If Every Gym Leader Got a New Strongest Pokémon


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I provide my thoughts on every gym leader's ace, and provide possible different strongest Pokemon instead!
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Edited by Katie Rose!
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  • Noah Belue
    Noah BelueTime siden

    You forgot the best game, Pokémon conquest

  • Shanta Harris
    Shanta HarrisTime siden

    I was thinking Tropius for Winona. Since it’s a flying type and matches the treehouse aesthetic of the city she lives in.

  • Aru Time
    Aru TimeTime siden

    give ever leader miltank

  • Sky Mitchell
    Sky Mitchell2 timer siden

    “I’m gonna steal your happiness and piece of mind” Mandj- Grunty boi 2021

  • Callum Heaven
    Callum Heaven4 timer siden

    I love watching you fume over the illogicalities of the earlier games it's hilarious 😂

  • Jayson Xia
    Jayson Xia6 timer siden

    how bout marcorgo

  • Backedplains501
    Backedplains50113 timer siden

    Juan is the only sootopolis gym leader for me

  • AJ P
    AJ P15 timer siden

    Just me feeling betrayed because Starmie is my favorite

    KEITH HARRIS SUWIGNJO19 timer siden

    Ngl i kinda want to see clemont have an aipom in his team

  • Julian Heng
    Julian Heng20 timer siden

    I think Skarmory works well as Falkner's ace tbh, I dunno if you wanna count the Adventures manga, but in that manga he has a Skarmory and he fashions the Skarmory's shed feathers into super sharp boomerangs instead of swords which is dope in my opinion.

  • Baba Leoxd
    Baba Leoxd20 timer siden

    this is what the developers said when making Whitney's miltank 4:48

  • Name Tag
    Name Tag20 timer siden

    My first shiny was a Mighteana in emerald if you know where they can be found or more specifically what level then you could easily see on their move list that they know roar. GOD WHY!?

  • Asher Beck
    Asher Beck23 timer siden

    My first shiny was the first pokemon I ever found which was a pidgey on lets go somehow I noticed that it wasn't a glitch and caught it.

  • Custardyboi69
    Custardyboi69Dag siden

    U didn’t do blue

  • Emma Bannon
    Emma BannonDag siden

    Whenever I watch m and JTV I get a shiny

  • Krishna Sikary
    Krishna SikaryDag siden

    Nice work

  • EvieCookieGacha
    EvieCookieGachaDag siden

    Laugh. Laugh all me. laughing here. Sitting here laughing.

  • Adil Hiroyuki Ahmad Azamuddin
    Adil Hiroyuki Ahmad AzamuddinDag siden

    Hello MandJTV. I would like give a few suggestion that may help your channel. First of all, you can try and make an ORAS soul link gameplay with PokeMEN7 or Purplecliffe. A soul link is a gameplay where 2 players must have a team where 2 pokemon must be paired by the route they catched. You can watch Gameboy Luke for examples of soul link. I also want to request a gameplay “Can You Beat Pokemon ORAS With Only A Sceptile” since sceptile is your favourite pokemon. I hope you consider these suggestions that I made. Keep on the hard work. Thank you.

  • Eldar Taghiyev
    Eldar TaghiyevDag siden

    Where is the ghost and steel gym on gen 8.

  • Almighty_pain
    Almighty_painDag siden

    Me who likes grunty boy moments more than the entire video

  • Eldar Taghiyev
    Eldar TaghiyevDag siden

    Why it have only have part 1 and 2 on Swedish 🇸🇪 Netflix. I live on Sweden 🇸🇪 and i is Swedish 🇸🇪.

  • Aum Katbamna
    Aum KatbamnaDag siden


  • Eldar Taghiyev
    Eldar Taghiyev2 dager siden

    What was the first shiny Pokémon you find and lost?

  • geek productions
    geek productions2 dager siden

    I don't care about game balance either Micheal I like a challenging game

  • Fabio Spiller
    Fabio Spiller2 dager siden

    31:03 Am I the only one noticing Allister and Runerigus having the same exact spooky ghost pose? 🤣

  • Douglas Show
    Douglas Show2 dager siden

    So Victreebel doesn't exist anymore. That should've been Erika's Ace instead of Venusaur.

    MONISHA P M2 dager siden

    Wait....Starmie is a psyhic

  • Thegamingcreeper
    Thegamingcreeper2 dager siden

    I'm so confused

  • Thegamingcreeper
    Thegamingcreeper2 dager siden

    Who's melena

  • Thegamingcreeper
    Thegamingcreeper2 dager siden

    Who the heck Is alister

  • SuouEdits 7533
    SuouEdits 75332 dager siden

    What was his first shiny?

  • Jeff McDingohead
    Jeff McDingohead2 dager siden

    I would lik Misty's ace to be her Psyduck from the anime and Golduck in the rematches.

  • Natural Harmonia Gropius
    Natural Harmonia Gropius2 dager siden

    Fun fact: The third version (Emerald, Crystal, etc.) is considered the true version by game freak. So the gym leader's with a different team in the third version are using their true teams.

  • Natural Harmonia Gropius
    Natural Harmonia Gropius2 dager siden

    14:44 Plus, I like Bruh-loom

  • Tomás Girardi
    Tomás Girardi3 dager siden

    23:15 really depends on the type of mushroom if you catch my meaning

  • Waferz
    Waferz3 dager siden

    And gallade and tate are boys and gardevoir and lisa are girls

  • purple tea
    purple tea3 dager siden

    Pokemon is still new to me I only knew it when my friend gave me a present on my birthday a blue catfish literally a cat fish that's blue and he said that's a pokemon.

  • Drunken Devil
    Drunken Devil3 dager siden

    So you don't like shrimp but you like octopus

  • Ethan Chen
    Ethan Chen3 dager siden

    Mikey: Whitney's Miltank has a base state total of 490 at Gym 3!!! IT IS TO HARD!!! Also Mikey: Let's give Milo a Flapple/Appletun with a base stat total of 485 at Gym 1. It would be a bit hard, but not too hard, right?

  • Softibjorn
    Softibjorn4 dager siden

    Mikey did you forget the intimidating pokemon known as Hypno when chooseing Sabrinas ace?

  • Jayden Grunden
    Jayden Grunden4 dager siden

    I feel like for Marlen him being a high speed athletic swimmer he could have had a sharpedo with his dark colored hair and him being an excellent swimmer and the net showing he is an expert Pokémon catcher like an apex water Pokémon such as the predator sharpedo being top of the "food chain" catching a lot of pokemon

  • Jayden Grunden
    Jayden Grunden4 dager siden

    I feel like crasher wake should get a smalert I mean he literally LOOKS like a swampert with two fins upon his head AND the coloration of his pants even matches swamperts ENTIRE color pallet

  • Jayden Grunden
    Jayden Grunden4 dager siden

    He strqight up called Whitney a cow 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jayden Grunden
    Jayden Grunden4 dager siden

    Pretty sure they changed it to Rapides because he is seen alongside his rapid ash a TON in the Manga series

  • The Jho
    The Jho4 dager siden

    Not bad with the sponsor, I too lost my first shiny, it knew self destruct, I’m not a big fan of that Pokémon

  • Blu :0
    Blu :04 dager siden

    you gave Witney a blissey hoo boi

  • Ainslie Arnell
    Ainslie Arnell4 dager siden

    He called hitmontop "fully evoleved". IT CAN EVOLVE INTO WITHER HITMONCHAN OR HITMONLEE

  • Ruhel Ali
    Ruhel Ali4 dager siden

    Micheal after most leaders I think that there Pokemon is perfect

  • Feeble Films
    Feeble Films4 dager siden

    “Because he’s toxic” had me dying 🤣

  • Mr Noobstack
    Mr Noobstack4 dager siden


  • supertombrother
    supertombrother5 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice how Michael ignored alolan dugtrio? It's both ground and steel, and would have been perfect for the ground type kahuna. Shame on you Michael.

  • Quinton_is_gaming
    Quinton_is_gaming5 dager siden

    whene grunty boi said you ko'd your first shiny i remembered i did to and it actually upset me

  • Dominic PAOLILLO
    Dominic PAOLILLO5 dager siden

    What about foyer area

  • Djenan Akel
    Djenan Akel5 dager siden

    Can you do I for elite four or champions

    YOUSUF POKEFAN5 dager siden

    Scyther and scizor have the same base stats 500 Mikey and to nerf scizor give it swarm instead of technician and give it no steel moves.

  • Space Exploration Agency

    Space Exploration Agency

    5 dager siden

    Also the steel type moves in gen 2 were all bad.

  • Space Exploration Agency

    Space Exploration Agency

    5 dager siden

    Steel isnt a strong offensive type. If anything giving it just steel type moves should actually nerf it.

  • Retro Christmas
    Retro Christmas5 dager siden

    Dont get why miltank is so tough. Just lower its accuracy and it cant do anything. Rollout hits every so often but can never stack.

  • Alien Games Roblox etc.
    Alien Games Roblox etc.5 dager siden

    Isnt gyarados weak to mud? Or rock

  • Daniel Mcclay
    Daniel Mcclay5 dager siden

    he says what were they thinking then a Ebay add came up so there is your answer

  • CakeCreepZ
    CakeCreepZ5 dager siden

    Max ursifu doesn’t exist anymore?

  • Steven Dunham
    Steven Dunham5 dager siden


  • Totodile3000
    Totodile30005 dager siden

    *gives misty gyarados* Also Michael: SCIZOR IS TOO STRONG

  • Nitro
    Nitro5 dager siden

    Pov: team rocket grunt is actually squirtle as a NP- I mean a human.

  • Huzaifa Tinwala
    Huzaifa Tinwala6 dager siden

    He says korrina should have a mega because you have a mega by then but unless im wrong, dont you do the gym first b4 the mega tower

  • OtakuGamerDS
    OtakuGamerDS6 dager siden

    Did you actually KO the first shiny you found?

  • Shukla Saha
    Shukla Saha6 dager siden

    the ninja pokemon

  • si mi
    si mi6 dager siden

    Wait peirs is a boy?

  • Jeffrey Gao
    Jeffrey Gao6 dager siden

    I would've given Blaine Charizard.

  • Katy Hahn
    Katy Hahn6 dager siden

    3:50 He already has a geodude

  • Isshin
    Isshin7 dager siden

    I just want to say that scyther and scizor have the same bst, and both have a 4x weakness, which u can encounter before the battle. The concert vibes wouldn't be fit by some silly mushrooms huh? disagreed.

  • bugatti95
    bugatti957 dager siden

    If Gallade didn't exist until Gen 4, shouldn't you have suggested something different for the twin gym leaders, at least in the original games; since Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, are Gen 3 games. You could have suggested them in ORAS though, since they're Gen 6 games.

  • Father Mother
    Father Mother7 dager siden

    “ I care more about coolness than game balance” That is the quote that fits aloan, I hate how op the normal types are 😭

  • Kate Gacha life and more
    Kate Gacha life and more7 dager siden

    i just now realised that wallace is showing part of his stomach and that isn't his shirt XD

  • Scott Hiszem
    Scott Hiszem7 dager siden

    And she used 1 in sun and moon and it can go MEGA

  • נהוראי אליהו
    נהוראי אליהו7 dager siden

    21:50 just give then castforms

  • Brownies11 MC
    Brownies11 MC7 dager siden


  • Ryrie
    Ryrie7 dager siden

    The 559 dislikes all came from the ICONIX 🤣🤣

  • zach Plush gaming
    zach Plush gaming7 dager siden


  • Shane Donovan
    Shane Donovan7 dager siden


  • Fiachra
    Fiachra8 dager siden

    Love the vid

  • Mingwei Yu
    Mingwei Yu8 dager siden

    Is it me or altara looks kinda derpy

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera9 dager siden

    # hate grunty boi

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera9 dager siden

    # Mikey abuse

  • Maulana r Hidayatullah
    Maulana r Hidayatullah9 dager siden

    Olivia ace is midday form not midnight!

  • Maulana r Hidayatullah
    Maulana r Hidayatullah9 dager siden

    Wait what

  • Pete Artieda
    Pete Artieda9 dager siden


  • Shawn Webb
    Shawn Webb9 dager siden

    I have to disagree with claiming Scizor would be too strong to fight in Johto; Scizor and Scyther have the same BST; Scizor simply trades off about 40 points in its speed, for 20 points in attack and 20 points in defense; as well as giving up Flying type for Steel type... HOWEVER... You CAN make Scyther more difficult if you use the Eviolite hold item; effectively making both of its 80 base defensive stats pushed up to 120. But unless its part of a gimmick, gym leaders dont use hold items except for restoration berries.. So giving Bugsy Scizor makes perfect sense; and would give us a glimpse at a cool new pokemon early in the game.

  • Maulana r Hidayatullah
    Maulana r Hidayatullah9 dager siden

    What pokemon shiny pokemon you kill he he 😝

  • Puppet King
    Puppet King9 dager siden

    Misty with milotic......God

  • M A
    M A9 dager siden

    haha it is me grunti boi

  • Gonçalo Pereira
    Gonçalo Pereira9 dager siden

    I think the unova Water gym leader should haver a carracosta instead of swanna

  • Shy Guy Gamer
    Shy Guy Gamer9 dager siden


  • Mysterio
    Mysterio9 dager siden

    Jhoto is a great region but they should have bought New pokemons and new options Heart gold is a Freakin Great Game And Lacks these things!!! why god Why

  • RTM83
    RTM839 dager siden

    Me: I like Persian. pokemon sun & moon: hahahahahaha we shall make it round headed me:noooooooooo

  • Shinx
    Shinx9 dager siden

    Lmao he did Bede so dirty im dead

  • TheOrangeGalen
    TheOrangeGalen9 dager siden

    12:12 With the Skarmory thing, totally thought that it was a Gen 3 Pokémon cuz I literally never saw it until Hoenn. Or never remembered seeing it. Still though, looking back, the Johto leaders didn't have the best teams they could've.

  • Token Black
    Token Black9 dager siden

    Completely forgot minato was a gym leader

  • Jonathan Gordon
    Jonathan Gordon9 dager siden

    I’m like electabuzz and he says electabuzz lols

  • Griffin Kahn
    Griffin Kahn9 dager siden

    how about this for hail castform snow ya

  • Adrian Borg
    Adrian Borg9 dager siden

    Get bugsy a mega scissor

  • Jaiden Tova
    Jaiden Tova10 dager siden

    Didn't Wolfric have a his Mega Abomasnow as his Ace in the pokemon X Y X