I Got Something Special


This is the greatest shopping purchase of All Time


  • CreepCat03
    CreepCat03Time siden

    Charlie while making his thumbnails: "Strike me, NOlocal. Do it. I triple-dog-dare you."

  • mad max
    mad max6 timer siden

    Charlie is going to take that and put that in his asshole and be proud with it.

  • KEKE
    KEKE15 timer siden

    why does my school allow comments to see and send for this video but not for kids videos

  • firewolf24
    firewolf2415 timer siden

    mine is bigger

  • Gon
    Gon18 timer siden

    Here's your 18+ button

  • TheWeirdo486
    TheWeirdo486Dag siden

    He clearly likes it!

  • ErikWithaKnotaC
    ErikWithaKnotaCDag siden

    Where can I buy one of these?

  • Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan
    Broly The Legendary Super SaiyanDag siden

    Not even the Titan Atlas could even hope to lift something that mighty

  • PokekidKanto YT
    PokekidKanto YTDag siden

    Charley should open a PH account where he showcases his entire collection.

  • Popular YouTubers
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    Put on socks

  • DaveGriffin
    DaveGriffinDag siden

    0:20 *mouth

    CT TOM4TODag siden

    This was a great lesson about consciousness :)

  • S L
    S LDag siden

    Why did I catch my boy watching this on NOlocal kids?

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez2 dager siden

    Never seen anybody succeed on youtube so effortlessly

  • British Agent
    British Agent2 dager siden

    Where the hell did he even buy this I'm looking on Amazon and other places and I don't see it

  • Oliver Brattemark
    Oliver Brattemark2 dager siden

    The fact he did this in one cut kills me

  • S L

    S L

    Dag siden

    There are literally multiple cuts across the entire video...

  • terry carr
    terry carr2 dager siden

    Im only 11 its to much for my little mind

  • The Active Beginning
    The Active Beginning2 dager siden

    I'd put it on my lap but it would Crush my puny 6.5 meat😂😂😂

  • ねええっ
    ねええっ3 dager siden

    It's time for your prostate exam

  • BigDaddy_ Shaggy
    BigDaddy_ Shaggy3 dager siden

    Be honest, there is someone who can go atleast halfway

  • Abdullah T A S S Al Nassar
    Abdullah T A S S Al Nassar3 dager siden

    who tf uses this? they're intestines will frickin get destroyed

  • Boiling Hot Semen Entertainments

    Boiling Hot Semen Entertainments

    2 dager siden


  • Richard C. Mongler

    Richard C. Mongler

    2 dager siden

    I saw it used in a Xev Bellringer video on the hub where she was pretending to be a shrunken person so I guess it could be used for people with a fetish like that.

  • kyle durkee
    kyle durkee4 dager siden

    Regulation fireman helmet

  • Leonardo Torres
    Leonardo Torres4 dager siden

    Is that's a ......umm a ball's okay I guess

  • Jedi Master Baiter
    Jedi Master Baiter4 dager siden

    A.D. 33: Jesus carries the cross to Golgotha A.D. 2020:

  • Fire Hawk32
    Fire Hawk324 dager siden

    The way he explains it is glorious

  • Carson Wilkie
    Carson Wilkie4 dager siden

    I’m crying

  • livalil
    livalil4 dager siden

    i cannot believe this is a thumbnail

  • DW Menace
    DW Menace4 dager siden

    Please don't tell me he's straight??

  • J. C. Robertson

    J. C. Robertson

    3 dager siden

    Charlie lives with his girlfriend haha

    AKUI SALAM 015 dager siden


  • Dygex
    Dygex5 dager siden

    But when are you gonna get a bigger one made?

  • Imperius Archangel of Valor
    Imperius Archangel of Valor5 dager siden

    I love how 3.3 million people clicked on this

  • Aris Richardson
    Aris Richardson5 dager siden

    this is a video of 4:48 seconds of a guy talking about a giant cock

  • Blue Wolf 0815VA
    Blue Wolf 0815VA5 dager siden

    Get yourself one of these nolocal.info/have/video/opaIetNxyoh6u3w

  • Boiling Hot Semen Entertainments
    Boiling Hot Semen Entertainments5 dager siden

    NOlocalr: * says frick * NOlocal: *REAL SH*T??* This guy: literally *60 POUNDS OF PENIS AND BALLS, MORE WEINER THAN YOUR MIND COULD EVEN COMPREHEND* NOlocal: i sleep

  • Marcioo Netooo
    Marcioo Netooo5 dager siden

    da fuq? lol

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix6 dager siden

    Most youtubers are scared to show a cigar on youtube, this man take it to the next level and shows an entire 3 foot dildo.

  • Theguywhoshot Harambe
    Theguywhoshot Harambe6 dager siden

    Plankton getting stepped on: age restrict Huge ass duck: understandable, have a good day

  • Carrion Crow
    Carrion Crow6 dager siden

    At least it's circumcised and its balls are hair free. The top looks like a groovy 70s lady hairdo.

  • Charlumi
    Charlumi6 dager siden

    someone sent this to a server on discord and so i sent it to my best friend and said "this is what i want for my birthday pls". i think she blocked me.

  • amanda summitt
    amanda summitt6 dager siden

    This is why im subscribed.

    ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ7 dager siden

    Damn has someone tried to duck it before? Holy, just why?!

  • Brayden Miller
    Brayden Miller7 dager siden

    Bro I need that link

  • Comrade 0w3n
    Comrade 0w3n7 dager siden

    god damn

  • Spencer Wallace
    Spencer Wallace7 dager siden

    oh my god-

  • MagneJ15
    MagneJ157 dager siden

    Why did I get a history lesson about Sigmund Freud? Look i'm not mad but why?

  • Yeboi pickle Rick 36
    Yeboi pickle Rick 368 dager siden

    The head looks like Lego hair

  • Ryan Stender
    Ryan Stender8 dager siden

    My first question was actually, “Will it fit?”

  • Truly Infamous

    Truly Infamous

    4 dager siden

    That thing might kill a person



    6 dager siden

    @Pirate King That's a good thing.

  • Pirate King

    Pirate King

    6 dager siden

    Everyday we stray further away from God

  • Neko Salad

    Neko Salad

    7 dager siden

    if you are brave enough it will fit



    7 dager siden

    Now heres the person asking the real questions.

  • chimi flipin changas
    chimi flipin changas8 dager siden

    That thing is fucking warping reality

  • Shaded
    Shaded8 dager siden

    Whats mostly special is that this video is somehow not age restricted

  • -Toasted Animations-
    -Toasted Animations-8 dager siden

    The dog looks so concerned in the beginning when he is carrying it in

  • Its North
    Its North8 dager siden

    0:10 Your dog watches in horror and awe as you place it next to your desk, shaking the entire neighborhood

  • Amanda
    Amanda9 dager siden

    Who would that even fit in?

  • UltraGamer8
    UltraGamer89 dager siden

    This is a penis for Ryuko Tatsuma in her dragon form.

  • Mr. Cheesestick
    Mr. Cheesestick10 dager siden

    How the hell does he say this with a straight face

  • Cyon Yt
    Cyon Yt10 dager siden

    I wanna know if this video is still monitized

  • Theta Omnicron
    Theta Omnicron10 dager siden

    Now we need a six foot one for covid

  • Kaiden Spry
    Kaiden Spry10 dager siden

    "fucking nuts" -Charlie

  • dripstarFN
    dripstarFN10 dager siden

    This fuckin guy bro 🤣🤣

  • Minnie
    Minnie11 dager siden

    This thing is really set to wumbo

  • SpartanJackal
    SpartanJackal11 dager siden

    Are we not gonna talk about the poor dog in the background

  • Joseph Bailey
    Joseph Bailey11 dager siden

    The dislikes are those who couldn’t lift it 😂

  • Jbush YT
    Jbush YT11 dager siden

    My mom: What are you watching!?!?! Me: its educational don't worry

  • Bag of potatoes
    Bag of potatoes11 dager siden

    This is 5 minutes of him talking about cock and ball

  • lil yogi
    lil yogi11 dager siden

    Charlie is 5’6, moby huge is 3’0, that’s half his height

  • Crusty Sock
    Crusty Sock12 dager siden

    _Anything can be a dildo if you’re brave enough_

  • Jake Freelody
    Jake Freelody12 dager siden

    my man is ready to do a Boy move

  • StevieStyle
    StevieStyle12 dager siden

    I’ve seen that been used before

  • SqueakyNinja
    SqueakyNinja13 dager siden

    You know what lets not age restrict this video because it is too holy

  • KIAH_Aviation
    KIAH_Aviation13 dager siden

    Plot Twist: The reason Charlie bought it was to ride it while off camera

  • Ethan Michalko
    Ethan Michalko13 dager siden


  • Scunt
    Scunt13 dager siden

    I love how he just walks in quietly like “hey guys what’s up”

  • Emperor of awesome
    Emperor of awesome13 dager siden

    Wait one second this still has ads

  • Jeremy Rubenstein
    Jeremy Rubenstein13 dager siden

    How don't these get age restricted, not that I'm complaining

  • Van Ozzy
    Van Ozzy14 dager siden

    You look like you don’t even own a snake :/

  • Nhack swampy
    Nhack swampy14 dager siden

    ᴛᴏᴘ 𝟹 ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ𝟷 ɴᴜᴋᴇ ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ 𝟸 ʜ-ʙᴏᴍʙ ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ 𝟹 ᴍᴏʙʏ ɢɪᴀɴᴛ ᴅɪʟᴅᴏ

  • Nhack swampy
    Nhack swampy14 dager siden

    👏PP👏ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ 👏

  • Krowwaxe
    Krowwaxe14 dager siden

    Where did this dildo collection come from?

  • Vito
    Vito14 dager siden

    600€ if anyone wondering

  • Elias Onzalez
    Elias Onzalez15 dager siden

    The new “pussy destroyer”

  • Shoe Melon
    Shoe Melon15 dager siden

    It’s comically large

  • [Тaz] 14K.
    [Тaz] 14K.15 dager siden

    From Fallout NW best Unique guns videos to this.... :D

  • B0op
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  • Alex Doloriert
    Alex Doloriert15 dager siden

    6.69M subs Nice 👌

  • 999k
    999k16 dager siden

    this man guaranteed can write the best essay on anything. made a 5 minute video on just a pure moby huge.

  • Fire Lord
    Fire Lord16 dager siden

    Tell me how could that even be used without a 100% death rate

  • Skylër Auditorë
    Skylër Auditorë16 dager siden

    Me: Sips drink This video: Starts Me: Immediate spit-take

  • graham cracker
    graham cracker16 dager siden

    The Ol’ Goliath

  • Poatik
    Poatik16 dager siden

    i couldn't stop laughing

  • Toasty PizzaR0lls
    Toasty PizzaR0lls16 dager siden

    Soo, what u gonna do with it now? I don't believe any human hole on the body can take that ima be honest-

  • Joel Casey
    Joel Casey16 dager siden

    Whyy? 😂😂😂

  • Initial D Style
    Initial D Style16 dager siden

    "This fuckin thing is really set to wumbo" -Charlie 2020

  • Snowmanohio H
    Snowmanohio H16 dager siden

    Isn’t this legally a tax write off because you made a video about it

  • Fascination time
    Fascination time16 dager siden

    At the start of the video the dog behind made me laugh so hard i don’t know why

  • Tbo
    Tbo16 dager siden


  • Eric Andrew
    Eric Andrew17 dager siden

    What the fuck I’m literally doing a class presentation about Sigmund Freud and this man starts quoting him

  • Ethan Mcfatyypants
    Ethan Mcfatyypants17 dager siden

    Official duck studios made a video about this like 2 years ago glad its making a comeback

  • tinaa :D
    tinaa :D17 dager siden

    a congresswoman played among us with him

  • Moorene
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  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson17 dager siden

    Belle delphine liked this video.

  • Jaqueline Gomes
    Jaqueline Gomes17 dager siden

    "Christmas came a little early for me this year, what you're looking at is 60 pounds of penis and balls, there is more weiner there than your mind can even comprehend, straight from the blueprints of Alexender Graham Bell before he invented the telephone we have the moby huge 3 foot dildo, that's right. Standing at a towering 3 feet of C O C K it is 90% weiner and 10% fear, I put it on my lap right now but it would crush my puny 6.5 inches of meat, this thing I wouldn't be surprised if it were made out of steel, I had to carry this fucking thing up the stairs and I thought it was gonna be how I died, I thought for sure my life was flashing before my eyes climbing up those stairs, I thought I was gonna fall over and die, crushed by the weight of our sins, but we managed to really pull through, I got it in here and.. Man, wha- what a conversation piece son, that's something ya hang over the fireplace on the mantle, just look at the head of this bad boy, it actually looks like a regulation-sized firefighter's helmet, like that actually could be used in the real world if you just cut the top of this out and hollowed it out, it is absolutely massive, and the balls on it, the testicles they're the size of 3 basketballs stacked on top of themselves this fucking thing is really set to woombô, like I was expecting a lot of dick when I heard about the moby huge but this exceeded my expectations, this thing is like some kind of old relic that ancient cavemen would've bowed down and prayed to, it is fucking intimidating, now I know the question all of you are asking yourselves right now "What does it smell like?" And to answer your question it smells like a rubber dick, and uh that's reeally about where that smell test ends there's not a whole lot of different fragrances in there doesn't really smell like left-pouterous vagina candle or anything, it just smells like a big ol' rubber cock, and then next question you're probably asking yourselves is "Charlie, why?" And that's not an easy question to answer but in order to tackle it I'll have to take you through some of Sigmund Freud's work, Sigmund Freud divided the human consciousness into 3 categories: The Conscious, The Unconscious the Pre-Conscious; And all 3 of these overlap with his ideas of the Id, the Ego and the Superego, I'm sure most of you know this even with a serudementary understanding of psychology but what a lot of you probably don't know and probably weren't taught in school is that on Freud's deathbed he actually divided it onto a fourth level of consciousness which he called "The Big Penis" one, and in the big penis level of consciousness it talks about the pursuit of something greater than ourselves manhood. Freud argues that in this level it is more about a man's greed, how no man is satisfied with the size of his cock, it could always be bigger, gurthier, what have you, and he talks how a man will always want a bigger dick, well I found the biggest fucking dick possible this is literally the largest retail cock available, so I go above and beyond, transcended that level of consciousness, somewhere out there Sigmund Freud is smiling, y'know a big ol' smile on his grave right now, and uh yeah, in a nutshell the answer to the question why did I buy it well because, why the fuck not? I have like a thousand dildos in this closet behind me but none of them are 3 feet, so I had to get a 3 foot dildo to complete the collection, no point in owning a thousand dildos if you don't have the biggest dildo you know what I mean? And this is the biggest fucking dildo, this goddamn vein here looks like a railgun, this thing could shoot actual missiles out of it, it could be an RPG tube, if I refashioned it for that purpose, this thing is crazy, this thing is fucking nuts, yeah I wanted to talk about it because this fucking thing is wild, I didn't expect it to be this, like, scary. To be honest, someone made me aware of it's existence during a stream and I thought it was Big Foot believer trying to preach that sasquach is real, I said there's no way there could be a 3 foot dildo that's impossible, if anyone tried to use they'd just die trying to use it, but then they linked me the Amazon page and it was real, so then I got on Tiana's parents Amazon account and bought it, I'm sure they were shocked and it probably lead to an argument amongst themselves about who bought the 3 foot dildo but y'know, at least we fucking got it right? This thing... I mean shit, it really brings the room together, and when it got here I knew it was powerful because the entire fucking sided top of the box was completely blasted open, this thing is so powerful that not even the box could contain it, like the entire top of the box on the side was just completely open and the tip was hanging out. So the port delivery guy probably got a face full of dick when he was bringing it to my door cuz he was man-handling it, he was like bear hugging it, and the tip was just fly- it well, it was just hanging out I don't think it flew out or anything I don't think it fell, You know what I mean, like this box it didn't know what it was trying to contain, but yeah anyway, that's about it, cya." -Penguinz0. Yes Sherlock, I had written all of this, it took me 5 fucking hours.

  • rempuia 69

    rempuia 69

    14 dager siden

    I almost had a stroke while reading this.

  • Kirby Yy

    Kirby Yy

    17 dager siden

    holy crap. Now that is effort.