I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice


i borderline went crazy about 17 hours in...
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    Subscribe for $1,000,000 dollars

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    Way Way

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    Bless up from Jamaica bro🇯🇲 would be great if you can Mentor me as a young NOlocalr I'm your biggggest Fan✊🏾😩

  • Alberto Rivera

    Alberto Rivera

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    Wow. 👀

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    Qeon Murphy

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    I’m already subscribed but yes sir

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  • Roselin Rozario

    Roselin Rozario

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    I did mr beast you are the best

  • toasty vinemaster
    toasty vinemaster4 timer siden

    mr.beast piss never thought i would ever see that

  • Like How Are You Reading
    Like How Are You Reading4 timer siden

    I kinda think 300,000

  • Apekid18 and scone07
    Apekid18 and scone074 timer siden

    Me beast may I have a shout out

  • Amanden Penita
    Amanden Penita4 timer siden

    i think:300,000k dollars?

    MR_ROBLOX4 timer siden

    Ice ice ice the toilet's going to be yellow soon

  • Apekid18 and scone07
    Apekid18 and scone074 timer siden

    Anyone want to collab I make gaming vids

  • Yaamin
    Yaamin4 timer siden

    Can we get this comment to 10k likes for no reason ?

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  • Braylon Wilson
    Braylon Wilson4 timer siden

    I can barely survive my teachers classroom

  • Deidara Iwagakure
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  • Junior Morales
    Junior Morales4 timer siden

    Your so cool

  • Owen Sentiwany
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  • Mr Irie
    Mr Irie4 timer siden

    Your description said: "subscribe or I take your dog" Me: only if you give me $10,000

  • Puggo Playz
    Puggo Playz4 timer siden

    You should do 24 hours in a lego house

  • Mark Sturgis
    Mark Sturgis4 timer siden

    jimmy I subbed and I really need the money my family is really poor.. love you man

  • Player Snipes
    Player Snipes4 timer siden

    Woooow ty is sooooooooooooooooooo fuuuunny

  • bill rubinosky
    bill rubinosky4 timer siden

    You have to be lying

    FANGBLADE 3604 timer siden

    Somebody get wim hof in here. $150k btw

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  • Lara Sims
    Lara Sims4 timer siden

    Omg I love you mrbeast

  • Makenna Went poof
    Makenna Went poof4 timer siden

    The minds of the people driving by "What the heck-"

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy4 timer siden

    Here in Oklahoma City, we’ve been doing this in our homes for the past 5 days 😃😃

  • Evan Alameddine
    Evan Alameddine4 timer siden

    I don't how you can sit for 9 hours straight doing nothing. How do you entertain yourself

  • Tom Tran
    Tom Tran4 timer siden

    Pls keep it

  • Lilly The’Best
    Lilly The’Best4 timer siden

    Beast 2024

  • johnathan Balboa
    johnathan Balboa4 timer siden

    Texas is Colder's

    PC FANBOY4 timer siden

    i love you

  • ツDeobhee
    ツDeobhee4 timer siden

    I want to eat the ice.

  • Jouse Montano
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  • Yetza Games
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  • Adrian Peterson
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  • Lyrics forever
    Lyrics forever4 timer siden

    Don't know how he did... 🙈🙈

  • Dream Simp
    Dream Simp4 timer siden

    I cant believe u did this even tho u Mr beast

  • broski bottom text
    broski bottom text4 timer siden


  • Kenny Hughes
    Kenny Hughes4 timer siden

    00:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emily An
    Emily An4 timer siden

    Jimmy in 2040: last to leave the earth gets to keep it

  • sangay tshering
    sangay tshering4 timer siden

    Mr beast is gonna spent his next 24 hours inside "White House " 🙋🏻‍♂️☑️

  • Emily An

    Emily An

    4 timer siden


  • Hanjun Ho
    Hanjun Ho4 timer siden

    I mean Minecraft channge

  • Haji Aji
    Haji Aji4 timer siden

    I just wana have a laptop pls..

  • Duck Cena
    Duck Cena4 timer siden

    I did it

  • Duck Cena

    Duck Cena

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  • Lyrics forever
    Lyrics forever4 timer siden

    After 10 years he will go to black hole to spend 24 hours😂😂

  • that youtuber
    that youtuber4 timer siden

    Do 24 hours in walmart

  • Caillou’s Mother
    Caillou’s Mother4 timer siden

    I miss the days when he punished himself

  • Elias S
    Elias S4 timer siden

    Me and the guys are gonna get COVID for the next 300 Hours

  • Mike Frzn
    Mike Frzn4 timer siden

    Have y’all ever heard of an igloo?

  • JustCallMeMaya
    JustCallMeMaya4 timer siden

    2 on trending.Nah we bout to change that.

  • Mark Sturgis
    Mark Sturgis4 timer siden

    poor jimmy 500k

  • helper 100
    helper 1004 timer siden

    Did you spend around 370,000

  • Ranger Rick
    Ranger Rick4 timer siden

    I could help so many people with that lol. I wonder if that subscribe thing is a real thing, here's to hoping hah!

  • شهد ُ
    شهد ُ4 timer siden

    يلي يقول انا ما احب اسلوبك🤧 لو كان انا احبكم اصلا😒 كان عدلت اسلوبي معك🦦 يا تيس ☺️ ماععءء🐏🐏

  • شهد ُ

    شهد ُ

    4 timer siden

    @جوري القحطاني التيك توك مؤثر فيني 🙂

  • جوري القحطاني

    جوري القحطاني

    4 timer siden

    ايش وضعك؟

    ENJOY TV4 timer siden

    You better stop testing the life cause u are helping people.

  • FaZe_Dizrupt
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  • Jude Hoogterp
    Jude Hoogterp4 timer siden

    voiceover new??

  • Pris C
    Pris C4 timer siden

    I think you spent 35k

  • Felicia Neel
    Felicia Neel4 timer siden

    bet i did

  • Adrian Nevarez
    Adrian Nevarez4 timer siden

    I think that he spent 50k

  • Hinata 1
    Hinata 14 timer siden

    The legend survived

  • Graceee ;o
    Graceee ;o4 timer siden

    Hi Karl :D

  • عماد القحطاني
    عماد القحطاني4 timer siden


  • Sparky_Yt
    Sparky_Yt4 timer siden

    Jimmy I tried calling u but it was a bot it downloaded something and I tried to open it it said no application

  • bun Santheanear
    bun Santheanear4 timer siden

    I subscribe to you mr beast

  • Thoreal Paris
    Thoreal Paris4 timer siden

    When the reply gets more likes than the comment

  • kim minh
    kim minh4 timer siden

    Mr Beast in 2050 : Giving away spaceships

  • [Torri Deleted]
    [Torri Deleted]4 timer siden

    Oh my

  • Kingjake1988 Studios
    Kingjake1988 Studios4 timer siden

    I know a kid who’s been doing this challenge for 7 months. He’s been in my freezer that long!

  • Kingjake1988 Studios
    Kingjake1988 Studios4 timer siden

    I know a kid who’s been doing this challenge for 7 months. He’s been in my freezer that long!

  • Kingjake1988 Studios
    Kingjake1988 Studios4 timer siden

    I know a kid who’s been doing this challenge for 7 months. He’s been in my freezer that long!

  • Kingjake1988 Studios
    Kingjake1988 Studios4 timer siden

    I know a kid who’s been doing this challenge for 7 months. He’s been in my freezer that long!

  • Justin Speegle
    Justin Speegle4 timer siden

    Yikes if u drop 300k for content.... I'm bout to have my second child and in need of a larger house.!!! 👍

  • The Holy Ronan Empire ✔
    The Holy Ronan Empire ✔4 timer siden

    2079: "I am gonna spend the next 24 hours on mars"

  • Crimea Price
    Crimea Price4 timer siden


  • C.W. Johnson
    C.W. Johnson4 timer siden

    I guess 400k

  • Player Snipes
    Player Snipes4 timer siden


  • Arbfoa Edits
    Arbfoa Edits4 timer siden

    S U B C I B E T O M R B E A S T 🌸

  • Joshua Parker
    Joshua Parker4 timer siden

    This is just Canada simulator

  • Sebby Mski
    Sebby Mski4 timer siden

    i fell honerded that he is whereing a linois shirts

  • daben caballero
    daben caballero4 timer siden

    Damn, 10,000$ for a spy? Can i apply

  • Hi.Okay.
    Hi.Okay.4 timer siden

    Should have drank whisky to keep you warm.

  • Richard Agantovich
    Richard Agantovich4 timer siden

    I love your videos

  • Nash Lantinen
    Nash Lantinen4 timer siden

    Mr beast in 2025 I’m buying fortnite 😂😂

  • Faith Wagnac
    Faith Wagnac4 timer siden

    Mr.Beast: I brought pizza hut now its Beasta Hut.

  • muhammad razeen
    muhammad razeen4 timer siden

    so... has morgz stayed in ice for 24 hours yet?

  • pasta sauce
    pasta sauce4 timer siden

    50k dollars

  • draven main guy
    draven main guy4 timer siden

    mr biste i love youy !! !

  • Busty Amvs
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  • Hi.Okay.
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  • Bis _ace
    Bis _ace4 timer siden

    Wait!! The views are decreasing.

  • Deddo Izanami ¿
    Deddo Izanami ¿4 timer siden

    4 grand

  • The Aqua Papa
    The Aqua Papa4 timer siden

    Dude I will lay down on ice for 24 hrs for a shout out just to be the most subscribed to youtuber in my niche.

  • saad gaming
    saad gaming4 timer siden

    Morgz did this challenge a year ago

  • Urdu Hindi
    Urdu Hindi4 timer siden

    *Who is here from Bangladesh ..... Reply*

  • Jahayra Lozano
    Jahayra Lozano4 timer siden

    hi ji hi hi hi hi hi hgi hi hi hi hi hi

  • Divolly & Markward
    Divolly & Markward4 timer siden

    112.560$ (we dont need prize just a shoutout) 🤣

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    i think he spent half a mill

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    I think you spent 160000

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  • Kiwieinnit
    Kiwieinnit4 timer siden

    I bey he spent 696K

  • Jesus Martinez
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    Busco tóxica !

  • Jesus Martinez

    Jesus Martinez

    4 timer siden

    @Woah what

  • Woah


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