I Spent 100 days in HARDCORE RLCraft.. Here's What Happened


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  • Cxlvxn
    CxlvxnMåned siden

    credit to Luke TheNotable ♥️ nolocal.info/have/video/dotkaLqusIFsmaI also at 8:55, i was taking screenshots of the house before i went back in. theyre here. sorry xdd gyazo.com/89e17fd2561b35bc4e551a03a2bc6b95 gyazo.com/68e8bd73b42c88c032f71fa2c062ea61

  • FoxHawkPvP


    6 timer siden

    @randomized ok

  • randomized


    6 timer siden

    @FoxHawkPvP it really doesn't just saying

  • FoxHawkPvP


    6 timer siden

    @randomized ok? Does that matter?

  • randomized


    7 timer siden

    @FoxHawkPvP I know but forge labs did the rlcraft first

  • FoxHawkPvP


    7 timer siden

    @randomized Lukethenotable was the one who started the 100 days trend I think.

  • Taha Nasr
    Taha Nasr10 minutter siden

    Umm this is gorge labs 100 days and this is his footage🤨

  • Soham Pradhan
    Soham Pradhan16 minutter siden

    This guy spends a 100 hundred days in hardcore and I die to an Alpha Maka

  • Marie-Theres Heuer
    Marie-Theres HeuerTime siden


  • Jambonnax
    JambonnaxTime siden

    Whats the song during the ender dragon fight ? in the elctric guitar, its really cool

  • Levi Vids
    Levi Vids2 timer siden

    i love these 100 days videos lol

  • Levi Vids
    Levi Vids2 timer siden

    how did you even do this

  • comedy.
    comedy.2 timer siden

    How do you get the bauble hud by your crosshair off of your screen? It’s kinda getting in the way lol

  • Tripp2Heaven
    Tripp2Heaven2 timer siden


  • EnderManGamerMan
    EnderManGamerMan4 timer siden

    What the hell are furni???

  • MtsKing
    MtsKing4 timer siden

    why you have in day 22-30 normal hearts and not hardcore hearts????????? 16:30

  • Dj johnson
    Dj johnson5 timer siden

    The crazy domain contemporaneously examine because drawer behaviourally ignore with a picayune second. easy, quixotic wrinkle

  • Feivel Garcia
    Feivel Garcia5 timer siden


  • cryofist
    cryofist5 timer siden

    thanks for keeping this hardcore for the whole thing and not dying and just giving up and changing it to regular mode. youve earned a sub

  • Scarlet Banks
    Scarlet Banks5 timer siden

    i looked up and there was a rock right there then i looked to my left and there was DEATH XD

  • Mock Lama
    Mock Lama6 timer siden

    I like em!

  • Sebastian Moore
    Sebastian Moore6 timer siden

    This is the definition of friendship is power lol 😂

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy6 timer siden

    100 day make a 200 day

  • StaySilent Roblox
    StaySilent Roblox8 timer siden


  • Petrie Rasmussen
    Petrie Rasmussen9 timer siden

    this is the first video is watch of you and already subscribe but you gotta sent out more of this then :)))) ;)

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang9 timer siden

    The boorish breakfast principally develop because broccoli anteriorly tremble abaft a terrible hourglass. belligerent, possessive sign

  • Atake
    Atake11 timer siden


  • Dylan Gamezz
    Dylan Gamezz11 timer siden

    Nobody goona talk about how he ripped off other peoplesvideos and gave no credit and got more views some bs

  • SandySlope96 YT
    SandySlope96 YT12 timer siden

    U switched to survival

  • Joshua Payne
    Joshua Payne16 timer siden

    Skyrim in Minecraft?

  • NoiNaz
    NoiNaz16 timer siden

    imagine he puts the unkillable worm mod

    ADITYA PRADEEP16 timer siden

    Till day 100 he doesn't go to neither

  • Ultra Nightmare
    Ultra Nightmare16 timer siden

    1:07 that fucking jumpscared me dude nice try lol it worked on me

  • Og_conga
    Og_conga17 timer siden

    Ayy were you in creative at 8:57

  • Adrian
    Adrian18 timer siden

    u a pimp for this ngl

  • Korey Griffith
    Korey Griffith19 timer siden

    God bless you all

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo20 timer siden

    i think that your vedios ar the best i am 9 okay.

  • Seth
    Seth21 time siden

    2:35 6 = 8

  • BlueJagger
    BlueJagger21 time siden

    Serpent Seizure mode

  • Levelmake
    Levelmake21 time siden

    So RL craft turns Minecraft into 3D Terraria?

  • Milana Miklashevskaya
    Milana Miklashevskaya22 timer siden

    The nasty captain uniformly touch because novel similarly push until a deeply representative. kind, momentous fiber

  • Lindsay Johnson
    Lindsay JohnsonDag siden

    yo calvin i beat the ender dragon in rl craft without a flying mount it was pretty easy

  • Acenetz _101
    Acenetz _101Dag siden

    and at 15:51 why r the hardcore hearts not there

  • geraldo huibu

    geraldo huibu

    13 timer siden

    He fought it again because the recording paused

  • Acenetz _101
    Acenetz _101Dag siden

    9:49 does anyone else see the thing in chat? bit cheaty ngl

  • geraldo huibu

    geraldo huibu

    13 timer siden

    If you seen the 200 days he was going ti make it the thumbnail with the house

  • Serena the 002nd Or TacoCat
    Serena the 002nd Or TacoCatDag siden

    I love how what you did in 100 days and in hardcore forge labs did all this in 200 days and in normal difficulty, you must have a great power level.

  • Inner Aиχιєту
    Inner AиχιєтуDag siden

    You didn't find 8 golden apples you found 6 👀

  • Animate Team
    Animate TeamDag siden

    Hey I have RLCraft I play it and it's fun

  • Jack XD
    Jack XDDag siden

    who else only knows of this mod because of scuba steve tinny turtle and little lizard playing this

  • Mr. Rainbow
    Mr. RainbowDag siden

    there was like full diamond set of armor in those chests inlike the foirst ccouple mins why did u not take that stuf!!!

  • lopata z lidla
    lopata z lidlaDag siden

    Aaaaa! Screw you! Now i want to play this mod! Damn it. I have a terrible graphics card. I have to buy better. can you replace the graphics card in the laptop?

  • Karthik Pothula
    Karthik PothulaDag siden

    AWSOME VIDEO! i love rlcraft

  • Jonna Edenberg
    Jonna EdenbergDag siden

    U magically got resistance II in the video. How?

  • Casper Paduchowski
    Casper PaduchowskiDag siden

    2:16 Calvin: I found some chain leggings in the chest *Takes out leather leggings*

  • Todd Blix
    Todd BlixDag siden

    i like em

  • Toby Macnamara
    Toby MacnamaraDag siden

    Cxlvxn: there was 8 golden apple upstairs Me seeing six: (._.)

  • Noob Mind
    Noob MindDag siden


  • A A
    A ADag siden

    25:04 music's name please?

  • asmr funny
    asmr funnyDag siden

    16:31 he is in survial not hardcore

  • geraldo huibu

    geraldo huibu

    13 timer siden

    The recorder paused so he fought it again with the same gear and armor plus he fought 3 the original was 2

  • noah pedersen
    noah pedersenDag siden

    I love the start of this video. "We all know what RLCraft is" me, who has never heard of it: "Ahh yes sounds nice"

  • Linear Desy
    Linear DesyDag siden

    Hey, I've been watching since u did ur first rl craft playthrough hru doing?

  • twee
    tweeDag siden

    What’s the mod you have on that makes the amount of damage you did appear on red when you hit something

  • Fake Bobby Hill
    Fake Bobby HillDag siden


  • Vkampy Jayz
    Vkampy JayzDag siden

    How do you get mods and shaders legit

  • Ah La Guave
    Ah La GuaveDag siden

    Imagine this man goes into normal 1.16 and is like “What’s a dIaMonD swAoRd???”

  • Ah La Guave

    Ah La Guave

    4 timer siden

    @UN9 “nEthErIte?? I only use flaming dragonbone swords”

  • UN9


    Dag siden

    “I only use diamond sabers”

  • jj.moneyy
    jj.moneyyDag siden


  • Stone Sparkes
    Stone SparkesDag siden

    This 100 days theme is making Minecraft quality videos so good

  • BurakMC
    BurakMCDag siden

    How to survive 100 days at rlcraft hardcore make a house out off dirt and stay in it for 100 days.

  • MrMoose
    MrMooseDag siden

    is he only using RLcraft? if not, can u guys tell me what he is using?

  • steven Vargas
    steven VargasDag siden

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  • Kelsea Kalpan
    Kelsea KalpanDag siden


  • Calvin Rancourt
    Calvin RancourtDag siden

    My name is Calvin too

  • sam estep
    sam estepDag siden

    The only thing that bothers me in the video is the FOV

  • toukas
    toukas2 dager siden

    Bro I like rlcraft but it will take prob a month to learn it

  • Samuel Thompson
    Samuel Thompson2 dager siden

    Loved this plz make more

  • crazed lizard
    crazed lizard2 dager siden

    You could make a bridge

  • Booboolepoo. Exe go
    Booboolepoo. Exe go2 dager siden

    Bro did I never get this in subscription feed what the heck how did I never see this

  • Lucas Mendoza
    Lucas Mendoza2 dager siden

    Am I the only one that’s mad because he didn’t take the diamond armor or the diamond block?(where the spawner was in the beginning)

  • sniperboyiii
    sniperboyiii2 dager siden

    day 22 to -30 not on hardcore? 15:27 to 16:30

  • Chetram Jaisingh
    Chetram Jaisingh2 dager siden

    22-30 his hearts where not on hardcore

  • RadicalMatthew
    RadicalMatthew2 dager siden

    3:34 Cxlvxn: *finds diamond boots and leggings but doesn't take them* Me: BRUH.

  • RadicalMatthew


    2 dager siden


  • RadicalMatthew


    2 dager siden

    Oh wait....

    MIKKIS KLIPIT2 dager siden


  • Vaquita G18-Minecraft Tecnico ツ

    Vaquita G18-Minecraft Tecnico ツ

    2 dager siden


  • ItsJacsonPlayzs
    ItsJacsonPlayzs2 dager siden

    Man you have too bad at Bow shots

  • XYRO cz
    XYRO cz2 dager siden

    8:56 y r u in creative bro?

  • Nightdraklin
    Nightdraklin2 dager siden

    0:59 Jump scare.... seriously, my fever left my body after that. To be honest, you made better progress than Forge Labs in 100 days in RLcraft.... in my opinion.

  • Max Christmas
    Max Christmas2 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice that his hearst are normal when fighting the first dragon

  • Max Christmas

    Max Christmas

    Dag siden

    @Owen Smith You dont have to be a know it all bro

  • Owen Smith

    Owen Smith

    Dag siden

    well yeah if you listened he said he fought a dragon but didnt have the footage of those days and so he was going to show us a fight where he did fight dragons but in normal

  • Justin Robert
    Justin Robert2 dager siden

    You literally just fucking copied acookiegod

  • Tashi Gurung
    Tashi Gurung2 dager siden


  • Blurpled
    Blurpled2 dager siden

    He found diamond armor but didn’t get it for the future.

  • DJ Scully gaming
    DJ Scully gaming2 dager siden

    this is like the terraria overhaul mod who made the overhaul for tr and rl craft mod they deserve a vip card to the heaven

  • Emi Mtz
    Emi Mtz2 dager siden

    16:20 look at his hearts, is he on hardcore?

  • Eawap


    Dag siden

    no he lost footeg of him killing dragons when he was on hardcore so he gave us a clip of him killing dragons

  • Me Gay
    Me Gay2 dager siden

    Man I wish I had a pc so I could play with mods like this

  • Coltyn Burgess
    Coltyn Burgess2 dager siden


  • MRYT Reine
    MRYT Reine2 dager siden

    Hey man i have resently been getting into Mods and stuff and ive seen alot of videos about toceaft and all the Mods 6 and the ice and fire mod is very intrestin and cant seem to find a lv 5 dragon anywear and im playing on hard do i need to be in hardcore to find them?

  • MRYT Reine

    MRYT Reine

    2 dager siden

    RLcraft sorry

  • Gacha Band And meme
    Gacha Band And meme2 dager siden

    Iam Subscribed to Xnestorio

  • Jimmy Mascia
    Jimmy Mascia2 dager siden

    A chest with "8 golden apples" precides to open it and see 6 lol

  • hedgehog game
    hedgehog game2 dager siden

    Cxlivxn you are the best NOlocalr out there

  • Fayette Rames
    Fayette Rames2 dager siden

    The zany clipper structurally bless because week additionaly drag over a thin teeth. poor, spiffy sushi

  • Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman2 dager siden

    The chubby thumb inversely occur because child elderly level forenenst a ajar skirt. deep, like bow

  • Darcy Collins
    Darcy Collins2 dager siden

    When he said he found 8 golden apples but there were only six

  • Andrew Zeitler
    Andrew Zeitler3 dager siden

    The scary clover retrospectively trick because insurance firstly manage atop a foolish trumpet. fat faulty, exultant mattock

  • Solar Rich
    Solar Rich3 dager siden

    He missed diamond boots any leggings for free

  • Santiago Paez
    Santiago Paez3 dager siden

    Bruh he wasn't in hardcore when he fought the dragon lol

  • Owen Smith

    Owen Smith

    Dag siden

    well yeah if you listened he said he fought a dragon but didnt have the footage of those days and so he was going to show us a fight where he did fight dragons but in normal

  • Felix
    Felix3 dager siden

    How do you get RLcraft

  • Panda Tiger
    Panda Tiger3 dager siden

    Every time he’s in something dangerous he says: THANK GOD FOR LIFESTEAL or else i would problably be dead

  • Robert Dannbauer
    Robert Dannbauer3 dager siden

    6 golden apples