I Tried Selling My Gold Play Button **they really offered this**

no way they offered me this much..
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  • Shaun McGraw
    Shaun McGraw12 dager siden

    I remember that logo!!

  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing teamMåned siden

    I remember everyone's logo rain temper blaziken alex

  • Angel Guerra
    Angel Guerra5 måneder siden

    Sorry bro I skipped straight to the video.

  • Havanplayz
    Havanplayz6 måneder siden

    He didn't know that old gold play button was real gold and who wants real gold for 100 dollars.

  • Johnattincan
    Johnattincan8 måneder siden

    you shouldve melted it into pure gold then turn it into golden ingots and sold them at a place that would offer more

  • Joshua Garber
    Joshua GarberÅr siden

    Yeah I remember that logo. I remember you graduating lmao

  • Joshua Garber

    Joshua Garber

    År siden

    I remember soar days too

  • Ben Rosing
    Ben RosingÅr siden

    I remember that

  • Frame
    FrameÅr siden

    Subscribe to my NOlocal channel VestedFrame 8622

  • Wtfpleasehlp
    WtfpleasehlpÅr siden

    His owl looks overweight

  • Mike Wake
    Mike WakeÅr siden

    8:15 thats funny af

  • Prodigy
    ProdigyÅr siden

    the logo was always hard asf. been watching since 2014 no cap

  • Lit Vids
    Lit VidsÅr siden

    5.56 gta5

  • JoeVybz
    JoeVybzÅr siden

    I would easily pay 10k for it.

  • Gavonster58
    Gavonster58År siden

    I remember the logo. Been watchin since New York💯🔥

  • Colorising
    ColorisingÅr siden

    Same title to rugs but it says GOLD

  • Kïa Scott
    Kïa ScottÅr siden

    Bring back a lot more faze adapt the type of guy vids

  • Rajat Naik
    Rajat NaikÅr siden

    Which model is that laptop on his bed

  • LeoSadler123
    LeoSadler123År siden

    Ahhh the og adapt logo 🔥

  • :D D:
    :D D:År siden

    I remember his old logo but I wasn’t a big fan of him at the time

  • cs
    csÅr siden

    1:20 I had the silver dog tags that said adapt on one side and had that logo on the other 😂😂

  • JNue
    JNueÅr siden

    LOL Pawn shops will rip you off and sell it for retail price. Buy $80 game brand new unboxed and you'd still get $15-$20

  • Ondrey
    OndreyÅr siden

    Let’s get this man to 10m

  • Mini Coolrunin
    Mini CoolruninÅr siden

    Rug did this with his diamond play button and only got offered 500$ sooooooo.........

  • JohnJohn ™
    JohnJohn ™År siden

    youtube doesn’t give af

  • Sir Sykotic
    Sir SykoticÅr siden

    Can deffo remember logo, bo2 days and before

  • Rya N
    Rya NÅr siden

    A couple thousand obviously he has never ben to a pawn shop and the 1500 dollars was a loan they where not buying it

  • Trezn
    TreznÅr siden

    you went to chicago? nah bruh frfr be safe out there

  • g g
    g gÅr siden


  • Rocco Alvarez
    Rocco AlvarezÅr siden

    I always thought your old logo looks like the top of a pencil

  • Abraham Jacobs
    Abraham JacobsÅr siden

    I want AirPods😭😭

  • Arash Nabizada Jawid Nabizada
    Arash Nabizada Jawid NabizadaÅr siden

    bro why did faze adapt say shout out to rug what dose that mean??!!?

  • YTRYproductions
    YTRYproductionsÅr siden

    Ill give you 5k for it.

  • gothic808s
    gothic808sÅr siden

    1:25 yes I remember u also had the logo as ur emblem in cod bo2

  • Chris Wrenne
    Chris WrenneÅr siden

    what's the music you used in the beginning of the video!?!?

  • Ved Patel
    Ved PatelÅr siden

    Hey why don’t you do this with your diamond play button? Oh wait 😬🤭😂

  • kyol
    kyolÅr siden

    Only OG faze fans can reply to this

  • Connor1x
    Connor1xÅr siden

    SoaR Adapt.

  • Fntrix
    FntrixÅr siden

    Adapt:selling gold play button Sniperwolf:selling my dimond play button

  • Fntrix


    År siden

    And sssniperwolf

  • Bryan104


    År siden

    Dookie Dook lmao thats faze rug

  • Mason
    MasonÅr siden

    Life of faze adapt 500k

    G3NXSIDE XDÅr siden

    Mocking faze banks in japan: part 5

  • Au Swirvy
    Au SwirvyÅr siden

    ur saying i should upon an auction house like a store shoutout parfice jewerly & loans adapy u asked if n ew rug

  • bad bunny
    bad bunnyÅr siden

    Faze adapt i think you were just trying to flex your biceps 😂😂 no hate though

  • Lil Bro Gaming
    Lil Bro GamingÅr siden

    I'm a new fan of your videos I just started watching them And I kept watching them

  • Kallie Otto
    Kallie OttoÅr siden

    “I don’t want to sound like I’m flexing” This whole video was you flexing.

  • TriX_TOXIC 04
    TriX_TOXIC 04År siden

    I been watching you since I was 8 I’m 12 now

  • Portal_ 003
    Portal_ 003År siden

    Like if he should try selling his faze chain to a pawnshop and see how much they will offer for that!!!


    I miss that logo!

    JUS FRANTICÅr siden

    I for real watched u when u played ghost

    LØST TRVPÅr siden

    *Adapt experiments how much people would buy the playbutton* Playbutton: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  • RiceKrispy
    RiceKrispyÅr siden

    Who remembers the A like this if you do

  • Sceptic Sceptic
    Sceptic ScepticÅr siden


  • Sceptic Sceptic
    Sceptic ScepticÅr siden

    I remember that logi

  • sampotool !
    sampotool !År siden

    MR eder 1 knogjärn h1ghsky bbq ojojoj e hiphop e joho 3 21 hoj e hoj i 2 i

  • Memes
    MemesÅr siden

    Play mw

  • Memes
    MemesÅr siden


  • Yulqii
    YulqiiÅr siden

    Adapt where’s barry

  • crab men
    crab menÅr siden

    Don't show a dead body on camera like logan paul

  • brwcapalxtt
    brwcapalxttÅr siden

    When you don’t have 10M subs

  • Choco
    ChocoÅr siden

    subscribe to my NOlocal

  • WWE Raw
    WWE RawÅr siden


  • joseph _toxic
    joseph _toxicÅr siden

    Tell Jarvis in person about melan

  • n0vaz
    n0vazÅr siden


  • n0vaz
    n0vazÅr siden


  • n0vaz
    n0vazÅr siden


  • S3RG1
    S3RG1År siden

    Bro go out and get some sun. You’re as white as your bed.

  • Klout
    KloutÅr siden

    Wheres roman

  • Sherry Wilkerson
    Sherry WilkersonÅr siden

    Adapt is a pussy ass nigga he is on his period about his sister she is ug as fuck anyway an that nigga couldn't beat faze kay in a fight anyway 😂

  • chuby chomps
    chuby chompsÅr siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to put gas on a fire to put it out

  • The Diamond
    The DiamondÅr siden

    Pewdiepie’s next vid: selling my ruby play button

  • Tye Dav
    Tye DavÅr siden


  • Tripute Duke
    Tripute DukeÅr siden

    Can you play call of duty plz

  • Eric Prihodiko
    Eric PrihodikoÅr siden

    Bro you literally steal everyone’s vid ideas broke boy

  • EFKA


    År siden

    And that's why you have no subscribers how is he broke and he gives credit to them stfu dude

  • Yolo 1
    Yolo 1År siden


  • Bilal Qaisi
    Bilal QaisiÅr siden

    Adapt everybody hates you your just showing off

  • S Spy
    S SpyÅr siden

    Fuck u

  • Little Gamer 3109
    Little Gamer 3109År siden

    Hey Alex just saw faze kays vid his girlfriend ( forgot how to spell her name ) set Jarvis up sooo don’t take it out on him

  • niggato 7292
    niggato 7292År siden

    Make sure rice stays in japan

  • Khaled Alzaabi
    Khaled AlzaabiÅr siden

    Fuck you

  • Khaled Alzaabi
    Khaled AlzaabiÅr siden

    Jarvis love your sister

  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889År siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of nigga to ask for left handed guitar strings

  • Pierce pallette
    Pierce palletteÅr siden

    i miss the old adapt ughhh ahhh

  • SpaceSZN
    SpaceSZNÅr siden

    Your kidding me. I love faze and I live in Chicago

  • Zavix YT
    Zavix YTÅr siden

    Y’all should follow me I have a sick fortnite Montage

  • The_ Defaults118
    The_ Defaults118År siden

    Adapt the type of guy to sit on a tv and watch the coach

  • Icy_LemurTo3d *
    Icy_LemurTo3d *År siden

    You should do a vid with barry

  • iOS trog Bzil
    iOS trog BzilÅr siden

    Let Jarvis

  • King Kong
    King KongÅr siden

    I want the old videos back at the New York house those were the days call of duty days

  • Alex Fox
    Alex FoxÅr siden

    OG FANS RISE UP🤘🏼🤘🏼⚔️⚔️

  • clสp
    clสpÅr siden

    frazer wife was pranking u jarvis does not have a crush

  • Petro king27
    Petro king27År siden

    What happened to jarvis and your little sister ;;;;

  • Prabhu 3
    Prabhu 3År siden

    adapt should make mocking FaZe Banks part 5

  • Hunter Nauman
    Hunter NaumanÅr siden

    Adapt CONSTANTLY ripping Rug’s content. He’s whack fr . Only clicked this video to make this comment

  • Daniel Davydov
    Daniel DavydovÅr siden

    U always on the ⛽️

  • Blitz FN
    Blitz FNÅr siden

    play bo2

  • hussein habib
    hussein habibÅr siden

    I remember that logo Don’t ask me when u changed the logo aight 😂😅😅

  • Reflex
    ReflexÅr siden

    Make a cod video

  • Anthony
    AnthonyÅr siden

    Beat up jarvis

  • HunterGamingL1120
    HunterGamingL1120År siden

    Get Roman back in the videos I miss him

  • HunterGamingL1120
    HunterGamingL1120År siden

    Get Roman back in the videos

  • HunterGamingL1120
    HunterGamingL1120År siden

    Get Roman back in the videos