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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • DailyDrivenExotics
    DailyDrivenExotics29 dager siden

    Get Your ROKFORM CASE CODE: DDE2021 get 25% OFF

  • chrisisyoung


    26 dager siden

    Do y’all accidentally screenshot just grabbing the phone out your pocket with the rockform case or is just me???? Lol great case other than that 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • mccali


    26 dager siden

    stradman why does he get more views than u guys step up ur game bro

  • Jason Organ

    Jason Organ

    27 dager siden

    Need to put the cgt through a tunnel well sound super sick

  • I love Cars

    I love Cars

    27 dager siden

    I love my Rokform case it is as nice as they say it is

  • Dean Norris

    Dean Norris

    27 dager siden

    Omg that's so so loud

  • Jon & Alycia
    Jon & Alycia3 dager siden

    such an amazing car. Way to let the v10 breathe

  • TRD_SR5
    TRD_SR54 dager siden

    Temp gauge isn’t gonna read if there’s no coolant 🤦🏼‍♂️ lol

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson4 dager siden

    When are you guys going to visit us in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Beautiful drive around the lake and its just a hop, skip & a donut from your new home.

  • Patrik Paskalj
    Patrik Paskalj5 dager siden

    Why does it sound like BMW M5 E60? I mean it's also a V10 so I would say that they sound familiar.

  • bananaramainpajams
    bananaramainpajams9 dager siden

    What a goof.

  • Lexan242
    Lexan2429 dager siden

    DDE --- Daily Destroyed Eardrumbs !!!

    TNT FARMS11 dager siden

    I never thought about this till now but my race spec 06 CBR600RR with a full straight pipe sounds exactly the same at idle but lopes more 😂😂😂

  • Mads Thomsen
    Mads Thomsen14 dager siden


  • james murray
    james murray15 dager siden

    We should get DDE put in the dictionary with the definition of LOUD 😂

  • John
    John17 dager siden

    You guys so much fun to watch, love it. Most be over 120 DB ?

  • Genny vlogs 2.0
    Genny vlogs 2.018 dager siden

    Put a matte wrap on the undercarriage to protect the carbon from rocks

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith19 dager siden

    "it sounds like the words about to end" - best comment!

  • Seth Margadonna
    Seth Margadonna19 dager siden

    The sound of the CGT is amazing! It does sound like a F1 car. Amazing!

  • Matthew Caouette
    Matthew Caouette19 dager siden

    PULL ME OVERRRR!!! I need tickets

  • Jolzat94
    Jolzat9421 dag siden

    Suena demencial!!

  • Civil Stig
    Civil Stig21 dag siden

    Ah man, Ramon just abuses his cars, it is just painful to watch!

  • Jon Gib
    Jon Gib23 dager siden

    Skip the douchery. Go to 23:00

  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe23 dager siden

    u guys are assholes over that porsche, pay for the fix end of story. Wtf

  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe23 dager siden

    annnnnd a mile of antifreeze left for the animals lol R.I.P.

  • The Savages Of Deletion
    The Savages Of Deletion23 dager siden

    Dave should get a hooptie car..... That Worth nothing to a point but still be in ddr style.. and speed.

  • Syed Nabil
    Syed Nabil23 dager siden


  • Matt Barrow
    Matt Barrow23 dager siden

    If that blue R34 is theirs I'd rather have that then any of there other cars!

  • • ampuzzler •
    • ampuzzler •23 dager siden

    It is A Formula1 car? No, it's the DDE CGT-R! N its F'in Loud. R stands for Ridiculously Loud. Eyh ?

  • Jack Walton
    Jack Walton23 dager siden

    It sounds sooooooooo good!

    YOKESH24 dager siden

    10:44 is that a AE86!!!!!!!

  • CKY Peter
    CKY Peter24 dager siden

    Amazing car, amazing sound. Congrats!

  • Dan Carrozza
    Dan Carrozza24 dager siden

    My 911 C4S is straight piped. I love it

  • Buildinup6
    Buildinup625 dager siden

    mask wearing LOL

  • Darren Lohiser
    Darren Lohiser25 dager siden

    The California cops are gonna love writing you tickets!!! 😂

  • Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson25 dager siden

    16:35 Did you see that wink? Are you sure it was in it's most perfect form?

  • Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson25 dager siden

    9:27 Dave's face. "It's like a pissed off teenager in highschool" 😂😆

  • lauwieS4
    lauwieS425 dager siden


  • Wrap Virus
    Wrap Virus25 dager siden

    Insane, what a sound! 😎

  • Jose Campos
    Jose Campos25 dager siden

    I love the stock exhaust note.

  • Zumoku-
    Zumoku-25 dager siden

    It sounds great just not as high pitched:(

  • Kaede Schulz
    Kaede Schulz25 dager siden

    When there is a point of too loud THIS is it! Sadly it also lost the high pitch sound it had stock. Sounds like a 5cylinder now LoL

  • John Ployhar
    John Ployhar25 dager siden

    That is how it should have been from the factory, but obviously there are constraints on countries... noise and emissions... speaking of which,.. will it still pass emissions?

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones25 dager siden

    Take it easy on the CGT, we dont need another paul walker situation

  • Austin Matthews
    Austin Matthews25 dager siden

    OMG what a crazy sound! It’s so good! I need a Porsche!

  • ComeRide WivMe
    ComeRide WivMe25 dager siden

    She’s ALIVE!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • GY TT
    GY TT25 dager siden

    it lost the high pitch sound that the GT supposed to have...

  • Mario Jimenez
    Mario Jimenez25 dager siden

    Damon I think it’s time to give my man Madwhips a new ride. Who agrees?

  • Matthew Eidt
    Matthew Eidt25 dager siden

    don't drive that here in Ontario you will get a ticket

  • Evan Mielhausen
    Evan Mielhausen25 dager siden

    FUCKKKK! Amazing!!!!!!! So unique!!! I love it DDE fam!

  • Christopher Lieurance
    Christopher Lieurance25 dager siden

    Pretty sure the temperature gauge is faulty.

    ATHERUS26 dager siden

    5 a gallon and we are complaining that it's 3:11

  • Lrodrg11
    Lrodrg1126 dager siden

    I’m sure Officer Pena would approve

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez26 dager siden

    Okay now that the CGT sounds amazing, can we fix the brakes? 😂

  • Jacob Rowland
    Jacob Rowland26 dager siden

    Straight piped lfa when?

  • Jake J
    Jake J26 dager siden

    Hey Guys a big secret🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ It can’t tell what temp is if there is no coolant lol it’s a water temp sensor not air temp sensor!

  • Jake J

    Jake J

    26 dager siden

    Kinda like boiling an empty pot of water😂😂😂

  • Sazzad Hossan
    Sazzad Hossan26 dager siden

    Oil helps cool but its more for lubrication coolant is more important for cooling

  • Rohan Dharmesh
    Rohan Dharmesh26 dager siden

    Now it sounds like a V10 holy shit hohoohho

  • Will Nicholson
    Will Nicholson26 dager siden

    It sounds like the Gemballa Mirage GT from that video of the rich dude smashing his in NYC.

  • Jo Farmer
    Jo Farmer26 dager siden

    I'm calling it there gonna get pulled over

  • Nate Klassen
    Nate Klassen26 dager siden

    honestly, that is the best sounding car I've ever heard. absolutely insane!

  • Ankan Dey
    Ankan Dey26 dager siden

    I guess this is now the loudest car in DDE...

  • El Turf - ManStickCar
    El Turf - ManStickCar26 dager siden

    $5 a gallon? Wow, so cheap! £5.40 a gallon here. So maybe $7.40 US? What's that Canadian? Mind you, we have 4.54 Litres to a gallon, not like those small US gallons.

  • The ScubaDriver
    The ScubaDriver26 dager siden

    Best sounding car ever

  • Arjun Anil
    Arjun Anil26 dager siden

    Even my ear hurts with the headphones on. Holy f*ckin car gods. Man its fire🔥🔥

  • Eric Luu
    Eric Luu26 dager siden

    22:18 it was at this moment that I genuinely got scared at the sound and it gave me goosebumps. I don’t think I want to be there in person or else it destroys my ears

  • J Hodge
    J Hodge26 dager siden

    Dave looks like he is in pain like you have four 15" sundown subs pounding in the back.

  • J NO
    J NO26 dager siden

    Just when Damon's neighbors thought it couldnt get any worse...... the glorious CGT appears

  • Gabriele Atzori
    Gabriele Atzori26 dager siden

    Make it GEMBALLA 😮

  • John Doe
    John Doe26 dager siden

    Guys, u know the lambo is BEIGE? Mia no matter the awsome girl she is, should not choose wrap next time..😂

  • Corey Carter
    Corey Carter26 dager siden

    When they were test driving i was thinking in my this what Paul walker was acting like when they were ripping and then crashed and burned

  • Amarni Ali
    Amarni Ali26 dager siden

    Wtf! That straight piped... YSOB

  • Paco Jones
    Paco Jones26 dager siden

    This got to be one of the funniest and most amazing blog videos you’ve ever made... the fact uncle Ramon knew everything was fucked when you made the call had me rolling... and Dave’s responses were ridiculously funny 😆

  • Bruce Moore
    Bruce Moore26 dager siden

    How is that not going to get him pulled over every 2 blocks?

  • DiscreetPrism53 YT
    DiscreetPrism53 YT26 dager siden

    Your gonna get arrested with this car lmao

  • Ebola_AIDS_ISIS
    Ebola_AIDS_ISIS26 dager siden

    Sounds like that one that got totalled in NYC by that multiple repeat drunk driving Asian national that got off of his charges AGAIN cuz his daddy is connected

  • Nate Winne
    Nate Winne26 dager siden

    RIP VRAlexander. The real OG straight piped CGT. If you know you know

  • Cøby Viėra
    Cøby Viėra26 dager siden

    Damon's neighbors will actually be mad XD

  • Douglas black
    Douglas black26 dager siden

    Daves face n the passenger seat is hilarious then gives out that laughed his.😂😂

  • Ferd L
    Ferd L26 dager siden

    Wow just wow!

  • Santa Margyte
    Santa Margyte26 dager siden


  • jun lizada
    jun lizada26 dager siden

    That's sound is the most loudest sound I've ever heard😂..the whole city will surely get angry🤣..But I love it😂

  • CheyyZ
    CheyyZ26 dager siden

    no joke LFA sounds way better .The new exhaust literlly make it sound like a higher pitched huracan.

  • B Deleon
    B Deleon26 dager siden

    DDE, this is INSANE. That is the craziest sound ever.

  • The Dirty Gypsy Official
    The Dirty Gypsy Official26 dager siden

    hey hallo ik ben valentino en ik leef met beperkingen wil jij zien hoe ik me leven opbouwd van 0 naar iets doormiddel instanties enz abboneer dan nu snel op me youtube kanaal The Dirty Gypsy Official en heb je zelf ook een beperking en word je tegen gehouden in het leven ? vergeet niet JE BENT NIET ALLEEN !!! Lets Start a Family

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    Need some good tunnels

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    CGT needs some tunnels

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    So if DDE wears helmets in the windshieldless Perfamonte shouldn't you wear ear plugs in straight piped CGT?

  • Michael Wigley
    Michael Wigley26 dager siden

    The Merci still sounds better nothing can replace that v12 sounds

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    Idk about which is LOUDER Murciealago(1 tip) vs C@rerra GT(2 tips), what if CGT was 1 tip & what does Veyron/Chiron sound like straight piped Uncle Ray(I used to have an Uncle Ray also, except he was in military & liked going to Reno Air Races)

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    I wonder what BMW i3 sounds like straight piped or isn't a hybrid or EV can't remember as we drove one 2 city blocks in Minnesota

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    Uncle Ray's like not my car & smiling, Damon's laughing, while Dave's like is this face working

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    Ask your Uncle Ray if any plans set for any other Porsche things especially 356/911/912e/914/914-6/Slantnose/Gemballa/924/930/935/944/959/968/993/996/997/etc

  • Cars with my Kid
    Cars with my Kid26 dager siden

    I'm curious, where is the R35 GTR??!!

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe26 dager siden

    Ya gotta remember who drove it 1st before blaming DAVE as there is another 2nd D in the group

  • aleksandar milivojevic
    aleksandar milivojevic26 dager siden

    Bring Kevin back 😎😎😎🏎

  • Lady Dowella
    Lady Dowella26 dager siden

    I really like how Dave said the gt sound like a f1 car

  • Hoist
    Hoist26 dager siden

    Can we bring back the drifts, burnouts, and actually driving the cars. Enough seeing them drive from building to building. Just sayin

  • Thomas N Wilcox
    Thomas N Wilcox26 dager siden

    That sounds insane I love it

  • Enchiladas Gaming
    Enchiladas Gaming26 dager siden

    Next episode: COPS PULLED ME OVER BECAUSE MY CAR IS TOO LOUD? All jokes aside, it sounds sexy. That's probably the best sounding engine ive heard.

  • Think Out Lao
    Think Out Lao26 dager siden

    19 minute mark going forward. Offense. Defense. Dave is fknnn funny AF. There’s a good balance between Dave and Damon. Lmaooo

  • Jeboy Julian
    Jeboy Julian26 dager siden

    Make the porsche carrera gt red cuz its a remeber of paul walker then Rest in peace bro 🕊😭

  • H0vi Baby
    H0vi Baby26 dager siden

    Next time a trick if you don’t have coolant. Turn on the heater at max and it will cool the engine and suck out the hot air

  • bat man
    bat man26 dager siden

    gemballa CGT sounds nicer i think. either way sounds good.

  • Pang and Pan
    Pang and Pan26 dager siden

    This is the sound that I've heard on kevin's CGT, damn that's loud 🔥