I cant believe i actually got to go back and see the whole house..so many memories. Leave a like if you enjoyed!
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  • tech star
    tech star4 dager siden

    That mums hot 😛

  • Cody Morris Fitness
    Cody Morris Fitness4 dager siden

    We need this again right now

  • Flood of Blue
    Flood of Blue8 dager siden

    I live on L.I and you assholes ghosted me back in 2016:.(

  • Rafiur Ridom
    Rafiur Ridom9 dager siden

    Apex is 4 foot 4- FaZe Adapt

  • Omar Limanji
    Omar Limanji16 dager siden

    Never Forget The Old Faze House. Og’s Only Remember

  • Ethan Licha
    Ethan Licha23 dager siden

    When Covid 19 just started 😔

  • Anjelo Acnam
    Anjelo Acnam24 dager siden

    Adapt you should do the same but with the newport house and the Hills

  • Rafiur Ridom
    Rafiur RidomMåned siden

    Guys in the video theres the n word at 5:50

  • Elijah Khent Ilagan
    Elijah Khent IlaganMåned siden

    Its worth it because the views

  • Pozityvas
    PozityvasMåned siden

    11:03 i'm literally dead, faze tf up

  • Evan Hillesons
    Evan HillesonsMåned siden

    Who’s in 2020 and forgot there was no COVID-19

  • Jayy Vu
    Jayy VuMåned siden

    This being back

  • baybeegirlb_
    baybeegirlb_2 måneder siden

    LMAOOO Alex at the end😭😭🥺🥺🥺 I remember watching this when it was posted and watching it rn the second time is so adorable he was really crying😭

  • Mkjcchannel With mk and jelin
    Mkjcchannel With mk and jelin2 måneder siden

    OMG was he really crying lol 😂

  • Vlone Soldier

    Vlone Soldier

    27 dager siden


  • Ethan 999
    Ethan 9992 måneder siden

    Damn bro I remember the New York house times, miss those times man

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa3 måneder siden

    FaZe House NY made every NOlocalr get a house

  • FaZe Seoul
    FaZe Seoul3 måneder siden

    You forgot the (emotional)

  • Uddipta Saikia IX-B ,43
    Uddipta Saikia IX-B ,433 måneder siden

    This is the house from where it all started guys...#FazeUp

  • ShuxY
    ShuxY3 måneder siden

    yo nice

  • ShuxY
    ShuxY3 måneder siden

    yo nic3

  • ShuxY
    ShuxY3 måneder siden


  • ShuxY
    ShuxY3 måneder siden


  • Brendan Brendan
    Brendan Brendan3 måneder siden

    With the hornets nest

  • ThirstyCamel123
    ThirstyCamel1233 måneder siden

    They should move back when she moves out

  • Juan Cuchilla
    Juan Cuchilla3 måneder siden

    Personally the beginning to any journey is the best

  • Summrs
    Summrs3 måneder siden

    bro ngl I cried like this really hit hard, they helped me grow up now I’m 18 years old playing baseball in college like wow time flys fast

  • Summrs


    3 måneder siden


  • Keaton Barney
    Keaton Barney3 måneder siden

    I miss the chunky nordan

    FATOMMYSAVAGE4 måneder siden

    No cap I woulda tried to get w that bad mami

  • riZe
    riZe5 måneder siden

    “Their all meditating around my cat”

  • Logan McGrath
    Logan McGrath5 måneder siden

    When you live 1 minute away from it

  • FaZe CyKa
    FaZe CyKa5 måneder siden

    4feet apex🤣🤣

  • HY1D Flix
    HY1D Flix5 måneder siden

    Who got this recomminded in august 2029

  • Thereisnohigherbeing
    Thereisnohigherbeing5 måneder siden

    it’s not even an opinion that the new york house was better it’s a fact.

  • Fade_impact21
    Fade_impact215 måneder siden

    Read my name btw

  • Muhamad Muhaimim
    Muhamad Muhaimim5 måneder siden

    Nikan fat m8

  • Daniel Stroder
    Daniel Stroder6 måneder siden

    Hes just a little guy 😭😭😭 you know 😭😭how😭😭 tall he is hes 4 ft 5

  • Ytlegend Gaming
    Ytlegend Gaming6 måneder siden

    Take faze rain back there so he remember the good time

  • OCE Faze
    OCE Faze6 måneder siden

    Bro how is watching this in 2020

  • rydershirk
    rydershirk6 måneder siden

    He’s 4 foot 4 lmaooooo

  • Mafia Cheems
    Mafia Cheems6 måneder siden

    Bring back the old house my guy

  • Dynasty Roar
    Dynasty Roar6 måneder siden

    Melk wtf

  • Corrupt Silent
    Corrupt Silent6 måneder siden

    Now nordan is a junkie

  • Bembel Warrior
    Bembel Warrior6 måneder siden

    Memories coming back 🥺

  • Lixツ
    Lixツ6 måneder siden

    Bruh rain was right these are staged

  • Marco?
    Marco?6 måneder siden

    same busted head lmao

  • Frevzy
    Frevzy6 måneder siden

    No way my sub teacher lives there

  • Elmt sundrop
    Elmt sundrop6 måneder siden

    Woww they said fuck no 😂😂

    HEY WOAH6 måneder siden

    A little scared you are a lyer

  • Jax
    Jax6 måneder siden

    Yall have changed too much

  • Mr_BoZ_b0t yeet
    Mr_BoZ_b0t yeet6 måneder siden


  • Daddy Jerson
    Daddy Jerson6 måneder siden


  • Flxxr
    Flxxr6 måneder siden

    7:13 Lady’s Face Reveal

  • Justipul
    Justipul6 måneder siden

    Shoutout to the owner

  • Logan Hanway
    Logan Hanway6 måneder siden

    He was only 4foot4

  • soccerstar
    soccerstar6 måneder siden

    The end tho😂😂

    INOHATERTHORU6 måneder siden

    I remember that house

  • n0va
    n0va6 måneder siden

    Who is watching this in 2020 👇

  • conewastaken
    conewastaken6 måneder siden

    Throwback to when FaZe Clan were all real, nothing but real non clickbait content. Nowadays a lot of their videos are around click bait, wish they would realize that’s not what us OG fans want

  • tmcshea
    tmcshea6 måneder siden


  • o g
    o g6 måneder siden

    Yo but the mom is lokey bad tho😳 I would smash no cap

  • SF_DH1 1
    SF_DH1 16 måneder siden

    It small compared to. The new one

  • Itzel Montes Gomez
    Itzel Montes Gomez6 måneder siden


  • KW Gamer
    KW Gamer6 måneder siden

    LOOK AT HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Landon People
    Landon People6 måneder siden

    I remember the blizzard vid and i was lmao because of what u were saying about apex

  • Landon People
    Landon People6 måneder siden

    So many memories of that house

  • Tine Skovlund
    Tine Skovlund6 måneder siden

    Ef you se des komend gou tjek mig NOlocal Cannel Sebastian Skovlund and Sebastian Middelboe SEO

  • Bo Tube
    Bo Tube6 måneder siden

    That’s my house

  • Team Zfn
    Team Zfn6 måneder siden

    CanYou shout me out because I’m a big fan

  • Raids
    Raids6 måneder siden

    This brought a tear to my eye

  • Charlie Malone
    Charlie Malone6 måneder siden


  • chewy
    chewy6 måneder siden

    C fucking 4

  • FlameZ
    FlameZ6 måneder siden

    The days were they were real😢

  • TEAM FrOsTy
    TEAM FrOsTy6 måneder siden


  • Ymmarcel On ps4
    Ymmarcel On ps46 måneder siden


  • Fortnite Pubg
    Fortnite Pubg6 måneder siden

    old faze house have lot of memories

  • Shred Lane
    Shred Lane6 måneder siden

    Is blaze still in faze

  • Shred Lane

    Shred Lane

    6 måneder siden


  • Xotic
    Xotic6 måneder siden

    Only og’s REMEMBER the old faze house

  • Mistykaz
    Mistykaz6 måneder siden

    You head is so big

  • Luke Tobkin
    Luke Tobkin6 måneder siden


  • YANK
    YANK6 måneder siden


  • Jaden Woodbury
    Jaden Woodbury6 måneder siden

    Pov:he forgot to record

  • Lyma Rodrigues
    Lyma Rodrigues6 måneder siden

    Bruh I remeber the blizzard Of apex got me dead ass hell

  • pëñīß vägïńå
    pëñīß vägïńå6 måneder siden


  • Reidster
    Reidster6 måneder siden

    You should go back to this house today

  • Taylor LeRoy
    Taylor LeRoy6 måneder siden

    Blaze temper watching this like:😮

  • hayden lane
    hayden lane6 måneder siden

    I remember the old days 😪

  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention6 måneder siden

    That woman was bad asf

  • Highly Cerp
    Highly Cerp7 måneder siden

    Subscribe to my channel Exezz_Gallo

  • TTRhythm
    TTRhythm7 måneder siden


  • Marco
    Marco7 måneder siden

    10:55 had me dying

  • NeEYaH
    NeEYaH7 måneder siden

    she has a lot of unnecessary furniture

  • roblox not
    roblox not7 måneder siden

    The blizzard from DQ was crazy

  • Chris Diehm
    Chris Diehm7 måneder siden

    Damn new tenant kinda cuteeee

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    maybe u were trying to get urself clean in the washing machine

  • Jarvis clan
    Jarvis clan7 måneder siden

    My best friend is faze house neighbor

  • Stephen Fernandez
    Stephen Fernandez7 måneder siden

    10:49 Apex 😅🤣😂

  • Daddy Papi
    Daddy Papi7 måneder siden

    Good old days 😒

  • PPopu
    PPopu7 måneder siden

    imagine a kid lived there and there friends come over and re enact skits some of the faze members did

  • danny sb
    danny sb7 måneder siden

    Faze house NY was the best

  • Lost Risky山
    Lost Risky山7 måneder siden

    So many old vids damn I miss old content