I tried Bruce Lee's training program!


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I tried Bruce Lee training program. This training program was supposed to be the pillar of his strength.
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  • Sebastiaan Noë
    Sebastiaan Noë2 timer siden


  • GoCrazyRachel
    GoCrazyRachel3 timer siden

    The way you spun off that slippery hold!!

  • Barney Gould
    Barney Gould3 timer siden

    This the first magnus vid i have seen him falll offf

  • Knauros
    Knauros11 timer siden

    The workout in its self seems like one i would do except the behind the neck presses and a little more rest^^

  • Ace
    Ace22 timer siden

    not gonna give a whole break down for form because there has been plenty already. Just when doing any kinda workout try your best to keep your feet straight. I noticed that they tend to rotate outwards and it is a very common thing for people to do

  • Larry D
    Larry D22 timer siden

    good for your overall fitness which helps with your climbing :)

  • BIG LO
    BIG LO23 timer siden

    I just followed the training program. awesome workout! tnx

  • minato 34
    minato 34Dag siden

    hey magnus can u still do one arm muscle up?

  • Jan Tapken
    Jan TapkenDag siden

    keep going

  • VisualVelocity
    VisualVelocityDag siden

    Try the 8a again!!!

  • Eric Grumke
    Eric Grumke2 dager siden


  • Denzil Gomes
    Denzil Gomes2 dager siden

    Comment for the algorithm.

  • Cameron Ware
    Cameron Ware2 dager siden

    Ild recommend skipping upright row and behind the head shoulder press. Replace them with other shoulder exercises like dumbell high pull and standard military press. Some people are fine doing these exercises and never experience an issue. But from a mechanical point of view these arent great for your shoulders no matter how good your form is. Your kind of entering an injury lottery with these exercises. Can result in alot of pain raising your arms above your head. This is a pretty important movement in climbing, so the risk to rewards ratio for these exercises arent in your favour. Unfortunately this advice comes from experience 😂

  • Matt Maris
    Matt Maris2 dager siden

    Great video! please do the forearm training!

  • gschtaude
    gschtaude3 dager siden

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not really in the positiin to criticize Bruce Lee, but I think the up right row and behind the neck press should have been replaced with exercises that are a bit more safe.

  • DontStealMyFish
    DontStealMyFish3 dager siden

    Time to ask Juji and Tom for your form questions!

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui3 dager siden

    The new shirts look awesome

  • Alex Riddle
    Alex Riddle3 dager siden

    8:25 wow that unexpected spin

  • John Bridgewater
    John Bridgewater3 dager siden

    You should watch some Shaolin monk training videos and then do one. Lots of body weight stuff which is always great for climbers.

  • Dylan Fowler
    Dylan Fowler3 dager siden

    Bruce used to do 10 hours a day for seven years, check out Beerdy channel. He did Bruce's training program for 6 hours a day for some months, however Beerdy said he had to stop as his body was showing signs of deep exhaustion, something he said that contributed to Bruce's death.

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    3 dager siden

    Love the material (Garn?/Cotton?) they use for the Shirts! They feel awesome

  • Mick Wander
    Mick Wander3 dager siden

    Hey Magnus, what is the source of this workout, I tried to google it and there is lots fo different Bruce Lee workouts out there. It's really hard to tell which one is created buy actual Bruce Lee himself. I really like the one you are doing but I would reorder it, putting complex exercises at the beggining and the isolated at the end. Do you think that would change anything or should I just try as is?

  • isaak ring
    isaak ring3 dager siden

    2:03 holy shit

  • Thomas Papitsch
    Thomas Papitsch4 dager siden

    That grey hoodie is dope! I'll treat myself to one for christmas! :D

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni4 dager siden

    So excited for “mesternes nester” after christmas. Also going to OKS tomorrow :))

  • William stevens
    William stevens4 dager siden

    Tried Bruce Lees,training program,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,you dont know how to fight

  • Ihsan
    Ihsan4 dager siden

    do the impossible push up and pull-up!

  • John D
    John D4 dager siden

    I think you should try this again with Tom & Juji. Be a fun collab and they could tell you how to do it right!

  • Ferox
    Ferox4 dager siden

    When in doubt campus it. That's what I do, literally every time😄 Works out great for me tho

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    4 dager siden

    i love the filming in this vid

  • AdamJQSmith
    AdamJQSmith4 dager siden

    When trying any workout you need to prioritize 1) Join comfort (This means its fine if your muscles are uncomfortable but your joints shouldn't be). 2) Form 3) Enough weight to tire yourself within 6-12 reps I think you should research any workout you do better understand what form you want to adopts. Although there are some approaches to form that are universal to any workout. Form can influence: 1) What muscles you target. 2) How many muscles are involved. 3) How much weight you can use. 4) The likelihood of injury. The only critique I have is you not doing your homework before you go into a serious training session and taking advice from a internet comment section. Please do you research so you can avoid injury and better target the muscles you want to workout in a way that suits your fitness needs.

  • func d
    func d4 dager siden

    on the clean and press/barbell rows stick your butt out more to keep your back STRAIGHT.

  • christ0ker 1
    christ0ker 14 dager siden

    I think you would have a great nazi general.

  • MrMarshallMan3
    MrMarshallMan34 dager siden

    It looks to me like you're hands aren't symmetrical on the bar. Either that or you need a chiropractor lol

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone5 dager siden

    Notifications gang never late 😎

  • J G
    J G5 dager siden

    that green hold is not okay

  • Luca Hoffmann
    Luca Hoffmann5 dager siden

    Love the material (Garn?/Cotton?) they use for the Shirts! They feel awesome

  • Rem C
    Rem C5 dager siden

    Magnus, we would literally love you to do every suggestion and idea you have. I personally enjoy everything you do and I don't even climb!!

  • docsav
    docsav5 dager siden

    Wow. Bruce Lee was ahead of his time with this routine. High intensity intervals with mostly compound movements. As I recall, the forearm workout is pretty brutal, maybe overkill, but would be fun to see Magnus try. My favorite Bruce Lee fact is that he was convinced that he was going to somehow be forced into fighting Muhammed Ali. Bruce was obviously strong, fast and skilled, but Ali had at least 7 or 8 inches and almost a hundred pounds on him at fighting weight. This was one of the big motivations that kept Bruce training hard, and apparently even coming up with plans for what he would do in such a contest. The crazy thing is, I think he'd have held his own. Probably not for a knockout but with some other kind of injury that would hamper Ali's ability to catch him.

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    5 dager siden

    I'm not trying to be a dick but the clean and press is not even close to correct haha. Just look up a video or diagram quickly. It's pretty simple.

  • Emil Hessel
    Emil Hessel5 dager siden

    Magnus Midtbø + Bruce Lee combined = most powerful supernova ever seen!

  • Waow
    Waow5 dager siden

    Nice training. Do you have any tips for a stretching routine for climbing? I have problems with my flexibility on some routes.

  • calus151
    calus1515 dager siden

    Magnus, youve been gone for a hot minute, you better keep climbing those rocks or i will be most disapointed

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis5 dager siden

    Fun Video as always Magnus, however, as a Bruce Lee fan, while he was alive, and having read two different books on his life the data I heard was he did minimal weight training, as when attempting it early in his training he gave himself an injury. As an avid weight trainer myself 8-12 reps for working sets would definitely put on muscle mass which Bruce was not interested in and would have known as he studied weight training quite extensively. I think I can say with reasonable certainty that the workout in the video was not done by Bruce Lee for any length of time, if at all. Hypertrophy kicks in above 5 or 6 reps.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace5 dager siden

    i love the filming in this vid

  • Vynxe Vainglory
    Vynxe Vainglory5 dager siden

    It sounds like Bruce Lee says "Be formless, shirtless..."

  • Angela Moses
    Angela Moses5 dager siden

    *Magnus* stops training for a month comes back still ripped *me* stops training for day body returns back to normal

  • DaftFader
    DaftFader5 dager siden

    Try always to look forward when doing lifts, I noticed it was especially bad in barbel curl, as you risk damaging your cervical spine and/or the supporting muscles of it when you bend your head forward so much when under the stress of lifting heavy weights.Also behind the neck press is discouraged now days from a lot of sources also due to it forcing your neck to bend forward, you can do a military press from in-front of your neck and it's the same thing but much safer.

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi5 dager siden

    2!! Watching here from Phillipines🇵🇭

  • lostsin
    lostsin5 dager siden

    the bar is tilting to your right making your left side do more work(or your arms have different lengths )

  • Anh Vu
    Anh Vu6 dager siden

    Yeah upright rows are Not really Ideal for your shoulders.

  • Spirit & Honor's Jeet Kune Do
    Spirit & Honor's Jeet Kune Do6 dager siden

    Pretty good Video except for the fact that the training you trying to do from bruce lee is a normal strength routine program. That means he did it by completing all sets for one exercise and after completing it he progressed to the next exercise. I've been doing his training program for over 25 years now and have all the training methods that he did till his death. Researching would be better with his books and published notes the next time. I wish you all the best and no hard feelings, keep it up.

  • Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi

    5 dager siden

    for the algorithm

  • Wyrdo Kward
    Wyrdo Kward6 dager siden

    Omg the knee sound 😱

  • SirGabe
    SirGabe6 dager siden

    I'm not trying to be a dick but the clean and press is not even close to correct haha. Just look up a video or diagram quickly. It's pretty simple.

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui6 dager siden

    The new shirts look awesome

  • Kyle Dion Official
    Kyle Dion Official6 dager siden

    Got a challenge for you magnus. I just set the unofficial world record. 1 mile weighted run 45 pounds. nolocal.info/have/video/r5iMaddy26-A3Iw

  • Dan Wallis
    Dan Wallis6 dager siden

    love the new t-shirts!

  • James Re
    James Re6 dager siden

    Let's see that green!

  • mijuo roui

    mijuo roui

    6 dager siden

    doing these types of Bruce lee inspired training programs has helped any time I was in a rock gym the grip forearm and core really help

  • Josh Nielsen
    Josh Nielsen6 dager siden

    Found you through Juji & Tom. I just gotta say that my hands always get sweaty when you climb haha. I'm gonna start needing chalk just to watch your videos!

  • Smooth Kinney
    Smooth Kinney6 dager siden

    You gotta do the forearm workout to show up Juji again

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B6 dager siden

    5:50 just have someone behind you stand with a cannon shooting chalk "water balloons" above your hands when you need it, yelling "chalk!"

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B6 dager siden

    I'm assuming evryone's hands get sweaty when they watch bouldering videos XD I need _Everyday_ brand chalk

  • ed eddeh
    ed eddeh6 dager siden

    Hey Mags, check out Athlean-X's video on why the behind the neck press and upright row should be abandoned as they arent great for the shoulders

  • A -
    A -6 dager siden


  • Zaine Ridding
    Zaine Ridding6 dager siden

    Commenting for the algorithm

  • Andrew McPartlin
    Andrew McPartlin6 dager siden

    Forearm program yes please. With the clean n press you should have enough weight you need to bring it to the top of the chest first then with some knee bounce press it overhead. Also why do your knees crack so bad?? My spine is shivering 😰

  • Lucas V
    Lucas V6 dager siden

    for the algorithm

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue6 dager siden

    Says he hasn’t climbed in a month... flawlessly executed the dyno and everything else. This man is insane!

  • Rasmus Friislund
    Rasmus Friislund6 dager siden

    Hey Magnus. Aarhus Boulders in Denmark are making i new gym. Come make some problems!

    TELEVISIBLE6 dager siden

    don't, he over trained and died tragically.!

  • Jonderouse
    Jonderouse6 dager siden

    nice work, I bet you can do the one arm push up on only the thumb and index finger no problem. and also try dragon flag

  • beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue

    6 dager siden

    have that type of sheer climbing strength" 😂

  • Jonderouse
    Jonderouse6 dager siden

    also the barbell lat pull over is great try it with a slight bend in the elbow and lower the bare close to the ground or to the ground when you have weights on the bar

  • Jonderouse
    Jonderouse6 dager siden

    doing these types of Bruce lee inspired training programs has helped any time I was in a rock gym the grip forearm and core really help

  • Jiggermansan
    Jiggermansan6 dager siden

    Usually i like your videos, but that title is Clickbait... This time its a thumb down, sorry.

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan6 dager siden

    The new shirts look awesome

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh6 dager siden

    Nobody: Magnus: let's do an 8A + boulder before the Bruce lee Workout.

  • Allison Rooney
    Allison Rooney6 dager siden

    Love the new tee shirts!! Please make women's tanks!!

  • Junder R
    Junder R7 dager siden

    Most of Bruce Lee’s training was psychological.

  • bilij pdan

    bilij pdan

    6 dager siden

    wouldn't be by having less extreme angle on your shoulders, by bringing the bar in front of your neck.

  • Mantis Calisthenics
    Mantis Calisthenics7 dager siden

    Pullover is similar to Front lever raises

  • InnerPull
    InnerPull7 dager siden

    Please feature music from DARLING WEST!

  • Josh J
    Josh J7 dager siden

    Bruce Lee always gets a view

  • Robert Dahlke
    Robert Dahlke7 dager siden

    Ask Zack Telander about the clean and press. He is a Olympic Weightlifter on youtube and does collaborations with Juji and Tom so you must be able to reach him that way. Also your clean and press looked absolutely horrendous.

  • Cr4sh__
    Cr4sh__7 dager siden

    the new shirts are awesome, but what climbing shoes do you have, where did you buy them???

  • Jurah
    Jurah7 dager siden

    Hey Magnus. When you do curls many people showed me, that if you pull your shoulder blades up -> back -> and then back down (keeping them as far back as possible) before doing the curls in this position, your form will be cleaner cause you can only use upper arm strength and nearly dont use your chest, breast or shoulder muscles. btw nice video would love more clean training videos from you ! .. even though you already got a completely insane physique :D

  • Isak Linton
    Isak Linton7 dager siden

    Be careful with your knees on the clean press Magnus! :) For your current form, I think that it would be good for you to push your knees outwards actively during the whole rep to not cause any serious damage :) Looked better in the end, for some reason xD Also looks like your knees are going over your toes on your squats, keep them behind your toes. This is super important for every1 so think of this the next time you work out with weights guys! :D

  • Taylor Paffrath
    Taylor Paffrath7 dager siden

    Me: turns on new Magnus video "Let's see what Mr Meatball is up to today!" Watches him 2 finger campus 3 pockets in a row " okay, time for me to go eat a donut cause I'll never have that type of sheer climbing strength" 😂

  • Benjamin Dalhoff
    Benjamin Dalhoff7 dager siden

    This form is actually really really bad!

  • konfetti klaus
    konfetti klaus7 dager siden

    save your energy and shoulders and skip the upright row - many people tend to get pain or damages from it - Since Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee it might be fine for him, but i'll skip that one if I were you

  • Jayden Coulton
    Jayden Coulton7 dager siden

    The clicks are sickening to hear and feel for me. I get them in my elbows when I do pushups. It's enough to make me stop doing them, despite no pain involved. So yeah, I haven't progressed much in the way of pushups...

  • TriksterHD
    TriksterHD7 dager siden

    For anyone looking to do this, both behind the neck press and upright rows are considered to be bad exercises to do. They are bad on the joints.

  • TriksterHD
    TriksterHD7 dager siden

    The Bruce Lee part starts at 8:45

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy7 dager siden

    Watching you struggle inspires me. I also lookup to Bruce lee :) .

  • Alessandro Echevarria
    Alessandro Echevarria7 dager siden

    My PT has actually told me that behind the neck press is bad for your shoulders due to loading them while at the end of their range. and you're not really working out anything you wouldn't be by having less extreme angle on your shoulders, by bringing the bar in front of your neck.

  • Hang Tyrants
    Hang Tyrants7 dager siden

    I haven't watched but, no, no you did not try it. You may think you have done what you call trying it but if this were true we wouldn't be currently hearing from you until your legs could move star systems and that would be the start of beginning to try , maybe.

  • Hunter Flannigan
    Hunter Flannigan7 dager siden

    Only advice I would want to give is to keep your wrists straight when you do the upright rows. Twisting them under load is pretty bad for the joints apparently.

  • Kev Scheepers
    Kev Scheepers7 dager siden

    yes on forearm training programm

  • LRoyz Climbing
    LRoyz Climbing7 dager siden

    Love to see the forearm workout too

  • Deon Ceruti
    Deon Ceruti7 dager siden

    He makes it look so easy

  • Neofolis
    Neofolis7 dager siden

    Magnus, the only person to bench double his squat. For future reference, whilst the behind the neck press is a well known and relatively popular exercise, it's not great for shoulder health.

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj7 dager siden

    2 minutes and already a lot of comments

  • Jacob
    Jacob7 dager siden

    Please don't take this as hate but rather constructive feedback but I feel like Rungne is quite overpriced for the fairly basic designs! Is it the quality that bumps up the price - just curious! Love your content Magnus

  • Tormod Tjåland
    Tormod Tjåland7 dager siden


  • ChaosOnTour
    ChaosOnTour7 dager siden

    Commenting for the algorythm. Great vid. :D

  • vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj

    7 dager siden

    have you ever tried speed climbing?