Jamie Carragher's honest take on who could challenge Liverpool for the Premier League title 🏆


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Jamie Carragher felt that Liverpool's 3-0 win over Leicester marks an important stage of seasomn and thinks Manchester City are still their main challengers for the title.
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  • faz Patel
    faz PatelDag siden

    Liverpool will not win the league

  • Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez25 dager siden

    I think Liverpool title contender is Leicester or Tottenham

  • dwt_music
    dwt_musicMåned siden

    Why would he give a dishonest take?

  • LFC-HRC 77
    LFC-HRC 77Måned siden

    VAR is the team to beat carra

  • Umair Khalid
    Umair Khalid2 måneder siden

    City won't win the league and probably won't make top 4.

  • Super Savage

    Super Savage

    22 dager siden

    well well well

  • Englandsbestlover
    Englandsbestlover2 måneder siden

    If Spurs buy Haaland and a proper CB, they’d win the premier this season but I think out defence will let us down on the big games

  • Icewallowcome 1

    Icewallowcome 1

    2 måneder siden

    Haaland and a cb?yoi have Daniel levy not mansour

  • The Internationalist
    The Internationalist2 måneder siden

    Why do they hold the mic right in front of their mouths?

  • Icewallowcome 1

    Icewallowcome 1

    2 måneder siden

    That’s what a mic is for

  • Shaun R
    Shaun R2 måneder siden

    The bias against Chelsea is embarrassing... "Better players" there's definitely an easy argument Chelsea have better players.

  • Dylan Corcoran
    Dylan Corcoran2 måneder siden

    Carragher is getting to big for his boots

  • Ankur Mahanta
    Ankur Mahanta2 måneder siden

    Chelsea shouldn't be considered title contenders. They are still trying to find out the "right" mix. That said, they look really good going forward, with a more or less settled midfield. It's a matter of time when things start to click.

  • Birat Pandey
    Birat Pandey2 måneder siden

    Why is carragher using microphone as a mask ?

  • Andy Brogan
    Andy Brogan2 måneder siden

    Lol, the arrogance...no way Liverpool or Man City are good enough to win the Premier league this season, our Premier league has evolved again. Yes I get that both teams have dominated for a few season now, but Chelsea or Tottenham for me this time around. Liverpool conceding far too many goals and that's before the injuries, City not going to score enough but also conceding goals. Verdict... Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, as my top 3....

  • Beluga Whale
    Beluga Whale2 måneder siden

    Did Carragher's English improve or something?

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin2 måneder siden

    He talks bs

  • Glen Aitken
    Glen Aitken2 måneder siden

    Does he have a pimple on his nose he's trying to cover up???

  • IAmNotJuicy 2006
    IAmNotJuicy 20062 måneder siden

    Matchweek 20 Man City 15th Everybody:I think Man City are still the main title challengers with Liverpool.

  • Hudson the Charmer
    Hudson the Charmer2 måneder siden

    I don't know when there say chelsea are title contenders i feel there do that to put them off... i think right now its who can challange liverpool to the top right now that's tottenham and i still think other teams around them will do the same even sides like everton.....but i like to think chelsea can at least stay in the top 4 right now!!!!

  • Biplav Adhikari
    Biplav Adhikari2 måneder siden

    it's liverpool and tottenham fighting for the title

  • Abu Naser Jaman
    Abu Naser Jaman2 måneder siden

    Liverpool will drop points but they seem to be top on coming May. Lots of points to play for.

  • Stevie O
    Stevie O2 måneder siden

    Hard to say right now. Can Chelsea, Spurs or anyone else finish on 88/92 pts? I can't see it. That's what it'll take, minimum, to finish above Liverpool

  • Jameel Yasin
    Jameel Yasin2 måneder siden

    Liverpool should be 2 points clear theres no chance that was offside against everton.

  • brian bates

    brian bates

    2 måneder siden

    @Jameel Yasin Not guaranteed but certainly something much more likely than the 2-2 it actually ended up as; also, Mane was technically offside as his sleeve (which is officially part of the shoulder and thus can be scored with these days) was, in fact, slightly past the foot of the defender.

  • Jameel Yasin

    Jameel Yasin

    2 måneder siden

    @brian bates thats not guaranteed to happen. But all i know was that wasnt offside

  • brian bates

    brian bates

    2 måneder siden

    Eh, I think the more telling VARtastrophe in that match was Pickford not getting an early shower. If he was rightly tossed, down a goal 6 minutes in, the final score-line would have been something like the 5-2 last Christmas and no one would be talking about whether Mane's shoulde was offside or not.

  • Stevie P
    Stevie P2 måneder siden

    If you didn’t know, SKY cut Klopp’s interview where he complained about the schedule of games due to TV companies like SKY and BT. Such a scummy organisation

  • jcaristizabald
    jcaristizabald2 måneder siden

    Can't wait to see 'special one' vs 'normal one'

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle2 måneder siden

    If you feel city are a team to beat in the race your on drugs city are over

  • Vikas Hakda
    Vikas Hakda2 måneder siden

    Liverpool are playing like how united used to play, no matter what they always managed to get the results and that’s what champion teams does. So well done to scousers

  • A Max
    A Max2 måneder siden

    H E A T E D

  • BITWbatz96
    BITWbatz962 måneder siden

    So we are still sleeping on Spurs 🤦‍♂️

  • Ellis Vinnie123
    Ellis Vinnie1232 måneder siden

    I love how he makes out nobody can beat them last ask red star Belgrade about that one

  • Ellis Vinnie123

    Ellis Vinnie123

    2 måneder siden

    @brian bates should we talk about Atalanta mate

  • brian bates

    brian bates

    2 måneder siden

    Oooh, an away match in the Champions League at one of the worst places to visit in Europe...from 2+ seasons ago...when Liverpool started fringe/squad players because a win wasn't actually needed to get out of the group (as was shown by them not only doing so after said loss but by them winning the whole thing).

  • limericklad2000
    limericklad20002 måneder siden

    Very good win for Liverpool but in reality Leicester are overrated and in a false position. Liverpool have yet to be properly tested since their defensive injuries. In reality any one of Liverpool, City, Spurs, Chelsea and United could realistically win the league at this point.

  • Lex Tesla

    Lex Tesla

    2 måneder siden

    sneak united lolllllllllll stupid kid

  • João Colaço
    João Colaço2 måneder siden

    Those mics are ridiculous, Sky! Stop using them!

  • MannYSJ
    MannYSJ2 måneder siden

    I really wouldn't underestimate spurs this season

  • Simeon Batchelor
    Simeon Batchelor2 måneder siden

    No one is in a title race other than Liverpool

  • scotty T
    scotty T2 måneder siden

    The injury problem won't necessarily affect liverpool right now, but later on in the season when they've had to play the same players in every game. That's when fatigue and other injuries will start to creep in, if Liverpool can get a good cb in Jan then I think they'll win the league fairly comfortably but if not it could be a problem, if spurs or Chelsea win it, it'll be because Liverpool lost it instead of the other 2 being just being too good

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T2 måneder siden

    spurs and chelsea and city only

  • R. W.
    R. W.2 måneder siden

    City are 8 points behind Liverpool with one game in hand. A win and it’s 5. It’s 30 games remaining and people think City are out? 😂🤣 wishful thinking. Once Agüero is back and Sterling and Mahrez find their shooting boots again, it’s on. Liverpool in 18/19 had a 10p lead in late december and we all know how that ended. We literally just started. The title will be between City and Liverpool.

  • Star Man
    Star Man2 måneder siden

    Don't write off Arsenal... Not to win the league, but to finish above Wolves this season. Lol!

  • hasan fahad
    hasan fahad2 måneder siden

    3 person to like and first to comment

  • JackCity
    JackCity2 måneder siden

    Lads never worn headphones before

  • stevendchu
    stevendchu2 måneder siden

    Sky Sports: puts HEATED in misleading titles for videos Also Sky Sports: too scared to upload video of Klopp actually being HEATED and making them look bad when he points out the congested schedule and early kick off times

  • haRRold 94

    haRRold 94

    2 måneder siden

    It says honest not heated, unless they changed the title

  • Karl Roadhouse
    Karl Roadhouse2 måneder siden

    Carriger saying its between liverpool and man city still for title. 100 percent liverpool and yes man city should be 1 of the teams to beat but how can he not say to conclude Tottenham or Chelsea for title??? They both look good and are doing well aslong as they keep consistency then they will challenge liverpool for title but it is fair to say liverpool are levels ahead still of other teams but heard it hear 1st watch out Tottenham and Chelsea.

  • Campese 207
    Campese 2072 måneder siden

    Someone needs to tell Carra how to adjust the side of his headphones properly...

  • Anthony Moses
    Anthony Moses2 måneder siden

    “City the team to be beat”? Haha maybe two years ago they were but nowadays they’re struggling to even win a premier league match

  • Lastname Firstname
    Lastname Firstname2 måneder siden

    Liverpool. Spurs. Chelsea. Are the strongest so far. City is vulnerable.

  • Zwelihle Khuzwayo
    Zwelihle Khuzwayo2 måneder siden

    I am a spurs fan but I gotta say Jamie speaking with his ass chelsea probably has a better squad than man city this season probably pep will lose again if he plays Chelsea right now!

  • Omoyede Richy
    Omoyede Richy2 måneder siden

    I just know neither city or Liverpool is winning the league

  • Gavin Perry
    Gavin Perry2 måneder siden

    Nobody talks about Leicester not playing with their full squad as well

  • Old Boy
    Old Boy2 måneder siden

    He’s saying Liverpool has better players. I think it’s just the chemistry among players. Chelsea squad could be better than Liverpool cuz of the injuries

  • Akuma
    Akuma2 måneder siden

    People are forgetting that Liverpool have already played top 4 clubs of last season only Spurs and Utd remain. And they are still joint top lol They are clear favourites - from a spurs fan

  • Donald Wambua

    Donald Wambua

    Måned siden

    They have beaten spurs now

    SAIRAJ BUREWAR2 måneder siden

    I'm United fan.. But, small part of me wants Jose to win another title...

  • Elliot Green
    Elliot Green2 måneder siden

    can't see Liverpool winning

  • Pat
    Pat2 måneder siden

    Why do the English still have microphones that you almost have to put in your mouth during speaking?

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad2 måneder siden

    "How Leicester set Man city 5-2" and How Aston Villa set Liverpool 7-2 ,🤐, people know.

  • Tan S
    Tan S2 måneder siden

    Season still btw Liverpool and Manchester City. It is conceivable that City go on a run of form.

  • Nico Widjaja
    Nico Widjaja2 måneder siden

    I cant wait liverpool vs spurs.

  • FifaManiac92
    FifaManiac922 måneder siden

    City without Aguero and Fernandinho are just not the same. David Silva was also a massive added value. Liverpool made the 2 best signings of the entire transfer window and are therefore second to none favorites to be back-to-back champions. Tottenham for close seconds, Leicester to finish in the top 4 in my opinion

  • Cobolt Blue

    Cobolt Blue

    2 måneder siden

    2? Thiago has played like 2 games this season lol you absolutely cannot say he’s been one of the best signings so far. Like yeah he’s a world class player but look at the likes of Bale and Havertz who are considered world class struggling it could be the same for Thiago.

  • Shanti shanti
    Shanti shanti2 måneder siden

    Sky, Listen to KLOPP!!!

  • APM M
    APM M2 måneder siden

    City won't challenge! They concede goals far too easily.

  • john rose
    john rose2 måneder siden

    no one cares

    KHYMIST LABS2 måneder siden

    Liverpool doesn’t have better player than Chelsea and spurs

  • Bene Pö
    Bene Pö2 måneder siden

    Jamie so an excellent expert

  • ZxneAsh
    ZxneAsh2 måneder siden

    Look at the headset

  • Ceidiog Douglas
    Ceidiog Douglas2 måneder siden

    Looks like Jamie forgot his face mask. Luckily the mic can be used as one, as he's demonstrating well

  • Divine & Poppy
    Divine & Poppy2 måneder siden

    How are Man City team to beat 😂😂😂 Lol

  • Fox Games
    Fox Games2 måneder siden

    Jota fans : LIKE Firminho fans : COMMENT 👇👇👇

  • Stevie P
    Stevie P2 måneder siden

    I am a Tottenham fan but I think Liverpool are too good and actually KNOW how to be consistent. The title race is gonna be more interesting this season but Liverpool have that cutting edge.

  • Sulaymaan Dar
    Sulaymaan Dar2 måneder siden

    Carragher is such an excellent pundit, almost everything he says is insightful and spot on...but why the hell can he not put headphones on his head properly?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan2 måneder siden

    Klopp is right. Sky media and BT dont care about player welfare.

  • Cockoff Gewgle

    Cockoff Gewgle

    2 måneder siden

    Nobody cares about player welfare, and why should they? Oh no, poor Van Dijk. He has to sit at home for a year doing nothing and being paid £220k/week. Poor guy!

  • Mohab Mubarak
    Mohab Mubarak2 måneder siden

    Jose > Pep

  • philbo bagbox
    philbo bagbox2 måneder siden

    Had to take 666 out.

  • Fareed Uddin
    Fareed Uddin2 måneder siden

    City have been figured out, predictable system, not enough outlets in wide areas and no potency up front with Jesus. Not saying they aren’t in the race but to say they are so far clear of the chasing pack is a bit far, considering this form was happening last year, but other teams were not as consistent to catch them. Chelsea are a young squad who are improving and still haven’t fully clocked and second season Mourinho is in full effect, which is difficult to stop. Leicester have a minimal chance, but will be more Top 4-Top 6.

  • Mic Check
    Mic Check2 måneder siden

    Strange to think they lost 7-2 minus the injuries the mind boggles

  • Harry Clark
    Harry Clark2 måneder siden

    3 teams will compete for the title this season, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City. They are the only 3 teams with real squad depth

  • Anik Amin
    Anik Amin2 måneder siden

    As a liverpool fan I do think liverpool will challenge for the title, unfortunately I do not see them retaining the title as the injuries will get the best of them. If they do buy one defender in january then there maybe a higher possibility but its going to be difficult. Spurs are starting to click well as are chelsea but it only takes some injuries of their star players to swing the pendulum again. Man City are struggling and this is by far the biggest challenge in Pep's managerial career but i see them recovering from this blip.


    Why is no one talking about Arsenal being the title contenders? I really feel they are in for the title race

  • splinter360
    splinter3602 måneder siden

    Liverpool have Trent, Salah, Hendo & Thiago all to come back in the coming days/weeks. We're retaining our title 🏆🔴🔴

  • Ton Huyen Thu
    Ton Huyen Thu2 måneder siden

    Liverpool are better disciplined than most of the teams this season. Even with their best players out they still pull great results. Reminds me of Sir Alex winning the league with the silver brothers, cleverly, jones etc

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User2 måneder siden

    If Chelsea and Tottenham draw next week n liverpool win my money is on Liverpool to win the title

  • Robi Yonas
    Robi Yonas2 måneder siden

    Chelsea have a better team than Liverpool and Manchester City

  • Irish Sniper
    Irish Sniper2 måneder siden

    United are only 4 points behind these Scouse bastards if we win our game in hand

  • ricky sorhaindo
    ricky sorhaindo2 måneder siden

    Firstly I have to repect them as Champions, they could do it again this season, they destroyed Leicester, could have had more, if Spurs can get a good run together, including games against the big six, we are in with a good chance with Mouriniho at the helm, Chelsea have a chance as well, forget City they have been sussed out, lastly hopefully Arsenal get relegated hahaha 👍👍👍👍👍👍 COME ON YOU SPURS 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Loui G
    Loui G2 måneder siden

    They have better managers but they definitely don't have better individual players

  • Chris ttouli
    Chris ttouli2 måneder siden

    Post the Klopp interview you cowards!

  • M E
    M E2 måneder siden

    Liverpool in a strong position after 9 games - level on points with Spurs at the top of the table and have already played Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Leicester and Everton (5 teams you may expect to give Liverpool a tough game). Have also played the "surprise package's" of Leeds & Villa (no one expected these 2 to do as well as they have so far). Especially in the context of their injuries it's actually a very impressive start (the only blemish is the Villa result).

  • Ankit Singh Bisht
    Ankit Singh Bisht2 måneder siden

    I think Spurs will win bale is not yet even in squad imagine he joins

  • Ray Dignam
    Ray Dignam2 måneder siden

    Liverpool will retain the title this year

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 222 måneder siden

    Whoaa what about United they still got 20 odd pens which will be VARRED lol

  • Yusuf Khan

    Yusuf Khan

    2 måneder siden

    They are pens though arent they

  • Adam Choudhry
    Adam Choudhry2 måneder siden

    Man city will win the league

  • Adam Choudhry
    Adam Choudhry2 måneder siden

    Noones challenging Liverpool anything They ain't winning anything

  • Vishal Bhat

    Vishal Bhat

    2 måneder siden

    Salty Manchester United fan

  • Aymanul Hoque
    Aymanul Hoque2 måneder siden

    Did he just say the only difference between Liverpool - Man City and Chelsea - Tottenham is better players how the hell is this guy even speaking right now I’d punch his jaw right now btw where are Man City on the table

  • Aymanul Hoque

    Aymanul Hoque

    2 måneder siden

    @Matt Van Emden so our front 3s mean nothing and our back lines. I think we are more solid than city maybe not Liverpool but defo city. Explains why we are in the top 4 and they are not even in the top half of the table

  • Mystic Maximus
    Mystic Maximus2 måneder siden

    Chelsea could definitely win the title and Liverpool,Leeds,Spurs

  • Yusuf Khan

    Yusuf Khan

    2 måneder siden

    Leeds 😂😂😂😂 they couldn't beat banter fc when zidane wanna be was sent off

  • Jamie Mcintosh
    Jamie Mcintosh2 måneder siden

    What have city actually got over spurs and Chelsea this season? Nothing.

  • Claim Attacol
    Claim Attacol2 måneder siden

    8 points behind with no fans is tittle challenger what a joke

  • Nageb Mohamed
    Nageb Mohamed2 måneder siden

    Subscribe to my channel if Liverpool will win the league again this season

  • Tiffa 01
    Tiffa 012 måneder siden

    Its between spurs and Liverpool this season simple as that

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke2 måneder siden

    Well soon see Jamie

  • Paappeal
    Paappeal2 måneder siden

    I can’t stand carragher he talks shite, come on Chelsea Pride Of London.............................

  • Donohoea01
    Donohoea012 måneder siden

    Hey Sky; upload the Klopp interview in full - what have you got to hide?

  • Notorious One
    Notorious One2 måneder siden

    CITTTY lol there 13 im a West Ham fan and we have more hope of winning the title then them

  • Glenn Fletcher
    Glenn Fletcher2 måneder siden

    Utd will be the only other team to beat Liverpool this season GGMU

  • Rossi
    Rossi2 måneder siden

    This gives me “I nearly broke Nani’s leg” vibes🤣