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  • Jonatán Rodríguez
    Jonatán Rodríguez15 dager siden

    13:10 “cabrón fibre” lmao💀😂😂😂

  • Jonatán Rodríguez

    Jonatán Rodríguez

    11 dager siden

    @Kyle White fr😂😂

  • Kyle White

    Kyle White

    11 dager siden

    Right? Lmao. I'm not even Hispanic and that shit had me rolling, hahaha.

  • Mark LeBlanc
    Mark LeBlanc17 dager siden

    link for the "japanese lights" for the bumper please. Google is failing me

  • rayhaan301
    rayhaan30118 dager siden

    I remember seeing you and christian in vlogs together way back when

  • Dilan Oliveras
    Dilan Oliveras20 dager siden

    "Cabron fibre"😭😭😭 I just noticed that and it's the second time i see it😭

  • Marco pota
    Marco pota21 dag siden

    i been watching since you were doing vids in your garage..... time flies

  • Juancho
    Juancho23 dager siden


  • Approved Society
    Approved Society23 dager siden

    you gotta leave the carbon fiber trim around the vent on the outside ridge line and cover the top part red like TJ said !!!!!!! would look sick all angles

  • Giovanni Venegas
    Giovanni Venegas24 dager siden

    F’s para mick 😂

  • Pasta_3
    Pasta_325 dager siden

    “So nasty imma have to clean it afterwards” 🤣🤣

  • Jim Mayne
    Jim Mayne25 dager siden

    Shout out to Dad!!!

  • Randy Ferguson
    Randy Ferguson25 dager siden

    My question is will the engine get wet by removing that plastic from the front?

  • Emiliano Fajardo
    Emiliano Fajardo25 dager siden


  • Official Melvin
    Official Melvin26 dager siden


  • Shift One Photo
    Shift One Photo26 dager siden

    That rocket bunny 🐰 wing do be a little spicy tho🌶🌶

  • Shift One Photo
    Shift One Photo26 dager siden


  • tristan trevino
    tristan trevino26 dager siden

    Dang man i remember when they got the rep kit i was so excited for them. This shit is just as fun to watch

  • Erik Enriquez
    Erik Enriquez26 dager siden

    TJ Hunt ass now.

  • DeliciousIcE132
    DeliciousIcE13226 dager siden


  • The Lexus Dude
    The Lexus Dude27 dager siden

    awesome video and great content keep up the good work you have my support your channel is awesome as well

  • Shane Mora
    Shane Mora27 dager siden

    “Un” “o”

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez27 dager siden

    This video was super entertaining from start to finish, probably one of my favorite install videos from Teej and Calvin! School’s been rough, I needed this vid, thanks guys 🔥🔥

  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith27 dager siden

    Don’t take a mass gainer tee jay! It’s got loads of sugar in it that’s why it has so many calories

  • WigglyYeti 239
    WigglyYeti 23927 dager siden

    If I could dislike the video everytime they did the sheeeesh...... I would.

  • Machmellow _YT
    Machmellow _YT27 dager siden

    13:07 he said "cabron fiber" its "Carbon" Cabron its a cuz word in Puerto Rico jajajajja

  • Eliangel Martínez
    Eliangel Martínez27 dager siden

    Calvin and tj spitting their spanish knowledge 😂🔥🔥

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez28 dager siden

    Those weight gain shakes are crap TJ. REAL FOOD is always the way to go. Instead blend milk(fat milk), oatmeal, peanut butter, banana, coconut oil, strawberries. Actually taste good and has natural fats that help burn fat.

  • Willis Santos
    Willis Santos28 dager siden

    Lmao love the Spanish speaking you guys got. Porque no los dos. Pero porque solo un o! Lmao love you guys. And love the content. But shheeesesh!

  • Alan Aure
    Alan Aure28 dager siden

    let the sheeshes fly! dont limit the sheesh!

  • Joey Christopher Ortillo
    Joey Christopher Ortillo28 dager siden

    dislike for sheeeshhhh

  • Justice Odueze
    Justice Odueze28 dager siden

    Any plans to BBK?

  • Fabian maua
    Fabian maua28 dager siden


  • Arshad Nizamdin
    Arshad Nizamdin28 dager siden

    Re-release Miley sweater from back in the day ? Please 🙏🏾

  • Nando Figueroa
    Nando Figueroa28 dager siden


  • Nando Figueroa
    Nando Figueroa28 dager siden


  • Daniel Arredondo
    Daniel Arredondo28 dager siden

    Should have scored the back of those to bend em back easier 6:00

  • Peter Vue
    Peter Vue28 dager siden

    He now have the infinity stones LOL

  • teto0207
    teto020728 dager siden

    make a sheesh counter

  • TopazM3
    TopazM328 dager siden


  • socalexpeditions
    socalexpeditions28 dager siden

    Yo I'd care to see the gym stuff

  • RickyT
    RickyT28 dager siden

    Yeah Teej can we get a closet walkthrough?! I saw some HEAT!

  • Stacy Mulligan
    Stacy Mulligan28 dager siden

    I love widebody day too. 😂

  • Sessh _
    Sessh _29 dager siden

    Kei designs all his kits via cad and vehicle scans so fitting and installation is usually fairly good.

  • Joseph genauer
    Joseph genauer29 dager siden

    Naw fuck that more sheesh. 3 is too little.

  • Luis Ventura
    Luis Ventura29 dager siden

    tj should put a apr wing on the v2 brz it would look bad ass with this car ngl

  • Ghermy 22574
    Ghermy 2257429 dager siden

    paint it in some dark cherry red, something like trackhawk dark red but with yellow pearl

  • Oshpup Frass
    Oshpup Frass29 dager siden


  • H.y.P.e Productions
    H.y.P.e Productions29 dager siden


  • Aidan Daubert
    Aidan Daubert29 dager siden

    “Sheesh is hella annoying”

  • Aidan Daubert

    Aidan Daubert

    29 dager siden


  • mat werry
    mat werry29 dager siden

    cal said to dislike

  • Danish Sauce
    Danish Sauce29 dager siden

    They were just sheeeshing on the heavy d sparks channel hahaha they stealing your sheesh

  • Alfonso Maya Esquivias
    Alfonso Maya Esquivias29 dager siden

    I just want to say that TJ you inspire me to keep moving forward everyday. And something that should be mentioned is the great and awesome friendship you and Calvin have! That last "Sheeeeeeesh" was epic haha. Regards from Querétaro, Mexico!

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    David Mark

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  • Richardson Gold

    Richardson Gold

    29 dager siden

    Alright thanks for the recommendation, but how do I reach her

  • Zane Hudgeons
    Zane Hudgeons29 dager siden

    Tj trynna wide-body everything.. cars and himself💪

  • Luke James
    Luke James29 dager siden

    Dam that mighty ducks hat but 🙋‍♂️🇦🇺

  • Faris Latif
    Faris Latif29 dager siden

    Tj: i start going to gym and it wide body day Me: TJ going to be wide body with that brz

  • Eli Williamson
    Eli Williamson29 dager siden

    Fs para mick ✋🏽😩

    GH SLAZFY29 dager siden

    I like the sheeeeesh in the videos, and keep moving forword 👊🔥.

  • robin stokhof
    robin stokhof29 dager siden

    That dog is gonna be your best friend for a long time

  • Ian Rehn
    Ian Rehn29 dager siden

    so glad the SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeEEeEeEEeeEEeeEsh's are dying

  • SSgt Preacher
    SSgt Preacher29 dager siden

    3 Sheesh-es per video?? Could this number be - 3455333556 please? It is fuc.ing annoying....

  • Matt Ruiz
    Matt Ruiz29 dager siden

    What’s that hat called and where did you get it ?

  • BlackPanthaa
    BlackPanthaa29 dager siden

    Use a blender and I split the same shake in half, one in the eve one in the morning. Also the new updated formula is soooo much better, highly recommend.

  • Trey Robson
    Trey Robson29 dager siden

    Lol gavin from itsjusta6 is copying you now on giveaway a frs i know you’re doing a brz but still he even took off the wrap so its red too😴😴😴 yours is gonna look better anyway😴

  • Jan Carrasquillo
    Jan Carrasquillo29 dager siden

    “We had to steal these from Mickey’s toolbox shout out to Dad” 🤣

  • Diego Ruiz Rios
    Diego Ruiz Rios29 dager siden

    "cabron fibre" lmaooo

  • Jun Andres
    Jun Andres29 dager siden

    Calvin please don’t smack my car like that thanks. 11:36

  • Isaac Longoria
    Isaac Longoria29 dager siden

    Sheeshhhhh is my fav y’all got me doing it when I fix something on my car lol 😂

  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray29 dager siden

    Sheeeeeeesh that wide body do be looking good tho 😏🔥🔥🔥

  • Wonder Bread
    Wonder Bread29 dager siden

    To much talk you phony 😅🤣 uno momento.

  • Danny Guerrero
    Danny Guerrero29 dager siden

    Wanting to dislike to keep the SHEEEEEEEEEESH but content too good 🤙🏽🤙🏽

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  • Sammy Vices
    Sammy Vices29 dager siden

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  • Chezter Escasinas
    Chezter Escasinas29 dager siden

    funny how miley v2 took only few weeks to finish while calvin's took months🤣🤣🤣

  • Rajdeep Singh
    Rajdeep Singh29 dager siden

    Stay with sheeesh !!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe29 dager siden

    lool guys it's a Toronto slang thing.. pronounced "JHEEZE"

  • Keegan Dombrowsky
    Keegan Dombrowsky29 dager siden

    Just got paid today. Ig I’m getting some new clothes

  • PumpkinDefender
    PumpkinDefender29 dager siden


  • Kyle Brace
    Kyle Brace29 dager siden

    Wo this one video killed it

  • Max Brandt
    Max Brandt29 dager siden

    Yesss v2> v3 also like my comment for the sti style brz wing instead of duck bill

  • Padilla Zeus
    Padilla Zeus29 dager siden

    2017 taillights??

  • PsychoAnalysis27
    PsychoAnalysis2729 dager siden


  • Carlos Godinez
    Carlos Godinez29 dager siden

    Keep the entire hood carbon, only saying that cause if I win it I want the whole hood carbon.

  • Roque
    Roque29 dager siden


  • DeVon Le
    DeVon Le29 dager siden

    Midnight purple or blue

  • Lupe Viramontes
    Lupe Viramontes29 dager siden

    “F’s para Mick”

  • Andrew Gregg
    Andrew Gregg29 dager siden


  • Kp Raz
    Kp Raz29 dager siden

    screenshotd da epic sheesh😆😆😆

  • Badger Cam NI
    Badger Cam NI29 dager siden

    Stop taking the mass gainer. Eat more food before you have that shit . Your not a heavy guy so you don’t need a mass gain. Train = correctly eat = loads of protein and carbs sleep = 9 hrs a night repeat

  • King Of The Lycans
    King Of The LycansMåned siden

    Paint it a nice orange color! PLZ

  • dave gubbiotti
    dave gubbiottiMåned siden

    Still doing videos yet still always having fun at the same time perfect combination👍👏.Looking good so far Teeg/Calvin can't wait c finished product as always!

  • Chase Junkie
    Chase JunkieMåned siden


  • Macho Rivera
    Macho RiveraMåned siden


  • Kory Frank
    Kory FrankMåned siden

    Yo, I’m a hard gainer like you. Instead of wasting your money on a mass gainer, get a pint of ice cream, let it melt and drink that ish. PS I also have an English Cream Golden.

  • Joel Cso
    Joel CsoMåned siden

    Can we get a 4th sheesh??

  • Flixyz Fn
    Flixyz FnMåned siden

    11:55 Calvin acting sus

  • Connor Miranda
    Connor MirandaMåned siden


  • Jacob Haney
    Jacob HaneyMåned siden

    Can we win over here in Canada bud?

  • Parker Bolinger
    Parker BolingerMåned siden


  • PanchoPann
    PanchoPannMåned siden


  • george kingara
    george kingaraMåned siden