I went UNDERCOVER in Colorado to Buy my "FIRST" Motorcycle


I went back undercover posing as a first time motorcycle buyers with no experience to see how the salesman will treat me and the conclusion is something that I did not expect, but the catch is if they let me buy an awesome 1000 super sport bike then i will actually have to buy it.
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  • Dog Water
    Dog WaterTime siden

    Yall pay cash 💲rather than finance right?

  • Chak&Stak
    Chak&Stak3 timer siden

    R1’s are the most crazy bikes you will buy

  • Elijah Shepley
    Elijah Shepley4 timer siden

    How dare you diss the postie I have 3

  • Yakir Elbaz
    Yakir Elbaz6 timer siden

    I liked the salesperson who said your a grown man will sell you what you want we will just tell you it's not a good idea.

  • Yakir Elbaz
    Yakir Elbaz6 timer siden

    I had a used 250 bike for around 3 months. It's been really easy to drive it. I think that I was progressing really fast with my riding skills. The bike then had a problem with the engine and I haven't driven a motorcycle for 3-4 years. Then I got a mt-09 and man I drive so slow, and I feel that its taking me a long time to get used to the back and improving. The mt 09 has so much power. So I can't imagine starting on 1000cc bike. In Israel you need to have a license for up 33 horse power bike for at least a year and be over 21 in order to get a license for unlimited cc bike. So I am curious how is it in the states? Just a short bike endorsement and you can ride what ever you want?

  • brd
    brd8 timer siden

    I started riding on a R1 at 17 😂

  • josh gutzwiller
    josh gutzwiller10 timer siden


  • Mike Huntt
    Mike Huntt11 timer siden

    We didn’t see you give the salesman money.

  • Mike Huntt
    Mike Huntt11 timer siden

    He literally POINTED at specific bikes and asked for the fastest and he showed you. And he answered YOUR questions. It’s not like you asked for slowest safest bike and then he showed the fastest one and lied to you. I know that if you asked what the slowest bike was he would show you that one too. Is there REALLY a difference from going 100 mph to 120 mph with NO seatbelt???? Bikes are all risky. Don’t blame the sale guy for someone walking INTO a bike shop and asking for the fastest bike. And all of you in the comments are on board with this “gotchya” style “journalism”

  • Mike Huntt

    Mike Huntt

    11 timer siden

    Also if there was a law that said you have to have this many riding hours before you can purchase this class bike, then fine, but there isn’t. Again this is an ambush style gotcha style bullshit video. With your weird eye you probably shouldn’t even be driving a self driving Tesla let alone sit on top of a rocket.

  • Christian Kunert
    Christian Kunert12 timer siden

    When I was looking for my first bike (I was in my 30s) I went to a dealership together with two guys in there late 20s younger-looking and we asked for bikes.... They were as well looking for bigger bikes but the salesman told them they should get a 300..... They where a bit pissed by it as I was looking for a Honda Shadow 750 and he had no problem with that. I did not ask any stupid questions and knew about the Shadow. The salesman was a bit of an A-hole but I think he was right. My friend who was riding for over 15 years was like, sometimes you need to listen to an A-hole.

  • Duane Sifuentes
    Duane Sifuentes14 timer siden

    I'd buy a bike from the old G, very honest guy.

  • The Kidd On Drums
    The Kidd On Drums15 timer siden

    “Turbo celica” 😂 classic..

  • Jason Fenderson
    Jason Fenderson15 timer siden

    I have rode a mountain bike a bunch of times 😂😂

  • John Berry
    John Berry18 timer siden

    A guy I used to work with came to work with a brochure for a new Honda 900rr. He told me this is the bike he was going to get the following week. As a rider from the age of 8 and an avid off road and motocross rider, I adamantly spoke with him advising him against his decision. He got pissed off and said “ you think you know everything about riding” this statement coming from a guy who had never rode a motorcycle in his life! I advised him to get an enduro or off road bike and learn to ride before taking his life to a certain drastic end! Well, after his first week of riding he ended up overshooting a corner and high siding his new rocket ship into a guardrail on an exchange on I 69 in Michigan. After a month of hospitalization and current rehab he finally admitted I was right and said “ I wish I would have listened to your advise”

  • Souless Lemming
    Souless Lemming18 timer siden

    I’ve had the opposite happen. I pulled up on my 68 Norton commando looking to buy a Honda grom (so much fun to ride around town) and the salesman tried shaming me into something bigger.

  • Pete
    PeteDag siden

    He went all the way to Colorado for this shitty video lol

  • R Gfy
    R GfyDag siden

    Buyer beware. Idiots depend on others for their well being. F'ing Idiots depend on the government for their well being.

  • Mitchell Lambaiso
    Mitchell LambaisoDag siden

    This is America, well sell you whatever you want if it’s legal to do so.

  • Anonymous The unknown
    Anonymous The unknownDag siden

    Man these guys saying a 1000 is t a good starter and that’s also what a lot of people say but I hopped on a 1000 right away and never dropped it or wrecked.

  • TheFinalElegy
    TheFinalElegy2 dager siden

    My first bike was a 1133cc 😂😂😂

  • matthew jonson
    matthew jonson3 dager siden

    i was going to buy a 125cc apollo dirt bike I'm 11 do u think it would be a good bike for me?

  • Steven Allen
    Steven Allen3 dager siden

    Is it Christ like to use deception to expose people?

  • Joaquin Pineda
    Joaquin Pineda3 dager siden

    Ahhh dude I know that store wtf

  • Super 64
    Super 643 dager siden

    Shit the places around me sell bikes and don’t even care to ask about endorsements or anything.... they just see green and that’s it...

  • Mike Sheehan
    Mike Sheehan3 dager siden

    Bought plenty of bikes from Dennis. Good guy in my town.

  • Ted Chapple
    Ted Chapple3 dager siden

    Love your bible verses

  • ambread allan
    ambread allan3 dager siden

    “Iv got a pretty quick Toyota celica” cracked me up

  • catalin lazar
    catalin lazar3 dager siden

    0:45 love the biker boots :))

  • David Hommel
    David Hommel3 dager siden

    I think we need to get back to people learning their own lessons through their own mistakes whatever they may be, rather than living in a world where we expect others to hold our hands and guide us through life. People get paid to do a specific job, not to be a life coach and make decision for someone else. Critical thinking needs to make a comeback to combat short attention spans rather than being the voice of reason for someone else. When you look at the big picture of society it becomes counterproductive when people don’t analyze their own decision making and eventually can’t think for themselves at all..

  • Luke Radick
    Luke Radick3 dager siden

    Anyone going in to buy a bike wearing crocs is a big red flag 🚩

  • Martin Andersen
    Martin Andersen3 dager siden

    "My newest brother in law" 😂

  • ThatKnifeKid
    ThatKnifeKid4 dager siden

    So is this set-up or not really wish it wasn't

  • Jeffrey Cardenas
    Jeffrey Cardenas4 dager siden

    That Honda talon tho 👀 @12:01

  • Philip Barrett
    Philip Barrett4 dager siden

    I'd like to shake Dennis' hand & buy him a beer. Quality guy.

  • Jared B
    Jared B4 dager siden

    Oh goodness, a salesman trying to sell something. He's in his business to sell things, not judge the intellectual or physical ability of people. If he did, that's discrimination. And, he would suck as a salesman.

  • GORN
    GORN4 dager siden

    I bought a ZX10 like that. I posed the "Is this the clutch?" Question. Pointing at the brake. No, it's this one! "O.K. So it's pretty much point and shoot, right??" No. Not really... When I bought a 2000 CBR 929 in Hollywood CA, The salesman pushed it all the way across the street before he would give it to me. I just kept following him with my helmet on, dumbfounded. The Ninja Guy just stood back and closed his eyes 👀

  • Tyler Myers
    Tyler Myers4 dager siden

    Apex sports my local bike shop!

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C4 dager siden

    Need my help lets see what they tell a guy with thick bifocals?

  • jay willis
    jay willis5 dager siden


  • Russell Notestine
    Russell Notestine5 dager siden

    I almost well-up watching salesmen put a stranger's life above the profit from a sale. I get it. I wouldn't want to be the last person to talk to the dead customer

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith5 dager siden

    I would sell anyone any bike they wanted to buy personally

    JAY PHILLY NEWS .5 dager siden

    great video // keep doing it . // thanks

  • Shaun P Patterson
    Shaun P Patterson5 dager siden

    I bought a 2001 R1 as my first bike with the only knowledge I had of riding was listening to my friend explain about how to use the clutch, shift and lean. The dealership didnt want me to ride it home due to this so they had one of their guys deliver it in a pickup truck. When he unloaded it at my house I got on and road it down the street zigzagging (NOT INTENTIONALLY) and tried to bust a u-turn but went wide and cut through one of my neighbors yards. When I got back on the road I road it straight from that point on and put over 10k miles on that bike in 3 years when I traded it in on a 2004 R1. I rode from 2001 to 2013 until I sold my bike because of pending divorce . Hoping to get back on 2 wheels this year, but on a Harley low rider s instead of a sports bike 🤞

  • Clint West
    Clint West5 dager siden

    Dennis rocks!

  • broderp
    broderp6 dager siden

    Why are bike shops and riders the worse for proper covid protection?

  • Robaroo
    Robaroo6 dager siden

    I love guys like Dennis. No bullshit. No small talk. Straight talk only. Kinda wanna talk to him about stuff other than motorcycles too!

  • samuel lopes
    samuel lopes6 dager siden

    LMAO @ aren't you Sean from Bikes and Beards?

  • Randy B
    Randy B6 dager siden

    Amazing how we fight for freedoms then complain when people allow you to exercise them. It’s called Darwinism. I’m totally fine with thinning the herd. These salesmen don’t owe you anything...lol. “You’re a grown man.”

  • Bo
    Bo6 dager siden

    I still will always recommend starting on a used dual sport. You can ride them anywhere, they're light enough to play around on. Tall enough to help you learn balance, and if you drop them it's not a big deal because it's a light weight bike and the plastic takes most of the beating. And you can pick them up super cheap so if you end up not enjoying riding you didn't spend alot and they usually hold value pretty well. A dual sport you buy for $1000 you can usually sell for $1000

  • The Seattle Cyclist
    The Seattle Cyclist7 dager siden

    I’m gonna share my experience and personal opinion....it’s not any harder to drive a 1199 panigale than a cb250. If you’re buying a first bike get a cheap used bike and see if you like riding.

  • Ron P
    Ron P7 dager siden

    People are greedy scumbags just look at our so-called government.Too many losers out for themselves nothing will ever change scum will always be scum! I must say every salesman in this video surprise me you would not get this kind of response from the salesman where I live kudos to them!

  • Yung Liquid
    Yung Liquid7 dager siden

    Lolll turbo celica

  • Twist
    Twist7 dager siden

    Because he sees what a bozo kiddy klown you really are regardless if what company your names on

  • Twist
    Twist7 dager siden

    But you're the gayest bozo on 2 wheels..you pretend you are better than you really are...real recognizes fake af

  • Northrider
    Northrider8 dager siden

    That was awesome. 👍to the sales people

  • Dewfies
    Dewfies8 dager siden

    I think you are wrong about that 1 party law. You can’t video someone without there consent. Only when you record there voice and the conversation as long as you know then it’s okay. I know all this because I had a very bad few incidents happen to me at work and recorded there conversations but I couldn’t do video otherwise they could cross charge me

  • Phillip Dellgren
    Phillip Dellgren8 dager siden

    Wearing a mask. Shakes hands

  • teri clem
    teri clem8 dager siden

    Nice to see integrity still exist in some dealers. I have had bad experiences in the past with aragence and disrespect form motorcycle dealers. I am an experienced rider and always educate myself on bikes. I was surprised the lack of customer service I experienced. I can only speak of the ones in Kentucky and Cincinnati area. Its been about five years since I dealt with a dealer. I now buy from independent sellers. Face to face, hand shake, price negotiation, and better deals when purchasing from the actual seller. I have owned R1s and my favorite bike but they are not that powerful from the factory. They come pretty lean, but with upgrades such power Commanders, aftermarket exhaust, fender eliminator kit, Bazzaz Z-fuel controller, rear tire huggers, wide double bubble screen, and many others the R1 can be a beast.

  • Jisue Mane Beats
    Jisue Mane Beats8 dager siden

    I’m actually buying my first bike soon thank you for implementing the Bible Gods Voice will always be the first we hear

  • Joshua Graves
    Joshua Graves9 dager siden


  • Cody Lemesany
    Cody Lemesany9 dager siden

    Me and my family have boughten five dirt bikes from Jesse at Rocky mountain cycle plaza one of the best dudes I've ever met, has never strayed us in the wrong direction

  • Daniel Sheffield
    Daniel Sheffield9 dager siden

    If theyre persistent Id say "OK then, *snap my finger* wait 3 seconds, *snap again* and say "woops, too much throttle... now, where would you like your body shipped for your loved ones?"

  • Chad Forbes
    Chad Forbes10 dager siden

    Colorado needs to change that dumb outdated single party wiretapping law.

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog10 dager siden

    Oh man, I love that this was filmed in Colorado Springs. That's my hometown, and I'm honestly surprised you didn't get more salesmen trying to get you killed. Money comes first in that town generally.

  • Brady Opalenik
    Brady Opalenik10 dager siden

    I have more fun on my 72 cb350 than I had on my brother's 07 GSXR 1000, with a power commander and full Yoshimura exhaust. And why is that? The 350 I can ride around town at full throttle, rolling thunder while every wanna-be cool dude is jaw dropped as I fly by. And my speed is still very very manageable. And it's still a blast. And I've been riding on and off since I was 7 or 8. I'm 30 now. *Note to new riders:* 600cc sport bikes are still terrifyingly fast.

  • StreetLegal vlog
    StreetLegal vlog10 dager siden

    Lord, send me $300.. Ill be happy... Actually just get me to do some videos with you. That's worth a million bucks to me

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges11 dager siden

    Can’t watch with you wearing a Face Diaper

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges11 dager siden

    I’ll can’t hear you with that Face Diaper on

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges11 dager siden

    Take off the Mask coronavirus is a Hoax Event 201

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges11 dager siden

    Agenda 21 Agenda 2030

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges11 dager siden

    I’ll never wear a Mask coronavirus is a Hoax Event 201

  • Randy Bridges

    Randy Bridges

    7 dager siden

    The protocols of the elders of Zion is the Truth

  • Randy Bridges

    Randy Bridges

    7 dager siden

    Eustace Mullins is the Truth

  • Joogullae


    7 dager siden

    Bro it's not a hoax. I used to think that the numbers were inflated( actually kinda still do) but it's no joke. Our realtor caught it and died.my lawyers son caught it and died.and many family members have caught it and thank God survived.

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges11 dager siden

    Enough with the Face Diaper

  • Josh R
    Josh R11 dager siden

    Where in pa are you around? I’m close to Allentown

  • Damari Brackett
    Damari Brackett11 dager siden

    To all my motorcyclist why did u choose a motorcycle over an atv

  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker11 dager siden

    Double thumbs up because Matthew 7:12

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman11 dager siden

    I know I've told you your a total bs. This video I'm calling you out again. Let's start with the fact you should have picked off everything you sat on. Second if you want a ZH2 guess what freedom loving American....it's yours!! Second ive heard of squids stealing KLR 650 and never being heard of again....js

  • Randy Pullman

    Randy Pullman

    11 dager siden

    To be fair. We can't expect a salesman loser to have vast knowledge of FUN motorcycles. EG a valkyrie is a boring bus ride while a kz650 or a v65 is a religious experience while a 995 triple is a Ferrari.

  • Henry Roman
    Henry Roman11 dager siden

    You are an awesome guy!

  • dfcvda
    dfcvda11 dager siden

    you mentioned the BIBLE goodbye

  • huntguy454 nation
    huntguy454 nation11 dager siden

    So it was a mistake to buy a cbr1000rr as my first bike? The motorcycle scene seems a bit on the sissy side.

  • Sam 1111
    Sam 111111 dager siden


  • Bald Bastard211
    Bald Bastard21112 dager siden

    A salesman’s job is to sell, it’s not there responsibility to educate you on the fact that you shouldn’t buy it. However they should let you know they don’t recommend it for a first time rider

  • HowieTheHightower
    HowieTheHightower12 dager siden

    Sorry lost me on this one, the gotcha style filming here isn’t for me. Very Christ like...

  • micro love

    micro love

    10 dager siden

    This isn't to expose the specific place, just kinda talk though issues with a new rider having too much enthusiasm and the dealer not tempering expectations

  • Shawn Beck
    Shawn Beck12 dager siden

    Dude, you gave them each $500 ? That is so awesome of you. Matthew 7:12 for realz !

  • Ryan’s brick Lab
    Ryan’s brick Lab12 dager siden

    Bruh I’m only 12 but I know when I get older Ima get a motorcycle 🏍 and I love watching moto madness crashes and all them compilations but it makes me want one even more😂

  • Jeremy Lewis
    Jeremy Lewis12 dager siden

    Should have dropped the line " buy once cry once " lol

  • Eric Andrikowich
    Eric Andrikowich12 dager siden

    everyone needs a liter bike. nothin beats it.

  • Kid Grizzley
    Kid Grizzley13 dager siden

    What’s the insane meter for the Amazon xpro bike 1-10?????

  • Vincent DellaValle
    Vincent DellaValle13 dager siden

    I started off on a liter bike and the way I crashed it coulda happened to someone on a 300. Only thing that coulda saved me was just simply more experience riding in general. Sensor for the kickstand was bad and the bike turned off mid turn doing about 25mph and lost control flew of the bike when it locked up. If I get another bike tho it'll be a 600 cause I'll kill myself on another 1000

  • Rayan G
    Rayan G13 dager siden

    these guys are literally the worst salesmen ive ever seen... Super unclear, very vague.... i swear i couldve explained the predicament in like 2 minutes to these guys as "beginners"

  • HamOnTheCob
    HamOnTheCob13 dager siden

    The responsibility of the buyer not being a total moron is on the buyer, not on the salesman. Just like it's not the responsibility of Gorilla Glue to decide whether their customers are smart enough to buy their product and not put it in their hair. Somewhere along the lines the notion of personal responsibility became a taboo thing, and the entire society suffers for it.

  • _ Odinsson
    _ Odinsson13 dager siden

    Dennis is the guy you want as a sales guy for your first bike.

  • folly four
    folly four13 dager siden

    Dennis is a credit to sales people in any industry .

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis13 dager siden

    I talked to Dennis when I went to get my first bike! He's with Rocky Mountain Cycles in Colorado Springs. Truly a very knowledgeable guy.

  • Roshan Paul
    Roshan Paul13 dager siden

    4:34 your brother in law is an Indian 🤔

  • Zach Stevens
    Zach Stevens13 dager siden

    Man seeing a local shop on NOlocal is crazy… Not that I buy anything but gear and parts here, but still amazing to see. :)

  • Anthony E
    Anthony E14 dager siden

    Oh heck yea! Dennis has 2019 beta dirt bike at this shop, best dirt bikes Iv ever ridden.

  • JA914 AJ121
    JA914 AJ12114 dager siden

    shave the beard, that'll be the perfect disguise😅

  • ATCRyderX©
    ATCRyderX©14 dager siden

    The Bro *just said* He has a Turbo Celica and rides Mountain Bikes *all* the time. Just sell him the ZX14 and order the Turbo Kit. *COME ON MAN!*

  • Boyd Reece
    Boyd Reece14 dager siden

    Do you think a hands rebel 1100 is a good bike to start out with.. I have a little bit of experience but not much.

  • Dallas Ryans
    Dallas Ryans14 dager siden

    Part of the problem is it’s legal to sell these to people that can’t ride them, I feel the same about inexperienced people driving giant RVs or trailers