I got into an accident

thanks for all the love, i'll be back and better soon ❤️


  • goodfellas lol
    goodfellas lol4 dager siden

    Is that why he is so busted

  • Isaac TeRiele
    Isaac TeRiele4 måneder siden

    He lip talking

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    bro u got into an accident or u fell off something?

  • fwtxjaso n
    fwtxjaso nÅr siden

    Who else is here after the new. Video whit rain

  • Toxifys
    ToxifysÅr siden

    The reason why video is out of sync cause his brain cells are gone and he messed up the delay

  • Rosemary Davis
    Rosemary DavisÅr siden

    Cracked head open twice

  • Cristian Uzhca
    Cristian UzhcaÅr siden

    You alright 🤧🙏

  • Scuffed Andy
    Scuffed AndyÅr siden

    tfue on so much coke

  • Deleted Channel
    Deleted ChannelÅr siden


  • Deleted Channel
    Deleted ChannelÅr siden


  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel HernandezÅr siden

    If this happened to me my mom would’ve said “just put a bandaid on it”

  • slak
    slakÅr siden

    Damn it sucks roman Atwood’s mom sadly passed away from the same thing

  • Rocky O
    Rocky OÅr siden

    I know how the stapleles feel I had gotten 7 staplele in head

  • 1 G
    1 GÅr siden

    I hope you feel better and can be the same old Alex

  • 1 G
    1 GÅr siden


  • Vex is Sus
    Vex is SusÅr siden

    I hit my head at recess because a kid kicked a basketball at my feet and I flipped and I got a huge gash in my head so I feel u bro it sucks

  • Jordan Mariscal
    Jordan MariscalÅr siden

    He's right getting staples in your head hurts except i cracked my head doing a backflip

  • Alexander Williams
    Alexander WilliamsÅr siden

    Lmfao his bandaid on his head!!!!!

  • ur mom
    ur momÅr siden

    I was crying the video 😷

  • Sku
    SkuÅr siden

    He can't sync the video but can put ads on it lol

  • MR_TIZZY 02
    MR_TIZZY 02År siden

    Yo shroud did the same thing but screwed up his elbow

  • SParkForces
    SParkForcesÅr siden

    Luckily the adrenaline lasted that long that the pain probably wasn’t as bad as it usually would be from point of impact to surgery. Get better soon, make sure to listen to the doctors, don’t want a blood clot in the brain to give you a stroke that would be awful

  • Cavyl
    CavylÅr siden

    *Adapts Brain cells, have left the chat*

  • Elite scarlxrd X
    Elite scarlxrd XÅr siden

    Damn he lucky he's alive

  • Iv.an21_ on Insta
    Iv.an21_ on InstaÅr siden

    U sound like a robot don’t mean to be mean

  • Rena
    RenaÅr siden

    Is this out of sync 🤔🤔

  • Exept Dashy
    Exept DashyÅr siden

    The audio

  • jac goffin
    jac goffinÅr siden

    Anyone else watching in 2019

  • Simply Sophia
    Simply SophiaÅr siden

    Imagine you lost you memory forever 🤯

  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce MitchellÅr siden

    So glad ur ok! Love u dude...

  • yousef mashaal
    yousef mashaalÅr siden

    Drinking and driving. Dui dwi. All your charging. Just be ready for jail. LAPD is coming for you.

  • yousef mashaal
    yousef mashaalÅr siden

    LAPD are on to you and your scams. Stop ling and making stories up.

  • Andrea Laureño
    Andrea LaureñoÅr siden

    You never should've left the faze house where Rain was. U were safer there! No robbers. No accidents, just go back there

  • Stephen xiao
    Stephen xiaoÅr siden

    Everyone stop I know I’m watching like 10 months later but he actually got hurt and if he is this hurt no shit he can’t edit this video and make the audio correct you guys would understand if you were real friends

  • XxLøst SoulxX
    XxLøst SoulxXÅr siden

    Why is the video all messed up?

  • Tristan Egan
    Tristan EganÅr siden

    Dang that sucks

  • Lane Howard
    Lane HowardÅr siden

    I have a Chug Jug for u if u want it

  • Sub to me for free cookies bro!
    Sub to me for free cookies bro!År siden

    Sorry Adapt. Anyways, is the audio delayed to the pictures for anyone else? And Adapt have you ever notice your the only FaZe member to actually talk about something and says what happens when not playing/doing something? Like take Tfue for example, (HOLD ON, I’m not saying this is bad I’m just asking if Adapt noticed so no hate plz) he steams Fortnite and talks about something and if it’s something to do with real life, he talks about while playing Fortnite. Again, please don’t hate I’m just asking Adapt if he noticed.

  • Anthony Lawrence
    Anthony LawrenceÅr siden


  • Dean Reeves
    Dean ReevesÅr siden

    Your lucky bro I hit my head 3 years ago which caused a bleed in the brain left me paralyzed on left side for a few months learned how to walk again now just stuck with a weak arm and Peripheral view in left eye gone bad

  • Erick 64662
    Erick 646622 år siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • The Fecturn
    The Fecturn2 år siden

    The same thing happend to me but i feel from stairs

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian2 år siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Callum Langston
    Callum Langston2 år siden

    Get well soon

  • RAWR
    RAWR2 år siden

    I got 2 stiches

  • arjiezz
    arjiezz2 år siden

    I hope ur okay now

  • Batim fan
    Batim fan2 år siden


  • Bjorn Karlsson
    Bjorn Karlsson2 år siden

    Poor adapt... Hope 2019 will be better for you!

  • Rack Beats
    Rack Beats2 år siden

    he's strung out on something smh

  • Fortnitechamp 123
    Fortnitechamp 1232 år siden

    That not good that F**ked up that day I'm sorry to here that 😟😟😟

  • Antisocial Alex
    Antisocial Alex2 år siden

    I cracked my head open before too and I had to get three staples

  • TFG Dexter
    TFG Dexter2 år siden

    Adapt doesn't deserve all this shitty ass luck

  • Swrve™
    Swrve™2 år siden

    I remember when you were in SoaR, playing COD Ghosts and getting loads of hit markers or stormfront and saying “I swear I’m so unlucky”. Damn how that caught up to you, hope you’re recovering soon. I’m surprised you didn’t have flak jacket on to stop your concussion from the concussion grenade bro :(

  • da savages
    da savages2 år siden

    Ohh crap dude!!

  • Razors BTW
    Razors BTW2 år siden

    I’ve had staples on my head as well when I was little

  • Nick Gladieux
    Nick Gladieux2 år siden

    hope he had a trauma kit

  • Jojo Moyer
    Jojo Moyer2 år siden

    OG camera

  • Sergio
    Sergio2 år siden

    Damn R.I.P Faze adapt's brain cells :(

  • MAC
    MAC2 år siden

    Sounds like you got sniped.

  • MAC


    2 år siden

    Hope you're better!

  • Rains.
    Rains.2 år siden

    This is why we wear helmets

  • Projekt
    Projekt2 år siden

    No one cares

  • ViiRul Scorpion

    ViiRul Scorpion

    2 år siden

    Stfu no one cares if u get hurton to head and gets Staples on the back ur head

  • xJalolx
    xJalolx2 år siden

    At least your alive

  • K1NG Perfect
    K1NG Perfect2 år siden

    *brain cells has left the chat

  • Deshaune Banks
    Deshaune Banks2 år siden


  • ライク君
    ライク君2 år siden

    Are you ok?

  • AWS __S
    AWS __S2 år siden

    Hope you get better and comeback stronger and healthier.love you so much..gws❤

  • Mike D
    Mike D2 år siden

    Your my favorite NOlocalr and hope your head feels better😁

  • Nick h
    Nick h2 år siden

    you could have had a seizure

  • Nick h
    Nick h2 år siden

    mabey a seizure

  • Belem Vasquez
    Belem Vasquez2 år siden

    Hope you feel better ❤️

  • Star Shopping
    Star Shopping2 år siden

    Watching this vid 3 weeks after the fact. I'm so glad u r still here & able to make this vid. This is a serious injury. I hope u r taking care of yourself & doing better. 🤕 poor thing

  • It'S maritza
    It'S maritza2 år siden

    Hope you get better☹😊

  • Gursharan Singh
    Gursharan Singh2 år siden

    Unkuck percentage: 99.8293%

  • Taedynn Ladd
    Taedynn Ladd2 år siden

    hope you fell better

  • HEXZY isaiah
    HEXZY isaiah2 år siden

    Are u ok hope u feel better

  • It's Me
    It's Me2 år siden

    worry about that blood clot my guy, get better g

  • SBT_U
    SBT_U2 år siden

    I remember I got staples in my head and I didn't even feel it. I when are we gonna start and they said it's already done

  • Justin Griesmann
    Justin Griesmann2 år siden

    Damn that sucks man, a lot to deal with. Get well soon man

  • TrxppedSzn
    TrxppedSzn2 år siden

    use a medkit

  • Jouvun
    Jouvun2 år siden

    Who is carington

  • Fear Raging
    Fear Raging2 år siden

    Lets recreate skyz again with the old members and you #skyz

  • Jug Nino
    Jug Nino2 år siden

    Should of took a slurp

  • mathew larkin
    mathew larkin2 år siden


  • mathew larkin
    mathew larkin2 år siden


    SHAANSMOKE2 år siden

    I hope you recover bro sorry i am sad now legit.

  • Itz bernski
    Itz bernski2 år siden

    It’s been a year and this kid hasn’t grown up . Sorry buddy but you’re a nobody now .

  • Lelix X
    Lelix X2 år siden

    1 like on this comment = 1 minute faster he gets healed

  • Sven Vester
    Sven Vester2 år siden

    Weird flex but ok

  • Percy.
    Percy.2 år siden

    DUDE THIS HAPPENED TO ME and now I have a bald spot ,the staples freaking hurt

  • wild SER. spiele
    wild SER. spiele2 år siden


  • Spedmuel
    Spedmuel2 år siden

    And this kids, is why you wear a helmet

  • GabCapone


    År siden

    @Hunter L Jordan LOL! You are so funny, you know how to call someone a name! So original and so intelligent!

  • Spedmuel


    2 år siden

    Geez first I wasn’t trying to make fun of him and my phone was auto correcting

  • GabCapone


    2 år siden

    If you are going to make fun of someone, at least use correct grammar, Wear* And *this* kids,(comma) is why you wear a helmet.

  • Mr FreshSqueezed

    Mr FreshSqueezed

    2 år siden

    Asshole aint funny

  • Magic Trick88
    Magic Trick882 år siden

    This is why you wear a helmet 🤦‍♂️ #HelemtsAreCool

  • Emily Magollon
    Emily Magollon2 år siden

    Do a tick tock video with your sister do a tick tock video with your sister please please😂😁😁❤

  • Emily Magollon
    Emily Magollon2 år siden

    Do a tick tock video with your sister

  • Emily Magollon
    Emily Magollon2 år siden

    Do a tick tock video with your sister

  • Alex Fischer
    Alex Fischer2 år siden

    I had the same problem while drinking with friends, I know that feeling, lost tons of blood and it all felt like a dream, did't remember much but my friends will remember it for a while XD.Your mind will feel blank (as if you can't think straight), it will take about a week or two. I hope you get better soon❤ (People who are named alex are always the most retarded)

  • Collyn Cook
    Collyn Cook2 år siden


  • Star Bearr
    Star Bearr2 år siden

    Get better bro !!

  • bld_1-1U90
    bld_1-1U902 år siden

    99 damage headshot lol on some real shit feel better

  • your daddy
    your daddy2 år siden

    Hope you best bro 🙏🏻 you always had bad luck 💔☹️