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  • The NJM Way
    The NJM Way14 dager siden

    Now all someone has to do is $25000 grands damage to your face and the whole of the internet will rejoice

  • Rydnorth
    Rydnorth25 dager siden

    Nardo grey in any car looks so good

  • #countryboycansurvive
    #countryboycansurvive27 dager siden

    Some one lost control and hopped a curb.

  • onlythewise1
    onlythewise1Måned siden

    $25,000 ,thats how much a billionaire makes per hour

  • Vinchenzo C
    Vinchenzo CMåned siden

    Holy S. Was this an accident car?

  • Steve Mccarthy
    Steve MccarthyMåned siden

    can only win that omaze draw if you live in the states...

  • big d
    big dMåned siden

    The omniscient german hepatosplenomegaly prevent because grease formerly depend since a dangerous citizenship. whimsical, shrill tenor

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha LeowinMåned siden

    My first thought was a 'broken' cup holder...

  • Wallace Millner
    Wallace MillnerMåned siden

    My daily is a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer what I want to do for a second car is get a Honda NSX “ call it the tiger slayer

  • Landon Brantley
    Landon BrantleyMåned siden

    Because he rich

  • King Wolfgang
    King WolfgangMåned siden

    Guys I love supercars so much that every time Damon or Dave mentions that we could stand a chance to win a car...I always tell my parents about the donation and the car we could win but they always refuse to give me money to donate..I remember the time they were giving away the Ferrari I broke my money box and tried to donate my savings so I can win a super car but I failed my parents caught me..it's so sad because I really wanna own one😔...anyways I'm loving you guys keep it up.....I also just created a youtube channel and if you'd check it out you'd see how much I love you guys

  • Mic Drop Comedy
    Mic Drop ComedyMåned siden

    Why is BC Covid fucked???????????????? Oh NO MASKS AND A FOOT APART....

  • Colorado Quattro
    Colorado QuattroMåned siden

    I'll give you $35k for it. USD!

  • Bryant Moravek
    Bryant MoravekMåned siden

    Keep taking whatever you're taking. I'd of killed myself...

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior RodriguezMåned siden

    how about inspired by Volkswagen v10 baby lol

  • jason felan
    jason felanMåned siden

    Awesome Christmas zebra camouflage not really

  • jason felan
    jason felanMåned siden

    Classic signs of a wrecked car redone.

  • zdravo
    zdravoMåned siden

    WOW I didn’t see that’s coming 😱

  • Benschneider 123
    Benschneider 123Måned siden

    Italien engine? You mean VW Audi

  • WhOIsTheReALdBoY
    WhOIsTheReALdBoYMåned siden

    vlogs so shakey give me a headache unsubbed

  • Devin
    DevinMåned siden

    It looks like he bought one of Tj Hunt’s rebuilt Ferraris that Calvin and him glued back together 😂

  • Samantha Hernandez
    Samantha HernandezMåned siden


  • Ed Villa
    Ed VillaMåned siden

    Love the car. Hope I win.

  • Derek Daily
    Derek DailyMåned siden

    All that glue looks like gorilla glue

  • Atticus Saunders
    Atticus SaundersMåned siden

    Phil swift be like ThAtS AlOt Of DaMaGe

  • CarMaster
    CarMasterMåned siden

    Don’t click on my profile photo...

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    ScStance801Måned siden

    Also I just bought Mercedes w221 hidden damages 🤦🏻‍♂️🥵

  • Rod Romes
    Rod RomesMåned siden

    Dave destroys everything he tore the wiring off the bottom of his Lambo and now he's being sneaky hiding damage on the Ferrari we know it's Dave's fault

  • Jennifer Morgan
    Jennifer MorganMåned siden

    Something interesting is waiting for you on my channel😏🍑🔞

  • Shane Goodlad
    Shane GoodladMåned siden

    Does Dave play Raid Shadow legends while he is manscaping? Dave is a walking Advertisement !!!!!!!!

  • Shane Goodlad
    Shane GoodladMåned siden

    A hidden easter egg............. hahe!!

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541Måned siden

    Guy in the blue shirt is dreamy

  • JoeGrow 2016
    JoeGrow 2016Måned siden

    Probably one of Rob spaghettis rentals

  • Dark Sannin
    Dark SanninMåned siden

    I love the new endings

  • B1G_ben-
    B1G_ben-Måned siden

    I have a brand new 488 bumper for your rarri I’ll give it to free

  • B1G_ben-
    B1G_ben-Måned siden

    Was that Arthur from peaky blinders? Arthur shalom 3:20

  • Elijah Clogston
    Elijah ClogstonMåned siden

    When you have a friend that has a friend that can fix it for cheep....

  • TriCounty Gun Sales
    TriCounty Gun SalesMåned siden

    "Did you get a CarFax?" Another joke not the question, just CarFax

  • Zachary Mcdonald
    Zachary McdonaldMåned siden

    What happens when you buy your car off wish 🤣

  • Jeffrey Ross
    Jeffrey RossMåned siden

    Gabe is my favourite 😂

  • Johnny Betar
    Johnny BetarMåned siden

    Your cars are so incredibly over the top. Buuuuuuuuuuuut so necessary!! 🙃

  • Nas Amir Revilla
    Nas Amir RevillaMåned siden

    I watched you guys for 5 years now

  • Intoxicated
    IntoxicatedMåned siden

    13:06 - *Laughs in rich*

  • 402CarKid
    402CarKidMåned siden

    When Dave was wiping his finger along Damon's filthy 488🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ scratches anyone?

  • All Viking
    All VikingMåned siden

    I think in B.C. the Seller Must Disclose Damages Over a Few Grand. Sue the SOB

  • Josh K
    Josh KMåned siden

    Bro I really look up to you 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 your awesome 👏

  • Aurelius Vincent Gebana
    Aurelius Vincent GebanaMåned siden

    Wow first the Murcielago now the 488. DDE is the #1 damaging car channel

  • Aaron.M Jackson
    Aaron.M JacksonMåned siden

    Change Dave's wheels!!!

  • ꧖ꦿꦸ
    ꧖ꦿꦸMåned siden

    That’s a lot of damage! They need flex tape

  • FEPE The Penguin
    FEPE The PenguinMåned siden

    Ferrari actually looks good Rear Bumper Deleted. Be even better with some fat rear mounted Turbskis

  • Alessio crypto
    Alessio cryptoMåned siden

    1:12 BRO ..AGAIN PLEASE!! IS LAMBORGHINI..... GHINI..... NON GINI....!!! per favore!!!!! :-)

  • Todd Christ
    Todd ChristMåned siden

    donated for the Lambo ;)

  • Devon Limbani
    Devon LimbaniMåned siden

    We need a garage update/tour please

  • CamoSquid21YT
    CamoSquid21YTMåned siden

    In the words of Phil Swift, "That's a Lotta Damage!"

  • CamoSquid21YT
    CamoSquid21YTMåned siden

    "Oh i see Dave's huracan out there"" "Hey guys"

  • byVenosity
    byVenosityMåned siden

    Wouldn't be surprsied if ferrari's quality standards went down the drain the past few years. I see 2020 Portofino's with these problems from factory, can't believe it

  • Jon S
    Jon SMåned siden

    Take it easy Whistlin' Damon

  • Joshua Beisheim
    Joshua BeisheimMåned siden

    Well u did run it through snow so

  • fred mayer
    fred mayerMåned siden

    Always. Always get a pre-purchase inspection (PPE).

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    @DailyDrivenExotics why is there no merch available??

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    mike foxtrotMåned siden

    Raymond should end all the videos

  • drew Gregory
    drew GregoryMåned siden

    The fact that it was wrecked up and not super clean means who the f cares, wide body and tire shred it. Ferraris never get driven hard anyways the owners have them as status symbols. There street race cars to enjoy and have shenanigans in.

  • Bhavik Gambhir
    Bhavik GambhirMåned siden

    dde i dont know your name because i suscribe your channle last week my birthday is tomorrwo so can you send me that earbuds and i am from India country

  • Tilak Thakur
    Tilak ThakurMåned siden

    Dud... Where's ferrari ff? Our camera car

  • HDPribaDevil Ps4
    HDPribaDevil Ps4Måned siden

    Those masks will kill ya.....

  • Jaime Treadway
    Jaime TreadwayMåned siden

    Oh HELL YES!!! I AM DIGGING THE WRAP! Can't wait to see it all done!

  • daisay dowson
    daisay dowsonMåned siden

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  • Zakaria Mohammud
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    Just imagine someone winning that like that’s the greatest thing someone could give away for free and y’all better SUBSCRIBE ‼️‼️‼️‼️💯❤️❤️❤️

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    Write "THE HELLA HERO" on NOlocal and thank me later

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    Omaze is a scam

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    Keep the back bumper delete

  • tjlift22
    tjlift22Måned siden

    I thought the car had 0 miles on it when you purchased it

  • M
    MMåned siden

    Next video: “come to find out my 488 was in a insurance fraud accident” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dale Versfelt
    Dale VersfeltMåned siden

    Ouch!! That reminds me of my first Alfa Romeo...a 19711750 GTV that I bought in 1980. It too looked beautiful until we got a closer look.

  • Zach Gowen
    Zach GowenMåned siden

    My first thought when u mentioned pfs: thestradman

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    Anyone else stay till the end for Ramonds video 🤣🤣🐎

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    why is raymond wearing a supreme tshirt lol

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    I knew that it was going to be a sto

  • Chris Dvorak
    Chris DvorakMåned siden

    Damon is a time traveller from 2063 who travelled back to 2020 and bought a 488 from himself.

  • RRoh
    RRohMåned siden

    Damn... things are getting close to stradman.

  • P1lover 9022
    P1lover 9022Måned siden

    I want it but I’m 12 and my dad already has a gallardo with 1500 hp and wouldn’t want to enter anyways

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    Do you think they financed the watches? Haha

  • Revenging Gamers
    Revenging GamersMåned siden

    lol i wish i could laugh at my ferrari being damaged i cant even laugh with my 1999 honda civic being damaged

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    MAFIA BASSMåned siden

    I prefer the lamborghini

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    Nice Rolex flex😏👑💪

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    In the reveal video you mention it was purchased at August!!

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    We need a race with Dave hurrican and the 488.

  • Alexandre Gagnon
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    6:27 there is one in Quebec to, somebody spot it in Montréal not long ago

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    viper39Måned siden

    Wow😯 $25,000 that's about as much as my wife's 2020 ford fusion🤕. 1 step forward 10 steps back

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    1:50 love how it cut em off he was talkin to much