I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **THEY WORKED**

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  • It'sJustJayden
    It'sJustJayden25 dager siden

    here exactly 1 year later

  • Corey Wechsler
    Corey Wechsler2 måneder siden

    Alex would think putting toothpaste on a phone would fix it

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez5 måneder siden

    Faze Adapt for President 2024

  • Assaiante 401
    Assaiante 4015 måneder siden


  • TroyQ777
    TroyQ7776 måneder siden

    Hey Adapt, for the coke and mentos try to use regular coke. Not the diet kind.

  • Super Juice
    Super Juice6 måneder siden

    the coke rocet ship works you just need to hit it on the cap

  • Weaper
    Weaper7 måneder siden

    The thumbnail look like faze rug thumbnail

  • Nduta Fernandes
    Nduta Fernandes7 måneder siden

    Why is no one talking about 9:22-9:28

  • Ethan Fritz
    Ethan Fritz7 måneder siden

    Alex if stupid asf 🤣🤣I love him

  • Serpentine Dragon
    Serpentine Dragon8 måneder siden

    No one: Literally no one: Adapt: Melk

  • Josh Rizzo
    Josh Rizzo8 måneder siden

    For the Coke and Mentos one ur supposed to land it on ur cap

  • シNate
    シNate8 måneder siden

    This guy used mento gum:)

  • Walker Gregory
    Walker Gregory8 måneder siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to want to show his cat the a stream and takes the whole computer to the cat and forgets the webcam

  • Jacob Flynn
    Jacob Flynn8 måneder siden

    You have to bust the cap on the coke bottle

  • Zubair Hendricks
    Zubair Hendricks8 måneder siden

    U a idiot I will never break my phone for a video

    HBK GRIM8 måneder siden


  • Sloth_ VvAder
    Sloth_ VvAder9 måneder siden

    For a min it looked like GabeTv when he had the camara covering his face

  • Sloth_ VvAder
    Sloth_ VvAder9 måneder siden

    Who's the camara man is that GabeTv

  • idk anymore
    idk anymore9 måneder siden

    Let me flood this one with mentos Coke starts to explode Alex throws it away 😂

  • Cylo
    Cylo9 måneder siden

    I would love that phone

  • Angie Morales
    Angie Morales9 måneder siden


  • Ricardo Saldana
    Ricardo Saldana9 måneder siden

    Adapt and Stezzy Kane should do a collab Like so adapt sees it

  • Antony Melman
    Antony Melman9 måneder siden

    Hi my brother JAKE was in your party on the 31 march

  • Tyler T
    Tyler T10 måneder siden

    U have to hit the cap on the bottle

  • Aladozie Lopez
    Aladozie Lopez10 måneder siden

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  • itsmeYDD
    itsmeYDD10 måneder siden

    Fucking love dragon ball z

  • I like Chocolate Milk
    I like Chocolate Milk11 måneder siden

    Bro Faze wearing Revenge merch 🔥🔥🔥

  • ItsThatBrownBoy
    ItsThatBrownBoy11 måneder siden


  • Suzette Ganadonegro
    Suzette Ganadonegro11 måneder siden

    Of course the chip bag is gonna do that dumb fucks lol these r stupid .. do the skull crusher challenge since y'all do the tik tok challengea

  • Legitt
    Legitt11 måneder siden

    🔥 lit 🔥

  • The Warrior Dad
    The Warrior Dad11 måneder siden

    3:33 it's called putting tinfoil in the microwave..

  • Delta
    DeltaÅr siden

    Anyone want the hide and seek vids back?

  • Bot_Ljuba123 ``
    Bot_Ljuba123 ``År siden

    You need to throw it on the cap and then it will explode

  • Jaxxy
    JaxxyÅr siden


  • Aarnav Tiwari
    Aarnav TiwariÅr siden

    Ur face looks ass on the thumbnail

  • Soma Cruz
    Soma CruzÅr siden

    do a part 2

    DANGER DUCKÅr siden

    That cereal would be hella soggy

  • Seanie Boy
    Seanie BoyÅr siden

    Clout house looks like a gta 5 apartment lol

  • TMO Visuals
    TMO VisualsÅr siden

    Faze adapt has the same thumbnail as faze rugs video lol

  • jessy gomez
    jessy gomezÅr siden

    Tht 4k 60 looked bad ngl

  • Santiago Camacho
    Santiago CamachoÅr siden

    8:45“ I think we’re just dumb” “hey speak for yourself “

  • 9 9 9
    9 9 9År siden


  • Eben 700
    Eben 700År siden

    Adapt the type of guy to ask Jarvis to play fortnite

  • ヤシュ
    ヤシュÅr siden

    It’s fake he pulled out a smashed iPhone 8 and then put his iPhone X there

  • kaari
    kaariÅr siden

    “speak for yourself” 8:54

  • Jonathan Mendosa
    Jonathan MendosaÅr siden

    bro let me get that iPhone 8 bro i need a phone i still got the Samsung galaxy s5

  • malik habib
    malik habibÅr siden

    MOCKING BANKS 5!!!! giftgameoffer.com/

  • Sy nZ
    Sy nZÅr siden

    I can't believe adapt is clickbait now sick dude

  • Sy nZ

    Sy nZ

    År siden

    Oh fuck nvm... Kinda?????

  • iTzCRiTiC4L
    iTzCRiTiC4LÅr siden

    buddy you alright... you sure were shaking really bad cutting open that lucky charms.... alcohol withdrawal or what...

  • B Valtierra
    B ValtierraÅr siden

    Why does Faze have the most hideous people. Like dudes to ugly to have sex in high school but cool enough to have sex with high school girls as 20 year olds.

  • James Braendle
    James BraendleÅr siden

    Water and cereal ouu

  • What’sPoppin
    What’sPoppinÅr siden

    You don’t even use mentos just shake it and throw it down on the cap

  • Joshua Negrete
    Joshua NegreteÅr siden

    You put no mentos for it to work just shake it up and throw it on the cap

  • miztafn
    miztafnÅr siden

    This had me fucking crying

  • mikuláš linhart
    mikuláš linhartÅr siden

    What is the name of his hoodie?

  • Namoa
    NamoaÅr siden

    8:56 nice one

  • ANDRE Lelegends
    ANDRE LelegendsÅr siden

    wow faze adapt doing Tik toks hacks wow nice

  • George Gomez
    George GomezÅr siden

    why he look mad high all the time

  • Monkey Head b
    Monkey Head bÅr siden

    That fart

  • Monkey Head b
    Monkey Head bÅr siden

    I heard that part and thought of you

  • Celyn Majalca
    Celyn MajalcaÅr siden

    Throw it on the cap

  • Cost1n
    Cost1nÅr siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy who try to Cook air

  • William Mcvicar
    William McvicarÅr siden


  • glockjr1714 yt
    glockjr1714 ytÅr siden

    Adapt is the best invention ever

  • NickSingsMusic
    NickSingsMusicÅr siden


  • Sady Valladares
    Sady ValladaresÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to have sex then ask if she is pregnant yet

  • LNG stealyoting
    LNG stealyotingÅr siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to wake everybody up when he wakes up

  • 13august
    13augustÅr siden


  • 13august
    13augustÅr siden


  • ODD
    ODDÅr siden

    Adapt the type of nigga to drink half shield then minis

  • qrmillz
    qrmillzÅr siden

    I love that and I love and an and I love that I love it so much different cameras

  • Caleb Shea
    Caleb SheaÅr siden

    Thought that shit was gonna pop and go through the window lmao

  • Levi Is a BRUH
    Levi Is a BRUHÅr siden

    I put my pop tarts in the microwave i was like what the cause it looked lighting to me at that time cuz I was like 7 and it was like messed up

  • Savage Piggy
    Savage PiggyÅr siden

    You know that phone yeah it did it but he got the iPhone he has right now and put it there

  • Not Seima
    Not SeimaÅr siden

    Me: Trying to find relevant comments to the video that are interesting Everyone: Like for BIG PP

  • Bluet00th


    År siden


  • Yariel Sanchez-Melendez
    Yariel Sanchez-MelendezÅr siden

    2020 anyone

  • Jackson Paris
    Jackson ParisÅr siden

    Adapt the toe of guy to ask the cashier how much money is in a $10 gift card😂

  • Amber Dubose
    Amber DuboseÅr siden

    Idk what he was thinking with the chip bag one but omg 😭😭

  • Elixir Clan
    Elixir ClanÅr siden

    bring back Katie from the yoga challenge

  • Gubble flip
    Gubble flipÅr siden

    Trow it on the cap

  • EgZodPlays
    EgZodPlaysÅr siden

    How much drugs he on lmao

  • godsun13
    godsun13År siden

    Faze adapt the kind of guy toCut his hair so he can smell it

  • Spazo
    SpazoÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to go to a store and say on the intercom SUBSCRIBE a To Chill3R_ on yt

  • Alex Grubbs
    Alex GrubbsÅr siden

    adapt the type of guy to wear sunglasses at night because the moon is too bright

  • Vision
    VisionÅr siden

    When is the next "FaZe Adapt the type of" coming??

  • Siuxy Plays
    Siuxy PlaysÅr siden

    This channels stupid af

  • Cryxpt
    CryxptÅr siden

    Only OG adapt viewers remember Faze TurkeyLunch

  • beny bear
    beny bearÅr siden


  • Kayden jacques
    Kayden jacquesÅr siden

    Nobody: Comments: LIKE FOR BIG PP

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos LopezÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to scream as loud as he can when he comes in the kitchen.

  • Supreme Kid
    Supreme KidÅr siden

    So dumb! Toothpaste!what?

  • Ziqo FN
    Ziqo FNÅr siden

    the camera man sounds like lucas from dobre brothers

  • ANMS_h1GHv0l74g3
    ANMS_h1GHv0l74g3År siden

    Adapt the tyoe of guy to steal thumbnails and video ideas from faze rug

  • Bryans WRLD
    Bryans WRLDÅr siden

    FAZE is dead

  • Hunter Harrison
    Hunter HarrisonÅr siden

    1000th comment leshgo

  • Student: Eugene Baffour
    Student: Eugene BaffourÅr siden

    How do you join faze

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan SmithÅr siden

    that dance was fire that he did 0:15

  • Harene Kesa
    Harene KesaÅr siden

    There is taco burger it’s true

  • Jose Botello
    Jose BotelloÅr siden

    Faze adapt type guy starts momma joke's battle with Siri

  • ツSpirit
    ツSpiritÅr siden

    You throw it on the cap