiled your schemes yet again America," then America is like, "ya know, were not so different you and i..."

  • HumbleBean
    HumbleBean2 dager siden

    more mate

  • andacondasqueeze
    andacondasqueeze2 dager siden

    I got an idea, build comfortable breathable suits lined with magnets that have a conductive connection with the floor of everything that generate electricity through our movement. Wear em at work or while you exercise and not only would we be producing whatever our job will have us do. But we're generating electricity. Then we wouldnt need to burn fossil fuels, and raise a detrimenral amount of livestock, but we could do just the latter and essentially turn our food not only into sustenance. But fuel. If we worked together we could perfect it in prolly 25 to 50 years. But as things are we could still perfect it in a few melinia. I'm a genius, thank yoh thank you love you thank yoh

  • Lemonily
    Lemonily2 dager siden

    "A dirt road off ramp" Ah so you've been to Kansas before

  • DubbyHC TV
    DubbyHC TV2 dager siden

    "A lot of people are coming in and out of the graveyard"

  • Antoine Bayram
    Antoine Bayram2 dager siden

    Ireland? Looks more like Lebanon