I Stream Sniped The FaZe House & THEY BROKE IN...

I stream sniped FaZe Jarvis, Kay, Teeqo & Orba at the FaZe House and they broke in
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Disclaimer: Do not try at home! Security is our #1 priority. I was supervised throughout the whole process.
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  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel Garcia2 dager siden

    Samuel Garcia $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Cntrld _ Mint
    Cntrld _ Mint3 dager siden

    No one left a like cause they want to get stream sniped bye Alex

  • faze xsir
    faze xsir10 dager siden


  • XxAndrewxX50
    XxAndrewxX5015 dager siden

    you better subcribe

  • XxAndrewxX50
    XxAndrewxX5015 dager siden

    who better subcribe

  • Sir Von Buffalo
    Sir Von Buffalo16 dager siden

    he won't kill me or anybody else In Fortnite

  • Vivid Yawn
    Vivid Yawn18 dager siden

    If Jarvis Was Unbanned

  • Mikel Assaker
    Mikel Assaker19 dager siden


  • JonesiHD
    JonesiHD24 dager siden

    love you adapt

  • PTL_shadow
    PTL_shadowMåned siden

    I hate that Jarvis says bro every 2.5 seconds

  • Cierra Boyles
    Cierra BoylesMåned siden

    How am i next i dont have fortnite

  • Tommy T
    Tommy TMåned siden

    Jarvis n Kays acting is so fucking cringy lmfao

  • Huck
    HuckMåned siden

    the kid who jarvis spectate who was drinking the chug chug is a legend

  • Hamid Raza
    Hamid RazaMåned siden

    That’s wrong that Kay is using the Xbox skin but he is playing on PS4

  • Ian Nshuti
    Ian NshutiMåned siden

    him says where next if we don't leave a like well who doesn't want to be stream sniped by a faze member just get it on video

  • Pr3f1x
    Pr3f1xMåned siden

    Is this on anyone else’s recommended list even tho it was a year ago?

  • Rolis
    RolisMåned siden

    Who else misses the old adapt, the kid who used to hit those 720 insta swaps on bo2 instead of making these fake videos, I miss the old adapt, I miss the old faze clan😪

  • Musa_on_ 60FPS
    Musa_on_ 60FPSMåned siden

    Adapt is Busted!!

  • ethan8037
    ethan8037Måned siden

    I would love to be next 10:01

  • Tisq
    TisqMåned siden

    Whenever I see Kay in a video idk if it’s actually believable smh😂

  • Nathan Machado
    Nathan Machado2 måneder siden

    Yo did u guys see what Kecia was doin with that nurf gun at the end

  • Abdifatax Isse
    Abdifatax Isse2 måneder siden

    hi faze adapt you siniping faze peopel

  • TeAm DirEwoLF
    TeAm DirEwoLF2 måneder siden

    Fake obviously

  • Hibaq Isse
    Hibaq Isse2 måneder siden

    joining a faze

  • Hibaq Isse
    Hibaq Isse2 måneder siden

    hi faze adpat you sniping faze house

  • 1000 Percent
    1000 Percent3 måneder siden

    Not good idea Alex LOL

  • Moudy Allouch
    Moudy Allouch3 måneder siden

    hey faze adapt if you see you this can you reply

  • Taylor Ellefson
    Taylor Ellefson3 måneder siden

    Might take a little bit never because jarvie is banned for life

  • Love-able 6 Family
    Love-able 6 Family3 måneder siden

    the good days

  • Dubz Games
    Dubz Games3 måneder siden

    How does he a have the woah in this season....?

  • yung FN

    yung FN

    3 måneder siden

    Dubz Games it came out in season 9

  • Emerson Coda
    Emerson Coda4 måneder siden


  • ヴィッラロボスアレックス
    ヴィッラロボスアレックス4 måneder siden

    It’s fake

  • minecraft piglet
    minecraft piglet4 måneder siden

    What skin was that, the one that lay was using and is it in the item shop

  • Flipz
    Flipz4 måneder siden

    kay said bro 24 times

  • Muadh Ali
    Muadh Ali4 måneder siden

    when did he kill teqo

  • Ethan Stansfield
    Ethan Stansfield4 måneder siden

    Lmao you can see Charlotte laying on her stomach on the floor

  • Adain Thompson
    Adain Thompson4 måneder siden

    And my dream is to join FaZe

  • Adain Thompson
    Adain Thompson4 måneder siden

    Buffets of Buffets it up I'm a big fan of you and other FaZe Clan I actually live in Tucson Arizona

  • Xioty_______
    Xioty_______5 måneder siden


  • Francis Dias
    Francis Dias5 måneder siden

    5:01 Jarvis thanked the bus driver

  • brandon parga
    brandon parga5 måneder siden

    adapt your really mean and your stupid and trash at fortnite get kicked out of faze

  • Alex_217


    4 måneder siden

    Lol kid mad

  • L H W
    L H W5 måneder siden

    xi actually got stream sniped by tfue

  • NinjA GameZ
    NinjA GameZ5 måneder siden

    Lmao very funny man 😂

  • AliAbbas Elamine
    AliAbbas Elamine5 måneder siden

    6 :40 look at hi name quartet btw

  • AliAbbas Elamine
    AliAbbas Elamine5 måneder siden

    4:57 look at his name lol btw like if your watching in quarintene

  • x.unknown.x
    x.unknown.x5 måneder siden

    bro i put my whole volume and a can BARELY hear u

  • supreme og
    supreme og5 måneder siden

    Some timesi thin the only words kay knows are insane bro and Jarvis

  • daud mahfooz
    daud mahfooz6 måneder siden

    what the actual fuck is alex's mic

  • Alexis Flores
    Alexis Flores6 måneder siden

    He never stream sniped taco

  • Hamza_4826
    Hamza_48266 måneder siden

    Oh when Jarvis wasn't banned. The good old days

  • Leela Reddy
    Leela Reddy6 måneder siden

    Why orba swearing

  • Daniel Still
    Daniel Still6 måneder siden

    Try me

  • Chase Chazanow
    Chase Chazanow6 måneder siden

    Fake they didn’t check cizzors after saying his name

  • K
    K6 måneder siden

    Only ps4 players can like this

  • kyriptica
    kyriptica6 måneder siden

    Bruh, he gettin that whole squad with him

  • Alice Borley
    Alice Borley6 måneder siden

    What’s this guy doing bro!!!???🧐😂

  • Brayden Flores
    Brayden Flores6 måneder siden

    i actually thought it was real 😂

  • Dylan Farnden
    Dylan Farnden6 måneder siden

    Hy alex

  • Brenda Flores
    Brenda Flores6 måneder siden

    ;me did not put a like also me; gets streamed sniped by faze adapt ;fazeadapt got em

  • FAME
    FAME6 måneder siden

    Edit mistake when Jarvis starts blogging hahahshsh

  • Nazia Parveen
    Nazia Parveen6 måneder siden

    How do they get into the same match

  • Axel Peralta

    Axel Peralta

    4 måneder siden

    Idk that's what I'm wondering

  • WingS
    WingS6 måneder siden


  • FeRas Hussein
    FeRas Hussein6 måneder siden

    All they say is bro

  • FeRas Hussein

    FeRas Hussein

    6 måneder siden

    Oh wait at 7:05

  • FeRas Hussein

    FeRas Hussein

    6 måneder siden

    At 7:20

  • Mine craft Noob
    Mine craft Noob6 måneder siden

    4:58 nice name

  • Tristan
    Tristan6 måneder siden

    9:04 how is Jarvis still on his facecam when he with kay

  • GenuineJuniors
    GenuineJuniors6 måneder siden

    6:09 WAT

  • Jack Gomberg
    Jack Gomberg6 måneder siden


  • plaxx
    plaxx7 måneder siden


  • m3 CAB reacts
    m3 CAB reacts7 måneder siden

    I didn't saw Alex stream sniped teeqo

  • Ab Beyblades
    Ab Beyblades7 måneder siden

    He bully me

  • Axel Peralta

    Axel Peralta

    4 måneder siden

    @Ab Beyblades what the fuck dick

  • Ab Beyblades

    Ab Beyblades

    7 måneder siden

    Y faze adapt bully me

  • Huck
    Huck7 måneder siden

    How did orba died.

  • SkeZic
    SkeZic7 måneder siden

    Is anyone else watching in 2021

  • Bubba
    Bubba7 måneder siden

    Anyone else see ketchup by Adapt’s monitors

  • IlimanatiGivesYouWings
    IlimanatiGivesYouWings7 måneder siden

    We need 6MILLON PLZ NOW

  • lil oli
    lil oli7 måneder siden


  • TTVAngryskar 54
    TTVAngryskar 547 måneder siden

    I wanna. Be next so I’m not liking

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee7 måneder siden

    Is it me or is Adapt’s mic so low

  • -mike -
    -mike -7 måneder siden

    its also fame because when alex closed the "stream" when they came in it went to discord and 4 people were on call

  • Mazin Alhakeem
    Mazin Alhakeem7 måneder siden

    4:57 the username boiiii

  • Mazin Alhakeem
    Mazin Alhakeem7 måneder siden

    adapt mic is dog shiz

  • jose zavala
    jose zavala7 måneder siden

    It's funny how your calm and saying there getting destroyed

    MAKS FUN TV7 måneder siden

    Stop making fun of Jarvis head look at urs

  • Cheesel0ver
    Cheesel0ver7 måneder siden

    Who’s watching this after jarvis’ ban

  • Infinity._
    Infinity._7 måneder siden

    What’s going on guy Alex or faze adapt here TODAY and TODAY we are going to stream snipe faze members

  • Cheater Noah
    Cheater Noah7 måneder siden

    That was a set up

  • Hohenberger Neemia
    Hohenberger Neemia7 måneder siden

    It's funny because at the end when it says "leave a like or ur next" everyone would actually be happy to die from Adapt and people would die just to be in Adapts game

  • SizedMirror4678 Z
    SizedMirror4678 Z7 måneder siden

    Alex:I’m going to stream snipe Ninja: STREAM SNIPING (reporting) Alex: oh sh** I killed ninja

  • ToXiN-optify TV
    ToXiN-optify TV7 måneder siden

    Jarvis u are mad and salty but every time you stream snipe every body else you laugh

  • DHIMAN97
    DHIMAN977 måneder siden

    Hahahahahahah u are so baaaaaaaaddd at fortnite!

  • DHIMAN97
    DHIMAN977 måneder siden

    What the fizz 😂

  • Ornate flame
    Ornate flame7 måneder siden

    Y is there a random ketchup bottle

  • Ehsan Aslam
    Ehsan Aslam7 måneder siden

    Did he say leave a like I think I did the opposite 🤫🤫

  • Trippy esp Insta
    Trippy esp Insta7 måneder siden

    9:17 Jarvis load that up

  • Keaton Gaming
    Keaton Gaming7 måneder siden

    Bro 2020 chapter 2 season 2 when Frazier broke that chest we he would get but that was when u broke the chest didn’t give the loot to u

  • Keaton Gaming

    Keaton Gaming

    7 måneder siden

    I meant we thought he would get the loot

  • HAHA Ye Man
    HAHA Ye Man7 måneder siden

    Kay and Jarvis fake everything

  • MC Yaqubツ
    MC Yaqubツ7 måneder siden

    jarvis:what is this guy doing im getting sick and tired of getting STREAM SNIPED jarvis stream snipes everyone Edit End jarvis :stop STREAM SNIPING u do it all the time... jarvis all his season 9 videos stream sniping.....,..

  • sarabjeet kaur kaur
    sarabjeet kaur kaur7 måneder siden

    Fbi open up when everyone enters

  • Ghost Kobe
    Ghost Kobe7 måneder siden

    The good days tbh now it gay

  • KAmusedCelloPOP ĶPŐP
    KAmusedCelloPOP ĶPŐP7 måneder siden

    I'm next

  • kuba boguszewski
    kuba boguszewski7 måneder siden

    Bruh 9:05 that ketchup bruh