IONIQ 5 World Premiere


Power your world. ​
Welcome to the World Premiere of the Hyundai IONIQ 5. The latest EV that redefines Electric Mobility lifestyle and enables you to power your world.​

The IONIQ 5 caters to diverse lifestyles without constraints to your daily life. The EV combines customizable space and eco-friendly materials with outstanding technology and design. IONIQ 5 leads us to a better, brighter, more sustainable world.​
Please stay tuned for upcoming stories with IONIQ 5! ​
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▶ Online reservations open for selected EU customer from 23rd Feb 8:10 AM CEST
** Some of the displayed images are artistic impressions and purely for illustrative purpose only.


  • Chethan Sagar
    Chethan Sagar4 timer siden

    Did apple produce this video?

  • googleyoutubechannel
    googleyoutubechannel5 timer siden

    I have no idea if this is a good car. If you are a creative director and think this is good marketing, please quit and go back to bartending. How could a Hyundai exec have green lit this pitch, it's like satire, pure wankery?

  • Stefan Lenhard
    Stefan Lenhard9 timer siden

    Seid meine besten NOlocalr💖💖💖💖😘😘😘

    BEAST NINJA9 timer siden

    I can fly across the world and see what’s going on in the world cuz ima a saiyan

  • cubeedoo
    cubeedoo10 timer siden

    The first Ioniq was brilliant, but this is a masterpiece. Love it!

  • agentalireza47
    agentalireza4711 timer siden


  • s nerv
    s nerv14 timer siden

    Running Coffin

  • Fizzy Fozzy
    Fizzy Fozzy15 timer siden

    Damn Hyundai u did good

  • Franz Wied
    Franz Wied17 timer siden

    Very nice! Just an own logo is missing instead of the old Hyundai.

  • j kim
    j kim17 timer siden

    wow~ it is amazing. good bye tesla~~

  • PePe the Gecko
    PePe the Gecko18 timer siden

    Wow that many 70s retro design fans here.

  • Avleen and Manraj Gill fun videos Gill
    Avleen and Manraj Gill fun videos Gill19 timer siden

    I love umung us so much because it is so fun! 😙❤💛💚💙💜💞💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  • laura soar
    laura soar23 timer siden

    Matt is doing the operation of wat you say rebeca

  • manon ponpon
    manon ponpon23 timer siden


  • Adam
    AdamDag siden

    One of the best looking cars! Beautiful

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver SurferDag siden

    I hate that I love it. Where do I sign?

  • Barou Diambou
    Barou DiambouDag siden


  • sasuage_playz Sasuage
    sasuage_playz SasuageDag siden


  • Petr Sivak
    Petr SivakDag siden

    Mmmmmkkkkmm8ikkkkkkkoooooooujkkmjkjikjkkkkkkkkkkikk nnmmmnnnkjnkz Ljjjj jak jnb

  • Prakash J
    Prakash JDag siden

    Thanks for the news Aljazeera. This is sorrowfull.

  • cybcarr
    cybcarrDag siden

    wtf? srsly... no space to put your smartphone on the dashboard? Shoul we "upgrade" it with a windshield phone holder? It's fair, it's okay, but come on... the usability of the interior is like... i started. wtf?

  • Alexander Kovarik
    Alexander KovarikDag siden

    absolutely fantastic car

  • I was Never In Sumatra
    I was Never In SumatraDag siden

    They missed an opportunity. Put motors in the wheels that send energy to 4 alternators with direct connections to the battery. Charge as you drive, not just when braking.

  • sameer malik
    sameer malikDag siden


  • Ruprick
    Ruprick2 dager siden

    Blade Runner 2049 would like their production designer back please.

  • Sathis Babu
    Sathis Babu2 dager siden

    will India experience this beauty 😐

  • Sathis Babu
    Sathis Babu2 dager siden

    Stunning 🔥

  • 종섭윤
    종섭윤2 dager siden

    아이오닉5는 인류역사에 다른 시대로 넘어가는 분기점 딱 바로 그 지점에 내가 지금 서있다는걸 시각적으로 보여준 비현실이 현실이 된 강렬한 인상을 줬네요. 미래라고 부르던 것이 서서히 다가와서 오늘이 되었다든게 감각기관으로 와닫는 디자인이네요.

  • A
    A2 dager siden

    Bit disappointed about the production version, the concept looked very promising, especially the proportions! ... Hyundai C level was not brave, visionary and innovative enough, hope next version will be bold and iconic (Deliver design quality what you promise and tease like @Tesla so there is no room for disappointment) (ps. bit too much marketing mambo jumbo)

  • ZenSei
    ZenSei2 dager siden

    This is just next level stuff, I think this car will have quite an impact

  • Beam clutch

    Beam clutch

    2 dager siden

    Rae;(4-2 3rd were vzz a

  • Mario Dibu
    Mario Dibu2 dager siden


  • Nortey Dowuona
    Nortey Dowuona2 dager siden

    Bb? A

  • Natalie Taylor
    Natalie Taylor2 dager siden

    I hate you

  • Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
    Lord Refrigerator Intercooler2 dager siden

    Hyundai i realy like this car, but before you start building it: -Door handle heaters (so they melt the ice them self so we can enter) -Move the A pillar closer to the B pillar, for better visibility -Mobile APP to turn on AirCon and Heater -Heat pump -Rear extractable Bicycle carrier -Buttons for basic functionalities (please dont do the model 3 thing) thats all.

  • Lindsey Andrew
    Lindsey Andrew2 dager siden

    Is a scam

  • Nilofar Noor
    Nilofar Noor2 dager siden

    8 en 6

  • Jolyne Cujoh
    Jolyne Cujoh2 dager siden


  • Klaudia Leszczyńska
    Klaudia Leszczyńska2 dager siden


  • Shannon Bailey
    Shannon Bailey2 dager siden

    I need this token away from my yt bc everytime I press it I LOSE THE VID ON ACCIDENT!

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar2 dager siden

    ion(as in battery) + unique = ioniq

  • Shane Holden
    Shane Holden2 dager siden


  • Leily Ebrahimi
    Leily Ebrahimi2 dager siden

    خدا کنه برنده شی

  • sonny Bruv
    sonny Bruv2 dager siden

    This ad sucks ass

  • Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
    Lord Refrigerator Intercooler2 dager siden

    What makes some one a criminal in the year 2022? Not actualy buying this beauty.

  • RedJoker
    RedJoker2 dager siden

    Thank you Hyundai for bringing the first good looking electric car to this world. There are not a lot of Teslas in Germany but whenever I see one on the Autobahn I instantly suffer from eye cancer >.

  • Gravity Bunk
    Gravity Bunk2 dager siden

    If Hyundai can get the pricing just right in india, this car will become the top most selling car india has ever seen. I am ready for an electric car and are so many people i know and ioniq5 happens to hit the sweet spot in terms of features, design, technology and above all range. Hyped up for this car.

  • gavfr
    gavfr2 dager siden

    I love the look of the car, but I'd prefer normal mirrors not cameras and screens. and why all the external power supplies? you don't have PTO's on ICE cars! just needless toys pushing the purchase price up, just give us an attractive basic electric car with good range!

  • yourself love
    yourself love2 dager siden

    와 광고가 애플급이네요.!!!!

  • Pedro Ribeiro
    Pedro Ribeiro2 dager siden

    I only dislike the steering wheel, i think they could do it better looking (with perfurated synthetic skin with various colours for the sewing, like this for example - regarding the rest, shut up and take my money!!!

  • saemi74
    saemi742 dager siden

    So much empty marketing BS in such a short time. Good thing we have channels that don't deal with such drivel. Car looks decent though.

  • aggash t
    aggash t3 dager siden

    To much for 2021 😐

  • Luciano Lizana
    Luciano Lizana3 dager siden


  • OdysseyMe29
    OdysseyMe293 dager siden

    Just make sure they dont catch on fire..okay hyundai?

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Stone Cold Steve Austin3 dager siden


  • Cherfi Lilas

    Cherfi Lilas

    14 timer siden


  • Patrícia Savinecká
    Patrícia Savinecká3 dager siden

    Prosím bez reklám

  • Manuel Magana
    Manuel Magana3 dager siden

    Wow I legit thought this was just a concept car, I didn’t pay much attention to it on social media until I saw that sales of it start in 2022?!?! Wtf Hyundai how?!?! Haha awesome stuff from the design team and engineers willing to work with them!

  • Billis Bobagis
    Billis Bobagis3 dager siden

    Wow. I’m amazed with how EV’s can’t seem to get uglier, but here we are. 🤮 Not even nice looking. Why are all EV so ugly omg

  • A


    13 timer siden

    @Billis Bobagis i feel you. This deff beats the IX from bmw . The audi etron is a nice electric car

  • Billis Bobagis

    Billis Bobagis

    13 timer siden

    @A I mean, that’s just my opinion. There are very few good looking electric vehicles, if any.

  • A


    Dag siden

    It’s not that ugly.. regular cars are starting to look ugly with all the split headlights lol

  • sson
    sson3 dager siden


    KAMiKAZOW3 dager siden

    Sounds too expensive for truly mass market.

  • Fred
    Fred3 dager siden

    Cyber is coming into vogue !

  • 김성재
    김성재3 dager siden

    현대위아 평택 법원판결대로 직접고용하라 앞에서는 깨끗한 척 뒤에서는 구린네 소송취하하면 3천만원 쏴주는 현대위아 규탄한다

  • Ivan Cabrera
    Ivan Cabrera3 dager siden

    The 2019 ioniq Hybrid in my garage is proudly rolling a tear because heritage.

  • PUGgPlays
    PUGgPlays3 dager siden


  • Finley Perry
    Finley Perry3 dager siden

    I tried to copy your this is a fair this is a fail no one what is Channel at all

  • ionut 1
    ionut 13 dager siden

    Ooooh! Look at this, is a Lancia Delta with an 2021 design!

  • Timothy Lovett
    Timothy Lovett3 dager siden

    Literally the Nicest Looking EV Ive seen yet!

  • Fernando Ferraz
    Fernando Ferraz3 dager siden

    Looks similar but bigger to 80's Lancia hatchback

  • Sherynelaouabdia Kenza laouabdia

    Sherynelaouabdia Kenza laouabdia

    Dag siden

    CX. Ça. Cddxc bj

  • Bella Anima
    Bella Anima3 dager siden

    Pravanjay randy red petal

  • Horaine Harris
    Horaine Harris3 dager siden

    The future is here!

  • ㄨ_ㄨ
    ㄨ_ㄨ3 dager siden


  • Marc beebee
    Marc beebee3 dager siden

    Wow he is no german, first 5 minutes interior than appliances?!?!. And no moving car. Show us a Nürburgring lap, we already have a living room

  • SH David Chung
    SH David Chung4 dager siden

    This car gave me goosebumps!

  • Ginger90 -
    Ginger90 -4 dager siden

    Mantabbbbzzzzzz could be a TESLA KILLER?

  • Rafael Nieves
    Rafael Nieves4 dager siden

    Nice SUV!

  • Michael Klein
    Michael Klein4 dager siden

    Ight I wanna preorder it

  • Office digital
    Office digital4 dager siden

    This is one of the most beautifull elektric car that is. If they keep this kind of look and extend it and update upcoming years with stronger battery. No more boring hyundai familiy boring rounded looks

  • Jim Alden
    Jim Alden4 dager siden

    Well, I came to see the car, but instead, it's a mini-movie and the car is hardly in it. Moving on.

  • Yuri Agostini
    Yuri Agostini4 dager siden

    This is an amazing car, congratulations to Hyundai 's team!

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear4 dager siden

    Instead of making a sliding console why don't you just make it removable

  • Sharif Haque
    Sharif Haque4 dager siden

    Looks old already

  • Fati Hasan
    Fati Hasan4 dager siden

    I m poor

  • itsSaucyJohn
    itsSaucyJohn4 dager siden

    If i am to buy an electric car, this is gonna be it. I love the style and the interior design, it's not overly minimalist like the Tesla model 3 where everything has to be done through the touch screen

  • overtaxed
    overtaxed4 dager siden

    I like the car, but the design is a little too retro given the possibilities of technology in the 21st century. The aerodynamics are probably similar to that of the VW Golf MK1 from the 1970's. !!

  • the black star
    the black star4 dager siden

    100km in 5min of charge🔌 or from 0 to 80% of charge🔌 in 18min thats will let Oil and gas countries put their petrole to the garbage because of electric cars 🤣🤣🤣

  • Black Spirit
    Black Spirit4 dager siden

    توی اینستا لینک هاش رو دیده بودم قبلا رفتم😂

  • David Avid
    David Avid4 dager siden

    Great Design !!! Good Job

  • Frederik
    Frederik4 dager siden

    Would love to see the car more and not the people talking about the car

  • Chzainali Chzainali

    Chzainali Chzainali

    Dag siden

    @xianshep ftdf

  • Rania Maano

    Rania Maano

    Dag siden


  • xianshep


    Dag siden

    Aw, c'mon - let 'em have their fifteen minutes.

  • Waseem Ahmed

    Waseem Ahmed

    Dag siden


  • al lws
    al lws4 dager siden

    It actually looks like a VW Polo... or maybe as a car that vw should have designed as follow up for the polo .. Very sleek design !

  • RedJoker


    2 dager siden

    VW ID series is a design fail. ID3 looks way too much like the models we already know from VW. changing from combustion engine to electric engine is a huge change. The biggest change in 100 years of automobile history. This huge change needs to be reflected in the design of the cars which I can't when I look at VW. Hard to say as a German but the design of the ID SEries is a no-go for me. The Hyundai looks insane.

  • Пролетарий
    Пролетарий4 dager siden

    Copy of Alfa Romeo Minhoss Concept

  • Steve Chang

    Steve Chang

    4 dager siden

    except this is from 1980's hyundai pony. So alfa romeo what4ever concept copied Hyundai. Shame on you.

  • 蕉蕉康JJKang
    蕉蕉康JJKang4 dager siden

    Is it going to make its way to north america?

  • Klaus Henkel
    Klaus Henkel4 dager siden

    Zuwenig Infos zuviel Show die kein Mensch braucht !

  • what in tha fuck
    what in tha fuck4 dager siden

    What a complete load of rancid horse shit

  • Bxrry
    Bxrry4 dager siden

    Great for car sex 👍

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter4 dager siden

    Jelly like and sookskried

  • Stancu Gabriela
    Stancu Gabriela4 dager siden

    F×!×6×(#6 vrei tu ești Iuliana Beregoi

  • GunnaPanda
    GunnaPanda5 dager siden

    That car is packed with interesting features. Wonder how much it will cost.

  • Georges Braissant
    Georges Braissant5 dager siden

    J’achète en juin 2021

  • Sungjun Yoon
    Sungjun Yoon5 dager siden

    한국인 1인

  • Will V
    Will V5 dager siden

    I love this, but they need to price it below the Model Y

  • Vegito
    Vegito5 dager siden