I Opened A 5 Star Restaurant On A London Bus


I decided to challenge myself and take my mayor campaign to the next level by turning a london bus into a 5 star restaurant.
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    I've been watching since 500k

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    Repent , Jesus is coming back, Jesus loves you , he died so that we can live❤❤❤..

  • tinaj sews

    tinaj sews

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    @i love hammers Repent , Jesus is coming back, Jesus loves you , he died so that we can live❤❤❤..

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    Hard to believe that this content is free

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    Im commenting here ,to be part of history

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    its called justice because its "just us"

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    N E K O

  • Ayushi Virani
    Ayushi Virani9 timer siden

    If u win bruv h should ban cops so we can rob

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    Niko got inspired by the waldo effect i can see

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  • Ayn Altalibo bedami maqtool be Karbala
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    Hi bro, please do a video in support of the oppressed people of Palestine. Love u bro

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    "What's your name?" "Justice" 😂😂😂😂😂

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    minij hooiDag siden

    isn't it sad that Neeko has put in more effort than any other candidate. :/

  • Hollyhock Photography
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    If your going to run for London mayer, conpkay with covid rules and be a good example. You arnt social distancing at all or ensuring people wear masks. Your literally touching everyone. At first I found u funny and wanted u to won but now u arnt taking this pandemic seriously I dont want you to be it anymore.

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    The way that niko orders us to like the video is so convincing.

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    minij hooi

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    I am from India and I vote for you👍🏻

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  • Joanna
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    If Niko gets mayor he will probably give everyone a cookie each lol

  • Kalus Saxon
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    For you to become mayor you’d have to get a bill passed that allowed 8yr olds to vote.....

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    I feel like something is stopping me from pressing the like button. I wonder what it is 🤔

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    @Joanna how do you know what I look like?

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    Ok but I literally know someone that looks like you

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    okay, where's my car and house and 1,000,000 pounds?

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    Yk this guy defo cancelling gases and stuff if he gets mayor

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    It’s sad you didn’t get to be mayor

  • Jb Μēłøv3ŕ
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    Roadman is in there int?

  • Freya Adams
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    can we just talk about the guy with the green north face coat was fit as hell

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    You should develop your own app , now....😊

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    Thats a ckever way to make mony

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    Vote for niko

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    Done my money my car my house

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    2.5 mill racists watch niko wooooooaaaahhh

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    I am from India and I vote for you👍🏻

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    Earth 🌍

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    show off its in 4k lol

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    STARBUCKS and then the bus just moves on

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    Hey Niko, remember Mr. Camm, from your high school

  • chloe m
    chloe m5 dager siden

    Ok but I literally know someone that looks like you

  • Aige
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    Haha the legend.

  • P4thZ
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    7:11 "local nonce"XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Mustxfa2487yt
    Mustxfa2487yt5 dager siden

    # Save Palestine #

  • willtheboss09
    willtheboss095 dager siden

    if you don't live in London you can't vote but if you could vote anywhere niko would oh one

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  • Avika Trigun
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    You should develop your own app , now....😊

    ALFIE GEARS6 dager siden

    NDL are gods if you are not a part of the NDL then your a shmuck



    6 dager siden

    i subed and liked and put on post noteiforcations

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    Lmao the two kids😭😭🤣🤣🤣

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    LOL people running down the deep end looool

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    DO if fa da culta what does the even mean 😂😂

  • Toby Bouhaire
    Toby Bouhaire6 dager siden

    shush jokeman

  • Good Karma
    Good Karma6 dager siden

    You had my vote!! Really gutted you did not win.

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide6 dager siden

    STARBUCKS and then the bus just moves on

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong6 dager siden

    I had to like I ain’t a racist m8

  • Lil T
    Lil T7 dager siden

    Imagine if matey actually did have a load of crack in that bag

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    6 dager siden

    Covid is also spreading

  • sus imposter
    sus imposter7 dager siden

    niko for mayor

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    Kayi Central

    6 dager siden

    @Father Jeffrey if he goes for it again after a few years he has a bigger chance because most of his subscribers will be 18+

  • Father Jeffrey

    Father Jeffrey

    7 dager siden

    Too late he lost

  • gracedldm
    gracedldm7 dager siden

    damn this is a bad time not live in the US and not London :'0

  • AwesomeAaronOfficial
    AwesomeAaronOfficial7 dager siden

    There are two kinds of people: Those who vote for Niko. And Schmucks.

  • Jai Vatsal
    Jai Vatsal7 dager siden

    copy cat

  • Vishva
    Vishva7 dager siden

    This guy just showed us the future of elections. There is gonna be more youtubers trying to run for mayor and even president. Just like the youtuber boxing thing this is gonna blow up and be the new trend.

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  • dourspider
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    Gordon Ramsay's restaurants won't be doing well now

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    You're a clown

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    Cry 😂😂😂

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    smh how could that dunce vote for shaun bail *y.* binface / omilana 2022

  • Obblical Tongey
    Obblical Tongey7 dager siden

    this is why niko is my second preference.

  • يوسف اكرم احمد محمد ٢٠١٠٠٦٢٣
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    Anyone knwos the name of the background song before the outro?

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    How is this legal

  • Jerden Adajar

    Jerden Adajar

    6 dager siden

    idk but its amazing😂

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    You did not win you only got 49,000 votes try in the next election for mayor

  • Darwish Betta
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    Covid is also spreading

  • Vishva
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    Who is watching this before Niko got sworn in as the new mayor

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    I never wanted to be a Londoner so bad before

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    😂😂nah I can’t he’s carrying 8 pounds of crack😂😂😂

  • Mur Mula
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    😂😂how can my man say I see you smoking crack there😂

  • Mur Mula
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    Bobby Stacey and melonie😂😂😂😂

    STAY CALM AND SLEEP7 dager siden

    Whose here after the legend lost

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    No but 😭 he was in my area and I missed it

  • Mr stop plz
    Mr stop plz7 dager siden

    My car my house and 1000000 dollars hes so generous

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    2:42 💀💀💀

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    nikos in bloody angel

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    Vote niko

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    Lol this vid is epic!

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    Niko makes beef with restaurents and expects to win😹😹😹😹legend guy

  • steezykr
    steezykr8 dager siden

    2.9k people: I am the face of racism

  • anwar mir
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  • Areeb Iftikhar
    Areeb Iftikhar8 dager siden

    Vote for niko every1

  • Ika Inana / XkMusic
    Ika Inana / XkMusic8 dager siden

    first starshmucks and now restoubus

  • Denise Connelly
    Denise Connelly8 dager siden

    441k non-racists

  • 17kIOS
    17kIOS8 dager siden

    Nico is the most funniest Mayor we have ever had

  • Mathew Smevz
    Mathew Smevz8 dager siden

    right nikko ya madman ive subscribed when do i get my million? u can keep the car and mansion i just want the cash bro?? get it in my bank asap g bless bro 😂🤣yr a funny fucker but you serioulsy need stop screaming at people instead of talking to them🤣✌️

  • Depthcharger 101
    Depthcharger 1018 dager siden

    2.4 million racists and counting

  • Mesch87
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    I see what you did there, you spelled NDL backwards

  • kokochnl sariha
    kokochnl sariha8 dager siden

    The real question is did she get the product manager job tho? Lol 😂

    TRETH8 dager siden


  • Madam-Africa1
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    Did he just call that white girl sharkeisha? oh hell no 🤣😭

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    you guys have been doing ndl since 2018

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    Me who lives in Oxford yet not wants to live in London :(

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    This looks too much fun

  • chirag md
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    Black and yellow at 11:15 this is serious you got my vote fam

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    Yay I’m rich 😂 thank you 💕

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    4:23 God I cracked up

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    I wish I caught the bus that day

  • Aled Beard
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    The most fake channel I've ever seen one of the men on the bus does videos for Joe the Facebook channel. Just put your channel in the bin

  • Nuclear Pigeon

    Nuclear Pigeon

    8 dager siden

    What are you gonna do cry

  • Cerne Uffington
    Cerne Uffington8 dager siden

    The SPlRlTUAL HOME of lsIam, Saudi Arabia - A pIace so bigoted and intoIerant, it is iIIegal to read the BibIe.

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    i am voteing you

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    No masks gives me anxiety

  • Darren Sekyere-Boateng
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    He is GASSED 🤔😎💯✅👌