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  • Brandon
    Brandon29 dager siden

    he plays like me lol

  • jack boss
    jack boss2 måneder siden

    No he is IP banned only if he has a new router

  • Carlitos WRLD
    Carlitos WRLD4 måneder siden

    Why he look like james Charles 9:30 🤣😂

  • Atulya mahra
    Atulya mahra4 måneder siden

    The fact adapt is using a ps4 controller

  • Fe4RLess Alt
    Fe4RLess Alt4 måneder siden

    He was playing dous no fill

  • Awsomegamert
    Awsomegamert4 måneder siden

    Someone else is playing at 8.07 he threw the controller up but he is still alive and moving🤔🤔

  • Blizzard
    Blizzard5 måneder siden

    Still waiting for 100k likes for Jarvis to hop on fort

  • Raveed Murshed
    Raveed Murshed5 måneder siden

    yoooo Adapt i have question does jarvis want to meet your little sister

  • Piggy Orozco
    Piggy Orozco5 måneder siden

    Kay jarvis hasn't played fortnite also Jarvis tell him everything to do and already had a rout for faze adapt to run😂😂

  • Maryam Ali
    Maryam Ali5 måneder siden

    Click bait

  • rider boy
    rider boy5 måneder siden

    These guys suck at playing!!

  • ClutchPatty
    ClutchPatty5 måneder siden

    Nice clickbait

  • VicenaryCave
    VicenaryCave5 måneder siden

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have been click baited, and so have you

  • Tbfrxxyxd btw
    Tbfrxxyxd btw5 måneder siden


  • DDV •
    DDV •5 måneder siden

    Jarvis still plays because launch pad was on R3 he knew that launch pad was R3

  • KickZ3r KickZ3r
    KickZ3r KickZ3r5 måneder siden

    But Jarvis is a legend👌👌

  • KickZ3r KickZ3r
    KickZ3r KickZ3r5 måneder siden

    Faze Jarvis: He died from Laughfting Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dylan Sankar
    Dylan Sankar5 måneder siden

    you could tell jarvis wants to play soo bad

  • Santiago Fernández
    Santiago Fernández6 måneder siden

    ok we all know jarvis plays off canera

  • Goat Boy
    Goat Boy6 måneder siden

    Hi I love you watch memes

  • Alex Delgado Vallejo
    Alex Delgado Vallejo6 måneder siden

    Fort nite overreacted when banning Jarvis

  • Alex Delgado Vallejo

    Alex Delgado Vallejo

    6 måneder siden


  • subbing to everyone who subs to me n
    subbing to everyone who subs to me n6 måneder siden

    Jarvis - I can play Fortnite whenever I want Epic - Hold my beer

  • Russell 8D
    Russell 8D6 måneder siden

    Huh since when that adapt is a noob

  • Jovi
    Jovi6 måneder siden

    Jarvis:not posted 1 week me suspicion

  • King Frosty
    King Frosty6 måneder siden

    This is what you came for 5:35 Sorry for jebating you😹

  • Byon Murillo
    Byon Murillo6 måneder siden

    Yo Frazier I play on ps4 but I bet I can beat you in a 1v1 Epic Decapitating-

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales6 måneder siden

    Fake game play cause he is using a ps4 controller and ot has xbox controlles on the screen fake game play

  • bxku wa txbi
    bxku wa txbi6 måneder siden

    Also he acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on he was banned from playing fortnite not WATCHING it...

  • bxku wa txbi
    bxku wa txbi6 måneder siden

    I hate the fact that these non epic games people banned him for life for using aim bot for ONE video ITS AS FAIR AS ORDER 66. wait what did I say? WAIT CODY WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP SHOOTING AT ME!!!!

  • Acemaddox123 Gaming and other videos
    Acemaddox123 Gaming and other videos6 måneder siden

    How did he not get banned


    I really want to one V1 you my name in Fortnite is Dubadolphin

  • ??
    ??6 måneder siden

    Jarvis did not get banned he did it for subs likes and views

  • Piato Freddy
    Piato Freddy6 måneder siden

    I don't trust hackers but Donald changed my mindset a bit, so i took the risk and the risk was worth it... *Donaldhack1* on *InstaG* got my 🎮account back, the guy is reliable...

    TINA DAVIS6 måneder siden

    He could still play Fortnite

  • Fusion7rexy
    Fusion7rexy6 måneder siden

    Dude I thought he was playing

  • Ishaan Kale
    Ishaan Kale6 måneder siden


  • scullz aaron
    scullz aaron7 måneder siden

    Why can't Jarvis just make another account so he can play?

  • YTMiniZYKE
    YTMiniZYKE7 måneder siden

    Bru Jarvis said click Y but he’s on ps4 controller

  • Gordon Rush
    Gordon Rush7 måneder siden


  • Voyd
    Voyd7 måneder siden

    its pre recorded🤣 at 8:06 hes using ps4 controller and not xbox and he i readying up while his hands are in the air

  • Brohdawg is Bad

    Brohdawg is Bad

    7 måneder siden

    On pc you can use a ps4 controller with a xbox button layout and he might have streamer delay on. But idk

  • ArchieBear Does Stuff
    ArchieBear Does Stuff7 måneder siden

    He shouldn’t be in faze

  • Angel Nolen
    Angel Nolen7 måneder siden

    Click bait

  • Evie Synnott
    Evie Synnott7 måneder siden

    What is that combo

  • Xenon YT
    Xenon YT7 måneder siden


  • Goon lol
    Goon lol7 måneder siden

    teeqo chill thats adapt not jarvis

  • Angel frias
    Angel frias7 måneder siden

    #unbannmyboijarvis 😓

  • SNOW
    SNOW7 måneder siden

    I never seen Jarvis play Fortnite maybe he did and I just didn’t see him I don’t know but I hope Jarvis get some bands soon so good luck

  • JuanManVega
    JuanManVega7 måneder siden

    Bruh the clickbait

  • AhMeR
    AhMeR7 måneder siden

    At 5:24 he is using a ps4 controller but in game it says he is using an xbox controller🤔

  • J1_sweaty
    J1_sweaty7 måneder siden

    Hi well done for the likes

  • Gabriel Weisman
    Gabriel Weisman7 måneder siden

    This is Kay’s account

  • Alishya Elson
    Alishya Elson7 måneder siden

    He lotto never played

  • Alishya Elson
    Alishya Elson7 måneder siden

    Why is adapt such a BOT

  • Justtoggle2k
    Justtoggle2k7 måneder siden

    Should I wish everyone that comes to the comment section will like my comment

  • Rhys Goodwin
    Rhys Goodwin7 måneder siden

    It's kay account it said solo

  • dkK
    dkK7 måneder siden

    Adapt ur a bot

  • Amber Guzman
    Amber Guzman8 måneder siden


  • Charlie Baccino
    Charlie Baccino8 måneder siden

    In the 3rd game bro where the fuck is his headset cable going

  • Charlie Baccino
    Charlie Baccino8 måneder siden

    On the screen he is on Xbox and when he dies he puts down and picks up a PS4 controller

  • Rachael Watkins
    Rachael Watkins8 måneder siden

    Your better than Frazier

  • Dxrk Clan
    Dxrk Clan8 måneder siden

    That has to be Jarvis second account key reasons: In game he is using xbox on vid he is using ps4

  • ItsMartinJaden
    ItsMartinJaden8 måneder siden

    how ripped be Alex?

  • Kaikoo Frias
    Kaikoo Frias8 måneder siden

    Jarvis playing fortnite: 😳🤫 Someone comes in:bro u can’t do that bro *monitor smashes*

  • Andrew Salomon
    Andrew Salomon8 måneder siden

    Jarvis knows quite a lot about a game that he can’t play

  • Chimi King
    Chimi King8 måneder siden

    It's obvious that Jarvis plays in another account, let him enjoy his life, but the sad part is that he lost all his skins from his banned account.

  • Wyatt Redman
    Wyatt Redman8 måneder siden

    Jarvis wasn’t playing adapt was. Click baited. Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited so did you. I thought Jarvis played he just looked and told adapt what to do. 😔 I just waisted apart of my life to watch this crap!!!

  • Wyatt Redman

    Wyatt Redman

    8 måneder siden

    I mean it is true

  • Anime Uzumaki
    Anime Uzumaki8 måneder siden

    Look at the shape of adaps head!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

  • Conner Tackett
    Conner Tackett8 måneder siden

    Did he just pick up a PlayStation controller while on xbox

  • Jacob Ledesma
    Jacob Ledesma8 måneder siden


  • Get me to 200 Subs
    Get me to 200 Subs8 måneder siden

    The dislikes are from the Epic Games HQ for clickbaiting them.

  • Skyler SDB
    Skyler SDB8 måneder siden


  • Skyler SDB
    Skyler SDB8 måneder siden

    Your better than Frazier

  • Cringe God YT
    Cringe God YT8 måneder siden

    Jarvis did not play fortnite

  • Ceddy
    Ceddy8 måneder siden

    Your in faze Player? You are such a noob 😒

  • FNC
    FNC8 måneder siden

    Is adapt hi

  • RiftyFishy
    RiftyFishy8 måneder siden

    I’m going to TRY to name every single FaZe member FaZe adapt FaZe rug FaZe Jarvis FaZe Kay FaZe tfue FaZe banks FaZe sway FaZe apex FaZe Jev FaZe rain FaZe h1ghsky1

  • Ak 47

    Ak 47

    7 måneder siden

    FaZe Temperrr ?

  • Ian Horne
    Ian Horne8 måneder siden

    When does Jarvis play brush

  • Legend Gamer
    Legend Gamer8 måneder siden

    For all you you idiots saying he has a second account he has an ip ban. Meaning he cant play fortnite on his internet or router. Also meaning he would need knew internet to play fortnite

  • eboyobama
    eboyobama8 måneder siden

    at 5:22 he was holding a ps controller but then he were playing on an xbox controller??

  • Ishaan Ramrakha
    Ishaan Ramrakha8 måneder siden

    “That’s calm”

  • GamingPlayz RBX
    GamingPlayz RBX8 måneder siden

    Wait what I thought jarvis is gonna play?

  • itemd ϟ
    itemd ϟ8 måneder siden

    Who doesn't know that Jarvis plays off camera? That's the reason why he is always happy

  • fxcboi
    fxcboi8 måneder siden


  • Orlanda Agalliu
    Orlanda Agalliu8 måneder siden

    Alex was playing fortnite yeah but we know that alex play on PS4 se the build he is playing on Xbox And jarvis plays on xbox so jarvis was playing trash on creativ soo the fans will be like omg alexxx but the controller that alex has in his hand was not turndet on soo jarvis plays fortnite kay and jarvis was like the fans will not know that you are playing but me what i did i was like no way alex is that bad and a saw no the builds and on ps4 you dont have a B right Soo fans dont get trapdet that fast ok Good night And Jarvis dont play fortnite man

  • Emilio Hernandez
    Emilio Hernandez8 måneder siden

    Adapt high af

  • Motion Yt
    Motion Yt8 måneder siden

    It’s sooooo hard

  • Motion Yt
    Motion Yt8 måneder siden


  • Mentra xX
    Mentra xX8 måneder siden


  • c_dea 001
    c_dea 0018 måneder siden

    Why did he get banned?

  • Elliot28
    Elliot288 måneder siden

    Not even a clan anymore just a bunch of click baiting goons

  • wazee on 200ping
    wazee on 200ping8 måneder siden

    I think you must play the game more

  • charles adams
    charles adams8 måneder siden

    How it says there using an Xbox controller but they have a PS4 controller

  • Capital Z for the win S
    Capital Z for the win S8 måneder siden


  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul8 måneder siden

    Technically Jarvis isn’t playing he’s watching

  • CyanTarsier 7437
    CyanTarsier 74378 måneder siden

    True he plays on other accounts probably

  • Tamara Brackins
    Tamara Brackins8 måneder siden

    Jarvis:Your hackin Me:Y u tryna get other people banned

  • Joelkye13
    Joelkye138 måneder siden

    click bait ya flop

    RAZOR R8 måneder siden

    he got banned in a new account not in the old account lol

  • Ayden Feese
    Ayden Feese8 måneder siden

    is any one concerned that alex is playing on a ps4 controller when the keybinds are on xbox

  • TheAndroid Guy
    TheAndroid Guy8 måneder siden

    Bro wait look at 5:24 he has a ps4 controller yet xbox binds nani