I Found Justin Bieber's SECRET Studio in new FaZe House!

I can't believe we found this in our house...leave a like for more vlogs!!
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  • Red Jet
    Red Jet6 timer siden

    Am I the only 1 saying What the flying fuck when I saw the title

  • Nixon Plazzz ROBLOX
    Nixon Plazzz ROBLOX4 dager siden

    Yo yo yo

  • Djjack squires
    Djjack squires5 dager siden

    thats my birthday but its 2010

  • NotBreadPlays
    NotBreadPlays7 dager siden

    justin bieber is prob watching this video

  • Rafiur Ridom
    Rafiur Ridom9 dager siden

    Justin Bieber is prolly like 😳

  • NoobieStudios
    NoobieStudios19 dager siden

    When adapt hit the soccer ball the ball didnt go flying his sandal did

  • Omar Miftari
    Omar Miftari20 dager siden

    🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢for evry one

  • Jeremiah Playz
    Jeremiah Playz25 dager siden

    Good idea, but as if he would leave a full recording studio

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel GarciaMÃ¥ned siden

    Samuel Garcia Tko 100

  • Dramatic Clan
    Dramatic ClanMÃ¥ned siden

    7:37 same Frazier, same

  • Alexandre Abou Saab
    Alexandre Abou SaabMÃ¥ned siden


  • Tommy Barrow
    Tommy BarrowMÃ¥ned siden


  • TrippyLizard
    TrippyLizardMÃ¥ned siden

    8:51 bad acting lol

  • TrippyLizard
    TrippyLizardMÃ¥ned siden

    Bullshit justin was on tour 18th september 2016, why is all ur stuff fake

  • Connor Scott
    Connor ScottMÃ¥ned siden


  • chris the god
    chris the godMÃ¥ned siden

    rip juice tho

  • chris the god
    chris the godMÃ¥ned siden

    looks fake because he just went into a normal door

  • Tralo
    TraloMÃ¥ned siden

    this is 100%fake

  • Ashley Mercer
    Ashley MercerMÃ¥ned siden

    I. Saw. His. It

  • Arrun Lloyd
    Arrun LloydMÃ¥ned siden

    Tiko looks like kevin de bryne

  • Arrun Lloyd

    Arrun Lloyd

    MÃ¥ned siden

    Of manchester city

  • Yo crXsh
    Yo crXsh2 måneder siden


  • SinOfMemes
    SinOfMemes2 måneder siden

    Yoo guys the faze house on the faze clan vid is 30,000,000 dollars ohhhh so all of the meoney is in the studio and the house is free lol nice try

  • Zaith NS
    Zaith NS2 måneder siden

    My closet is bigger than his room😌

    JACOB CLEOPHAT2 måneder siden

    fax bro

  • Alex Petrov
    Alex Petrov2 måneder siden

    Can you fine her father

  • tupac
    tupac2 måneder siden

    Your a ragea

  • Julio Wong
    Julio Wong2 måneder siden

    My brother was born in 2016

  • Gaming Master12
    Gaming Master122 måneder siden

    Fuck you

  • Wxlfy
    Wxlfy3 måneder siden

    the title kinna clickbait

  • Patel Nirav
    Patel Nirav3 måneder siden

    He made a song on me because that is my birthdate date

    LUTTAPI GAMING YT3 måneder siden


  • Flamasaurus
    Flamasaurus3 måneder siden

    Woah it’s just like the studio was hidden

  • Prince _Scooby
    Prince _Scooby3 måneder siden


  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson3 måneder siden


  • Subscribe for no reason Please
    Subscribe for no reason Please3 måneder siden

    8:46.part 2 of the video please

  • ChildishGaming
    ChildishGaming3 måneder siden

    U should make it into a secret gaming room

  • Claire051284
    Claire0512843 måneder siden


  • Sin Lam Lau
    Sin Lam Lau3 måneder siden

    Fakeeeeeeeee fakeeeee fakeeeee fakeeeeeee

  • xXKillerAlzaabi Xx
    xXKillerAlzaabi Xx4 måneder siden

    You’re room look like a hotel

  • Sso and riding horses
    Sso and riding horses4 måneder siden

    This is how much people want to live in the fay house 👎🏿

  • gamer 09
    gamer 094 måneder siden


  • Marc’s Misadventures
    Marc’s Misadventures4 måneder siden

    Thats SiCk!

  • Elijah & Lucas
    Elijah & Lucas4 måneder siden

    I am a fan of Justin biber

  • Silent Ninja
    Silent Ninja5 måneder siden

    Let’s get adapt to 10 mil he deserves it

  • Verified Lyrical
    Verified Lyrical5 måneder siden

    I have a cd player

  • Ultimate Robloxxx
    Ultimate Robloxxx5 måneder siden


  • Elit3-CrackedYT
    Elit3-CrackedYT5 måneder siden

    Fuck Justin

  • Bevalyne Rahab Wakiuru
    Bevalyne Rahab Wakiuru5 måneder siden

    Lies who can be live this

  • Justin Despres
    Justin Despres5 måneder siden

    Yoo you have To do more video in this type like discovering some part of the house

  • Cary O'Connell
    Cary O'Connell5 måneder siden

    Fake i mean

  • Cary O'Connell
    Cary O'Connell5 måneder siden

    Rhinos is fake you get his car his phone and now his studio

  • Shail S
    Shail S5 måneder siden

    dont have even good suscribes shouldint had kickd fazerug

    RP GAMING5 måneder siden


  • Ariana Pillay
    Ariana Pillay5 måneder siden

    He's date Justin house

  • Oikawa
    Oikawa5 måneder siden

    Justin watching this rn: Aight move out imma take this house back

  • Pogerxl
    Pogerxl5 måneder siden


  • theone paul leabres
    theone paul leabres5 måneder siden

    make some songs at the stodio

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez5 måneder siden

    Yo wats good

  • raju ivss
    raju ivss5 måneder siden

    This is soo fake

  • Foxy Gaming YT
    Foxy Gaming YT5 måneder siden

    look at your head shape

  • Denny Barch
    Denny Barch5 måneder siden

    HOW is it possible that they claim they bought this place, yet it still has ALL beiber's personal property in it...... allegedly?

  • save the world_ Player
    save the world_ Player5 måneder siden

    Who is the FaZe leader

  • ayeitsjamo Games
    ayeitsjamo Games5 måneder siden


  • Spicay *
    Spicay *5 måneder siden

    Some say that’s how fraizer made his song

  • Nontokozo Moloi
    Nontokozo Moloi5 måneder siden


  • Michael Arnold
    Michael Arnold5 måneder siden

    Justin Bieber is my second cousin

  • chloe Roux
    chloe Roux6 måneder siden

    There's no way they did not know this

  • Danielfoxo99
    Danielfoxo996 måneder siden


  • Aleyna Besmer
    Aleyna Besmer6 måneder siden

    go in the trapped door

  • rannan redwan
    rannan redwan6 måneder siden

    😲 omg

  • ChaseGadly
    ChaseGadly6 måneder siden

    fucch you gave is god

  • Charlie Mayfield
    Charlie Mayfield6 måneder siden

    The CD that says September 18th 2016 that was when I turned six

  • Tala Bjanthala
    Tala Bjanthala6 måneder siden

    Oh like we don’t know that this is fake it’s definitely not real

  • Heather Riddle
    Heather Riddle6 måneder siden


  • Dominik Quarters
    Dominik Quarters6 måneder siden

    faze adapt is type of person to stand in the sun to dry of sweat

  • Sunny Gouveia

    Sunny Gouveia

    2 måneder siden


  • Driz FN

    Driz FN

    2 måneder siden

    Sweaty 🤧😂❤️🥵

  • Huma Mairaj

    Huma Mairaj

    2 måneder siden

    So truee🤣🤣🤣

  • David Houghton

    David Houghton

    2 måneder siden

    Hahaha that is how you get sweaty 🥵

  • Leo valenzuela
    Leo valenzuela6 måneder siden

    I have a secret room in my room and. Idont let no one in it😔😔

  • GMZ Fusion
    GMZ Fusion6 måneder siden

    Faze adapt your awesome but this cement cocking

  • CA Groms
    CA Groms6 måneder siden

    That Tyler The Creator Clip from that freestyle when he made that 1 host uncomfortable, rapping about him having butt-sex was HYSTERICAL BROOO 😂😂😂 *Faze Kay has entered the chat* "You're insane Bro, trust!"

  • Virtual_ReaIityDevYT
    Virtual_ReaIityDevYT6 måneder siden

    Cool video, Alex, I made the old Clout house in roblox bloxburg, my friends say the place is window hell.

  • Matthew Hastings
    Matthew Hastings6 måneder siden


  • Matthew Hastings
    Matthew Hastings6 måneder siden

    Love that he put juice wrld

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson6 måneder siden

    RIP the lejnd

  • Chaz and Nic
    Chaz and Nic6 måneder siden

    U should do a big nerf gun war like fortnite??

  • HashPlays 2
    HashPlays 26 måneder siden

    So he lived at that house before u guys moved in

  • gigi71988
    gigi719886 måneder siden

    You suck

  • DreamFan
    DreamFan6 måneder siden

    Only the legends know that’s not real bc if u look at faze rugs vid it’s giving u a full tour of the house No click bate pls ik that’s click bate

  • Nick Lewin
    Nick Lewin6 måneder siden

    i have a cd player

  • Fusion
    Fusion6 måneder siden

    I love you adapt

  • Reshma Menon
    Reshma Menon6 måneder siden

    Justice bieber he is use lost ipad because justice bieber new fans but no matter use only old phone so no need help justin hes pets lost how we find that one justin Find a TV By me Edit:thx for chat me

  • Natalie Larrain
    Natalie Larrain6 måneder siden

    Cute ass wassup

  • StealthDeath Ninja
    StealthDeath Ninja6 måneder siden


  • Swarthy_scale101 swarthy-army
    Swarthy_scale101 swarthy-army6 måneder siden

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got click bated and gave hi a view

  • chace brennan
    chace brennan6 måneder siden

    why u so mean about jarvis,s head

  • Amara Febrianti
    Amara Febrianti6 måneder siden

    Hello 😊 support my channell nolocal.info/have/video/g4hhaJp8l6mRypo 😘

  • Team Ascension
    Team Ascension6 måneder siden

    4.00 did y’all see something?!

  • Sai
    Sai6 måneder siden


  • VCX Nemo
    VCX Nemo6 måneder siden

    Clickbait lol

  • Alonzo Nava
    Alonzo Nava7 måneder siden

    This House Is Absolutely Beautiful

  • Charmaine Ward
    Charmaine Ward7 måneder siden

    September the 18t is my bday

  • Aiden Fink
    Aiden Fink7 måneder siden

    Here before 2 mil check