I Visited The Creepiest Religious Thrift Shop


Ted went to The Creepiest Religious Thrift Shop, he returns, and it is strange.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOlocal entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in Los Angeles. He creates comedy videos on NOlocal making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOlocal, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.


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    Ever since i have been deemed a platinum ted my quality of life has improved drastically

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    my scoliosis went away :DDD

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    Platinum Ted gang

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    Please do a video on asim

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    you look like john mayer and the guy of you. three personalities??

  • seigne
    seigne7 timer siden

    sadly the child sabotage thing is quite common in my culture. though im extremely lucky my parents are fucking cool

  • Daniel Metheny
    Daniel Metheny19 timer siden

    I have a place to recommend to you ted, it’s called Uranus, Missouri

  • Sam Boutros
    Sam Boutros20 timer siden

    i love that ted was explaining that he doesn’t know how parents can want their kids to fail at their dream careers when my parents threatened to disown me for going through my forensic pathology studies lmao

  • Cedrick Lacroix
    Cedrick Lacroix22 timer siden

    and i live in south dakota...

  • AubryR5
    AubryR5Dag siden

    Ive been to both places back in 2015 and i have a creepy picture of me with the creepy manikin outside the thrift store on a bench.... I remember walking through the weird bible manikin people. There were quite a few people in there so luckily i don’t remember meeting the owner guy lol

  • Tony Hix
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    Enchanted. Doll. Museum.

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    “Oh his white” I want that to be my senior quote

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    Nuke em

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    I thought this video was familiar

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    As a fellow South Dakotan myself I would love to combine with North Dakota and make Dakotomatosoup

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    great video ted!!!! keep it up

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    Thanks Ted

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    You're sending real mixed messages about this guy, Teodoro

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    Welp, it's official. I'm a Platinum Ted, and damn proud of it

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    I never knew I would be called something.

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    I am sadly not a platinum Ted but I still watched the video like a year after it came out. After the first time I watched your videos I watched a lot more.

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    Take a shot every time he says South Dakota

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    i feel so seen lmfao. you introducing the corn palace. yeah, so... you're so right.

  • •민윤기
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    The CORN store

    KILLSEASONDag siden

    I've lived in south dakota my whole life and never been inside



    Dag siden

    I'll tell you all my sd experience if you allow me on the podcast

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay2 dager siden

    Ya know Illinois is known for Corn but atleast we got chicago and the first ever mcdonalds

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    Didn’t you tell this story already???

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    As someone from North Dakota. Please keep South Dakota away from us.. We dont like meth

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    Damn, I’m from South Dakota. Fuck me.

  • Unprofessional Videos
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    I do enjoy story time with Ted. It helps put me to sleep at night.

  • barbecue bae
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    But like, did you buy a Jesus shirt?

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    South Dakota will always be the Lesbian state to me and cant wait to exist there

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    All thrift shops ever

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    For the algorithm

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    cha ching oui oui

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    Ted is literally the funniest person ever rn I’m high asf

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    is south dakota ok? should we check on them?

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    The long awaited sequel

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    Just got ranked plat Ted

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    Hahah I remember watching that video!

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    I learn more in these videos than I do in high school-

  • wmw1210
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    When I went there 2 years ago when I was like 12 I was getting almost groomed by this guy and my parents were like yeah let's get out of there so we lied and said we had family waiting for us In a restaurant and left and Now I'm tempted and go back and check it out some time

  • -insert a Demon face-
    -insert a Demon face-3 dager siden

    14:05 a gringo calling gringo to another gringo, cool

  • wmw1210
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    Me the Platinum Ted boi does remember this

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    as someone who lives in South Dakota, help

  • Purified Autism
    Purified Autism4 dager siden

    I've literally lived in Mitchell for over 10 years and I've never had the balls to enter that shop

  • emmelove
    emmelove4 dager siden

    Ted I am so sorry, coming from a South Dakota resident (please don't hate us that's just how some white people are out here)

  • ant
    ant4 dager siden

    "You are white, can I adopt him too?" This man kidnaps kids calling it now. Your kid is gone? Last saw him in North Dakota? Weird Jesus guy has em. Got in the car and you're missing a head? Say goodbye, your kids gone ma'am.

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    The power of being a platinum Ted. Its overwhelming.

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    I have two questions: - Who is Shiloh - What in Donkey Kong's left testicle is a tabernacle

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    Ted, bud you're one of my favorite youtubers. But man you kinda said you were gonna upload more in 2021 but you still got a one month upload schedule so far.

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    I was just in your gorilla tag server

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    ted reply if u r ok in tiktok i have a theory youre being held hostage lmao

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    Ted you’ll be glad to know I’m watching this whilst drinking a glass of milk

  • Dumb Jay
    Dumb Jay4 dager siden

    "Take off your mask, I want to see you." "Ah, you're white." _The floor is made out of floor moment with a mix of ????_

  • Lunan
    Lunan5 dager siden

    This outro song paired with the old school b/w Disney skeleton animation in the background slapped my nuts into the fucking stratosphere. What a vibe.

  • Cindy Juntunen
    Cindy Juntunen5 dager siden

    The fact that this man doesn’t have 1M subs yet is as weird as the conversations with the shop owner

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    As a South Dakotan. We need help

  • Ayden Gubac
    Ayden Gubac5 dager siden

    Oh boy. Wait till he finds out about the Iowa State Fair...

  • Pringles Man
    Pringles Man5 dager siden

    As someone from South Dakota, we don't talk about Mitchell, and we have more than just corn, we also have cows, I'll let you know, we aren't that worthless.

  • Frank Albright
    Frank Albright5 dager siden

    I've lived in South Dakota my whole life. You simply found the distallite of our culture. Minus guns and dead animals. Smoke meth and it would make sense OK?

  • ‘nessa TPWK
    ‘nessa TPWK5 dager siden

    “oh u are white!” i’m fucking dying

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    Get this man verified

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    I like your profile picture :)

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    as a south dakotan i am highly offended by the idea of merging with north dakota. this is perhaps the worst idea ted has ever had

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    I can't help but say Ted Nivision sounds like a name for a game company and a superhero

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    Why is your channel still made for kids

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    2:45 without context this sentence is so fucking powerful and so dangerous

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    Toast Productions6 dager siden

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    Charlie Storer6 dager siden

    The long awaited sequel! Was worth the wait btw

  • dead bush
    dead bush6 dager siden

    yes, we south dakotans love jesus also ive literally been in that building it was... just as interesting as he said

  • Ethan Harden
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  • Fly Ass Booi
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    as a citizen of south dakota, i am honored.

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    I live in South Dakota. This is all normal. Sioux Falls is pretty similar to Mitchell. But a lot bigger.

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    As someone from the deep south this is a normal conversation sadly.

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    420k views Nice

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  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker7 dager siden

    I grew up in a pretty religious family and didnt have many friends who weren't religious so i genuinely didnt realize this was weird for a while.