I tried every trick to beat the best pro player in RLCS history


Today, we play against the most mechanically skilled pro player in RLCS history... and all I need, is a single win.
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0:00 Intro
0:56 Standard
3:35 Seekheater
5:09 Zoomer
7:23 Ready To Rumble
9:33 ShopDrot
11:27 Outro
#MERTZY #RLCS #RocketLeague
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    3:37 next up is Seekheater? XD

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    gg wp

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    The first match is two matches? Jstns name changed

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    Make more videos with Justin

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    Sde is the best thing to have Qqrsws

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    Did anyone else notice justns name changed halfway through the first game

  • FlappyDoodle63
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  • Alexander Mitchell
    Alexander Mitchell4 dager siden

    And again on heetseeker

  • Alexander Mitchell
    Alexander Mitchell4 dager siden

    How did Justin change his name to Jstn?

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    mertzy are you a rocket car youvlogger

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    Everytime i see Jstn i feel scared that I wanna forfeit

  • Doalix Ferreiras
    Doalix Ferreiras6 dager siden

    2 minutes in a heatseeker round my friend can even touch the ball halve the time

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    2:03 JSTN name changed

  • Spartacus P
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    0:03 tryded

  • Biya Gamachu
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    0:07 Arsenal:Am I a joke to you?

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    He named the heatseeker chapter seekheater

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    The measly paperback multivariately spark because danger extragingivally clean behind a weary base. hoc, rigid sister-in-law

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    Mertzy du bist der beste youtuber

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    How did jstns name change mid game in the standard

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    Here’s my friend Justin, already taken and he’s cracked at rocket league my guy

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    He plays on ps4

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    Brig I thought that Mertzy was a god but he ain't

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    2:43 What a Save!

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    Mertzy is the little mac of rocket league

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    more! :D

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    No one going to talk about the sections seekheater and shopdrot? Okay.

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    haha i noticed that too

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    *sad Turbopolsa noises*

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    It says seekheater

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    kinda expected kronovi, but thats ok

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    2:24 Nobody: Jstn: I’m a bout to end dis mans whole career

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    On the first match

  • eEz Max
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    Wait! How did Justin’s name changed mid game

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    From 4:17 u should count thar pass game, naybe a new record😁😄

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    Hey Mertzy thanks for not winning every round so jstn doesn’t feel embarrassed.

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    How is justins name so long then its short?

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    Plot twist JSTN is playing with his feet and still wins

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    Yo I didn’t know it took a week to upload 🤔

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    Mertzy: jstn is without a doubt a best mechanical player in the word Arsenal:am I a joke to you

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    Too many zoom-in moments in the beginning of video... Chill

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    Hey mertzy, Thanks for not winning every round so jstn doesn't feel embarrassed

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    Game name: *Dropshot* Timebar: *ShotDrot*

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    Plot twist JSTN is playing with his feet and still wins

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    ask HIM)

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    Can anyone tell me what boost that is?

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    Merthyr you suck compared to jstn

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    Hi can we play a mach

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    who else realized that he called it seekheater 🤣

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    Ur such a good freind you did let justn win becouse we all know that you would win

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    Mertzy I’m in your discord server and I would love to add you on discord I’m a big fan my name on discord is 😎Phoenix😎 I would love to play rocket league with you I play on Xbox

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    how did they play 1v1 heatseeker? it hasnt been an official gamemode

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    If u accept my username is ApexHero79 and Im on PS4

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    Bro, this guys is garbage. I can beat him in a 1V1. EZPZ.

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    *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*

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    Mertzy do you know spanish cause that song in the outro is spanish

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    justin is cracked at fortnite and rocket leauge

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    Can we get 100k ? ?12 dager siden

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  • Mario Porfirio
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