It‘s So Hard Not To Laugh At This




  • joel Patten
    joel Patten45 minutter siden

    That laugh lmao I'm dead 8:52😂😂🤣

  • 3gad 3gad
    3gad 3gad56 minutter siden

    it's the Jamaican accent for me🇯🇲

  • Fırtınanın Sefası
    Fırtınanın SefasıTime siden

    4:16 when i have a stroke

  • Jay
    Jay2 timer siden

    What’s between your teeth in the thumbnail Brodie ?

  • CCB official
    CCB official2 timer siden

    Is this ksi

  • DOT_Striker
    DOT_Striker4 timer siden

    Now I got worms on his head

  • Hannah Shafi
    Hannah Shafi4 timer siden


  • Ismail Ullah
    Ismail Ullah4 timer siden


  • Liam Holderness
    Liam Holderness6 timer siden

    "Id like to see how you make fun of this on Reddit" Halloween Spider Do My Guy... Reddit Hit this up.

  • phantom art
    phantom art7 timer siden

    Ngl I preferred the red hair but I will love to see baldski again

  • George Henry Fletcher
    George Henry Fletcher7 timer siden

    Well f*** Reddit. I know the only reason why you wear a bandana? Because you are trying to look like your old self and you realize that you are slowly growing bald and you don't wanna be posted about your big ass forehead that you wear a bandana to hide your shame... Lol I don't know where that came from...

  • Xxamirulizwan
    Xxamirulizwan7 timer siden

    Lil tecca wannabe🔥

  • H412Michael
    H412Michael7 timer siden

    Random person: Wow. Your having a boy? KSI: what? Random person: your shirt is baby blue. KSI: No, I just like this shirt. Random person: gay.

  • Induriu
    Induriu8 timer siden

    Hey Fam, fist time writing u and ask if u watched a russian commercial about Water. Fame u will not belive it.

  • Mbah Buyut Channel
    Mbah Buyut Channel8 timer siden

    And your mother 😅🤣🤣

  • holly roper
    holly roper8 timer siden


  • Jayne Saxon
    Jayne Saxon8 timer siden

    He went from Cheeto to liquorice xD

  • Alexander
    Alexander9 timer siden

    That NY accent is nonsense.

  • RollCake Cookie
    RollCake Cookie9 timer siden

    I discovered JJ a couple days ago, when I saw Pewds reacting to his reddit. Now I’m watching his videos non-stop and I love it!❤️

  • DeciDev
    DeciDev9 timer siden

  • Jacobo Hernandez Trejo
    Jacobo Hernandez Trejo10 timer siden

    He should go to the place fucking. Comment if he should

  • Daniel Obrien
    Daniel Obrien10 timer siden


  • hana
    hana12 timer siden

    brb gonna make a sandwich

  • hana
    hana12 timer siden

    4:47 is funny lol

  • Nico Bedin
    Nico Bedin13 timer siden

    it has also a place in Switzerland who called "bitsch" with an "s" hahahahahaha

  • Lakze
    Lakze13 timer siden

    Yo ma boy JJ got them curtains

  • stevan miletic
    stevan miletic15 timer siden

    Yooo.... I am alive

  • Demgphi x
    Demgphi x16 timer siden

    I never even realized that, we call a liquid "gas".

  • YungChungs
    YungChungs17 timer siden

    mans look like cheef keef

  • Jonneia Turner
    Jonneia Turner18 timer siden

    im jamaican so i now what that white man said

  • Apocalypse vision
    Apocalypse vision19 timer siden

    yall find this funny like not the video but him

  • Zayne Aqraa
    Zayne Aqraa19 timer siden

    wth the gay lady souded like teh actore form white chicks ngl

  • Michael Tuatagaloa
    Michael Tuatagaloa19 timer siden

    9.05 to 9.20 is my fav part

  • Emanol Has A Green Hat
    Emanol Has A Green Hat19 timer siden

    at like 9:26 I was just looking at the two, and when that guy said what was the color of the baby's shirt I thought something was wrong with the shirt so no joke spend a good minute staring at it but watched like 5 more seconds of the vid and got what he meant. Either I'm pure, or stupid fucking idiot.

  • Dayton
    Dayton20 timer siden

    what do y’all call gas? i’m from canada

  • Hashir Hussain
    Hashir Hussain20 timer siden

    Boris was jokes fam

  • Suman Malla
    Suman Malla20 timer siden

    “ Behold the F*****g Church!! ”

  • Nathaniel Halkett
    Nathaniel Halkett20 timer siden


  • scope 7
    scope 721 time siden


  • Yejinli 71
    Yejinli 7123 timer siden


  • ひな。
    ひな。23 timer siden

    I swear the second one better be fake.

  • Da OG Pickle
    Da OG PickleDag siden

    Was anyone actually surprised that vik was packing

  • The Chioras
    The ChiorasDag siden

    We got the same Hairstyle

  • Luciano Morano
    Luciano MoranoDag siden

    bro KSI didn't even notice that there was a vibrator on the scream mask. lol

  • Z Master
    Z MasterDag siden

    This is a reupload

  • Andres Ramos
    Andres RamosDag siden

    Do British people have to judge Americans and everything in the world I mean just look at their makeup

  • S Scremeboss

    S Scremeboss

    21 time siden

    Bro calm down its jokes

  • Mr SteveMinecraft
    Mr SteveMinecraftDag siden

    Yo ksi nice dreads

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    Dag siden

    Black is better

  • i c e k n i f e
    i c e k n i f eDag siden

    ur hair is fine now thats the hair style my 5 year old cousin has but its extensions and not twists

  • Angel Fernandez
    Angel FernandezDag siden

    Where is blue ski

  • Jodi O'Neill
    Jodi O'NeillDag siden

    you should of lost again's Logan Paul and also be a maverick

  • Omar Lol
    Omar LolDag siden

    Polo G

  • RO kakashi killie
    RO kakashi killieDag siden

    Delete ur channel then vik has mega wong

  • RO kakashi killie

    RO kakashi killie

    Dag siden


  • Elevate NE0N
    Elevate NE0NDag siden

    Am i wrong does jj laugh like a coyote

  • x4cover
    x4coverDag siden

    i will never get 30 subs 😥

  • Emanuel Read
    Emanuel ReadDag siden

    Vikk already has a bigger pp than KSI so stop complaining

  • Jaxxon Cunningham
    Jaxxon CunninghamDag siden

    his hair kinda sus

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
    10,000 Subscribers Without Any VideosDag siden

    nice burnt cheetos on your head

  • And Den26
    And Den26Dag siden

    3:00 its the way he reacts, this killed me

  • Andy Fernandez
    Andy FernandezDag siden

    beerus chain

  • JevaunYT
    JevaunYTDag siden

    Black is better

  • Tina Hall
    Tina HallDag siden

    Cheetos to liquorice

  • Prince Khan
    Prince KhanDag siden

    Stay alive

  • Upon
    UponDag siden

    Tbh jj makes me wanna laugh more then the videos 😭😂

  • The_Default_Army_Shall_RIse
    The_Default_Army_Shall_RIseDag siden

    1:10 had me dying

  • braden pett
    braden pettDag siden

    Are you british of australian?

  • Dean Hunt
    Dean HuntDag siden


  • Vincent Lu
    Vincent LuDag siden

    1:04 it took my dumb ass like 2 hours to realize he was speaking english literally thought he was speaking russian until I saw english heattitles

  • Desmond Alohan
    Desmond AlohanDag siden

    I need to find all these videos and save them to my phone

  • ISMAIL yusuf
    ISMAIL yusufDag siden

    bro try calling a gas station in a america a petrol station everybody gon look at you like some fucking alien

  • Pita SAULALA
    Pita SAULALA2 dager siden

    yous were all wrong bcs it was a DRESS!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHA much love ksi

  • Colby Ray
    Colby Ray2 dager siden

    Polo g?

  • Cassie
    Cassie2 dager siden

    Video Title: Try Not To Laugh JJ: Laughs every time

  • Fortnite dude
    Fortnite dude2 dager siden

    4:27 😝 LOL

    BRUH EPIC2 dager siden

    So no one saw the vibrator on the head of the guy wearing the scream mask

    BRUH EPIC2 dager siden

    Does JJ not know there is more than one language

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous2 dager siden

    Morn to all fellow Norwegians🇳🇴

  • Cassie


    2 dager siden

    no one: ksi: hymhymhymhymhymmmm

  • Jordan smith
    Jordan smith2 dager siden

    Fire music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Samir HOSSAIN 7
    Samir HOSSAIN 72 dager siden

    ur hair looks likes black pasta coming out of ur massive head

  • leader of the ussr
    leader of the ussr2 dager siden

    Woman: my husband just had a heart attack KSI: LMAFOOOOOOOOOO

  • e e
    e e2 dager siden

    delete your channel

  • KryStic Karma
    KryStic Karma2 dager siden

    You look like ksi kind of not gonna lie

  • Marini
    Marini2 dager siden

    Do you ever see a *VERY* funny comment and be like *I wish I posted that D:*

  • LightingGeek_ UK
    LightingGeek_ UK2 dager siden

    2:55 Some would said JJ got “VikRolled”

  • Booyah Boy
    Booyah Boy2 dager siden

    Him: notice any thing different Me: ur uglier

  • Devin Jetski
    Devin Jetski2 dager siden


  • that
    that2 dager siden

    try not to laugh laugh the whole video.

  • Lori marrow
    Lori marrow2 dager siden

    so where not gonna talk bout how he called a flashlight a torch

  • Samuel Fuemana

    Samuel Fuemana

    2 dager siden

    That’s cause normal people call it a torch

  • Bradley Keay
    Bradley Keay2 dager siden

    Lol he says I like to se how people are gonna roast his hair mate here’s one it looks like ashes

  • Auston Gines
    Auston Gines2 dager siden

    Positive vibes

  • Hudson Bender
    Hudson Bender2 dager siden

    no one: ksi: hymhymhymhymhymmmm

  • Conerona
    Conerona2 dager siden

    Yooo it’s lil tecca

  • Lexy Med
    Lexy Med2 dager siden

    Jj u must hv gotten the challenge wrong

  • Yt
    Yt2 dager siden

    "what color was the baby's shirt?" What baby?

  • denegall charles

    denegall charles

    11 timer siden


  • redgun383
    redgun3832 dager siden


  • Drfakeiii
    Drfakeiii2 dager siden

    Morten ram😍 the guy who make the fucking clip

  • Abdelrhman Al mansouri
    Abdelrhman Al mansouri2 dager siden

    JJ AT 10:47 : I AM interesting to see this photos Him after 3 seconds:

  • Daniel Perlmutter
    Daniel Perlmutter2 dager siden

    Channel's being deleted boys

  • Fate 205
    Fate 2052 dager siden

    I thought JJ's hair is going to turn blue

  • Joanna


    2 dager siden

    am i the only one who likes jj's new cut

  • Felami Onayoade
    Felami Onayoade2 dager siden

    I actually clicked on the video cuz I saw jjs hair changed

  • Joanna


    2 dager siden

    laughed 0 times

  • Markaz X Luvon
    Markaz X Luvon3 dager siden

    I got yall