I Survived 200 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft In An Ocean Only World.


I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
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  • Not PaulGG
    Not PaulGG20 dager siden

    So how about that 300 days 👀

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    15 timer siden

    Yes sir

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    S- 757 gaming

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    Mr. Lads

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    Murilo Cáceres De Oliveira

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    Andrew Mayes

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  • Weapons 209
    Weapons 209Time siden

    Dose anybody else remember the first chicken to die from a tree that never got a grave stone???

  • Zilchcrab
    ZilchcrabTime siden

    Yessss make 300

  • Roy Coronado
    Roy CoronadoTime siden

    What’s the seed tho🤔

  • Matt Gilchrist
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  • Tamara Beckett
    Tamara Beckett3 timer siden

    The even excellent excited armchair consequentially zoom because field exceptionally unlock unlike a sick action. macho, easy discovery

  • B. dot
    B. dot4 timer siden

    ok i wasn’t subed hen i saw the fist 100 days and i subed and binged all your vids after also you should really do 300

  • STW_Connor
    STW_Connor4 timer siden

    Casually shoved baby villagers down into lava him no comments me be like whaaaaaaaaa xD

  • Everett Hu
    Everett Hu5 timer siden

    Has anyone told him there was wood right by the bookshelf

  • Panda Boi
    Panda Boi5 timer siden

    Netherite beacon

  • Brent Staniewicz
    Brent Staniewicz6 timer siden

    Grass blocks might spawn in caves cause I’ve seen it before near y11

  • Qspace
    Qspace6 timer siden

    Noone: Paul trying to trade a compass he doesn't have. Seriously though, he tried to trade the imaginary compass twice. You need a compass to get the map!

  • Jada Rose
    Jada Rose6 timer siden

    i love how the editor leaves in his mess ups. it makes the video 🤝🤝

  • King Cholo
    King Cholo7 timer siden

    How did he go from 4 Wither Skeleton Skulls, back to 2, then found the 3rd?

    EDDIE & ANTHONY HIDALGO7 timer siden

    Make 400 days🎮🎮🤑😝

  • bishop tardy
    bishop tardy8 timer siden

    next time use trurtles next time

  • Michael Swindle
    Michael Swindle8 timer siden

    Yes plz

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  • Jayden Nguyen
    Jayden Nguyen8 timer siden

    I know that I am golem farm

  • Oof Master
    Oof Master8 timer siden

    Wait till he runs into a baby zombie😀

  • shadowgirl34
    shadowgirl348 timer siden

    I love watching these vidios please make more.

  • Mexican Clown
    Mexican Clown9 timer siden

    5:19 🤣🤣

  • Christopher Lefebvre
    Christopher Lefebvre9 timer siden

    Paul: Day 69 HA! NICE!!

  • Michael Swindle
    Michael Swindle9 timer siden

    Day in m Minecraft

  • Michael Swindle
    Michael Swindle9 timer siden

    Can you do a300

  • Itsoygost Tyyssz
    Itsoygost Tyyssz10 timer siden

    Do 100 days in the nether

  • Camden Wilson
    Camden Wilson10 timer siden


  • Tendou_ Satori
    Tendou_ Satori10 timer siden

    Am I the only one who was triggered when he put all the bed right beside each other

  • Carnage Shadow
    Carnage Shadow11 timer siden

    His luck getting wither skeleton skulls I had looting 3 and I got 6 in 1-3 hrs I think, good fortress searching included cause it was an aternos smp and spawn rates were decreased for wither skeletons at small fortresses when I found a large one tons spawned I got the 6 and I was burnt to death cause of blazes and hit off by zombie pigmen when sweeping edge betrayed me and hit a zp luckily keep inv was on for the homeschooler smp. Edit: the smp was dying so me and my friend decided to kill 2 withers and the ender dragon at once other friend on the other hand didn't wanna end it so me and friend killed the dragon and ended the smp cause killing the dragon in an aternos smp ends the smp.

  • jaynefuller
    jaynefuller13 timer siden

    What if he died on 168 👁👄👁

  • jaynefuller
    jaynefuller13 timer siden

    Do 2000 days

  • WieleDiele Gaming
    WieleDiele Gaming14 timer siden

    At 5:19 I knew I should subscribe. So I did. Great videos

  • Hydraulic
    Hydraulic14 timer siden

    Console wither: EPIC ACTION MUSIC* Java wither: EPIC ACT- what the

  • Matthew Komorowski
    Matthew Komorowski15 timer siden

    If u want to face the wither again go to the end mine under the portal where the bedrock is and u can kill it without it hurting you

  • LOL 8000
    LOL 800015 timer siden

    LoL I saw the guy that gave you the idea of the golem farm before watching this 😂

  • Claire Cole
    Claire Cole16 timer siden

    There was a dirt block in the cave so you could’ve wait till it grows

  • Thomas Dealy
    Thomas Dealy16 timer siden

    PS mundane = boring boring potion

  • play games
    play games17 timer siden

    You are acting like tecnoblade

  • Tucker Roberts
    Tucker Roberts18 timer siden

    Do not axdently kill chikadee

  • Youtube Todoroki
    Youtube Todoroki19 timer siden


  • Lourdes Dalicano
    Lourdes Dalicano19 timer siden

    Pushing Children to a lava... You just Failed as a human being ~LOWAYS

  • bianca
    bianca19 timer siden

    love this series

  • nightmare
    nightmare21 time siden

    More like ghast busting

  • Glaze_magic -YT
    Glaze_magic -YT21 time siden

    I can only survive to 50-65 days until i die.

  • Carlos Cordeiro
    Carlos Cordeiro21 time siden

    PaulGG the chicken king WAIT A F***CKING MINUTE DID THE ISLAND CHICKEN DIE?! And another?!

  • Whitty fan 9387
    Whitty fan 938723 timer siden

    He said I beat his fish sticks

  • pita kingi
    pita kingiDag siden

    Can I give u a tip about your trident is that when it rans you can just fly and fly like hell

  • Jacques Du plessis
    Jacques Du plessisDag siden

    Cool I would like to see 300 days

  • Jacques Du plessis
    Jacques Du plessisDag siden


  • Aswin Jayakumar
    Aswin JayakumarDag siden

    Bro we need the seed to this map

  • Marshtomp
    MarshtompDag siden

    You had smite 4 on your sword Withers are undead Smite does a shot ton to undead

  • Marshtomp
    MarshtompDag siden

    Hey quick tip Please use fortune on potatoes and carrots It gives you more

  • Nikith CS
    Nikith CSDag siden

    After beating his fish sticks. *Instant regret*

  • Nes Radub
    Nes RadubDag siden

    The 's' in Debris is silent. It's pronounced "Debree".

  • Kids Kendall
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  • XxsmurfxX
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  • imran ikhwan
    imran ikhwanDag siden

    u shud make a loadstone compass for ur home

  • Derek Defranco
    Derek DefrancoDag siden

    Whats the seed.

  • Carl kendrick lopez
    Carl kendrick lopezDag siden

    I'm a boy that don't have many emotions so I screen shot your Vids and crap it and make your logo to wallpaper 'not the othere crap k'

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    Animelover _;-;Dag siden

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    Sweaty BboYDag siden

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  • Sweaty BboY
    Sweaty BboYDag siden

    I would love 300 days

  • mr sellout
    mr selloutDag siden

    yay another 200 days of some idiot trying to hide is cheats

  • 小月猫
    小月猫Dag siden

    grass blocks can spawn underground, especially near rail shafts and slime squares

  • jim frye
    jim fryeDag siden

    I heard a moan at 3:45

  • xFlyAway_
    xFlyAway_Dag siden

    But how do u like when u trade put it automaticly in there to fast trade

  • A1 Sweat
    A1 SweatDag siden

    I don’t totally don’t want to 300day no body want to see it (sarcastic)

  • Jason Agecoutay
    Jason AgecoutayDag siden

    I love the way he commentaries the whole video. Idk why lmao. You just earned a new sub!

  • Joon’s World
    Joon’s WorldDag siden

    28:54 island of the blocky dolphin

  • fulxeretthor game play
    fulxeretthor game playDag siden

    Download of the world? Please im italian and no speek good english

  • Yeet Dude Bro of Death
    Yeet Dude Bro of DeathDag siden

    ive been playing minecraft since alpha and didnt know that u could revive dragon

  • w4vy killzz
    w4vy killzzDag siden

    18:45 looks like knowledge is cash

  • Lucas Cardoso
    Lucas CardosoDag siden

    you killed 2 kids , man you are crazy

  • Lucas Cardoso
    Lucas CardosoDag siden

    Not paulgg you kill 2 kids

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    Gemini _TigerDag siden

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    No_ doubtDag siden

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    Connor SevlieDag siden

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    Brittana TaylorDag siden

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  • Brittana Taylor
    Brittana TaylorDag siden


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    ChromaDag siden

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    amanda c.Dag siden

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  • Vytautas Cejauskas
    Vytautas CejauskasDag siden

    You need to do chiken Cemetery

  • Martin Buzov
    Martin BuzovDag siden

    Put the trident in the first slot of the anvil and the book in the second. thats how it works

  • POTATO_YTer ···
    POTATO_YTer ···Dag siden

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  • Real Gamer Of Games
    Real Gamer Of GamesDag siden

    How do you make ocean only world?

  • Syhr
    SyhrDag siden

    Bruh, he didn’t have to lose the mending on trident. He had the book and trident in wrong slots, it would replace channeling but keep the others

  • diana ricardo
    diana ricardoDag siden

    day 193 he claims he spent the whole day mining sand and smelting all why didn’t his experience levels go up? 🤔 i can’t think of anything that would explain this without cheating. i love this series so far and if he could respond to this somehow thatd be great

  • Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan Ortiz

    Dag siden

    @diana ricardo it does take your exp, every time you pick up the exp orbs it will only go to your bar is all of your mending items of fully restored

  • diana ricardo

    diana ricardo

    Dag siden

    @Jonathan Ortiz yeah but doesn’t mending not take experience from you? i

  • Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan Ortiz

    Dag siden

    He has mending on is weapons and armor so is probably didn't go to his exp bar

  • mazaziman
    mazazimanDag siden

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    AllesioJovaDag siden

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