idk how I got to do this but it was lit
Huge thanks to Lionsgate for the oppertunity!
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  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    When does movie come out?

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Great job on interviewing questions

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Alex

  • Jorje Romero
    Jorje RomeroÅr siden

    Who else dose not know these people

  • amirthebigg
    amirthebiggÅr siden

    2k should make a uncle drew game

  • Abdi Yusuf
    Abdi YusufÅr siden

    Where is that v neck kyrie wearing from?

  • Imthecj
    Imthecj2 år siden

    My favorite NBA PLAYER

  • eddie figueroa
    eddie figueroa2 år siden

    i used to like echo the dolphin. i got sega genesis in 94' on my 8th birthday.

  • CanadianKickz
    CanadianKickz2 år siden

    The music makes it impossible to listen to

  • Brady Swift
    Brady Swift2 år siden

    Only problem was that they didn’t pick up Kevin Love for the movie.

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I Love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Grant Johnson
    Grant Johnson2 år siden

    You should of said all of there names not just Kyrie prolly get more views if that’s what u were looking for

  • Jason R
    Jason R2 år siden

    How did I not see this?!

  • Noah Faulkner
    Noah Faulkner2 år siden

    isn’t nick kroll from big mouth

  • Rose Grfx
    Rose Grfx2 år siden

    I can not get my head around The flat earth thing lik.. cmon Kyrie

  • TheMostEpicPotato
    TheMostEpicPotato2 år siden


  • Bill Smithwick DDS
    Bill Smithwick DDS2 år siden

    0:46 "Hes 5'9" thats like Apex size" I don't believe that Apex is 5' 9". He gets made fun of for being short all the time. 5' 9" Isn't even that short. A few inches from 6 ft. He has to be shorter than like 5' 6". Granted I'm like 6' 4" - 6' 5" So 5' 9" IS short-- to me.

  • Iccy_ ballup
    Iccy_ ballup2 år siden

    Kyrie is uncle drew? What

  • Thefrgoat Thefrgoat
    Thefrgoat Thefrgoat2 år siden

    Who else only clicked on dis for kyrie

  • Apsu Hamilton
    Apsu Hamilton2 år siden

    i like kyrie but he weird af lol

  • RJ
    RJ2 år siden

    Kyrie got his fame from lebron

  • ryan 979

    ryan 979

    2 år siden

    Fortnite Fever dumbest comment ever

  • Koby Bischof
    Koby Bischof2 år siden

    Didnt even cast Lebron

  • yusuf.zahra.1up
    yusuf.zahra.1up2 år siden

    I have 82 subs😊😊😊

  • pexy
    pexy2 år siden

    only 450k views and 4.9m subs LOL

  • Dlion Amanol
    Dlion Amanol2 år siden

    He said “like” a billon times

  • FadeZ
    FadeZ2 år siden

    Nate Robinson return confirmed, he’s goin to the Lakers w bron. Please?

  • Iggie Moua
    Iggie Moua2 år siden

    Kyrie is the best

  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris2 år siden

    Kyrie Is the blackest white person in the world 😂

  • Damar JD
    Damar JD2 år siden

    Where's the un cut version

  • Ludical
    Ludical2 år siden

    Echo the dolphin was the shit

  • glenn redegeld
    glenn redegeld2 år siden

    Waittt this is actually real? I thought it was a skit lol

  • glenn redegeld

    glenn redegeld

    2 år siden

    How the heck did he get to do this

  • GottaLoveTheGame55
    GottaLoveTheGame552 år siden

    Crazy bro

  • keywaun bryant
    keywaun bryant2 år siden

    I have 288 subs get me tooo 300

    CORZZ2 år siden

    Faze adapt is my favorite faze member and NOlocal like if you agree

  • wyuls
    wyuls2 år siden

    adapt is so ugly lol ctfu

  • Gwill Boi
    Gwill Boi2 år siden

    Great job man I really enjoyed this alot

  • YMC Drip
    YMC Drip2 år siden


  • cascify
    cascify2 år siden

    Why adapts laughs fake as hell

  • Tessa Griffin
    Tessa Griffin2 år siden


  • Yoptifine
    Yoptifine2 år siden

    All the gaming nerds acting like they know shit about sports in the comments 💀

  • Sunshine24
    Sunshine242 år siden

    How did adapt go from playing games all day to pranks, then to interviewing celebrities

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas2 år siden

    Love ur vids and I love ur laugh and ur voice and ur the best alex

  • John MangO
    John MangO2 år siden

    dude you have come a long way man! you are doing HUGE THINGS BROOOO!!!!!

  • BallisticViper 1
    BallisticViper 12 år siden

    Such an awkward interview😂

  • owen daboss
    owen daboss2 år siden

    How did ur ugly ass get too interview kyrie

  • 7amthugger
    7amthugger2 år siden

    they smashing lowkey

  • Matthew Mortimer
    Matthew Mortimer2 år siden

    No fucking way!

  • Trae 74
    Trae 742 år siden

    Alex I know it’s your first interview, but when you ask a question don’t interrupt and let the guest speak. Watch how Adam from No Jumper let’s the guest do all the talking and he chills back. It will take some time but you came out with some fire guest for your first interview

  • matthew williams
    matthew williams2 år siden

    I know it was your first interview but you should write questions down

  • Brayden Owsley
    Brayden Owsley2 år siden

    Someone needs to count how many times Alex said "like".

  • SokNolan2k
    SokNolan2k2 år siden

    Can we get a like count of adapt lol

    PACKONSIGHT2 år siden

    The funny thing I found out of all of this, was the description, "Huge thanks to Lionsgate for the oppertunity!" "opportunity" XD

  • TripodV1
    TripodV12 år siden

    audio is scuffed

  • Donald Pump
    Donald Pump2 år siden

    Kylie sounds so white

  • Raysean3x
    Raysean3x2 år siden

    kyrie been wearing that same shirt since we went bowling together in 2k17

  • Raysean3x
    Raysean3x2 år siden

    Im Shocked OSN didnt pop uo out of nowhere !

  • trent0233
    trent02332 år siden

    Idk why but this shit seemed fake

  • Nachofriess
    Nachofriess2 år siden

    "I might go to the Grizzlies" 😂😂

  • jexan pitcher
    jexan pitcher2 år siden

    Nate Rob 🙏🏻 Seattle 📍

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos2 år siden

    I have 457 subscribers when will I get to 500?

  • Phillip Peterson
    Phillip Peterson2 år siden

    I'm 17 and I know what Echo the Dolphin is, I played it on SEGA Genesis PSP game

  • Forevermustang -
    Forevermustang -2 år siden

    I remember liking kyrie when he was 18 and got drafted

  • Ender Plays
    Ender Plays2 år siden

    Kylie is a pretty cool guy, do more interviews adapt

  • Ryan Gregg
    Ryan Gregg2 år siden

    Kyrie Irving is way too smart for Alex.

  • Tristan Snyder
    Tristan Snyder2 år siden

    Yo that’s sick asf bro

  • Brandon Ingram
    Brandon Ingram2 år siden

    Kyrie wearing the same clothes

  • F3RRARI Da people's goat
    F3RRARI Da people's goat2 år siden

    I went and Uncle Drew last night. It was pretty good

  • Luis Medina
    Luis Medina2 år siden

    straight outta the GQ interview. nice kyrie

  • Zachariah Scholl
    Zachariah Scholl2 år siden

    Crazy how far he’s come.

  • Jstewy Prod.
    Jstewy Prod.2 år siden

    Like if KD ruined the NBA

  • Adam Salous
    Adam Salous2 år siden

    Same shirt as the GQ interview

  • Katelynn Brunt
    Katelynn Brunt2 år siden

    You could tell adapt was so nervous

  • Grimmie
    Grimmie2 år siden

    kyrie sound smart but he think the earth flat so nah

  • VintageDealer
    VintageDealer2 år siden

    Why does Kyrie sound so white lmao I love it

  • Blackstar Sage
    Blackstar Sage2 år siden

    Goddammit this is great faze adapt

  • prodNel
    prodNel2 år siden

    i have 66 subs!

  • ItsKingSam
    ItsKingSam2 år siden

    I cant be the only one thinking...HOW THE FUCK DID ALEX GET THE CAST ON HERE?! WOW...Impressive af.

  • Jimmy Vee
    Jimmy Vee2 år siden

    no shaq???

  • Jimmy Vee
    Jimmy Vee2 år siden

    He's not a champion anymore...was a champion XD

  • daniel silverman
    daniel silverman2 år siden

    Its ruxen

  • fearMyYoutube
    fearMyYoutube2 år siden

    I have 204 subscribers

  • Riley Brennan
    Riley Brennan2 år siden

    Kyrie is so chill it’s dope

  • Idk What to name myself
    Idk What to name myself2 år siden

    Lol I’m not even subbed I just came for kyrie 😂

  • bye
    bye2 år siden

    Soooio9o9ooooi fuck

  • I’m 2 kool 4 skool
    I’m 2 kool 4 skool2 år siden

    This microphone succs ass

  • ISO Kappa
    ISO Kappa2 år siden


  • jack david
    jack david2 år siden

    Can we get a “like” count?

  • Darkexsitense
    Darkexsitense2 år siden

    hes a dumb fuck, he thinks the earth is flat.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas2 år siden

    yo did osn meet him

  • Notre Dame36
    Notre Dame362 år siden

    I'm seeing the movie tomorrow!

  • Notre Dame36
    Notre Dame362 år siden

    Go Celtics!

  • Eskii NZL
    Eskii NZL2 år siden

    Did kyrie leave his GQ interview and walk to this one? He got the same outfit on...

  • Cameron Clark

    Cameron Clark

    2 år siden

    Maybe he jus likes the shirt tho

  • Cameron Clark

    Cameron Clark

    2 år siden

    Eskii NZL probably

  • A E
    A E2 år siden

    U lucky guy

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez2 år siden

    U should've asked kyrie how was it to get punched in the face by shaq

  • gavin1v1r
    gavin1v1r2 år siden

    Reggie Miller one of my favorite players of all time

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez2 år siden

    I watched the early screen too

  • 93 Renegade
    93 Renegade2 år siden

    I saw this video in my recommendations for a minute now but I figured it was just another Alex troll video with a green screen or something lol so I hesitated on clicking on it for awhile... lmao wow was I wrong. How in the hell did this happen?

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L2 år siden

    read the desc lol "oppertunity"

  • itz_nitroftw
    itz_nitroftw2 år siden

    I’m going to watch uncle drew today in about an hour

  • Precious Aguilera
    Precious Aguilera2 år siden

    Today’s my bday