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  • William Proos
    William Proos23 dager siden

    maps HUGE hahahahahahah

  • Aaron Westfall
    Aaron WestfallMåned siden

    What the hell did she say 3:01

  • Edgar Ceja
    Edgar Ceja3 måneder siden

    Juice wrld chain in his song wishing well

  • Marie Dominguez
    Marie Dominguez5 måneder siden

    Is that the new hype house

  • Michy4317
    Michy43175 måneder siden

    ikea without teeqo? come on man

  • Child Slapper
    Child Slapper6 måneder siden

    That wolf looks just like a husky weird

  • 1NDR
    1NDR6 måneder siden

    Hmmmmmm Scp-3008

  • Jose Lesso
    Jose Lesso6 måneder siden

    I appreciate u taking me to my new home I only saw this 7 months later but it’s okay

  • William Markström
    William Markström6 måneder siden


    LOKI_AYAANBAIG6 måneder siden

    Who is here after Jarvis got banned Kay and his girlfriend broke up

  • Little man 10
    Little man 106 måneder siden

    Wha late to watch this and found it on there recommendation

  • Thatguy Billybobj
    Thatguy Billybobj6 måneder siden

    Hide and seek in a military base

  • INSANE Snipers
    INSANE Snipers6 måneder siden

    Upload ur new video

  • Joshua Meraz
    Joshua Meraz6 måneder siden

    13:25 when she says why is dominos calling?

  • Pumpedjos
    Pumpedjos6 måneder siden

    Imagne f teegqo was ere

  • Fusion7rexy
    Fusion7rexy7 måneder siden

    Dog is probably richer than bill gates

  • Leo Isakhanyan
    Leo Isakhanyan7 måneder siden

    Alex actually has a brain huh😂

  • Andrew Bergeron
    Andrew Bergeron7 måneder siden

    Faze Jose

  • Altitude Azul
    Altitude Azul7 måneder siden

    how u gunna go to ikea and not take teeqo 😕

  • Ray
    Ray7 måneder siden

    I wanna pet jose

  • antonio Martinez
    antonio Martinez7 måneder siden

    7:39 is that pennywise music?

  • antonio Martinez
    antonio Martinez7 måneder siden


  • Anthony Valentino
    Anthony Valentino7 måneder siden

    Where’s teeqo

  • Chubs 509
    Chubs 5097 måneder siden

    7:33 what if someone opened the woredrobe wouldn't that be embarrassing

  • Chubs 509
    Chubs 5097 måneder siden

    1:03 "I named him Jose"😂😂👏👏

  • Tyler Robson
    Tyler Robson7 måneder siden


  • Tyler Robson
    Tyler Robson7 måneder siden

    i’ve never known dumber youtubers to call a husky a wolf like wtaf

  • ollie_ 532
    ollie_ 5327 måneder siden

    Of course Jarvis siad ima get the high ground (plz like my comment)

  • Too Much Memes
    Too Much Memes7 måneder siden

    STOOOPID it's a husky

  • Cristia Alvarez
    Cristia Alvarez7 måneder siden


    SRYEET8 måneder siden

    Omg I'm pretty sure I saw my 5th grade science teacher on that van

  • Zayden Phillips
    Zayden Phillips8 måneder siden

    Love this vids

  • Amana Farooq
    Amana Farooq8 måneder siden

    Orba:Let the best man win Adapt:Found him 2 sec later

  • Sharv S
    Sharv S8 måneder siden

    “He spawned in an ikea” lol 🤣

  • Robert H Blake
    Robert H Blake8 måneder siden

    Jose out here

  • Sharp Draws
    Sharp Draws8 måneder siden

    5:25 adapt right behind them

  • Sharp Draws
    Sharp Draws8 måneder siden

    The woman behind them is like wtf 9:20

  • James Bird
    James Bird8 måneder siden

    This maps huge🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bill Augustsson
    Bill Augustsson8 måneder siden

    What if Teeqo was in the video, he would win easy!

  • A1bridge YT
    A1bridge YT8 måneder siden

    Was this when Jarvis was banned

  • Youtube Cola
    Youtube Cola8 måneder siden

    No offence that dogs new home didn't look that great

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama8 måneder siden

    I like dogs

  • demarco _deshon
    demarco _deshon8 måneder siden

    The way he found frazier was so fake

  • ltp_ jonmox
    ltp_ jonmox8 måneder siden

    11:09 am i the only one seeing someone crawl there

  • Eric Johansson
    Eric Johansson8 måneder siden

    Lego land

  • FwRyZe
    FwRyZe8 måneder siden

    11:11 you literally see Frazier 😂

  • Slish
    Slish8 måneder siden

    Charlotte: Where is Jarvis and Frazier Me: bruh they said you were second they don’t know where they are.

  • Jacob Flynn
    Jacob Flynn8 måneder siden

    7:03 I bet they don't sell campers or RV's

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall8 måneder siden

    Orba says he needs to go away from everyone else practical saying that everyone is bad at hiding even though he got found first

  • zonk 727
    zonk 7278 måneder siden

    That’s not a wolf it’s a dog

  • RawRoman
    RawRoman8 måneder siden

    Who’s tha babe?

  • Jonathan Culberson
    Jonathan Culberson8 måneder siden

    It’s a husky

  • Marco Flaco
    Marco Flaco8 måneder siden

    It’s not a wolf it’s a husky 🙄🙄🙄 STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Salsa
    Salsa8 måneder siden


  • XDE Verxcy
    XDE Verxcy9 måneder siden

    diney land

  • Caution
    Caution9 måneder siden

    If you used a time machine you could have found teeqo.

  • PT13
    PT139 måneder siden

    Notice he said Costco and puts up a Best Buy pic 😂😂😂😂 3:26

  • Jaizy Keaneo
    Jaizy Keaneo9 måneder siden

    HAhaha Jarvis a at 10:22 holy look mate

  • The Crewmen
    The Crewmen9 måneder siden

    Gilla om du är från Sverige

    NEGATIVITYT9 måneder siden

    Do the all of America that would be a lit and long vid

  • kakashi sensei
    kakashi sensei9 måneder siden

    There lucky they got out they make meatballs outta the people that dont find the exit

  • Julius Benedict Rios
    Julius Benedict Rios9 måneder siden

    This is how many times they said goin

  • Chas3 Brower
    Chas3 Brower9 måneder siden

    Jarvis took an L

  • xTemq
    xTemq9 måneder siden

    Jarvis: My brain is logical. Also Jarvis: im going to use aimbot and get banned for life

  • Bror Herman Grøtter
    Bror Herman Grøtter9 måneder siden


  • apex 76
    apex 769 måneder siden


  • Brady Kruep
    Brady Kruep10 måneder siden

    Can I fit in a shower - Orba 2020

  • Python
    Python10 måneder siden

    If Jose was really a wolf he would be damn aggressive

  • Jacob Tene
    Jacob Tene10 måneder siden

    If that’s the one in Burbank that’s the biggest one in the world lmao

  • Alexis Alfonseca
    Alexis Alfonseca10 måneder siden

    Just hide in the womens restroom

  • Jvcklive
    Jvcklive11 måneder siden

    Charlotte's pretty

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie11 måneder siden

    Adapt didn't even check the glitch spots on the Ikea map

  • Randy
    Randy11 måneder siden

    That’s messed up that’s probably someone’s dog who ran away and y’all took it

  • Glizzioツ
    Glizzioツ11 måneder siden

    Shits so fake

  • Jonabob
    JonabobÅr siden


  • Ben Schwartz
    Ben SchwartzÅr siden

    Charlotte def got her shirt at forever 21

  • Crazy Fall Guys Moments
    Crazy Fall Guys MomentsÅr siden

    What’s the thing that adapt says when he goes “water” in a funny voice? It’s something like that. Pls help me figure out what it is? I can’t figure it out?

  • Isaac Sasson
    Isaac SassonÅr siden

    “You were 3rd place”

  • Brady does vids
    Brady does vidsÅr siden


    GUCCI BRUVÅr siden

    Is that Australia???

  • inayat gca
    inayat gcaÅr siden


  • FriedGizzard 174
    FriedGizzard 174År siden

    Take faze out of your name you don’t even play cod

  • malik habib
    malik habibÅr siden

    Of course Jarvis talks about high ground

  • Hampus Holmkvist
    Hampus HolmkvistÅr siden

    I am swedish

  • itsJerian
    itsJerianÅr siden

    is that denmmark IKEA

  • NMS Maniac
    NMS ManiacÅr siden

    Your peen will grow 10 inch Like to activate

  • AE FS
    AE FSÅr siden


  • Frijoles Boy
    Frijoles BoyÅr siden

    Charlotte: TRUST! Orba: noyunot

  • Kaleb Sterling
    Kaleb SterlingÅr siden

    Faze Apex said he made one at Costco and shows a picture of Best Buy.

  • Shqipe Shala
    Shqipe ShalaÅr siden

    Everyone has personality and then comes that good looking female who has nothing at all interesting to say except repeating herself over and over and sounding a bit stupid.

  • Tommy Lyman
    Tommy LymanÅr siden

    People who really want likes your peen will grow 8 inches if u like this like stfu

  • anonymous _
    anonymous _År siden

    her accent is gross

  • anonymous _
    anonymous _År siden

    shank da boydem

  • zach rausei
    zach rauseiÅr siden

    I’m tiktok famous doe

  • Colin Carr
    Colin CarrÅr siden

    You peen will grow 18 inches. Trust me. Like to activate bois.

  • Rxftz ghostcrazy
    Rxftz ghostcrazyÅr siden

    Holy look mate Jarvis-2019

  • Joe mama

    Joe mama

    8 måneder siden

    @Rxftz ghost crazy you should see 2020

  • Killaa on Sight
    Killaa on SightÅr siden

    Your homie got slapped up😂😭😭😭

  • Floppytibbz Gaming
    Floppytibbz GamingÅr siden

  • Xavier Aquino
    Xavier AquinoÅr siden

    I don’t think that was a wolf because I feel like the hair would be longer and it wouldn’t be as calm. I just feel like it’s a dog.

  • Antidote
    AntidoteÅr siden

    Play hide and seek at the universal water park!