I need to get this off my chest..

and now its time to start dropping the bangers agin...
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  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Roman

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Nick

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Alex

  • Nihad Vatres
    Nihad VatresÅr siden

    Very powerful video, hello 2019 , follow me friends thank you .

  • Minh Minh
    Minh Minh2 år siden

    U n Pin

  • Lady Bieber
    Lady Bieber2 år siden

    Your so handsome 💕😊

  • jonny dotson
    jonny dotson2 år siden

    where the fuck is tea wap

  • jonny dotson
    jonny dotson2 år siden

    love you bro

  • Dustin Ward
    Dustin Ward2 år siden

    Finally a “promise every other day”

  • Alleigh Bal
    Alleigh Bal2 år siden


  • Kris
    Kris2 år siden

    What happened to Mo?

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends FazeAdapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends FazeAdapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Mashup City
    Mashup City2 år siden


  • Жизнь на Атоме
    Жизнь на Атоме2 år siden

    О чем он говорит?))

  • shlimeYT
    shlimeYT2 år siden


  • Beastlyshot
    Beastlyshot2 år siden

    How many times did he say like?

  • Vanja Hadzic
    Vanja Hadzic2 år siden

    So what exactly did you need to get off your chest ? The fact that you haven’t been uploading ? Yeah we noticed, you don’t need to make a fucking video about it

  • Mike_
    Mike_2 år siden

    Where is Barry? :) [] [] -----

  • EzFa
    EzFa2 år siden

    :> #savage.

  • Arne Håvard Valhammer
    Arne Håvard Valhammer2 år siden


  • Arne Håvard Valhammer
    Arne Håvard Valhammer2 år siden

    Glad you happy man!

  • Eddie Aguirre
    Eddie Aguirre2 år siden


  • LoganDoubleU
    LoganDoubleU2 år siden

    Let me take a wild guess, my prediction was right when I said he would ditch the cat after a couple months...

  • Nicholas Kean
    Nicholas Kean2 år siden


  • Max Hansen
    Max Hansen2 år siden


  • PandaClips
    PandaClips2 år siden


  • Muqtar Mohamed
    Muqtar Mohamed2 år siden

    My montage is way better 'ItzMuqitee' go check it out

  • JosheMac 47
    JosheMac 472 år siden

    When 2K19 it's out! You have to make 2K videos!!

  • Jude Ashworth
    Jude Ashworth2 år siden

    Put the camera higher

  • Sean O'Donnell
    Sean O'Donnell2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to whip his ass with his friends gucci shirt.

  • AngelVlogs
    AngelVlogs2 år siden


  • cloudy
    cloudy2 år siden


  • angello
    angello2 år siden


  • LoudspeAker Parra
    LoudspeAker Parra2 år siden

    wait wait I just have one question wheres berry

  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta2 år siden

    Geekin' on that tylenol

  • Ryker dumpling
    Ryker dumpling2 år siden

    What happened to berry😔

  • Reynaldo Salazar
    Reynaldo Salazar2 år siden


  • Thunder7hruster
    Thunder7hruster2 år siden

    Make some serious bars n rap about joining faze n stuff

  • Scxr Aj
    Scxr Aj2 år siden

    I bet this music video is gonna be about burping

  • Nikolai
    Nikolai2 år siden


  • Nikolai
    Nikolai2 år siden


  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell2 år siden

    Where’s Faze Rain?

  • Nidia Tirado
    Nidia Tirado2 år siden


  • Jan Dominguez
    Jan Dominguez2 år siden

    yerr when is illcams 50 coming out tho?

  • evan
    evan2 år siden


    BUT CAN YOU DO THI 3992 år siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to tape his jacket zipper together because he can’t zip it

  • ITS DaN
    ITS DaN2 år siden


  • louix
    louix2 år siden

    dude what happened to your cat?

  • Andy Petty
    Andy Petty2 år siden


  • couldn't think of a name
    couldn't think of a name2 år siden


  • max
    max2 år siden


  • Brad Horrocks
    Brad Horrocks2 år siden

    You need to get a video with Faze Rain I miss him being in your vids😐

  • Brayden Comello
    Brayden Comello2 år siden

    Bro this is y I subed its bc he grinds and if he does or makes so shit vid he picks himself up and does it and do more vids that r even more LIT

  • O K
    O K2 år siden

    Quality videos over quantity

  • Kyler Bordelon
    Kyler Bordelon2 år siden

    what camera setup you use

  • Khoa Waldow
    Khoa Waldow2 år siden


  • ProXyFlex
    ProXyFlex2 år siden


  • How Durable
    How Durable2 år siden

    Money longer

  • ProXyFlex


    2 år siden

    How Durable Lil uzi 4 life

  • Aisha Forchu
    Aisha Forchu2 år siden

    Do more gaming

  • Hybrids
    Hybrids2 år siden

    Just wait till "October 12th"

  • Mr Ghosty
    Mr Ghosty2 år siden

    If there isn’t a clip of Jev screaming “fist me daddy” in the video I’m dropping a dislike

  • Vantox
    Vantox2 år siden

    10:01 old BO2 video from Adapt :o

  • Claudia Rubio
    Claudia Rubio2 år siden

    Yes I miss teawap

  • More Breezy
    More Breezy2 år siden


  • Noam SK
    Noam SK2 år siden

    try mcdonalds from different countries

  • Frode
    Frode2 år siden


  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter2 år siden

    Can u do a gold digger prank

  • Silentwtf
    Silentwtf2 år siden

    Not watching the video. Just assuming he is gay

  • Sabrina Islam
    Sabrina Islam2 år siden

    Why r u so thin

  • IIlllIlIIIlIIllI
    IIlllIlIIIlIIllI2 år siden

    Anybudy wanna see moking faze banks again lol

  • Cerys
    Cerys2 år siden


  • Dr.Highlight
    Dr.Highlight2 år siden


  • Cash Carti
    Cash Carti2 år siden

    My guy you need to sleep more

  • Appleton's Butchers
    Appleton's Butchers2 år siden

    can you do another hide and seek in the clout house plz everyone loves them

  • Rang
    Rang2 år siden

    i been here for like 2-3 years

  • BubbleNugTV
    BubbleNugTV2 år siden


  • little_pro21
    little_pro212 år siden


  • LeoLocccs
    LeoLocccs2 år siden


  • Code Red
    Code Red2 år siden

    This shit it litty!! Aight, Lighter!

  • Jay
    Jay2 år siden


  • Whatevercool2020 Okaylmao
    Whatevercool2020 Okaylmao2 år siden


  • Haakon SB
    Haakon SB2 år siden


  • Jenny Seabolt
    Jenny Seabolt2 år siden

    Hide and seek video?

  • Alex123xyz
    Alex123xyz2 år siden

    I always feel like these videos were scripted

  • Bradley theBum
    Bradley theBum2 år siden

    The moment you realize that we are 6 months into 2018

  • Lynxxsterr
    Lynxxsterr2 år siden

    Adapt, get Cole to edit your song

  • Maria Ortuno
    Maria Ortuno2 år siden


  • Peen Snags
    Peen Snags2 år siden

    I miss all of them like I everyone says this but the cut comms where great I really enjoyed just there stories and daily stuff it was great and I really miss it:(:

  • Logan
    Logan2 år siden


  • Andrew
    Andrew2 år siden

    I remember when what the fart right now first came out :)

  • Nathaniel Selman
    Nathaniel Selman2 år siden


  • x z v x i v
    x z v x i v2 år siden

    But there's nothing on your chest

  • Victor Espindola
    Victor Espindola2 år siden


  • aidan
    aidan2 år siden


  • Rawhead Zoots Only
    Rawhead Zoots Only2 år siden

    Before the video starts I gotta take this duct tape off my chest

  • Sushi Sanders
    Sushi Sanders2 år siden

    that shirt is fire what is it?

  • Carnage 9990
    Carnage 99902 år siden

    Money got longer, speaker got louder car got faster....

  • itsglonate
    itsglonate2 år siden

    why you miss twop when you got mito

  • wzdom
    wzdom2 år siden