"I want to box his stupid little face in!" | KSI addresses feud with Jake Paul


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KSI talks about holding respect for Logan Paul after facing off in 2 fights and he addresses a potential fight against Jake Paul.
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  • Recon GHOST
    Recon GHOST6 minutter siden

    viddal riley vs jake paul

  • Mikhail Villacorta
    Mikhail Villacorta16 minutter siden

    Nate : “💀”

  • 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D
    怪我ドル Z O M B O I D18 minutter siden

    JJ is right, why sign on to fight Jake when they're offering him less money, no crowds/ticket sales cause COVID, and invest everything now when he can do it later? Jake was the one who ran from JJ in the first place.

  • Belinda Norris
    Belinda NorrisTime siden

    Jake Paul copied ksi to do boxing and rapping

  • VEX_ Starker
    VEX_ StarkerTime siden

    Who’s here after Nate Robinson got slept by Jake🤣

  • xed ali
    xed aliTime siden

    Ksi is avoiding

  • Seb Peres
    Seb Peres2 timer siden

    who’s here from Jake Paul’s ko KSI ur done mate I’m srry

  • A&MB adamburdine
    A&MB adamburdine3 timer siden

    Worth nothing brah lol

  • Ben Jordan
    Ben Jordan3 timer siden

    Jj might wanna punch Jake's face in but we all know if the fight actually happens jake Paul will knock ksi out.

  • TheWhiteNinjaHD Gaming
    TheWhiteNinjaHD Gaming4 timer siden

    Logan had a podcast an the anniversary of the fight and talked about it. what are you on about

  • Brady Lange
    Brady Lange5 timer siden

    I don't like Jake, but I want to see JJ get the stupid smirk punched off of his face

    OGOT FIGHT NIGHTS7 timer siden

    I want KSI to win against jake but I just feel he missed the boat.Jake training for a year now while jj didn’t train since the Logans fight.I just don’t see it going differently.

  • Jimmy Cummins
    Jimmy Cummins7 timer siden

    Jake Paul going to knock him out

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt7 timer siden

    Hes not that valuable in boxing let's be honest. If he was against eubank Jr he shouldn't even get 25%. He should be honoured to fight. Then I'll fully respect the guy. But in this fight he should get 75%. Hes right there.

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt9 timer siden

    Ksi’s got this

  • suf74n
    suf74n9 timer siden


  • Zubin Siddarth Pal
    Zubin Siddarth Pal10 timer siden

    Bruh why does the interviewer look like joe weller

  • E WEST
    E WEST10 timer siden

    JJ pleaseeeeeee please get on with the Jake Paul fight. I wanna see you destroy him

  • Aidan Cook
    Aidan Cook11 timer siden

    Sound like jj stalling tbh

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    9 timer siden

    I want to see Jake get destroyed by JJ but I don’t think he will tbh with you Jakes probably gonna win

  • Zooted Effect
    Zooted Effect11 timer siden

    He won’t fight ddg tho

  • Sanskar
    Sanskar12 timer siden

    Your worth is those of free games in steam Total trash (Excluding Csgo and Dota )

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali13 timer siden

    KSI Jake Paul 2021 If beats Nate Robinson

  • Cameronshortgamer
    Cameronshortgamer13 timer siden

    i know JJ KSI fight jake paul is coming soon in 2022

  • kaybronson100
    kaybronson10013 timer siden

    Jake Paul is fighting on the Tyson RJJ undercard how the f are you the A side it’s PPV fool! This guy

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger13 timer siden

    He said bust his face in not box his face in, that doesnt even make any sense.

  • sherdil malik
    sherdil malik15 timer siden

    i hope jj punches jake paul so hard that he starts making good content like he did with logan

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    15 timer siden

    Listen, you need to understand that fans are the only one who wants people to make a content they like. But Jake just doesn't want to do it. He does whatever he wants, he doesn't do what is he asked by his fans, that's why I respect him.

  • Just Call Me Dan
    Just Call Me Dan17 timer siden

    I don’t like KSI or Jake Paul at all and if anything, I like JJ more than Jake Paul. But Jake would clearly tear KSI apart come on guys 😂😂

  • Krasser Ami
    Krasser Ami18 timer siden

    There is no way jake is gonna lose to KSI

  • Filthy Frank .5
    Filthy Frank .519 timer siden

    Ksi sucks at boxing tho😂😂

  • Connor Hogsden
    Connor Hogsden19 timer siden

    Jakes catching a bang

  • Rangers lass 1690
    Rangers lass 169020 timer siden

    Anyone else get the feeling from this interview KSI is scared to fight jake?? I think jake will burst him personally 🥊🥊🥊

  • K G
    K G20 timer siden

    jj ithink is scared bc he said u had ur chance but he was not that good back then and now he is really good and he don wanna box hmmmmmm.

  • Joseph Kirlew
    Joseph Kirlew23 timer siden

    I want to see Jake get destroyed by JJ but I don’t think he will tbh with you Jakes probably gonna win

  • Dylan Poling
    Dylan PolingDag siden

    jake paul needs to put up the money stop being a bitch and fight him lose and get ur ego back where it needs to be

  • bat man
    bat manDag siden

    Jakes just gonna duck and dive like his mahamad Ali

  • Nicholas Wielandt
    Nicholas WielandtDag siden

    "I'll wait for the good bag" said youtube boxer he's just afraid of jake.

  • JoshuaGaming
    JoshuaGamingDag siden

    Ksi is backing out on Jake Paul it’s so easy KSI is going to get it’s as killed

  • Trinidad Gold
    Trinidad GoldDag siden

    this fight is gonna sell more than logan lets be real here

  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy GDag siden

    Logan wasn't quiet about the one year anniversary of the fight. He brought it up on his podcast impaulsive.

  • J A
    J ADag siden

    Ksi won’t fight jake he’s too scared jake would win 💯

  • Yucki Music
    Yucki MusicDag siden

    KSI is literally sacred lol

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Dag siden

    sounds like you are scared of fighting him jj

  • Harley Odgers
    Harley OdgersDag siden

    Jj you legend

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Dag siden

    i love his laugh

  • xhakaishin
    xhakaishinDag siden

    hahahahahahahaha jj talking that money is low, oh please. This guys never known monetary hardship

  • amazing harry
    amazing harryDag siden

    Come on ksi

  • Hollowfication anime spirit
    Hollowfication anime spirit2 dager siden

    Honestly ksi doesn't sound like a true boxer atm, is just sounding like a NOlocalr. If he really wanted to beat his face in he would do it cause he wants to. He is a multimillionaire. Lol he is not hurting for money in anyway nore should that be a number one priority if you're truly into the sport or passionate

  • Ahzov
    Ahzov2 dager siden

    Cant wait🙏🏽👑

  • Time For Skipper
    Time For Skipper2 dager siden

    So KSI just admitted he is ducking Jake Paul right?

  • Psycho YT
    Psycho YT2 dager siden

    If jj beats jake he will be undisputed NOlocal champion of the world as he would have all the NOlocal belts

  • Jon David
    Jon David2 dager siden

    I don't think I hate anyone more in this world than Jake Paul.

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    2 dager siden

    Me too brother, but I don't think I will love more in this world that Jake pummeling KSI

    ONE AND ONLY3 dager siden

    2:00 jj said he’ll wait until the contracts right but while he waits, Jake Paul is gaining mad boxing skills. I low key think ksi will lose.

  • Flair Granger

    Flair Granger

    12 timer siden

    @RealSamia noooo outsmarting is a big part I am saying if you can't go into the ring because you are not getting enough money then you are not doing boxing for the Coulter jj needs to be in a mindset that is boxing but right now he is in a let's get as much done mindset but i respect your opinion but I just don't see this fight happening anytime soon but once jj signs the contract then we can get talking again

  • RealSamia


    12 timer siden

    @Flair Granger well then you clearly haven't seen his last two documentaries and if you box, how you gonna say that outsmarting opponents doesn't matter in the ring. it's literally a big factor in boxing. you clearly haven't seen prince naseem fighting or tony bellew.

  • Flair Granger

    Flair Granger

    12 timer siden

    @RealSamia jj won't be getting less amount of money jake clearly said he wants to be paid equally and you can have all the smarts but when you come to the ring none of that really matters if you can't stand up in the ring I am sorry but I myself box and jj just doesn't have the winning kind of mindset

  • RealSamia


    12 timer siden

    @Flair Granger both are very animalistic but it's not all about having an angry mindset, it's about the techniques and how to outsmart your opponent and also having an unbiased surrounding, as you know both logan and jake do have some yes men around them which is not a good idea. and money is important as well because imagine training for a fight and you want to win just to have a less amount of money, then what's the point of fighting?

  • Flair Granger

    Flair Granger

    13 timer siden

    @RealSamia i understand that but jake is not Logan we have all seen second hand that jake is a better fighter than Logan to the point Logan agreed I am sorry I just do not see jj wining plus he doesn't have the same anger or drive to win in the ring all he wants is money

  • Panda
    Panda3 dager siden

    Ksi will beat jake Paul’s but

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    2 dager siden

    Only in other dimension

  • Panda
    Panda3 dager siden

    Yes jj still training

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    2 dager siden

    @Panda Sorry, but please don't bring up Sidemen. I don't like them. Its not a content for me.

  • Panda


    2 dager siden

    @Ivan Pavičić remember when he spent a house buying that beerus chain or just let the sidemen take 100000 dollars to buy whatever they want

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    2 dager siden

    @Panda Don't scroll because its a spoiler... He doesn't care about fans, only for money

  • Panda


    2 dager siden

    @Ivan Pavičić well if he doesn’t if he sees this comment he may be motivated to train

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    2 dager siden

    @Panda Doesn't mean he actually does that. Do you really believe him? Well you shouldn't.

  • Butter Toast
    Butter Toast3 dager siden

    JJ too behind Jake now

  • Galaxy of Zen
    Galaxy of Zen3 dager siden

    Logan’s defeat was a good feeling Jakes defeat is going to have the same effect of solving corona

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    3 dager siden

    Don't think so, KSI's defeat will be THE feeling of the year

  • Kingmufasa99
    Kingmufasa993 dager siden

    Why Ksi is afraid of Jake, Jake is just a punk easy fight

  • rocc
    rocc3 dager siden

    sounds like you are scared of fighting him jj

  • HardJawTV
    HardJawTV3 dager siden

    Ksi sadly would lose

  • Arturs Games
    Arturs Games3 dager siden

    All he cares about is money

  • Robert Denton
    Robert Denton3 dager siden

    Naaa. He doesn't want to fight jake. 😂😂

  • Cloudish Pvp
    Cloudish Pvp3 dager siden

    “I’m trying to duck him left, right, and center” - Ksi

  • BLUBBER zp

    BLUBBER zp

    3 dager siden

    He's talking about what jake was saying about him. D.U.M.B.A.S.S

  • Ehidiamen Erewele
    Ehidiamen Erewele3 dager siden

    This is what in boxing we call a straight up duck qauck qauck jj

  • Ivan Pavičić
    Ivan Pavičić3 dager siden

    If you want good predictions don't scroll through top comments, because KSI fans will always stand up for him and saying "KSI will f*** up Jake", but they need to start using logic.

  • Ivan Pavičić
    Ivan Pavičić3 dager siden

    I seriously don't understand what is KSI doing. He is just dodging Jake all the time. The more he does that, the more time Jake has to train with other profecional boxers and coaches. He will lose for sure. Call me a Jake Paul fan, but we all know that KSI is never training properly until the fight is announced, maybe 4 months before the fight. We all saw Jake destroying everyone he sparred with.

  • David Phoenix
    David Phoenix3 dager siden

    Big time KSI fan and Sidemen fan, I think that the fight between Jake and JJ will be A LOT more entertaining than Logan and JJ. I hate Jake he is an egotistical asshole let's be real here, but I think it's pretty even match up between the 2. Even Viddal said that Jake is better than Logan and JJ barely, just barely beat Logan.

  • puneet sharma
    puneet sharma3 dager siden

    Sorry JJ but u sitting in ur room talking and jake in his training camp ....if he fight with Jake he will lose coz jake is active fighter with more experience

  • The Milk Man
    The Milk Man3 dager siden

    If jake beats nate which I think he will then we will definitely get this fight, and when we do Jake will get owned the same way Yamcha got owned by a saibamen on DBZ

  • Andrew Who
    Andrew Who4 dager siden

    JJ is smart waiting for a better money deal. Haters will say ducking but, he can finesse man he been in NOlocal for a while.

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee4 dager siden

    comment for ksi,like for jake

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    3 dager siden


  • Derpy Jr.
    Derpy Jr.4 dager siden

    Let’s be serious here, KSI won the fight because of a call that was sort of confusing but relieving. That was all luck but with Jake, it’s going to be a good fight. I get that he hasn’t fought with actual pro boxer but once we see his performance in the Nate Robinson fight we’ll actually how he has progress with his fighting style.

  • Chris
    Chris4 dager siden

    I'm a KSI fan, but he will lose to Jake. The difference in technique and skill is obvious. He is the best of the three.

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    3 dager siden

    The more KSI is refusing to fight Jake, the more time Jake has to train with many other coaches. KSI will lose.

  • David Phoenix

    David Phoenix

    3 dager siden

    It will be close for sure, I think you're right though sadly. I'd rather not see my favourite NOlocalr lose but they will put on an entertaining show.

  • Landyn Mountain
    Landyn Mountain4 dager siden

    Ksi should consider fighting Austin mcbroom

  • Blake Brisson
    Blake Brisson4 dager siden

    Look at all the triggered Jake Paul fans disliking the video

  • Thaiwarrior1
    Thaiwarrior14 dager siden

    Unfortunately KSI might lose due to him not training and not taking this fight seriously which Jake is training and getting better and better. Rooting for KSI

  • Better than Blaztii
    Better than Blaztii4 dager siden

    JJ is dodging Jake.

  • Also Cy

    Also Cy

    11 timer siden


    ALL ABOUT SPORTS #AUDI4 dager siden

    Keep ducki CSI

  • JV Nation
    JV Nation4 dager siden

    So JJ your basically dodging jake!

  • Revolzy
    Revolzy4 dager siden

    Gib was overhyped. But JJ can body Jake

  • Revolzy
    Revolzy4 dager siden

    Even if JJ lost everyone would still hate jake paul lmao

  • Frankie Laney
    Frankie Laney4 dager siden

    Ok if you are a KSI fan boy and think that KSI is going to win then I’m ready to argue on why Jake’s going to win please do argue with me about why KSI is going to win because I think Jake Paul is going to win

  • Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    3 dager siden

    I won't argue. Im also by Jakes side. I know how does it feel to be one of the few people that uses logic in sports and really understands who would win, no matter how much you hate that guy.

  • Frankie Laney

    Frankie Laney

    4 dager siden

    fifa luke so anything else to say

  • Frankie Laney

    Frankie Laney

    4 dager siden

    fifa luke well joe was a good boxer But he just wasn’t used to the big crowds KSI was very very used to Big crowds that’s why Joe Weller lost he basically had stage fright

  • fifa luke

    fifa luke

    4 dager siden

    @Frankie Laney ok,fair but what about the weller fight

  • Frankie Laney

    Frankie Laney

    4 dager siden

    fifa luke also if you remember in the Logan Paul fight KSI was swinging his arms around like a madman

  • Daniel Hoffman
    Daniel Hoffman4 dager siden


  • Daniel Hoffman

    Daniel Hoffman

    3 dager siden

    @fifa luke 108.86kg

  • fifa luke

    fifa luke

    3 dager siden

    @Daniel Hoffman what are u in kg

  • Daniel Hoffman

    Daniel Hoffman

    4 dager siden

    @fifa luke 6'4 240pds against him lol you make me laugh

  • fifa luke

    fifa luke

    4 dager siden

    lmaooooo hhahahahaha u make me laugh

  • Daniel Hoffman
    Daniel Hoffman4 dager siden

    KSI can't box, just swings wildly. Not about a bag he will lose that's why. Only beat Logan cuz of the 2 point call, straight duckin. Stick to youtube vids.

  • Daniel Hoffman

    Daniel Hoffman

    3 dager siden

    @Sam Smith It doesn't matter puss boy. Little eboy? I'm 6'4 240pds and I am actually an active boxer in my home town league. I am not a fan nor do I watch either of these guys so no bias opinion here. I am an actual trained boxer just calling it how it is sorry you're butt hurt cuz I said something about your butt buddy JJ. So..........again, what's that puss boy? oh yeh that's right he won cuz a bad 2 point call. Last thing me watch it back, no you watch it back even the announcers say it shouldn't be called a knock down he just slipped. Just an opinion and doesn't really matter in reality the whole fight is a joke.

  • Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    3 dager siden

    Go watch the fight back and watch JJ knock logan down and get it called a slip stfu you little eboy

  • Michael Abuelsaad
    Michael Abuelsaad4 dager siden

    KSi still going on about his ego

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml4 dager siden

    always look forward to your videos !!

  • El Lokito
    El Lokito4 dager siden

    Jake Paul gonna win bro!🔥

  • Ollie Deaney
    Ollie Deaney4 dager siden

    Why’s he wearing a Durag if he has no hair?

  • Zaib Azmat
    Zaib Azmat4 dager siden

    Training Ha!

  • Pamela Sarunya Pagana
    Pamela Sarunya Pagana4 dager siden

    arent u listening ksi said that he always tells facts

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    4 dager siden

    swinging over hands constantly.

  • Get the chedda
    Get the chedda4 dager siden

    Sad excuse

  • Gerry Fierro
    Gerry Fierro4 dager siden

    Nate Robinson will beat Jake Paul Saturday

  • Ricardo Cabrera
    Ricardo Cabrera4 dager siden

    At first I actually was for Logan but I’m on Ksi side. Jakes getting beat

  • Ben Weeks
    Ben Weeks4 dager siden

    JJ Just a Reminder, Train Hard if You lose your career is over

  • Libby Summer
    Libby Summer4 dager siden

    Bulking seasons over lads can’t wait for this 🥊

  • Wave
    Wave4 dager siden

    KSI it ain't about "what im worth" bro you just scared af

  • Wave


    3 dager siden

    Bruh talking about "know my worth like some Mayweather." You are a freaking FIFA player

  • Uorty


    3 dager siden

    But everyone said that about jj v logan he ain't a pussy

  • MerlexMaster369
    MerlexMaster3694 dager siden

    JJ will knock him out

  • insane jake
    insane jake5 dager siden

    Ok I don't like jake paul and u don't ethier but don't act like he can't box cause he can

  • Jamal Otero
    Jamal Otero5 dager siden

    If I'm honest bro ksi will lose fam

  • Blitzkrieg
    Blitzkrieg5 dager siden

    Even thou KSI won the fight, the very fact that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are tweeting in reference to Logan Paul makes him the winner.

  • Muriithi Shad

    Muriithi Shad

    3 dager siden

    Na it's cause ksi and the stuff he tweets he's so arrogant and disrespectful

  • amoxford 2
    amoxford 25 dager siden

    I actually think Jake Paul could beat KSI. He is really good. I’m a ksi fan but I think Jake Paul would be KSI’s biggest challenge. Just make sure you’re prepared for this KSI. Train early and don’t slack we need you to knock him out!!

  • Carlos Abundiz
    Carlos Abundiz5 dager siden

    imagine being a jake paul fan

  • Jackson and Willster Productions
    Jackson and Willster Productions5 dager siden

    dude ksi you need to start training again, you're gonna be like the second gib, you dont know how to box at all and jakes been in it since the deji fight lmao whats with the cockiness? i dont like jake paul at all but u wont win if there is a fight as of right now