I Turned My House into a REAL CANDY STORE!! **mouth watering**


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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe RugMåned siden

    if you love candy then subscribe ;)

  • Stupid_stuff


    16 dager siden

    I wish we could double subscribe

  • I love marvel 1

    I love marvel 1

    16 dager siden

    How can I subscribe if I already am?

  • sandra sephton

    sandra sephton

    17 dager siden

    Already have

  • bacon for life

    bacon for life

    17 dager siden

    I did!

  • Jacob Lopez

    Jacob Lopez

    18 dager siden


  • Purita Arzadon
    Purita Arzadon29 minutter siden


  • Troy o o
    Troy o o2 timer siden

    Skittles and shockers

  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry Milk5 timer siden

    i love how brian loves mexican candy

  • Cameron Guthrie
    Cameron Guthrie6 timer siden

    Cameron Guthrie

  • Cameron Guthrie
    Cameron Guthrie6 timer siden

    my fave candy is m&ms sub to my channle

  • Vinita Sharda
    Vinita Sharda8 timer siden


  • amanda graham
    amanda graham9 timer siden

    My favorite candy is red hots

  • Kendra Castillo
    Kendra Castillo10 timer siden


  • Bobby Pearson
    Bobby Pearson10 timer siden


  • Alondra Hernandez
    Alondra Hernandez10 timer siden

    My favorite candy are rainbow belts haha 😂

  • Bobby Pearson

    Bobby Pearson

    10 timer siden

    That’s good to

  • Marisela Cardenas
    Marisela Cardenas11 timer siden

    My favorite candy is twix

  • Game With Isaiah
    Game With Isaiah12 timer siden

    10 out of 10

  • Pamela Sage
    Pamela Sage13 timer siden

    Favorite candy dark chocolate

  • Stabile Family
    Stabile Family13 timer siden

    My favorite candy is the wife savors and gummy worms

  • Ali Kicks
    Ali Kicks15 timer siden

    You are the best can I give a PS5 to myTo my blood brother

  • Samantha Osorio
    Samantha Osorio15 timer siden

    My favorite candy is the war heads spray and sour patch kids

  • Princesa Princesa
    Princesa Princesa15 timer siden

    Bubble gum

  • Joshua Brier
    Joshua Brier16 timer siden


  • Yosif Snabir
    Yosif Snabir18 timer siden


  • Adrienne Davis
    Adrienne Davis18 timer siden


  • Mayflower_responders
    Mayflower_responders18 timer siden

    0/10 you didn’t get any chocolate

  • Sofia’s Crafts & More
    Sofia’s Crafts & More18 timer siden

    My fav cady is starburst

  • Ally Plays games!
    Ally Plays games!19 timer siden

    I’m going to give it 1000 out of 10!!!! :))))

  • Killerqzl789
    Killerqzl78919 timer siden

    Faze rug can you make a ice cream store

  • sawtin mg
    sawtin mg22 timer siden


  • Robbie Builds
    Robbie Builds23 timer siden

    Purple skittles To

  • mo9394
    mo939423 timer siden

    I Not Like Cats

  • lil sajiee
    lil sajiee23 timer siden

    This dude said smoke smarties I’m a kid lamoooo

  • the 2010 enzo
    the 2010 enzoDag siden


  • Tareq Shadfan
    Tareq ShadfanDag siden


  • Tareq Shadfan
    Tareq ShadfanDag siden

    i love the candy soda i tried them and they are fire

  • Tareq Shadfan
    Tareq ShadfanDag siden

    green siktils

  • Michelle Homer
    Michelle HomerDag siden

    My fav candy r purple skittles too 🤓

    FRIED PICKLES!!!Dag siden

    My name is FRIED PICKLES!!! I am a high school drop out with the voice of a 12 year old lol. I love fortnite and minecraft. I have a ps4 and an Xbox. I made this channel to be like my idol FaZe Rug. Go sub to him and like every video. He is the best and he spreads so much positive energy and he makes my day with any of his videos. I wanna make it to a good amount of views and subs so i can make money off of this channel. Have an amazing day and god bless you all!!!

  • Slatt-
    Slatt-Dag siden


  • Erick Valle
    Erick ValleDag siden


  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan GarciaDag siden

    ;) :)



  • Ryan Moldoveanu
    Ryan MoldoveanuDag siden

    Hmm well my favorite candy is purple skittles as well ma boiiiiiii and also the candy shop 100000000000000000000-10

  • crsmitherman
    crsmithermanDag siden

    I love the soda candy too

  • XD Rafa
    XD RafaDag siden

    My favourite is sour pack kids

  • Ingrid Lemus
    Ingrid LemusDag siden

    Love the video

    BECKIE SMITHDag siden

    bro we have so much in commen we both hate dots and love the soda candys

  • Ellison Rhoads
    Ellison RhoadsDag siden


  • Ashley Becerra
    Ashley BecerraDag siden

    My favorite candy is Skittles and kit Kats

  • Janni Juel Pedersen
    Janni Juel PedersenDag siden

    I have tasted Those soda candys but i dont remember How they taste it was at sommer 2 years ago or Maybe it was 3 years ago but Anyway it was something like that

  • Luke Sutherland
    Luke SutherlandDag siden

    cool bruh

  • Elijah Nevels
    Elijah NevelsDag siden

    Hello FaZe Rug and Simplistic good AfterNoon I know its 12:15 over where in Californa My Favorite Candy Is probaly Reeses PeanutButter Cups or Reeses Pieces.

  • Lizzy Bug25
    Lizzy Bug25Dag siden

    You guys did 100000000000000000000000000/10

  • Dice_Freshie
    Dice_FreshieDag siden


  • Mia Rasco
    Mia RascoDag siden

    DOTS are amazingggg

  • Leo Santos
    Leo SantosDag siden


  • Haslem Bermudez Flores
    Haslem Bermudez FloresDag siden

    I came with candy is Wall-E sour patch kids

  • raegans life
    raegans lifeDag siden

    Ponytail but purple ones whateve

  • Kayla Burnett
    Kayla BurnettDag siden

    You can't do that if you snif that stuff it will ruin your nose and you can't breath

  • Ashley Woodworth
    Ashley WoodworthDag siden


  • Ashley Woodworth
    Ashley WoodworthDag siden

    Purple skittles

  • Stuart Barclay
    Stuart BarclayDag siden

    I always watch your videos I can not check my account

  • Solveig’s Art
    Solveig’s ArtDag siden

    Skittles to

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden


  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I love all of them

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    Go to the lake

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I also like to

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I like cuckoo cool out

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I also like Eminem’s and gummy bear

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I will should I drinks

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I also like green

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    I also like cotton candy

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    Sour patch kids and bubble gum and can droid draw ice cream and also sprinkle and other pockets of loud pop

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa2 dager siden

    Kinder joy and Pringles

  • morshu's rupee
    morshu's rupee2 dager siden

    The candy store: stonks Children: unstonks

  • Illakkia Kumanan
    Illakkia Kumanan2 dager siden

    If i had 30 secs to clear out the store......I would dump everything into the basket whether i like it or not :) :3

  • Pk xd Shaikha
    Pk xd Shaikha2 dager siden

    Same I love skittles the purple one ♥️

  • Stellan Edfeldt
    Stellan Edfeldt2 dager siden


  • Fiona Ryan
    Fiona Ryan2 dager siden


  • eshan Khan
    eshan Khan2 dager siden

    I love toxic waste so nice

  • sarah dunlop
    sarah dunlop2 dager siden

    I rate a 9

  • Alka Pathak
    Alka Pathak2 dager siden

    Yellow skittles

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez2 dager siden


  • Stormi
    Stormi2 dager siden

    No one wanted the rice crispy treat?

  • Aj Hickman
    Aj Hickman2 dager siden


  • Wild World
    Wild World2 dager siden

    My favorite is kills but I mostly love the purple ones!!!!!!!!!

  • luminious gaming
    luminious gaming2 dager siden


  • Geethashi Mallikarathne
    Geethashi Mallikarathne2 dager siden


  • Lillian Abunasser
    Lillian Abunasser2 dager siden

    Big lollipops

  • Yovanny Tovar
    Yovanny Tovar2 dager siden

    Next Make a toys r rug

  • rebeca Hess
    rebeca Hess2 dager siden

    Fav candy Milka chocolate

  • Iron_Mike
    Iron_Mike2 dager siden

    My favorite candy is how blah blah blah bubble gum that pink and I was like the sugar powder and it’s him and it’s blue it’s like sugar on it and it’s blueberry

  • A
    A2 dager siden

    Fun you

  • Zazoo Bob
    Zazoo Bob2 dager siden

    I love purple skittles Purple skittles are my favourite

  • Julassa Flores
    Julassa Flores2 dager siden

    My mom:what is your favorite candy Me:Hershey’s My mom:ok what is your second favorite candy Me:skittles My mom:I got you a 20 bag of skittles Me:YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  • Lemelin Mathias
    Lemelin Mathias2 dager siden

    Sour patch kids

  • abdallah abdallah
    abdallah abdallah2 dager siden

    I love jelly bean and m&m and skittles

  • Dxprxssionッ
    Dxprxssionッ2 dager siden

    its 2021 me and the homies be chilling at skl sniffing and smoking the pixie sticks

  • Jessi Gonzalez
    Jessi Gonzalez2 dager siden

    Love candy and your vids

  • Holly Sauls
    Holly Sauls2 dager siden

    10 out of 10

  • Holly Sauls
    Holly Sauls2 dager siden

    I love all kinds of different colors of Skittles

  • Symeon Lancaster
    Symeon Lancaster2 dager siden


  • Dayton Hockey
    Dayton Hockey2 dager siden

    I love you rug I love candy lol