"If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh" | Kitchen Nightmares


Gordon visits Dillions, where he has his skills tested to the absolute max.
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  • Keith Halliday
    Keith HallidayTime siden

    Martin : Gordon : I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • DoomZ_
    DoomZ_2 timer siden

    Icl Jenna looks leng

  • Subaj Tuladhar
    Subaj Tuladhar2 timer siden

    Dehydrated Turd. 🤣🤣🤣

    TRUE FACE OF MO3 timer siden

    Haha Gordon just said pork and the MUSLIM guys were really checking if it was pork... Hahaha

    TRUE FACE OF MO3 timer siden

    Aaaavrything is because of the Bangladeshi floor manager

  • john Carlo
    john Carlo4 timer siden

    Please Chef raf dont give chance the fck demanding peopl you use you for fck like that people

  • john Carlo
    john Carlo4 timer siden

    Restaurant to be demanding woo

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan8 timer siden

    *I like how it played the ghost busters theme xD*

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan9 timer siden

    *What I'm mindboggled about is how Tf Gordon hasn't died yet?!*

  • Adrian Cotirta
    Adrian Cotirta10 timer siden

    From beef , to pork, to lamb or perhaps who knows.. :D

  • Melgija Felix
    Melgija Felix12 timer siden

    How on earth can he touch that disgusting stuff yesterday I saw a cockroach in my room while online classes and I am like I AM GONNA DIE

  • Syeikh Annuwar
    Syeikh Annuwar12 timer siden

    Too many managers for a medium size restaurant. There is no reason to have a General Manager. Restaurant Manager will do. Martin don’t belongs to Food and Beverage or Hospitality Industries.

  • Boobalopbop
    Boobalopbop14 timer siden

    I feel bad for them the re-opening night. I've been a waitress. If you're not used to handling that many customers, if you don't have a manager guiding things, it can easily get out of control. And waitresses always get the blame.

  • Boobalopbop
    Boobalopbop14 timer siden

    I learned the hard way why it's important to kill any fly you see in your house and make sure all discarded meats are trashed and taken out immediately. Maggots. You don't want maggots.

  • Boobalopbop
    Boobalopbop14 timer siden

    An American, Irish restaurant... With an Indian-ness. What in the F?

  • shomona ahmed
    shomona ahmed14 timer siden

    7:46 the guys are speaking bengali . Uhhh .

  • Minecraft Pros
    Minecraft Pros15 timer siden

    Gordon: Im being serious now Editor: Ghost busters play when he is going to exterminate bugs.

  • Rohan Durey
    Rohan Durey15 timer siden

    "Dehydrated Turd" savage!!!!!!

  • S S
    S S16 timer siden

    what a racist caption!

  • Mr M.K
    Mr M.K16 timer siden

    FIRE that creepy manager and that GF

  • Zen Kagumi
    Zen Kagumi17 timer siden

    People really don't understand how tv shows work lmao yes it is someway scripted but not everything you've seen here is fake. You can simply search the restaurants and it will pop out, but of them are closed why? It's simply because they couldn't keep up the standards the ramsay put.

  • xD. w3nKz
    xD. w3nKz18 timer siden

    This how you prank vegetarian people 5:30

  • Deeksha Gaur
    Deeksha Gaur19 timer siden

    Set the whole place on fire... That kitchen was a breeding ground for insects and fungus..I literally shuddered looking at it 🤢🤮

  • Jonah Brake
    Jonah Brake19 timer siden

    Idk why gordan doesn’t check the kitchen and storage before eating the food cause that is gross 🤢

  • Patricia d'Assier
    Patricia d'Assier20 timer siden

    Gordon is amazing and does a great job. But why oh why does he ALWAYS need to stick in a shot of his bare chest!? We know you take pride in staying fit, but no need to stick it on our eyeballs.

  • Kabir Munshi
    Kabir Munshi20 timer siden

    Banglasdesh isn't inside India.Bangladesh is another country outside India...!!

  • FreddyThePig
    FreddyThePig21 time siden

    Ads every 5 fucking minutes

  • venom gaming
    venom gaming21 time siden

    In India who don’t knows chef vikash

  • Imran nawaz
    Imran nawaz22 timer siden

    Oh my 🤦‍♂️. They’re eating puri with a fork and knife😂

  • Natasha Nordin
    Natasha Nordin22 timer siden

    If you see the staffs,manager or the chef go out to the customers while their hands on the waist that means something is wrong with them. lol

  • akhi ferdushi
    akhi ferdushi23 timer siden

    " *i make sure you have toilet paper to wipe your butt with* "

  • Tai Chi
    Tai ChiDag siden

    The Star here is Martin. Make the Show interesting.

  • Brady Tiel
    Brady TielDag siden

    Kitchen Nightmares? The way Martin was acting I think this could’ve been a Human Resources Nightmare instead.

  • Gazi F.Rabbi
    Gazi F.RabbiDag siden


  • Frankenoise
    FrankenoiseDag siden

    Martin's cellphone belongs in a museum!

  • Avis Franklin
    Avis FranklinDag siden

    The wrathful behavior mainly shade because okra unexplainably fasten off a slow knot. decisive, makeshift saxophone

  • big papa
    big papaDag siden

    Mohammad is licking his lips When gordon showed the cockroaches

  • Harrison Clapshaw
    Harrison ClapshawDag siden

    I’m just trying to eat some McCoy’s



  • Ben Marriott
    Ben MarriottDag siden

    General manager? General toss pott.. haha love it

  • Psychtank 19
    Psychtank 19Dag siden

    Karen would like to visit the restaurant since she could talk to 3 managers in one place.

  • Psychtank 19
    Psychtank 19Dag siden

    Bangladesh watching this: 🙄🙄 what the.. 🙄🙄

  • TheMikesc15
    TheMikesc15Dag siden

    can someone explain to me (a thing I only just realized) why this show is... morally okay? Like, take any restaurant owner that does this shit, leave cockroaches to roam around with rats in a fucking inter-species orgy along with sending rotten, contaminated and deadly food out, knowingly, and he/she would be thrown according to the law. Take this show and they basically get free publicity, get to survive off of just being shitty rather than good (cuz that's how people work nowadays, see something truly bad and you kinda wanna experience it) along with getting their shit together literally PAID FOR.

  • zkk
    zkkDag siden

    Andrew is badass, taking all those jobs to keep the place alive

  • Tamim Mahmud
    Tamim MahmudDag siden

    When i saw the first part, it just automatically came in my mind, martin needs to go... Waste of managers

  • Ivan Emilov
    Ivan EmilovDag siden

    half the staff really are a bunch of leeches sucking on the rich man's money

  • Sonali Roberts
    Sonali RobertsDag siden

    And value for money?

  • dhruv kapoor
    dhruv kapoorDag siden

    Gordon Ramsay is the Gordon Ramsay of the restaurant business

  • Jack Hanlon
    Jack HanlonDag siden

    It's how they live in their country I'd love to see him go to the Indian kitchens 😂 been there on holiday great food but holy shit is it dirty over there. Friendliest people I have ever met Edit: "you sat in it you wasted it" god I wish Gordon was my life coach he could show me how much I fucked up on

  • Alp Bet
    Alp BetDag siden

    As a beef, I find this Bangladeshi

  • jihan hasan
    jihan hasanDag siden

    Well scripted 😜😜😜

  • Florence Colonna
    Florence ColonnaDag siden

    Is the restaurant still opened?

  • raghmah weimers
    raghmah weimersDag siden


  • Martin Jacoby - Official
    Martin Jacoby - OfficialDag siden

    Can we have a couple more ad breaks please??

  • Dina Andrei
    Dina AndreiDag siden

    8:07 why did they give that guy subtitles?

  • Himanshu Jasrotia
    Himanshu JasrotiaDag siden

    Seeing Chef Vikas is a Delight. He is one of the Finest in India.

  • Trifled Strix art
    Trifled Strix artDag siden

    Its so brave of Gordon to touch all that shitty stuff..those cockroaches..food etc

  • Sahand Rzgar
    Sahand RzgarDag siden

    Those white clothes are normal now in corona time

  • aiman kuaci
    aiman kuaciDag siden

    i was eating watching this and regretting it

  • *•GoodGuyPolar •*
    *•GoodGuyPolar •*2 dager siden

    you know the resturant is bad when the consultant chef is getting lots of screen time

  • BoyWithCrackers
    BoyWithCrackers2 dager siden

    The guy sell proper Indian food! With flies and all! one pack i say

  • Maxine Yang
    Maxine Yang2 dager siden

    Martin is most probably one of he worst managers I have ever seen in this series; at least other managers from different episodes are honest and admit that they're lazy. Whereas he just doesn't give a fuck whatsoever

  • asmr no talking
    asmr no talking2 dager siden


  • Scythix 64
    Scythix 642 dager siden

    Tf why is someone stroking martins hair

  • Ice_Cream
    Ice_Cream2 dager siden

    No one talking about the 2nd executive producer's second name?

    X3RUBIM2 dager siden

    "American-Irish restaurant with annnnn Indianness connected to it..." Oh, boy, this is gonna be great

  • Merry-lynn Allison
    Merry-lynn Allison2 dager siden

    Gordon Ramsay is an Angel. Helping those who need help.

  • megastorm 75
    megastorm 752 dager siden

    The indian owner sees flies and cockroaches 🪳 and says to himself thats normal in india . Am sure he was surprised why Gordon is upset !!!

  • M Hussain
    M Hussain2 dager siden

    What a TV show, felt like I was watching a hollywood movie Reality is different to this

  • S s
    S s2 dager siden

    New Jersey😅🤣😂, that killed me...🤪

  • Brother Mccool
    Brother Mccool2 dager siden

    Martin is literally the teachers pet taking advantage of the class which is the restaurant by just walking around and doing nothing

  • Parag Boro
    Parag Boro2 dager siden

    Shows Gordon's kitchen, Starts Disney music

  • Jhon svo Das Reborn
    Jhon svo Das Reborn2 dager siden

    বাংগালী ব্যবসায়িকের পুরাই বাঁশ।

  • Aparna B
    Aparna B2 dager siden

    32:32 OMFG this is unforgivable they forgot my order and it's cold omg

  • sirajum monira
    sirajum monira2 dager siden

    Who came here after seeing the word BANGLADESH ? 👇

  • Justin Ooi
    Justin Ooi2 dager siden

    possibly the most disgusting episode ive seen so far. jesus wtf are these people doing?

  • Mohammed Shaik
    Mohammed Shaik2 dager siden

    I see OWNER'S will as a big problem in the whole episode I feel he is not firm when it's needed. Martins of the world will get corrected if the OWNER is good.

  • Ali Maclean
    Ali Maclean2 dager siden

    Gordon Ramsey and the Restuarant of Doom

  • Michael
    Michael2 dager siden

    He doesn't even know we're in fucking New York?

  • Mahdi Rahman
    Mahdi Rahman2 dager siden

    They are bangladeshi dude-_-

  • AUGaming
    AUGaming2 dager siden

    Are these real??

  • A Bear
    A Bear2 dager siden

    As a Bangladeshi i really felt bad for the owner

  • Minuka james
    Minuka james2 dager siden

    Martin is extremely creepy

  • Yusuf N
    Yusuf N2 dager siden

    It is an Indian sounding place, "DHILLON" (dhhillaaaaunnnn) is the name but they spell is as "DILLON" which gets pronounced much more like "DYLANS"

  • ArtRaft Pro
    ArtRaft Pro2 dager siden

    Bengali people ✌️✌️✌️

  • I C U
    I C U2 dager siden

    I hate flies 😩

  • Dhrubajit Roy
    Dhrubajit Roy2 dager siden

    This is Bangladeshi not Indian they are jus using the name and fame of India 🙄

  • Sharoni and her humble world
    Sharoni and her humble world2 dager siden

    Vikas is the sweetest ❤️

  • SonThai
    SonThai2 dager siden

    This show is good, something is scipted to make more drama but overall most of the things in here is reality. But, there's one things many people don't know that, there's a contract/rules between Gordon's Show and the restaurant owners that making these fancy restaurant changes by Gordon have fees to keep running. And in most cases, owners don't have enough money to keep running the restaurants after Gordon gave them new facilities. That's the only one downside of this show that makes me less enjoy it

  • OwlBLOX
    OwlBLOX3 dager siden

    Its sad to know this place closed down :(

  • Freddy longbow
    Freddy longbow3 dager siden

    General toss pot looooool

  • A H
    A H3 dager siden

    Martin needs to be sacked

  • A H
    A H3 dager siden

    I would literally kick those managers out, pay you for what?

  • abonti farah
    abonti farah3 dager siden

    That restaurant has no standard. And the owner has the nerve to say that Gordon's standard is higher than him..Well Congratulation.. I am like No shit sherlock.

  • Iron Legion Athletics
    Iron Legion Athletics3 dager siden

    20:20 - When that ghostbusters kinda vibe kicks in man!

  • Iron Legion Athletics
    Iron Legion Athletics3 dager siden

    15:00 - The basement from any horror movie

    ROZALUNA3 dager siden

    37:11 LMAO Gordon has equipped the item "Last whisper" (if you know, you know lol) Martin's taking too much damage from that. It's like everything Gordon says pierces his soul.

  • Nandan Jena
    Nandan Jena3 dager siden

    I won't be surprised if someone found out that Martin had banged both of the waitresses. Clearly neither the waitresses nor Martin were doing their job properly and when they were pointed out their fault they went defensive. Exactly like Gordon said exploiting a simple man.

  • lolxd
    lolxd3 dager siden

    I loved how thats fly was peacefully flying around

  • Mihail Combei
    Mihail Combei3 dager siden

    Honestly... I can't believe how this dodgy business works. This is for Gordon Ramsey 👏. Go to fu"8ng Romania, this restaurants 😤 will not even work. Just the dodgy one, and soon public will shut it down. How can you promote I'm coming in shit and it's going to be well? That shit shut have never existed