i had a pregnancy scare

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Thumbs up if you enjoyed all the teaaaa in this video hahaha
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    MORGAN WILHITE8 timer siden


  • Sophia Lam
    Sophia Lam13 timer siden

    Beautiful Queen❤️

  • Sára Dianová
    Sára Dianová16 timer siden

    pegancy scare is the only time when we girls are gonna be excited for period, cramping and that pain

  • Sára Dianová
    Sára Dianová16 timer siden

    2:12 i chocked on my tea when i heard the obviously lmaoo

  • Julia Sopata
    Julia Sopata2 dager siden

    omggg just started watching you and I didn't even realize you were polish, i'm from Poland, pozdrowionka ❤️ love your videos

  • Mariana Martinez
    Mariana Martinez3 dager siden

    I feel like you don't have to have dramatic problems to go to therapy just like you don't need to be having a heart attack to go to the cardiologist! much love angel! (therapy has saved my life lmao I wish I had started sooner)

  • Elaine Yixuan
    Elaine Yixuan3 dager siden

    May I know what's the name of the background music that you're using for this video? Your fans from Asia :)

  • Becki Jones
    Becki Jones5 dager siden

    I feel like we need an album called When We All Pick Our Boogers Where Do They Go?

  • kimberly rijo
    kimberly rijo5 dager siden

    Finneas to see the title : its a lie , told mee is a lie

  • Miriam Esmeralda
    Miriam Esmeralda9 dager siden

    She looks like a nice girl, however I found it distasteful that she belched and didn’t apologize for it

  • Clauds XX

    Clauds XX

    7 dager siden

    @Miriam Esmeralda there’s no need to be rude to me. I’m just saying you must have no sense of humour or knowledge that claudia isn’t an extremely serious person

  • Miriam Esmeralda

    Miriam Esmeralda

    8 dager siden

    @Clauds XX it’s not deep, it’s just not very lady like. Relax, I didn’t realize she had a bodyguard

  • Clauds XX

    Clauds XX

    8 dager siden

    She said “sorry acc I’m not” she’s joking that’s the type of person claudia is. It’s literally not that deep

  • Jay Ti Ana Eilish Vee
    Jay Ti Ana Eilish Vee10 dager siden

    So beautiful

  • Nadya gallego
    Nadya gallego21 dag siden


  • Hachi Ku
    Hachi Ku23 dager siden

    Hello can anyone help me i am having a pregnancy scare. We had that thing yester day and did 4 rounds (dont judge me hehe). My expected date for period is on feb. 10. Considering we did it 5 days before my period, is there a possibility that ill get pregnant? Ps: We ddnt use contracept. only withdrawal.

  • uranio rmrz
    uranio rmrzMåned siden

    wow finneas

  • Ana
    AnaMåned siden

    Shes so cute omg now im proud of my dark hair 😭

  • TOG
    TOGMåned siden


  • Luis Bel
    Luis BelMåned siden

    The handsomely preface equally scrape because zinc pertinently saw except a accurate fine. outstanding, sedate pest

  • Xxxtentacion vids
    Xxxtentacion vids2 måneder siden

    Nice vid bro

  • Ariana Raquel
    Ariana Raquel2 måneder siden

    I clean my nose at the shower. And I shower a lot so it is not so necesary to pick my boogers.

  • Andres Baez
    Andres Baez2 måneder siden

    I love it how you talk to yourself if you can’t talk to anyone else it’s inspiring🥰

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    When you said billie I had to Google "Billie eilish sister" because i assumed she was your sister, you look like each other lol

  • Captain of Squad 11
    Captain of Squad 112 måneder siden

    Hi, what’s the music?

  • Veronica
    Veronica2 måneder siden

    You just described perfectly how it feels to be high (marijuana of course) or maybe we just share the same kind of high lol

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -2 måneder siden

    woah i just realized youre like a year and a half almost older than finneas!! i thought you were 21 for some reason lol

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -2 måneder siden

    omg my pitty does the same little barking this 🥺🥺🥺 it rly is so adorable!

  • Royal Shuvro
    Royal Shuvro2 måneder siden


  • Patrícia Mikócziová
    Patrícia Mikócziová2 måneder siden

    if thats not clickbait idk what is 😂😂😂

  • Diya Mukherjee
    Diya Mukherjee2 måneder siden

    Well I have seen so many comments on people complaining the fact that they wanta see Billie in Claudia's videos but chile this is Claudia's channel. I myself love billie and I had love to see Claudia and Billie together in a video but that doesn't mean she will always post with Billie. They both have their own space. I come to Claudia's channel not to see Billie but to see her content which is so awesome❤️😭👀..and she makes me smiles every single time❤️🤗 Stop hating and start embracing 🌹❤️

  • Maria Alice
    Maria Alice2 måneder siden

    she reminds me so much of Mandy Moore

  • Daffni Kharkongor
    Daffni Kharkongor2 måneder siden

    She's the elder sister I have always wanted

  • danna eilish
    danna eilish2 måneder siden

    i literally love billie like she’s my queen but i do agree with claudia, this is claudias channel, not billies. so guys please, be nice to claudia and if you are going to come to this channel, you best not expect billie, you will get claudia:)

  • Florence Liu
    Florence Liu2 måneder siden

    not me stumbling on claudia's channel a year ago and not even realizing that her finneas was also billie's finneas until many months later lol :") love you and your content claudia!

  • mary colon
    mary colon2 måneder siden

    what is the music in the background its such a vibe

  • Abby Mitchell
    Abby Mitchell2 måneder siden

    omg I forgot about the slumber series...iconic

  • LovingSoul61
    LovingSoul612 måneder siden

    You kind of remind me of Mandy Moore. Not sure why I didn't notice before.

  • Danae’sha Bruv
    Danae’sha Bruv2 måneder siden

    the first thing that came to my mind when I seen the title was: Oop, Billie gonna be an aunt

  • Anna Kaiye
    Anna Kaiye2 måneder siden

    Best advice ever is to always have a little nest egg put aside because you never know what life has in store good or bad.

  • maria clara
    maria clara2 måneder siden

    This thing of manifested something is SO FUCKING REAL I did the same for manifested my boyfriend in my life and worked, so people if u guys want something do a LIST.

  • kimberly ruiz
    kimberly ruiz2 måneder siden

    ur so amazing.

  • Ruby Mangum
    Ruby Mangum3 måneder siden

    you look like baby aubrey plaza

  • Hanna Dołhań
    Hanna Dołhań3 måneder siden

    Wydaje mi się to takie nie realne że Klaudia jest z polski i umie mówić po polsku. Wiem to od dawna ale nadal nie mogę uwierzyć. Pozytywny szok ;)

  • Gonçalo Silva
    Gonçalo Silva3 måneder siden


  • Gina
    Gina3 måneder siden

    I would really encourage you to seek out the Gospel and not make yourself your own higher power.

  • Kelly Ribes Cross
    Kelly Ribes Cross3 måneder siden

    why does the piece of wood above her head bother me so much

  • Billies Avocodo
    Billies Avocodo3 måneder siden

    OMG... Billie Would make a great aunt

  • Kaitlin Curtis
    Kaitlin Curtis3 måneder siden

    Since nobody is saying it I will ... Claudia was SO honest in this video and it’s making me love her more 😌 like about the 🍃🍃 I would not have expected any other person to be so truthful

  • zeze
    zeze3 måneder siden

    Pisces queen!

  • zeze
    zeze3 måneder siden

    Aww the slumber seriess

  • gloomygirls
    gloomygirls3 måneder siden

    billie: “when we all go to sleep we do we go” claudia : “when we get boogers where do they go”

  • Mohana Chakraborty
    Mohana Chakraborty3 måneder siden

    Yah !! that's like her; EMOJI For me, in a 10 word text, i use 20 emoji's 😶 Come on, u guys do it toooooo ?! 😎😐😑🤭🤫😳🤪😬😬😬

  • Mohana Chakraborty
    Mohana Chakraborty3 måneder siden

    REALLY ?! Never seen someone so happy for having periods, bleeding and having cramps ! 😶😑😐 Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS 💐 FOR HAVING PERIODS(which i hateeeeee) 😶

  • Rosemary
    Rosemary3 måneder siden

    Awhhhh holy ish I’m so proudda you!!! Been watching you since Chicago days!!! Teal bedroom? Love you!!! PS i studied psychology so it’s cool that you’re able to take some online courses :-) xx

  • XxLunarxX
    XxLunarxX3 måneder siden

    Omg your so pretty! I’m new here! Came here from Billie.

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole3 måneder siden

    Who is bilie ? Lol

  • Gabriela Golczuk

    Gabriela Golczuk

    3 måneder siden

    Billie Eilish

  • Maria Vemo
    Maria Vemo3 måneder siden

    I really love how real and genuine you are. 😜

  • Mia Sulewski
    Mia Sulewski3 måneder siden

    Okay but Claudia is just like: who cares, you care? Okay cool but I don’t lemme be honest with these questions 😎

  • Mia Sulewski
    Mia Sulewski3 måneder siden


  • Lupe Torres
    Lupe Torres3 måneder siden

    “If you’re not learning and growing then you’re basically dying” I felt that

  • Julie Marie
    Julie Marie3 måneder siden

    Please make a video speaking Polish! 😍

  • BonBon
    BonBon3 måneder siden

    Who else wants to hear Claudia speaking Polish? :3

  • BonBon


    3 måneder siden

    ...because I do.

  • Sierra Myers
    Sierra Myers3 måneder siden


  • dani
    dani3 måneder siden

    I think it’s sad that people come her for Billie only 🤦‍♀️

  • Becca Brent
    Becca Brent3 måneder siden

    nobody: claudia:*burps*

  • Shreya Tripathi
    Shreya Tripathi3 måneder siden

    Hi Claudia, I just discovered you today. I am a fellow Feb 19 born and I had the assumption for a while that since I am a cusp, I'm fucked up and I'm failing and... Basically I had a lot of issues and was dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression, overthinking, freakouts.. and I was passive about getting help too.. because I felt the same way that my issues or my feelings are not big enough to be actually spending money on.. but last month I did.. and TBH it's really helping me in some way.. I don't see it big or small.. if you think you need help, you get it. It's okay... You're so awesome btw.. you're literally my soulmate.. our interests and feelings match.. is it a Feb 19 thing?? I don't know.. all I know is that you're awesome..

  • Dea Angyal
    Dea Angyal3 måneder siden

    oh you are polish? :) polish and hungarians are best friends historically, have you heard of it?:)

  • Kalena Em
    Kalena Em3 måneder siden

    Awhh. So mama Claudia, papa Finneas and auntie Billie isn't happening then?

  • Isabel Wilburn
    Isabel Wilburn3 måneder siden

    I think everyone has “trauma” and everyone can benefit from an outside, objective perspective. EVERYONE should go to therapy!!! So fun and beneficial :)

  • Nani
    Nani4 måneder siden

    I watch it now because I didn't have time and I feel so good everytime I think about you being able to read that: nie ma w Polsce NOlocalrki, która byłaby choć trochę tak świetna jak ty!

  • yana
    yana4 måneder siden

    omg today i find out you AND another youtuber i admire are pisces! after years on this website, i'm finally finding my people 💕

  • Sophie Pfeffer
    Sophie Pfeffer4 måneder siden

    Do you edit your videos yourself?

  • Allison McGill
    Allison McGill4 måneder siden

    Wow. When you mentioned that you could see yourself going to therapy but don’t actively try to do it because your “issues aren’t THAT bad” or “as bad as others” I’ve always thought that about myself but never heard anyone else say it. I’m also a Pisces. Maybe a Pisces thing 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Marium Atif
    Marium Atif4 måneder siden

    She talks like Dakota Johnson

  • Lindzzz Romé
    Lindzzz Romé4 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who doesn't actually know her and her relation to an apparently "very" famous Billie? Please enlighten people...

  • Eva Gruber
    Eva Gruber4 måneder siden

    What Literally every single girl had a pregnancy scare at least once

  • Ferzy Jele
    Ferzy Jele4 måneder siden

    Sorry, I'm not sorry 🤣❤

  • Patierno Wicky
    Patierno Wicky4 måneder siden

    Does she know Russian?

  • Kirsty nicole
    Kirsty nicole4 måneder siden

    I don’t feel like it should be called pregnancy scare like if your sexually active you know that’s always a risk

  • Sumarie Havinga
    Sumarie Havinga4 måneder siden

    She is so humble about being so close to Billie Eilish. 🥰💖

  • iamloz
    iamloz4 måneder siden

    im a billie stan too guys but its claudias channel and im here to watch claudia

  • Myriam Semaan
    Myriam Semaan4 måneder siden

    Yeahh! I LOVE Billie. But i’m here for Claudia. I watch HER videos

  • Cassandra Sanchez
    Cassandra Sanchez4 måneder siden

    I’ve been subscribed to you for like 6 years or so! So funny to think that people could only come here to see Billie. You’ve been a staple in my life for so long and I appreciate it 💗💗💗

  • KK
    KK4 måneder siden

    Ja tez jestem Polka!!! Witam w klubie!

  • sondra storm
    sondra storm4 måneder siden

    "I'm not going to pretend that I don't pick my nose" - nolocal.info/have/video/eniGdbua1pGa16I

  • Kennady Prociuk
    Kennady Prociuk4 måneder siden

    omg slumber series i remember getting snacks and putting on special pjs for that as a teen

  • K O
    K O4 måneder siden

    Booger picking is totally normal... Don't act like you don't do it

  • Kylie S
    Kylie S4 måneder siden

    The editing Claudia popping in and out lol...

  • Jacklyn Smith
    Jacklyn Smith4 måneder siden

    you don’t need some crazy serious reason to go therapy! i felt that way for awhile too but once i started going i was like wow everyone should do this even just to have someone to talk to weekly about whatever’s going on in your life. it’s a different dynamic when you’re letting all that out on someone who’s not in your daily life if that makes sense it’s like a new outside perspective

  • caroline
    caroline4 måneder siden

    voting is sexy

  • Jacqueline Cody
    Jacqueline Cody4 måneder siden

    Nose picking is just as gross and scratching the inside of your butt but we all do it sometimes.

  • Courtni Peterson
    Courtni Peterson4 måneder siden

    Claudia.. love. Are you aware you posted a “pregnancy scare” title for click bait, the month of Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month..? 🤨 like.... really? I love you but 😬 the timing.. as a huge fan and someone who has had a miscarriage it really hurt.

  • thatgirlclauds
    thatgirlclauds4 måneder siden

    name twin I love u

  • t2
    t24 måneder siden

    I remember your podcast with Finneas where you both of you said you didn’t really believe in star signs- so I found it interesting when you talked about being a Pisces- love it though 😊

  • Sruthi Bandhakavi
    Sruthi Bandhakavi4 måneder siden

    who is this woman and why is her pregnancy scare on my recommendations

  • Eda
    Eda4 måneder siden

    I maybe cannot quite explain it but there is some type of people which can be called by like earth angel who vibrates a higher energy I think you’re that kind of person You always lift my mood up so thank you I’m glad that you exist

  • J Bell
    J Bell4 måneder siden

    Totally random but what's your favorite Tim burton movie 👁️👄👁️

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa4 måneder siden

    I think she’s just good and genuine in friendships, relationships, as a daughter and whenever her time is right... a mother. She makes me so happy I love her

  • Angela Kilbride
    Angela Kilbride4 måneder siden

    I have watched you for years! Just obsessed and with the podcast!!! Any chance you do a fun everyday makeup and look?

  • Alicia H.
    Alicia H.4 måneder siden

    About the bogger picking I just had to think "When we all breath and you don't pick your nose where do they go?" had to sound like "when we all fall asleep where do we go". Maybe should Finneas make a version of the song :D

  • Love_to_fandoms _
    Love_to_fandoms _4 måneder siden

    "you have plastic suggery" i can understand they think that. I mean she's so pretty!💕

  • White Chocolate
    White Chocolate4 måneder siden

    Where's your shirt from?