I Got Kicked from the FaZe House..

Goodbye FaZe House :(
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    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    bro did u get kicked out or u just shifted?

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    bro faze kay that's a giraffe

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    Bro what kinda glasses are those

  • HyperXNinja
    HyperXNinja9 måneder siden

    Bro U Dont Live At The FaZe House U Live In The Clout House Dude IDK Maybe Fuck FaZe

  • Scruff BTW
    Scruff BTW10 måneder siden

    I miss the old house

  • Oscar Thompson
    Oscar Thompson10 måneder siden

    I got some new stuff thank you

  • Sidbtw.
    Sidbtw.10 måneder siden

    Anyone here at 2020! They are going to move out to a new house!!

  • B B
    B BÅr siden

    Faze Banks cheated on Alissa Violet

  • Exult LD
    Exult LDÅr siden

    Can u make more skits plzzzzzz and FaZe Adapt the type of... videos pllzzzzlzlzl they're so goooood

  • Joshthetosh
    JoshthetoshÅr siden

    The minion reminds me of nikan

  • JDM Life
    JDM LifeÅr siden

    Tfue isn’t in faze anymore but I still fuck with Faze and still fuck with Tfue and it’s still Faze da fuck up!!!

  • Channing Brown
    Channing BrownÅr siden

    Why is Alex in Banks old room?

  • The goat is real Yes it is
    The goat is real Yes it isÅr siden

    but u own the house

  • Ritic Jaura
    Ritic JauraÅr siden

    does adapt say peace out dude, and faze out in the end?

  • aryan king gaming
    aryan king gamingÅr siden

    I feal baf for tommy

  • Beck W14
    Beck W14År siden

    U gotta bring back the messing with banks vids those are the straight comedy

  • __just_danny__
    __just_danny__År siden

    Fuck cloak

  • Xelovell
    XelovellÅr siden

    isn't that clout house?

  • Ray
    RayÅr siden

    Mocking banks

  • Pavao
    PavaoÅr siden

    Am i the only one that got scared of temprrs knock

  • Aesthetic Gacha Queen
    Aesthetic Gacha QueenÅr siden

    I miss SOMMER AND ALISSA... AND RICE AND SOMMER!!!!! I am confused the clout house looks like faze.. wait... nvm im dumb... .I still don't get it GO DOWN Banks: Why is the FBI here? LOL PAUSE THE VIDEO AND SKIP IT TO 8:10

  • Miscable
    MiscableÅr siden

    hahaha you shouldn't have messed with vii

  • YouTube dark mode
    YouTube dark modeÅr siden

    Fuck cloak

  • TheBeast !
    TheBeast !År siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to stop his teammates goal in soccer so he can score

  • Frank Tsui
    Frank Tsui2 år siden

    So the clout house turned into the faze house? So where is the clout house now?

  • Cooper Waters
    Cooper Waters2 år siden

    Just tryna join faze😶

  • Milky Kow
    Milky Kow2 år siden

    lol at 8:10 it says why is the FBI here

  • Giovanni Ramirez
    Giovanni Ramirez2 år siden

    vlog with faze rug

  • Alqamah Mumtaz
    Alqamah Mumtaz2 år siden

    I hope you gonna kicked

  • Lizbeth Jimenez
    Lizbeth Jimenez2 år siden

    Mocking banks part 5!

  • Robin Y
    Robin Y2 år siden


  • ML TIPPER shine
    ML TIPPER shine2 år siden

    Who's the real faze

  • 1,000 Subs challenge with 1 video
    1,000 Subs challenge with 1 video2 år siden

    I remember faze Apex

  • Kendra Jerioski
    Kendra Jerioski2 år siden

    2019 please bring back the old FaZe

  • Byw Ryt
    Byw Ryt2 år siden

    You’re not even gonna play bo4

  • Da Navy
    Da Navy2 år siden

    Mocking Faze bank$ 5

  • Tristan Ng
    Tristan Ng2 år siden

    Mocking faze banks 5

  • Tristan Ng
    Tristan Ng2 år siden

    Mocking faze banks 5

  • JaidenTheRat YT
    JaidenTheRat YT2 år siden

    Fuck faze banks you bitch sorry faze adapt aka alex

  • yaaaisy
    yaaaisy2 år siden

    Faze is werning the number of my baseball it’s 33

  • Madhav Mohanty
    Madhav Mohanty2 år siden

    fazehouse New York meet up please

  • wild SER. spiele
    wild SER. spiele2 år siden


  • Daniel Slack
    Daniel Slack2 år siden

    Who gives a shit

  • summer sagalon
    summer sagalon2 år siden

    "I think that's a hippo dawg"

  • Kaid Vickers
    Kaid Vickers2 år siden

    FaZe BANKS needs to get kicked from FaZe cause now he in the cloud gang

  • Bailey
    Bailey2 år siden

    you don’t know it yet but we WILL date in the future

  • EBK
    EBK2 år siden

    Obviously they changed clout points and bread got to them

  • Quantum
    Quantum2 år siden


  • Hayden sweum
    Hayden sweum2 år siden

    what’s the outro song

  • Big Doug
    Big Doug2 år siden


  • Snniper_RGP Fortnite
    Snniper_RGP Fortnite2 år siden

    1 like = 1 prayer for Alex 😞

  • Carlitos
    Carlitos2 år siden

    thats what you get for cursing out a nice person jerk aka blink

  • hayes mccarron
    hayes mccarron2 år siden

    Bruh y u ain’t posting, i miss u, been here since 300k

  • Prince of Persia
    Prince of Persia2 år siden

    must be awsome to rob these fools

  • Adrian Minor
    Adrian Minor2 år siden

    it's my elephant, I think that's a hippo dog. it's a fucking giraffe 😂 @8:11

  • Private
    Private2 år siden

    You should go back with faze blaze in faze rain why did you even leave there probably the reason you are in faze

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • Cazedy YT
    Cazedy YT2 år siden


  • Sinch Creates
    Sinch Creates2 år siden

    reminds me of Nikan

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez2 år siden

    Who else thought FaZe Tenser?

  • Tj Money
    Tj Money2 år siden


  • V lone
    V lone2 år siden

    "I dont have any of those things"

  • Yox
    Yox2 år siden

    Kinda sucks that none of them upload that much anymore.

  • Eros Playz
    Eros Playz2 år siden

    The worst thing of being a vloger is being robed

  • Ozone
    Ozone2 år siden

    Adapts only change a little bit other than the other og faze members

  • Pina Kafoa
    Pina Kafoa2 år siden

    Wait wth happens to Nikan??

  • Red Reyes
    Red Reyes2 år siden

    Every one that subscribed to faze adapt pls tell him that he has to say sorry to blink vii because he did not do anything Blink vii only made a drawing of his logo and got mad wtf is wrong with you faze adapt apologize to blink if you wont i will tell to all your social media followers what you did to blink vii

  • Simp Simp
    Simp Simp2 år siden

    Outro song???

  • Faizan Sharief

    Faizan Sharief

    2 år siden

    Yea idk, ive been trying to find it as well

  • Zxrny 10
    Zxrny 102 år siden

    can you make a ful house tour?

  • Zxrny 10
    Zxrny 102 år siden

    what is the different between the FAZE and the CLOUT house?

  • Ghostbeet
    Ghostbeet2 år siden

    Lmaolmaolmaolmaolamolamo Like if you found

  • Eduardo Castillo
    Eduardo Castillo2 år siden

    Ur ugly af, glad ur leaving the fuck out

  • Z Batt
    Z Batt2 år siden

    Logic... OK I was gone for a minute but i’m back now

  • chakra
    chakra2 år siden

    wasn't he living in the new faze house in hollywood with nikan, temperr, juju etc?. Who's living there now?

  • DuuggXCVI
    DuuggXCVI2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to get into Cloak's bed (his old bed) just before he wakes up and ask him why he's there

  • Nato Jones
    Nato Jones2 år siden

    Black ops 4 sniping videos???

  • Nato Jones
    Nato Jones2 år siden

    More hide and seek videos

  • Kreepy Pasta
    Kreepy Pasta2 år siden

    Gay-ass Stuntin videos

  • Wright Blan
    Wright Blan2 år siden

    Just move out to Vegas with Yelo.

  • Digital Sounds
    Digital Sounds2 år siden

    faZe is branding and none of the fans like it.... we'll see how it plays out

  • Ruben Corona
    Ruben Corona2 år siden


  • downshall
    downshall2 år siden

    thank god

  • Dariuxee
    Dariuxee2 år siden

    Tommy looks so good

  • Bengr2019
    Bengr20192 år siden

    The minion reminds me of nikan

  • nGOOLD xD
    nGOOLD xD2 år siden

    bruh how bout Cloak and Tfue move in the clout house? Edit: i dont know what that house is called.. the house where Adapt is now living in

  • Jack C
    Jack C2 år siden

    Rice is best thing happened to Faze. They blew up huge once he was in it with Banks. Without him they would be at same level as Optic or even Nade's new team even with Drake like every other gaming group. They're so limited within gaming group

  • 란달
    란달2 år siden

    Prank Tfue

  • Jitty
    Jitty2 år siden

    Explore an abandon place! I mean it’s almost Halloween so why not👀like if you agree👍

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man2 år siden

    There's no lightsSSsSssss ssssss ssssssss sssssss sassssy fella!

  • Ty_Franklin
    Ty_Franklin2 år siden


  • Slimezy
    Slimezy2 år siden

    Who all is in FaZe

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan2 år siden

    That orange faze hoodie is so nice where can I buy that

  • Jaime
    Jaime2 år siden

    Make sum more with axvry!!!! BTW glad u back ma boi

  • Blake Skaaland
    Blake Skaaland2 år siden

    Love the vids man keep it up

  • Bounty
    Bounty2 år siden

    The minion is nankan

  • Jesus Solis
    Jesus Solis2 år siden

    Tell banks to take his damn hat off already

  • AGD Gaming
    AGD Gaming2 år siden

    mocking faze banks needs to happen

  • MrBeau JR
    MrBeau JR2 år siden

    Film with Blaze

  • Origin-XO
    Origin-XO2 år siden

    Mocking faze banks

  • YunG PsYcho
    YunG PsYcho2 år siden

    Song 13:10 ???