I hope you guys enjoyed this video and will potentially learn from my mistakes!
Lots of love always xxx
SKIN DOCTOR (where I went)-


  • Amoy Jagdees
    Amoy Jagdees12 timer siden

    You look wayyyyy better. They looked ridiculous on LI. I’m so happy you dissolved them.

  • Kym Jacobs
    Kym Jacobs14 timer siden

    Lol your natural lips are not small, they're much fuller than mine. I thought you were going to have really thin lips after you had your filler resolved, but they actually look great

  • Niamh Power
    Niamh Power15 timer siden

    Pls don’t get it again 😩

  • arron baker
    arron baker15 timer siden

    Good girl be your natural self theirs alot of young girls who need to remove fillers some have gone way to far.

  • Magreth Gama
    Magreth GamaDag siden

    You look so young and BEAUTIFUL. 💖

  • Sydney Noecker
    Sydney Noecker3 dager siden

    Love it!!!!!

  • Kathy Erb
    Kathy Erb3 dager siden

    I love your new lips, I have zero lips

  • Miki Free
    Miki Free3 dager siden

    The camera is so shaky, my head hurts🤦🏽‍♀️

  • ATLxstayxawakex
    ATLxstayxawakex4 dager siden


  • ChocChip Cookie
    ChocChip Cookie5 dager siden

    She is stunning with and without

  • Simar Flores
    Simar Flores7 dager siden

    I am here for this Molly Mae 💕 you are so naturally gorgeous, and your beautiful eyes stand out much more now.

  • Marlene Morais
    Marlene Morais7 dager siden

    they look sooooo good! you are beautyful! xx

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May8 dager siden

    Now your lips are smaller your teeth really stand out!!xx

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May8 dager siden

    You look beautiful girl!!! Get a bit of too faced lip injections gloss if you want a boost from now on 🥰

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May8 dager siden

    She gives me Millie Bobbie brown vibes Personality wise ❤️ Also Molly so glad you’re sharing the side of fillers etc of wanting to reverse it xx

  • Inger Heimen
    Inger Heimen8 dager siden

    girl you look so good! And they aren't as small as you think! thanks for being so open and honest

  • Elizabeth Harper
    Elizabeth Harper9 dager siden

    i enjoyed watching this video it was so good i always watch your videos on here

  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez9 dager siden

    Absolutely adore you

  • Princess Julia
    Princess Julia9 dager siden

    Looks sooooo much better. Well done good for you. Takecare well done

  • Alison Vergara
    Alison Vergara10 dager siden

    so happy none of the ig haters watch her vlogs, love how we're all here rooting for her

  • Licensed and insured
    Licensed and insured10 dager siden

    You look adorable💕 with and without the fillers. I love the fillers look and do them myself but one mil every 8-9 months .

  • tea robinson
    tea robinson10 dager siden

    Where is her jumper from? 😱

  • Doogoll Diaries
    Doogoll Diaries10 dager siden

    You are so naturally beautiful xx

  • Mariam Kamara
    Mariam Kamara10 dager siden

    omgsh you look so goooooodd !!

  • Bongeka Mnguni
    Bongeka Mnguni11 dager siden

    You look amazing without the lip filler!More natural and younger.

  • CC
    CC11 dager siden

    Thanks for the warning about needles ! I absolutely cannot stand them

  • Joel Bough
    Joel Bough12 dager siden

    You actually look younger, fresher and more beautiful with them dissolved

  • Molly Holmes
    Molly Holmes12 dager siden

    I loved this video 💗💗

  • Angela Ziegler
    Angela Ziegler12 dager siden

    I got a headache from watching this video. Camera is so shaky

  • Thasmiha Begum
    Thasmiha Begum12 dager siden

    I think you look even more beautiful without the lip fillers, your natural beauty is definitely shining through ❤️❤️

  • Marie Chaproniere
    Marie Chaproniere13 dager siden

    Love how you still correct him on his words a year on haha! You look amazing MM x

  • A Krasniqi
    A Krasniqi13 dager siden

    You look good either way but you look really good natural 😍 your personality is so much nicer than I thought aswell! I enjoy your videos :)

  • Koa Men
    Koa Men13 dager siden

    Has anyone tried Nukuskin.com before? Keep seeing ADs on Instagram!!

  • SyanaLovesYou
    SyanaLovesYou14 dager siden

    The new lips look amazing!

  • Angel Lucia
    Angel Lucia14 dager siden

    Thank you for this video Molly, it’s made me feel less insecure about certain things and also change my direction about what I feel I need and should look like. It’s hard being a woman. When you’re considered to be beautiful you’re not meant to say anything insecure about yourself. I always get shut down if I mention how ugly or hideous I feel as I’m considered to be beautiful. But I often hate my reflection. And I’m a very much self love person but being in the modelling industry most of my life plus just being seen and spoken about by people, I feel I have an expectation I have to fulfil. I must look beautiful if anyone sees me. People that I know and people that I don’t. It’s tiring. I’m not at all as young as you are: I look young for my age. Another thing that I’m sure people are waiting to change and pounce on so they can criticise. I do have deep rooted fears of growing older or not being considered beautiful. The maintenance is around the clock. Not to mention the mental side to it all. You’re extremely mature for a 21 year old. I was a hot hot mess then. My vision of what I should like was wildly distorted and the people around me encouraged me to look as doll like as possible. Yesterday I found a photo album from when there were no camera phones. We’d buy a disposable camera. Take photos and get them developed. It was so exciting. We just trusted in our self conviction of beauty and whatever came out came out. Photos were put into albums and gone through eating popcorn like watching a movie. I looked at those photos and was astounded that they weren’t edited in any way, taken by the cheapest kind of camera and taken by someone else so you couldn’t see what you looked it. But I look really pretty in them. It’s not so much my childhood face I want again, it’s the confidence. Although yes, I would love to have a baby face forever. Funny thing is I hated it for so long when I was young. You are beautiful and inspiring. And by the way, truly you look like a teenager in the latter part of the video. The ‘rewind’ has literally rewound you. So again thank you and again I have a lot to think about. Oh it also turns out that I was taking selfies before selfies begun 😂 again, at that time I must have just trusted that I looked nice 🤷🏻‍♀️ Much love kid (and you are btw a kid, remember to be one sometimes) lots of love, Angel xox

  • Nikki Louise Carney
    Nikki Louise Carney14 dager siden

    "Why is it wet?!" Hahaha. Yesssssss NATURAL!! Love it.

  • Magdalena
    Magdalena14 dager siden

    Congrats 👏 U look great now🥰

  • Hej Hej
    Hej Hej14 dager siden

    You look insanely stunning

  • Jazz Bell
    Jazz Bell14 dager siden

    You can tell it’s easier for you to pronounce your words without them too!! Don’t go back!

  • Jazz Bell
    Jazz Bell14 dager siden

    Omg you look way better without them ... omg ... like SOOOO MUCH BETTER !!!!

  • Екатерина Гуменюк
    Екатерина Гуменюк15 dager siden

    How can you watch the video it's so shaky ????????

    NATALIE LOVE15 dager siden

    Molly what are you changing with your teeth ?! Please update us !!!!!! Xxx

  • Anna Boxberger
    Anna Boxberger15 dager siden

    Her voice is so annoying haha she talks so quickly

  • Bethany Hillier
    Bethany Hillier16 dager siden

    𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕣𝕚𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕩𝕩𝕩

  • Evie Muscillo
    Evie Muscillo16 dager siden

    molly mae looks so beautiful

  • Bryony Forsyth
    Bryony Forsyth16 dager siden

    Very inspirational young lady

  • happyari13
    happyari1317 dager siden

    I always thought she was so beautiful before but omg she looks soooo good omg the lips do be more proportional doe

  • Kara
    Kara17 dager siden

    No shame for having filler, but your natural lips look so much better! You look gorgeous

  • ChillingOut
    ChillingOut17 dager siden

    you look SO much better without them! They looked too unnatural before and you're just way more beautiful with your natural face! ^_^

  • blackmownkey
    blackmownkey17 dager siden

    Your lips are perfect, the way God intended them to be. CELEBRATE YOU❣

  • Ashleigh Neale
    Ashleigh Neale17 dager siden

    You look gorgeous 🤍🤍🤍

  • The Badders
    The Badders17 dager siden

    Your lips look so much better, I’m so pleased you are going back to the natural you. You really don’t need any help with fillers etc, as you are naturally pretty and lovely the way God made you.

  • Tianna Sheppard
    Tianna Sheppard17 dager siden


  • Sarah-Elizabeth H
    Sarah-Elizabeth H17 dager siden

    Molly-mae your absolutely beautiful inside and out 100% dont need filler and proud of you for sharing this with young girls xxx

  • Aiysha Rasta
    Aiysha Rasta17 dager siden

    If your lips are thin then my lips are non existent

  • Joy Obasogie
    Joy Obasogie17 dager siden

    You still look so beautiful

  • Loopy Lou
    Loopy Lou18 dager siden

    They look waaaaay better than they did with filler in. Well done for being brave and vlogging the whole experience and admitting mistakes you'd made when you were younger. You are definitely a good role model for girls growing up who feel they have to alter their looks just to be accepted. You are accepted just the way you are! xxx

  • yrellim
    yrellim18 dager siden

    Thank god Molly, it was hard watching love Island with all the fake lips on there. I am not use to it in the land of education which is my work place. If god wanted you to have big lips he would have given you them himself or made you black like me lol x Peace

  • Dustie
    Dustie18 dager siden

    that man in the video tho

  • Brittany Morse
    Brittany Morse18 dager siden

    Love you for this! and Proud of you for embracing your natural self

  • Luxe Life
    Luxe Life18 dager siden

    So happy for you, you look so fresh and healthy.

  • Jakub Bogusz
    Jakub Bogusz18 dager siden

    They look so much better !!

  • Ni Hom
    Ni Hom18 dager siden

    I thought u were scared of needles for gerting rid of a mole. War abput your lip filler injections.that was contradicting

  • Mar V
    Mar V18 dager siden

    You look like a royalty, very sophisticated and your other face features simply popped-out! Big lips thing is a very cheap look. Wow how we all change and start seeing things differently when we grow up😁 Great decision Molly.

  • M Sentain
    M Sentain19 dager siden

    love to see it

  • Queenofstitches Warrior
    Queenofstitches Warrior19 dager siden

    How many redbulls did you drink?😂 Camera is very wobly and your talking like speedy. The nerves ?😅 I would be sooo nervous! I literally have a upper lip like this 😐so i am very glad fillers excist! I did mine 2,5 years ago so next month i will get them filled again. One time i had them dissolved because i did not like the result, it was terrible! One side of my upper lip was gone and bruised like crazy.

  • Erin Spence
    Erin Spence19 dager siden

    You look so much more beautiful and natural than before 😍💖

  • Kimberley Collins
    Kimberley Collins19 dager siden

    Looking good Molly! Well done for sharing your story! Hope it helps other young girls feel better about being natural

  • Winnie Monu
    Winnie Monu19 dager siden

    😂😂 I just LOVE HER! “Don’t know if you noticed before I had fillers there was really no lip” Lmaooo LOVE this transparency Molly Mae 🙌🏾

  • Vilina
    Vilina19 dager siden

    I'm so glad! You look amazing and they honestly looked ridiculous hahha

    CAMILLE NIA19 dager siden

    GOD Loves you all. GOD Bless you all. Have a blessed day everyone!!!!

  • Ceri Turner
    Ceri Turner19 dager siden

    If I do so say myself you look so much natural but also ,happy and confident cxxx.

  • Emily the equestrian Xxx
    Emily the equestrian Xxx19 dager siden

    Who’s Ben ????

  • Aminatu B
    Aminatu B20 dager siden

    they look SO much better!!

  • Pamela Graham
    Pamela Graham20 dager siden

    Ohhhhh Mollyyyyy, you look so good natural hope you keep it 🥰🥰

  • Shannon Quinn
    Shannon Quinn20 dager siden

    It's nuts to think I'm 1 year younger than her 🙊 didn't realise she's 21. Not trying to be an ass I swear I love molly. Btw I lovveeee the lips omg they're so much better 💖💖💖

  • Megan Dowdall
    Megan Dowdall20 dager siden

    Lips are gorgeous! ,made me smile on how happy you were being your natural self, love it

  • M W
    M W20 dager siden

    Molly you have made me feel so much better about the way I look! A lot of influencers make me feel rubbish about myself (probs unintentionally) and I've felt big pressure to get fillers / botox recently. You have changed my mind and made me realise I don't have to look a 'certain way' to be attractive xxx

  • Sally Lee
    Sally Lee20 dager siden

    Hey another great video , its your body and skin Molly - mae ,,,your pretty with or without fillers 👍💟😊

  • Kathleen Baloloy
    Kathleen Baloloy21 dag siden

    Omg! It's really fun watching Molly. Hope you'll are okay

  • Kelsey Rae
    Kelsey Rae21 dag siden

    I have thin lips too. I think you’re beautiful with your own lips.

  • Truly Beauty
    Truly Beauty21 dag siden

    love this ✨✨


    She is so gorgeous both before and after😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

  • shaldemi
    shaldemi21 dag siden

    Where was your jumper from hun? Lips 💋 look amazing your a natural beautiful young lady. 🤍 keep being real much love 💘

  • Staceyy Oopsiedaisy
    Staceyy Oopsiedaisy21 dag siden


  • Kayleigh Lewis
    Kayleigh Lewis21 dag siden


  • Emma Taylor
    Emma Taylor21 dag siden

    Honestly I love all your videos, they're so comfortable and like a homely space haha if that makes sense!!

  • rachel kay
    rachel kay21 dag siden

    so much better without it

  • Star Star
    Star Star21 dag siden

    Molly you had them dissolved and redone with softer filler

  • Ali Walker
    Ali Walker21 dag siden

    Molly Mae is actually a class role model, admitting to fillers and filler mistakes, encouraging listening to your mum, encouraging investments in property. How does she get so much hate?! She's 21 and wise beyond her years.

  • Hej Hej

    Hej Hej

    14 dager siden


  • yrellim


    18 dager siden

    Probably not having them (fillers) in the first place at 21- your never going to look better!

  • Hayden R

    Hayden R

    19 dager siden

    i love her so much i don’t get why anyone hates on her!! i didn’t even know that anyone did give her hate, maybe it’s just the UK but america loves her🥺

  • Tabby Lynn
    Tabby Lynn21 dag siden


  • Alexandra Olivia Rose Reading
    Alexandra Olivia Rose Reading21 dag siden

    You're beautiful either way, but I love the more natural look! You don't need the extras

    NADETTE MUSIC21 dag siden

    I love this!!

  • Mia Macdonald
    Mia Macdonald21 dag siden

    Proud to follow you, showing us girls to embrace what we have! Inspirational Molly, thankyou! Great role model for young girls and older you should be proud of what you are doing, it's about time people loved who they are! xxx

  • Dani Halling
    Dani Halling21 dag siden

    You were stunning before! But my god! You look incredible molly 💖

  • zunaira faiz
    zunaira faiz21 dag siden

    I cant believe you are 21 I thought you were 27 at leas... I feel like such a under achiever now.

  • M. B.
    M. B.22 dager siden

    She is a very natural beautiful woman without fillers and makeup and Tommy is a very lucky guy.... Hold on to her Tommy shes better than winning and boxing match

  • hapaidol
    hapaidol22 dager siden

    How do they desolve filler?

  • Louise Ridlington
    Louise Ridlington22 dager siden

    They look so nice. Good decision

  • Leilani Z
    Leilani Z22 dager siden

    So much better! You're going to be so happy ❤❤🎆