IN DEPTH: Koenigsegg Factory Tour with Christian von Koenigsegg


We take a look around the ever-growing Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden, now building the Agera RS, a limited run of 25 cars and gearing up to commence production of the hybrid megacar, the Regera.
I'm joined by the company founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, who still to this day has a vast knowledge and understanding of his cars and the engineering processes that go into creating them, for a look around the facility. From the production line with Agera RS models moving through, to the development of Regera, and how the cars start out initially with carbon fibre processes.
This is a particularly special and rare opportunity to look behind the doors in this much detail, so a huge thanks must go to the Koenigsegg team for making it possible. I'll also be getting fully under the skin of the Regera, so stay tuned!
Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • ktulhu2011
    ktulhu20113 dager siden

    i'm amazed on how much this man knows his cars, i work in a small machinery production plant and he reminds me so much my boss, he always comes up with a solid or original vision on how to approach a problem. i like to watch factory tours and in corporates, even if the guys show true passion for the brand they work for and are long time employees, it's so percievable that they do not fully understand the product vision and the logic of the production. hats off to this man, impressive brain.

  • Lukas Larsson
    Lukas Larsson11 dager siden

    its so beutifull that koenigsegg use Biltema "pallbockar"

  • Luke Madafiglio
    Luke Madafiglio12 dager siden

    Is sooo madafiglio dude what an angry beast

  • Luke Madafiglio
    Luke Madafiglio12 dager siden

    He shows cool cars. That konisegg agora r

  • SuperProH2o
    SuperProH2o12 dager siden

    and at 9:55 i think Damon Fryer knows who owns that koenigsegg, i think it is now owned by Ramon in SR Autogroup in Vancouver BC

  • SuperProH2o
    SuperProH2o12 dager siden

    Christian Von Koenigsegg seems like such a humble guy.

  • Krishnan RV
    Krishnan RV25 dager siden

    Krishnan RV Is that the founder CEO giving a tour and tech details, which usually the Engineering head of the shop floor would do? Wow. If I could afford this car, I would buy for sake of this nice down-to-earth CEO. Good people make good products.

  • Samuel Parker
    Samuel ParkerMåned siden


  • Aristotle Alexander
    Aristotle AlexanderMåned siden

    i like christan koenigsegg

    RASHEED KHANMåned siden


  • S Favela
    S FavelaMåned siden

    Hi Mr.Koenigsegg love ur Art🏎

  • Boon Hao
    Boon HaoMåned siden

    his forehead is brighter than my future.

  • Nathan McAuley
    Nathan McAuleyMåned siden

    Amazing eggs made by the walking egg

  • Al Longtin
    Al LongtinMåned siden

    Sign me up ...Koenigsegg are phenomenal fine pieces of automotive art. Great video could tell even Shmee was speechless most of the time. Thanks for sharing Christian

  • William Gainey
    William GaineyMåned siden

    It’s weird to think that I’ve seen that blue/green Agera RS before, yet here it id

  • MA 06
    MA 062 måneder siden

    É na verdade um formula1 com Carroceria "bodywork"de esportivo ;Esses motores poderiam estar nos F1 seria interessante

  • Fun & Family
    Fun & Family2 måneder siden

    I’m surprised, these manufacturers haven’t relocated the brake rotor off the actively suspended part of the cars, all the effort to remove weight on wheels Etc. Simply move inwards like a hummer!

  • Bob Vedder
    Bob Vedder2 måneder siden

    Do you make cars capable of going over bad roads, such as gravel, frost heaves etc.?

  • Henry Derksen
    Henry Derksen3 måneder siden

    As an engineer and designer that is now retired I am so impressed with what this fellow has done. Just 💗 it.

  • Theokletos Tsahourides
    Theokletos Tsahourides3 måneder siden

    31:19 you lost me there buddy....

    EVR KRIS3 måneder siden

    Hes the nicest man out there.

  • 458 Grails
    458 Grails3 måneder siden

    Even Mr. Koenigsegg is aerodynamic...

  • ryan meeker
    ryan meeker3 måneder siden

    Its companies like this one and Pagani that make some really cool cars.

  • TAJGA888
    TAJGA8883 måneder siden

    With his mastery, precision and dedicated work that is characteristic of all, this Swede has surpassed all other sports car manufacturers in the world in terms of design, quality and performance. greetings from Bosnia

  • Enrique A
    Enrique A3 måneder siden

    Algo se nota lo orgulloso que está Chris de su trabajo y lo mucho que lo ama, es por eso que nos muestra todo acerca de lo que hace , ninguna otra factory lo hace , gracias por compartir con nosotros tu trabajo Christian ,Dios te mande muchas bendiciones, ..

  • Declan Ng
    Declan Ng3 måneder siden

    I am truly amazed at how professional and high quality these cars are. The amount of carbon in it amazes me. Koenisegg in my opinion is the most professional company i have ever seen.

  • brock dickens
    brock dickens3 måneder siden

    This guy's a genius

  • Oddball Aquatics-UK
    Oddball Aquatics-UK3 måneder siden

    Awesome video Tim. Who on earth would not want carbon fibre wheels 🤯

  • Matthew Gallant
    Matthew Gallant3 måneder siden

    Unbelievable. Christian Koenigsegg is incredible. Amazing machines that are just beautiful. His work with carbon fiber is just amazing engineering. Anyone whose held carbon fiber also knows how light it is.

  • Kearl Lago
    Kearl Lago4 måneder siden

    CSR Racing 2 - Halloween Prize Car Regera Ghost Package Red

  • MrAgiey
    MrAgiey4 måneder siden


  • subeesh reghu
    subeesh reghu4 måneder siden

    I was a fan of Bugatti...But now I changed my mind..

  • Dhruvraj Jadeja
    Dhruvraj Jadeja4 måneder siden

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  • NMiHa1
    NMiHa14 måneder siden

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  • James Te Huna
    James Te Huna4 måneder siden

    One of My dreams in life is to own this car wow how amazing that would be

  • king Of world
    king Of world4 måneder siden

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  • Rob Amner
    Rob Amner4 måneder siden

    Two gents..

  • René Gauthier
    René Gauthier5 måneder siden

    Really enjoyed this tour!!

  • Ayodele Afolabi
    Ayodele Afolabi5 måneder siden

    Correct ceo

  • apood
    apood5 måneder siden

    It’s cool that to see in this video parts of cars that I have seen cars on road 😍😍😍

  • Omar Olivas
    Omar Olivas5 måneder siden

    Even in video seing Mr. Koenigsegg is amazing

  • Gian Marzoa
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  • Sandra Nilsson
    Sandra Nilsson5 måneder siden

    Jag är fröm Sverige

  • Kigoz4Life
    Kigoz4Life5 måneder siden

    how the fuck is the regera already 5 years old... wow

  • Trackmania NF
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  • dededesmo
    dededesmo5 måneder siden

    Super documentary

  • KDK city
    KDK city6 måneder siden

    Very good

  • S350R Enthusiast
    S350R Enthusiast6 måneder siden

    Imagine if car CEOs changed places for a day. That would be cool.

  • Troy Ma
    Troy Ma6 måneder siden

    34:44 someone is peeping

  • blakegriplingph
    blakegriplingph6 måneder siden

    I wouldn't be surprised if Christian's skull and skeleton is made out of carbon fibre.

  • John Vanzyl
    John Vanzyl6 måneder siden

    Are they making a profit? How many subsidies do they get from their Government? MB gets lots!

  • The SebaaRTX World
    The SebaaRTX World6 måneder siden

    Documentals: Koenigsegg is a megafabric which makes their own parts without help of machines or other companies Me in the 3rd world: sAy WhAT

  • MultiSun75
    MultiSun756 måneder siden

    Clever guy

  • I want to die
    I want to die6 måneder siden

    Why are some of the comments saying that Horacio pagani and christan koenigsegg is the best car manufacturers currently?

  • Adam Lake
    Adam Lake6 måneder siden

    Tim?! I never occurred to me that Schmee had a name

  • Simon Aksomit
    Simon Aksomit6 måneder siden

    It's very amazing that koennegsegg makes all there parts for there cars (except tyres) in house by themselves

  • Mahlok 82
    Mahlok 826 måneder siden

    I love koeniseng top speed

  • Mahlok 82
    Mahlok 826 måneder siden

    This car fenomena in the world the Best top speed in the world

  • YT Miza
    YT Miza6 måneder siden

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  • piecka2308
    piecka23086 måneder siden

    Circus for snobs.

  • Pil Pahit
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    German Rojas7 måneder siden

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  • Vithal Goel
    Vithal Goel7 måneder siden

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  • EVO 4
    EVO 47 måneder siden

    Christian’s head is brighter than my future

  • Alrukitaf
    Alrukitaf7 måneder siden

    So why are these cars not electric? The carbon fibre body being lighter than steel or aluminium, would offset the weight of the battery.

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    7 måneder siden

    And then?

  • daniel van kuijeren
    daniel van kuijeren7 måneder siden

    Very nice vid. But please take a cameraman with you when you go to this kind of places.

  • m. guerra420
    m. guerra4208 måneder siden

    14:13 that mhm 🤣

  • E S
    E S8 måneder siden

    So I noticed another thing that is not made in house by Koenigsegg, the sound deadening material. It is made by Dynamat.

  • Aakash Sahani
    Aakash Sahani8 måneder siden

    6:48 Press F

  • Blyat Köttbulle
    Blyat Köttbulle8 måneder siden

    His swedish accent is really strong

  • Flornmonk


    7 måneder siden

    men ingen bryr sig

  • abdi syahrizal
    abdi syahrizal8 måneder siden

    Never like this car before,but after watching the history,and see the owner,see the manufacturing in this video.. I became more than just love this hypercar... Quality over quantity.. Created one by one,with full attention of detail.. And the man him self mr. Von koenigseg is absolutely a car guy

  • annoying guy
    annoying guy9 måneder siden

    I'm watching this video and I thought the factory so simple, and at the same time there is made the fastest cars in the planet. That's crazy

  • Adam Harith
    Adam Harith9 måneder siden

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  • Deep Staria
    Deep Staria9 måneder siden

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    Wayne Scott9 måneder siden

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    KLUTCH9 måneder siden

    I love how normal cars nowadays and sometimes even supercars are made with robots while Koenigsegg does literally everything.

  • E
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  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

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  • Mahdi Shams
    Mahdi Shams11 måneder siden

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  • Zoltán Kiskopárdi
    Zoltán Kiskopárdi11 måneder siden

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    ALBER PAJARES11 måneder siden

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